in which maggie rambles on about her dreams

Im gonna cRY 

Okay, so last night I dreamt again that I had met Benedict friggin’ CumberbATCH; like, I was just strolling around in my hometown and as I was about to cross a zebra crossing he waS ABOUT TO DO THAT TOO and I just sort of looked at him to make sure it was him, and he looked at me and I sort of looked away embarrassed or something and yet I looked at him again and he smILED and sort of must have known I knew who he was or something, and then I asked him what was he doing in town, and he answered he was going to attend an award ceremony (omg in mY little hometown benny pls); next thing I knew we were both sitting at this restaurant I used to go to when I was little, and we just sort of talked and then there were some people who recognized him too and we all just sat there talking and laughing and it was sO AWESOME, and then I got all shy because I didn’t really want to bother him with these things, but I asked him if there was any chance of him signing a little message for Mari because she also REALLY likes him (omg I remember feeling so embarrassed about that and he thought it was funny/cute or something dfjghkfjsf),and then he also gave me his home address to send him letters (omGCrEY? ??), and at some point I just got up from where I was sitting and HUGGED HIM (CRIES I JUST REALLY ALWAYS WANTED TO HUG HIM OKAY); at first he seemed surprised or something but gengerly returned the hug OH GOSHH

I’m sorry, I just have a lot of Benny feels