in which mae draws things


mae here. car stuff is happening!! fun!! basically, my car broke down to the point where i had to get a new one, and… i sure do need a lot of money to insure the new one. cars are awful and the worst.

i’m pretty chill, but:

  • paypal only! i send invoices, so please provide an email.
  • prices are for personal use only! contact me seperately for commercial rates.
  • nudity is ok! low-key nsfw is usually also ok, but run it by me my dude and i’ll let you know if i feel confident in doing it.

if you’re interested, please send me a message, ask, or email to with your request, email, and character info.

signal boosts are appreciated!

stay classy, buddies

how are you feeling, hawke?

well, it is much easier to see the glass as half full, now. you know. because i can only see half the… i’m sorry, that was supposed to be much funnier.

I would say that I’m going to pick this up and make something out of it later but I really just wanted silly fluff and that would be a lie whoops