in which katie rants

Baby accidentally breaks own world record.

Katie Ledecky (18) broke her own world record in the 1500m free at the World Championships this morning (Aug. 3) while taking it easy because it was only prelims. This is her reaction:

(photo:  Adam Pretty/Getty)


How to make your own Harry Potter-inspired desk organizer!


I think my family was picturing something slightly more festive when I said I was making Christmas cookies this year…

I just spent a solid 7 hours decorating 22 Pemberley Digital themed cookies, and NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO EAT THEM NOW.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  <3


Kissing in the Rain (Episode 4)

So basically I Tim-Burton'ed Edgar and Annabel. Painted on old book pages. And hey, that lineart could be used as a coloring page. (I really REALLY wanted to use Poe’s work as the canvas, but I couldn’t bring myself to rip up another book.) Considering I’ve come down with the VIRAL PLAGUE, I think this turned out okay. :)


Anna and the French Kiss by naturallysteph: the latest in my lit-themed wardrobe!

The skirt was hand-sewn and dyed by moi. I’m really quite pleased with how the dye job turned out on this one! Clearly I have become the dark lord of ombre. <3

My other lit-themed looks:

Fangirl, by rainbowrowell: (x)

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