in which it's more clear that the rest of his hair looks like a milk chocolate color

Pile of Leaves - Jihoon

prompt: “Please tell me that you didn’t see me jump into that pile of leaves”

Genre: Enemies to Lovers 

A/N: Someone requested this but I also remembered the prompt from something that I was tagged in and had a pretty decent idea about what to write! 


  • you and jihoon never really got along 
  • you don’t really know how you both became enemies but you think it was that one time during show and tell in elementary school when you were showing off your tamagotchi and later that day jihoon broke it by drowning it in his milk. 
  • to then you start shrieking
  • you then proceeded to reach for his hair and he did the same. Lets just say it ended in a nasty fight and your parents were called to come calm the children down. (your parents also became besties after this, much to your dismay)
  • back to present time though, you both had an on going rivalry (mini) that was unspoken of between you two all the way until now. 
  • i mean

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The Sunflowers Glass

Requested by: @pequehobbit .Hi honney, i got creative since there’s not a requested concept tho.

Pairing: NamJin 

Warnings/genre: Fluff. Like, super fluffy. 

Word counting: 2.809 words

Plot: Jin attends a flower shop everyday to make flower arrangements and get distracted from his rutine. He casually mets Namjoon, who is trying to get surprised by love with a great effort. 

Namjoon is an average boy, studying philosophy at an average university and in a hanging out in an average relationship.

Happened that he was having an important event at weekend, in another terms, he was counting 100 days since he has started dating his girlfriend. Not that he was making a big deal about it but he was sure she wanted some kind of affection display on their important day.

It was like that that he had ended at that one flower shop that was placed near his favourite bookstore. It was the typical flower store that has always been there but he never ever approached to.

Inside this flower store there were a lot of bouquets decorating the shells, ceramic lamps hanging from the ceiling and some benches and tables that made it look like a backyard or something. It made Namjoon feel like he was on a garden or a greenhouse instead of an indoor.

It’s a pity -he thought- the store was so pretty and it had a good atmosphere too but it looks so empty. In fact, there was just one pink haired boy with round specs sitting at one of the tables, almost hidden behind the pots that were hanging, fixing a bunch of sunflowers inside a crystal jar, absorbed in his task.

Namjoon rang the bell on the counter a couple times looking at both directions. It was so empty that there was not even a employer.

-Excuse me? Is anyone there?- he called with the doubt reflecting in his voice, lying on the counter and trying to peer inside the depot

-Oh, yeah yeah- an old and adorable sir came out carrying some sacks- can i help you with something?

-Yup, you see, sir, it’s like this: My girlfriend and i are counting 100 days dating this saturday and i would like to give something pretty to her

-I see, you are a lovebird- said the grandpa snapping his fingers and laughing softly.  His reaction made Namjoon smile awkwardly from the unexpected familiarity of the assistant- what’s going to be? Roses?

-I think roses would make it

-Very well, son, let me go to the depot to see what i have on storage- the old sir disappeared again in the back of the store.

Namjoon stayed there, playing with his hands. He had never bought flowers to a girlfriend, therefore, he was kinda lost. Or very lost, maybe. A clear voice crossed the room geting him back to the earth.

-100 days and you are giving her red roses? For real?- Namjoon had to spin on his beads. The pink haired boy had stood up, fixing his glasses on the bridge of his nose. Namjoon looked at him disconcerted.  

-Yes? What can i do if not?- The other man gasped with indignation

-There’s more than one type of flower! Lilies, daisies, carnations, azaleas, dahlias…

-Ok i get it- Namjoon cut off the older, starting to get annoyed- why i can’t just give her roses?

-Because that was sophisticated on the victorian era, not now. And also red roses are not for the first celebration of a relationship- Namjoon was completely blank when he heard this words. Who was this handsome boy who had came from nowhere- i mean, you can get her roses but you don’t look like the type who gives away a cliché as gift. This old man is going to give you roses because they are usual and also expensive. It’s tricky.

Namjoon stopped a moment to think about the tip that the sunflower boy (that’s how he named him mentally) had left him with. He found really cute that he had though he is not the cliché and he looked nice. He finally decided that the boy had a good point. Adding the fact that Namjoon was a bit surprised about the boy.

-So what’s your recommendation?- he made a humming noise thinking about it tapping his lip with his finger.

-This may take us some time, sit down- Namjoon took a chair and sat in front of the pink boy, shyly- what kind of things does she likes?

Namjoon tried to figure it out, but nothing came very clear

-i think… something… classy?

The sunflower boy gave him a poker face. This Namjoon gave him an inevitable want of helping him. Because how can be someone so clumsy? He shook his head at Namjoon’s useless indications and took a flower from one of the bouquets resting on the shells, just guided by his own opinion.

-This is an apple blossom, it means you promise your love to the person. And they look cute, that’s a plus- Namjoon said no whit his head.

-I don’t think it is her style

-And what about…-Namjoon stood up from his chair letting the pink haired boy with the phrase hanging

-Im late to my metaphysic class!- he panicked looking at his watch- but i need your help!

The sunflower boy sighed at how interrupted Namjoon was, but he had the compassion for him. He massaged his temple and closed his eyes before speaking again.

-I’m here from 11am to 1pm everyday. You can come tomorrow- he leaned his head on the palm of his hand- because, anyways, you can’t buy flowers 3 days before the date, they would die.

-Thank you! I’m coming tomorrow then!-Namjoon cooed while he tried to carry his backpack, coat and umbrella in his arms at the same time- you are great…

-…Jin- he completed the phrase when he saw Namjoon searching for the lacking name and Namjoon smiled brightly

-Yes, Jin- he left the store in a rush, suddenly he crossed the door again- i’m Namjoon, by the way!

And after that he stumped out of the store again, to finally disappear in the street, not even opening the umbrella under the rain.

-What in Earth…?- Jin couldn’t contain his laugh anymore at Namjoon’s clumsiness- ah, really, how cute…

-Cute?-the old shopman asked from his counter- do you have a crush or what?

-Don’t you heard he has a girlfriend? Crushing on him would become tragic


Jin wasn’t used to the fact of people going inside the flower store. Although it was one of his favourite places, that was not a popular opinion, and the shop was on the edge of the economic collapse.

But it seemed like Namjoon was a man of his word and he came the day after, as he said. Even when he could have searched for another Florist’s. He appeared with two coffee cups in hand.

-I have bring you this as a payback for the help- he said handing one cup to Jin, who looked at him in surprise

-Thank you -he said- but i can’t stand coffee, it’s too bitter for my taste

-Oh- Namjoon took it back with a bit of a disappointed expression

-Dont worry, i really appreciate the gesture!- Jin waved his hands trying to wash of the heavy feeling from Namjoon drawing a smile, which took the youngest with his guards down.

Jin had a beautiful and kind smile that could make flowers grow, he though. And thinking about flowers… he was there to purchase some gift to his girlfriend. Jin fixed his rose colored hair before he started talking.

- First of all, let’s think if you want to buy a bouquet, a vase or a crown. I personally like crowns but the vases are more refined

-I was thinking on a bouquet, to be honest, it looks better for a young couple, or not?- Jin nodded and noted it on his agenda

- Then let’s choose some flowers with a long stem so you can carry them better- Jin was about to end the phrase right there, but for some reason, curiosity weighted more,  considering that not many guys on Namjoon’s age would choose to buy flowers to a girlfriend- What are you planing? Knock on her door with the bouquet and chocolates?

-The truth is that i was thinking about leaving them in her house with a note- Namjoon’s eyes sparkled happily- i like to write my thoughts on paper. Is it a good idea?

-Im sure she would like that- the florist smiled kindly. Indeed, it was a great idea that he would like to get from someone someday- you like to write, then?

-Yes! I’m a literatureholic- Jin chuckled at that expression. Namjoon pointed to the old and tiny shop that could be seen through the window- i spend my free time on the bookstore right there.

And the truth was the florist already knew that. As he spent his time learning how to do floral arrangements at the candid flower store, he woke up at 9 everyday and walked to his favourite place.

More than once he had seen the tan skin boy just sitting there reading and more than once he resembled like a daydream to Jin. He had a serene and cool look that made the florist wonder what he was all about.

Believing in love at first sight was something that didn’t fit Jin that much, but with Namjoon sitting in front of him and being nice to the world his opinion was changing slightly.

-Hyung? Jin-hyung?-the pink haired noticed how he had spaced out, and frowned

-Yes. I was thinking… what’s her favorite color?- he played it cool


-Are you asking me?

-No, i’m asking myself- Jin froze at Namjoon’s  serious response. He seemed really concerned about not knowing

-It doesn’t matter- he tried to comfort the young man- I’m sure you know some other of her tastes, we’ll come up with something, don’t worry

-Its not like that- a string of fear of having made him feel bad arose in Jin- it’s just… talking to you and trying to make the perfect gift i have noticed i don’t know if she likes night or day. Or if she rather cats instead of dogs. Or if she puts the cereal or the milk first.

Jin started to see how the thing was like. He looked tenderly at Namjoon and spoke to him softly.

-Why are you dating her?

-We have been friends since kindergarten, and she is pretty and clever.Our parents have been friends for years now and I really appreciate her. I guess everyone expected me to ask her out when we started college. Everyone thinks that we are meant to be and…- Namjoon stopped and looked at Jin’s caring eyes, noticing why his companion made that question in the first place- Oh… i don’t really love her.

Jin slowly moved his head in denial. Facing that you have been mistaking caring with love is a hard step to take.

-I’m sorry, people’s expectations are a bitch

-Thats maybe why i was about to give her a cliché as gift- he said with pity on his voice, gaze dropping to the floor

Jin’s heart broke into a million pieces as he saw the younger crushing against a sudden wall of cold reality.

Namjoon stood up from the stool he was sitting on and put his backpack on.

-Thanks Jin-hyung, for being so caring and sincere with me. I wouldn’t like to live in a castle made of lies.

Jin watched him crossing the store’s front door, with his eyes lost in the street and his thoughts lost in his problems. He didn’t want Namjoon to end like this, he just really wanted him to have a happy celebration with his girlfriend that made him smile after all his struggles with the flowers. But now the young florist felt like he pushed him into that situation.


Of course, Namjoon didn’t return to the store the next day, not either on the weekend. Jin knew he won’t appear, but he felt disappointed anyways. And more than disappointed, he felt worry about his new friend.

At monday, the flower boy deviated from his usual path and walked in the old bookstore instead of the flower shop.

They were very different places. The flower store was fresh and luminous and the library was rather dark and with a heavy atmosphere (probably with more dust floating in the air  than Jin would have wanted to breath).

It felt so weird that Namjoon were not there, either. That actually made Jin disappointed.

In any case, Jin found Namjoon’s habitual spot, which was a table and an armchair. He sat on the warm and cozy coach. He guessed why Namjoon liked the place so much. It was comfy and pleasant to be sitting there. The older’s gaze fell suddenly on a book resting on top of the table, which had some post-its between its pages.

It looked like the bookstore was not a very tansitated place if Namjoon could leave his books laying around without supervision. It’s weird that there were this two different places on the same street, being favourite places to someone but falling in the oblivion.

Jin took the book, that was old and damaged, almost afraid that it could fall apart. It had the title on black letters over a white cover. “Di Amore”.

Naturally, as Jin is a curious person he opened the book taking the marker and started reading it. Despite the title, the book was not about love but about a bunch of people talking about platonic topics, but the part where Eros mets Psyche was a bit more catchy for the boy, who kept flipping the thin pages until he got surprised by a pink tulip falling from above and landing on the middle of the open book.

Jin took the flower among his fingers, looking at it, both impressed and confused. He lifted his sight to find Namjoon leaning over his head while resting in the back of the chair with his arms crossed and a smile that left the dimple on his cheek show.

No lie, he got a warm joy flowering inside his chest.

-It’s beautiful- the pink haired boy murmured

-Like you- replied Namjoon leaving Jin floating in a cloud. But he still was confused to the core. He looked back to the rosy tulip

-You know what this flower means?


-Then why?

Namjoon shook imperceptibly as his older’s question. His moment arrived.

-You know, Jin?- he scratched the back of his head- this days i have been thinking too much. I really had to break up with my girlfriend, i wasn’t feeling it anymore. I even broke with her in our day, that was cruel, for sure. At first i contemplated myself as the bad guy of this movie but then… i remembered that you said expectations are a bitch - Jin nodded fascinated with Namjoon’s rant. The brunette moved to sit on the table in front of Jin before he could resume his speech- And then i found myself having you in mind continuously

Jin was definitely overwhelmed. Everything looked to him too unbelievable and nice. He dreamed a tone of times with someone who said such things to him and now that it was happening, he felt so unprepared. But Namjoon was not even about to shut up yet.

-Jin… I have realized that i spend more time thinking about you than thinking about her. I know you like to have milk tea because coffee is too bitter for you. Your favourite color is pink, you always wear something on that color. You always pull the florist’s cat away when it comes to you, probably because you are allergic to its fur, so i’m sure you are a dog person. Cute things are your weakness- Jin was left without any word to say. He hit the spot everytime.

-Then this tulip, is it really for me?- Jin mumbled

-Tulips are used for a declaration of love, right? I have read it. It’s for you if you accept it- Jin couldn’t help but get up from the chair and hug Namjoon so blissfully they almost fell from the table- I’m taking this as a positive answer

Jin looked Namjoon in the eye and got his face close to his. He was unsure and nervous but it’s not a real love story if your legs are not trembling. Namjoon got a very dim blush and thanked god he was sitting on the table when Jin kissed his lips, because definitely, it felt better than his ex’s kisses. Much better, certainly, he would’t had let him go in a lifetime if he didn’t need oxygen to survive.

After that, both the bookstore and the florist’s added one customer more to their list, respectively. Namjoon feared no more in the moment of buying gifts for his special one. Equally, Jin woke up on their special day every month with a white and a red carnation on his pillow tied together with a note.

And the daydream he estimated everyday became his real life partner.