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The animal crossing favorite outfit meme!!!  ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ I was tagged by @bramblescrossing and @mayor-aby (which ty btw //weeps I felt truly honored)

Mayor Saya is pretty simple for the most part -Got her basic outfit, the Joyrich outfit I created, her summer outfit, and then winter outfit! Pretty much only ever wears the white leather shoes and lace socks ahahah they’re my favorite~

(also//weeps I tried to find the QR codes for the bottom two cause I was sure I had them saved but I can’t find them anywhere) Also I would tag someone but…most of the mayors I follow have already done it;;; 

I FINALLY !! finished this weeps kanan’s face came out a bit weird and i’m not happy w the background but I’ll fix that sometime in the future when I don’t have any commissions to do !! ; u ; [ speed paint here ]

I got to take a nice 4-5 day weekend // break from school stuff which was nice weeps i got to just RELAX AND HAVE FUN AND PLAY OVERWATCH !! (my battlenet id is mimasho#1863 btw haha)


there will never be a day when I don’t think of you

int sunglasses = 1;
sunglasses = sunglasses + 1;

Little comic for @peskyweeb for @fyeahghosttrick‘s Ghost Swap! We will never see his true face…


My girl and I went to Elfia today and I got to give my Eighth Doctor/Night of the Doctor cosplay another outing. After-the-crash make-up included. 

Near the end of the day I came across a Weeping Angel cosplayer which made for some awesome photos! If you’re on tumblr, please gimme a shout and I’ll tag you!

We had a lovely day but it was very cold and a bit dreary, so around five we packed up and got into our little blue TARDIS car to drive home. 

Photos by linhere

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WAIT WERE CHARLES ADAMS AND JOHN MULLIGAN GAY? CAN YOU DIRECT ME TO SOME SOLID SOURCES FOR THAT? if it's true than it makes total sense that they moved in with steuben and basically thats cute

With regards to Charles, whom I would argue is bi rather than gay, his behavior around 1789 onwards began concerning his family, and they start making vague observations about things he was doing that concerned them”

When William Cranch wrote to Quincy about troubling behavior of his brother’s, Quincy wrote back on May 27, 1789:

“With respect to Charles the tender solicitude, which you feel in regard to his conduct is only an additional evidence of a disposition, which I have long known to be peculiarly yours. it adds to the number of obligations for which I feel myself indebted to you, but it cannot add any thing to the settled opinion which I have of the excellency of your heart.— I wrote him a very serious Letter three weeks ago and conversed with him at Haverhill upon the subject in such a manner as must I think lead him to be more cautious. However I depend much more upon the alteration which is soon to take place in his situation, than upon any advice or counsel, that I can ever give him. I am well convinced that if any thing can keep him within the limits of regularity, it will be his knowlege of my fathers being near him and the fear of being discovered by him.”

Abigail Adams had voiced her own concerns about the sort of company Charles was keeping, and Mary Smith Cranch wrote to her back June 21, 1789:

“My dear charles will I hope guard against every temptation to evil— tell him that I love him with an affection little short of what I feel for my own son— tell him also if you please that as he has his companions now to chuse anew that I conjure him by all that is sacred as he values his reputation among the virtuous & worthy of mankind— as he would not imbitter the declining years of his Parents & wound the hearts of his Friends to be careful who he admits to call him thier Friend & associate”

They never specify exactly what sort of behavior is troubling them or what sort of bad company Charles is keeping. It’s possible that it’s just about his alcoholism, but there’s enough not being said here to make one suspicious. 

So then in July 1789, John Adams puts Charles into the care of Alexander Hamilton as his law clerk, which Hamilton did for about six months before he became Secretary of the Treasury. And it was around this time that Charles became acquainted with John Mulligan (who also became a law clerk of Hamilton’s, since he was the son of his friend Hercules Mulligan) as well as the Baron von Steuben. 

Charles loved the Baron, writing to his mother in April 1792 that “He is the best man in the world I sincerely beleive” and in October “My dear Mamma there is something in this man that is more than mortal.”

Adams and Mulligan lived together until around late 1792 that Charles’s parents apparently became concerned about how close they were becoming and wanted them separated. Charles and John wrote to the Baron (in letters that are now missing), who responded on January 1793 to John Mulligan:

“Your letter of the 7th was handed me yesterday by Mr. Hamilton. In vain, my dear child, should I undertake to explain to you the sensation which the letter created in my heart. Neither have I the courage to attempt to arrest the tears you have so great reason to shed. For a heart so feeling as yours this was the severest of trials, and nothing but time can bring consolation under circumstances so afflicting.

Strength of mind in enfeebled by griefs of this nature; but, my friend, one ought not to suffer it to be entirely extinguished, for it is the duty of a sensible man to cherish the heavenly fire with which we are endowed by Providence.

Despite moral philosophy I weep with you, and glory in the human weakness of mingling my tears with those of a friend I so tenderly love.

My dear Charles ought, ere this, to have received my answer to the touching letter he wrote.

I repeat my entreaties, to hasten your journey to Philadelphia as soon as your strength permits. My heart and my arms are open to receive you. In the midst of the attention and fetes which they have the goodness to give me, I enjoy not a moment’s tranquility until I hold you in my arms. Grant me this favor without delay, but divide your journey, that you may not be fatigued at the expense of your health.

0, if our friend could accompany you! Embrace him for me, with the same tender friendship I feel for you.”

So then Charles and John began living with the Baron. Mulligan, who loved the Baron even more than Charles, had become his secretary, and something like another “son” to Steuben. 

Charles wrote to his mother in September 1794, shortly before the Baron’s death, 

“The earnest solicitations of the Baron have drawn a promise from me to spend a few days with him at his solitude after I have passed my Counsellors examination. I have always lamented that you have so little acquaintance with this excellent man I never have know a more noble character and his affection for me calls forth every sentiment of gratitude which can exist in my breast.”

Mulligan was with von Steuben when he died, writing desperately to Benjamin Walker (one of the Baron’s lovers) afterwards that “The stroke was too violent, and yesterday, at half past twelve o'clock,-oh, my good God, my parent died! Oh, Colonel Walker, our friend, my all; I can write no more. Come if you can, I am lonely. Oh, good God, what solitude is in my bosom. Oh, if you were here to mingle your tears with mine, there would be some consolation for the distressed.”

Then in 1795, Charles married, Sally Smith, the sister of his brother-in-law William Smith (also a former aide of Steuben’s), to the relief of most of his family, as his sister Abigail wrote Quincy: “When this reaches you it will I dare say be no news to you to be informed of Charles Marriage after all the Hair Breadth scrapes and iminent dangers he has run, He is at last Safe Landed.”

And as is known, over the next four years, Charles’s life fell apart due to poor money handling and alcoholism. Then in October 1799, shortly before his death, John Adams disowned him, calling him:

“A Madman possessed of the Devil can alone express or represent. I renounce him. Davids Absalom had some ambition and some Enterprize. Mine is a mere Rake, Buck, Blood and Beast.”

Now it is entirely possible that Adams’s renunciation of his son was just due to the alcoholism, but again, there’s enough not being said here to raise some suspicions.

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Yeah I’m not going to lie I really, really love writing them. In @drsallysparrow‘s words, Wonderland is “deeply fucked and entirely bizarre” (a compliment, I assure you, and one which made me want to weep with joy) and I really hope you like it!

Either way I had a great time with them so I’m happy


“Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death.”

He takes the job at Downton Abbey (thanking whoever’s listening for his interest in vintage cars back in the 21st century), and he thinks he’ll stay a year or two at most. Get some money and try and figure out where the hell he can even begin to look for answers.

Sometimes when he starts to think he might be mad, he takes out his long dead cell phone and the photo he had in his pocket when it happened. He looks at the small window to the future, to his old life, until he remembers he’s sane and it’s the world that turned out to be far stranger than he ever knew.

When the War starts, Tom Branson still has 76 years left until he’s going to be born.

He knows he can’t be the only one to have encountered the Angels. The only one thrown into the past. He wants to find the others, and find a way home.

The problem with the plan arises when he meets Lady Sybil Crawley. 

When he hands her the pamphlets (he knows votes for women are inevitable with more certainty than she’ll ever realise).

When his heart jumps into his throat and he can’t sleep for fear she might be hurt worse than early 20th century medicine can handle.

When Gwen shrieks with joy and he feels their hands come together.

And for the first time since he arrived, he realises living in the past might actually be when he wants to be.

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i am weeping at y our tags lmao

Which ones? I type a lot of stuff in my tags that ranges from “ I hope the author sees this” to “You do realize the author’s gonna see this”. Stuff that hardly makes sense. Ask everyone. Pfffft.