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acowar countdown challenge week 5 | favorite otp: Nesta x Cassian

Cassian’s breathing turned jagged as her eyes flicked to his mouth, as her body came flush with his… He didn’t care. Didn’t give a shit as she rose up on her toes, her mouth nearing his-

Pain exploded between his legs, knocking the breath from his chest as that gods-damned knee of hers indeed found its mark.

Cassian staggered back, swearing viciously. She snorted, looking down at him as he fell on his ass into an armchair, clutching his stomach, trying to reorder his brain-

“You’re all the same,” She said, imperious as the night and cold as the dawn. “Perhaps being an immortal makes you predictable.”

“You,” he gasped out.

A low laugh broke from those lips, which he’d been fully prepared to taste, to devour-


I convinced my fifty-something father to finally sit down and play a video game by having him play the intro to Inquisition, to which his reaction was both hilarious and amazing–like introducing a kid to Harry Potter or Star Wars for the first time.

He was absolutely awed at the graphics, the massiveness of the game, the story-line, the acting, the ‘living movie’ aspect of it…. And then, somewhere around trying to hunt rams in the Hinterlands, it crashed his computer :(

I suggested starting at the beginning instead, since Origins is much less graphics-heavy than Inquisition, and he’s now hooked. It’s the best thing ever to make jokes about Alistair’s love of cheese and have my father laugh along with. I haven’t told him yet, but I plan on buying him a shinier computer when he finishes DA2 so we can curse Egg Head’s name to the wind together as a family.

Dragon Age is the best. :D

how to create aesthetic graphics

(a tutorial by rihleymatthews) 

so, many people requested me a tutorial on these (x and x) graphics, and since they are not hard at all to create, i decided to try explaining to you guys how they come to life. 

WARNING: this is a long and detailed tutorial. Please keep in mind I tried to show all the tricks I normally use for these graphics, so some steps are optional or extra.

you’ll need: 

  • basic to medium photoshop knowledge (such as cropping, blending and shadowing)
  • a concept (a tv show, a character, something you can pick objects to represent them or their porsonality)
  • patience, a lot of patience. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for creating portfolios to get into art/animation programs?? Like I rly rly want to be able to go to art school but it stresses me out when I read about portfolios cause I have no idea where to start and I feel like I won't be good enough in time cause I'm in grade ten and have like never done any life drawing??? So I need any advice you can give sorry if I'm bothering you

I can’t speak for animation programs since i only applied to a fine arts program (i can imagine applying for animation would be totally different), but i’ll give u some tips based on what worked for me:

1. dont overload ur portfolio. i would pick ur 10 best pieces, 15 tops. u wanna show em that ur decisive

1. people are interested in variety!!!! in medium AND in subject matter. Try to include all the different materials u are proficient in, even if its not the specific area u want to major in (this applied for me, anyway– i was applying to my school’s fine arts program which included ALL the art majors, so even though i wanted to major in graphic design i still put a bunch of traditional media pieces and sculpture in my portfolio).

As far as subject matter, i would suggest including a mix of observational and experimental pieces, but make it overall more observational-heavy. So that’d be still life, figure drawing, landscape, self portrait, et cetera. u can still include a few experimental pieces to show them u know how to be creative, but i think observational drawing skills and principles are really important to admissions people. u want to show them that u know how to draw more than one thing and that u dont rely on artistic crutches

2. I took a “portfolio boot camp” class at one of the schools i was interested in the summer before I applied. It was basically a course where u made a different piece each week – all observational stuff, to help pad out ur portfolio. This was SUPER useful bc it gave me an opportunity to do things i wouldnt have gotten a chance to do on my own, like a long-pose figure drawing. If u are able to, i’d check and see if there are any portfolio prep classes near u, in case u wanna feel Extra Prepared

3. even if u cant take a portfolio class, it’s still totally doable to build a varied portfolio all on ur own. if u want a figure drawing, see if u can convince a friend to model for u for a few hours (or bribe them with food). u can even model for urself in the mirror. go into ur backyard and draw a landscape or ur neighbors’ houses. arrange some random objects in a pile and throw some nice lighting on it. Go Nuts™

4. u have SO MUCH time do not worry. i didnt even start purposefully building my portfolio until a few months before i applied places. dont worry u got this

sorry i cant give more advice im in the middle of something BUT!!! i believe in u anon. lmk if u have any more specific questions


Request: before peter has his powers he is getting beat up and she sees and takes the bully down with some cool moves, later when peter has his powers he’s fighting bad guys and some random hero chick shows up and takes down people and he remembers the same moves and finds out it’s her

A/N: Okay, another Peter Parker imagine! Before anyone asks, I’m not going to do a second part at least for now. So… This one is written a little differently. I wrote ‘she’ instead of 'you’ but only because I felt like it fit the story better. Hopefully that isn’t a problem.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 2,342

Warning(s): some violence (nothing too graphic), one curse word… again

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List 93: Top Ten Anime I want to make a Game for

I love video games. I would easily say it is my favorite hobby I do. Usually it takes a backseat nowadays to me doing other things in my life but it is truly the one I find the most passion in. That got me to thinking what anime would I want to turn into games? I started visualizing genres and unique ways to turn them into games and my imagination went wild with the idea. It really was one of the most fun ideas I’ve come up with in a while. I ordered these in less of quality and more of how proud I was of each idea I came up with for them. I also put genre and studio making it to make it really feel more alive to me. Game on!

10: Kids on the Slope

Genre: Rhythm    Company: Nintendo

This was a given with the show in question. I sat for a while thinking over whether it or Your Lie in April deserved this spot and settled on Kids for a few reasons. I figured a time piece of music would be very neat to see in gaming. We always get certain series or styles but never one time period aside from like when Rockband did stuff for Kiss. You can play one of 4 instruments: piano, drums, trumpet, and double bass. The music selection would all be songs from the anime and time period. A jazz based rhythm game made by men in Nintendo who grew up in that time period. The would for sure connect with the title and bring out the music quality to the highest standard. 

9: Gurren Lagann

Genre: Mech Open World Adventure   Company: Monolith Soft

This one would have you building your own mech form the start and working through the story of Gurren Lagann with it as a part of Team Dai Gurren. Once the 7 year gap happens you would have tons of side quests and ways to upgrade and remodel your mech while taking on tons of challenges. Monolith loves mechs to death so I figure who better to display Mechs at the most over the top in gaming form. References to other famous Mech anime would be nice too as a way to make it feel special. Unlockable mechs for certain Gundams and the Evas from Neon Genesis would be a true delight. 

8: Rurouni Kenshin

Genre: Action  Company:  Rocksteady Studios

Following the story of Kenshin beat for beat is what I want here. The game would be split into 3 parts. The first would be a section in Tokyo where basic missions and gameplay is taught while getting through the start of the story. Then you would get to Kyoto and have a much larger area to see and the story would build up to the Shishio arc. Then you would end off with Kenshin’s backstory and Enishi’s arc with a Tokyo filled with tons more to do. You would have also side unlockable stories playable with Sanosuke, Yahiko, Kaoru, and Saito. I chose Rocksteady for it’s great open world design, and combat flow in the Batman games. I think bringing that to a Kenshin game would be fantastic. Mix their love to drop hidden facts about the city and characters with obtainable secrets and this game would be a love letter to Kenshin fans. Telling the story from start to finish and constantly giving you new abilities as you work through the story. 

7:Kill la Kill

Genre: Beat’em Up   Company: Platinum Games

Name a company that makes better crazy action games then Platinum? With Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising alone I’m convinced they could make a wonderful adaptation of the Kill la Kill world and make the action feel like the anime did. I’m undecided if I want the actual story to be the focus or just let them make an original plot within the world. I’d rather like to play Ryuko though and kick ass with my scissor blades. So I think I lean more towards that for sure. 

6:Fullmetal Alchemist

Genre: Action Adventure    Company: Bandai Namco

Haha Looks like I forgot to type something here the first time!

FMA’s game would follow the story of the series of course(brotherhood), and you would play everyone from Ed to Mustang to Winry. Varieties of gameplay styles and modes to keep it fresh while hitting the player hard with the feels of the story itself. It would hit all the marks and try to be a little bit of everything just like the actual series. Bandai makes tons of great titles like the Tales series so I trust them to figure out a way to make it all come to life with a perfect equivalent exchange. 

5: Fate Series

Genre: Open World Action-RPG    Company: From Software

Fate is a pretty dark world and the set up of the Holy Grail War is fantastic. Give players the option to choose from almost a hundred options of heroes of the past, present, and future and let them take part in the war. Letting you improve as you battle and explore trying to find intel on the other competitors would allow you a ton of freedom while playing. Mix all the options and each playthrough would be unique as well. I think a risk/reward battle system like From Software is known for would work here. You are rewarded for being more risky but at the same time show all your skills and you could be at a disadvantage when trying to fight future heroes. I think it would be a very challenging battle of wits and reflexes at least. 

4: Kuroko no Basuke

Genre: Sports    Company: 2K Games

Anyone remember NBA Jam and NBA Showtime? The hilarious bombastic basketball video games that would let you dunk from almost anywhere on the court. Imagine the basically superpower of the Kuroko cast in video game glory. Let people play through the story or exhibition matches and let them go crazy with every character’s special traits. Heck you could even make a few fake new character with weird abilities just to spice it up a bit. I’ll let a sports series expert handle this one and make it crazy as can be. 

3: Magic Kaito

Genre: Heist Stealth    Company: Level-5 

With Persona 5 on the cusp on being released world wide it made me think, why not a Kaito game in a similar vein? You could play through a multitude of scenarios made for the game including all sorts of characters from Aoko to Conan. Be Kaito Kid and use what the game gives you to make it through the police, other adversaries, and of course Conan again to best them all as the phantom thief! I think this game would be full of laughs and creative level design open to player to explore. Think like a funny Hitman game, where you steal instead of kill. Any fan would be in for a treat and I think Level-5 has a huge track record that would reassure me. 

2: Spice & Wolf

Genre: Economics/Dating Sim   Company: MPS Labs

From the creators of Civ. I want a fantastic simulation title. You play through the world of Spice & Wolf as Kraft Lawrence and try to get Holo to her home. The game would have travel segments like Oregon trail, a romance meter to build with Holo, and a very complex world economics system to learn and master. If you are able to be the best at all of them you will get the best and true ending of the game. Anything from death to Holo leaving you can happen, its up to you to master the market and your heart to get the true end! 

1: The Girl Who Leapt Through TIme

Genre: Choice Based Adventure    Company: Naughty Dog

So, I was thinking lets have a new character that you play in the same world as the Girl Who Leapt Through Time. You are given 100 jumps to make. And the game takes place over the course of 3 months. So around 90 days. Every day you play through like a simulation game building relationships, leveling up certain personality and knowledge stats and overall learning about the world. At any time over the 3 months you can jump back in time after completing any new task. Which ones are important and which ones are truly unimportant in the grand scheme? Maybe they are all important. Work your way to a happy ending and not the bad one you see in your dreams on day 1 of the story. It would make players really try their hardest to appreciate every little decision and I think I want the perfect graphics of realism from Naughty Dog and their little touches to make this a true classic through time. 

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the pics!

What anime would you make a game out of? I tried to use a variety of genres and ideas but I’m sure there are tons more out there! Tell me somewhere on the net!

See ya Space Corgis!

Review: “Moana”

So obviously this was a big ‘breakthrough’ movie for Disney: different indigenous culture recognition/adaptation, lack of romantic interest, dropping the Princess-like vibes, etc, etc. 

Some important observations I made:

Originally posted by moanas

the FUCKING AMAZING animation: it exceeded my expectations. And I’m no expert in the technical-computer-graphics stuff, but visually as a viewer, it made me FEEL like I was on the island. The style was uniquely Disney, but enhanced to press their limits. 

Originally posted by angelshizuka

Female Character development: modern Disney has been trying to break traditional female roles by presenting strong and independent females. Moana was EXACTLY that. And she didn’t try hard at it, either. She knew her fears and conquered them. Most importantly, she was imperfect. She didn’t know how to sail right away. She accepted help, which makes her all the more strong. 

Originally posted by royaltiana

Male Character development: again with the trend of modern Disney, a male character is becoming more than just a flat romantic interest. They nailed it with Maui. He was humorous, arrogant, and developed to love Moana–but not romantically, but as a friend. He had his own imperfections, fears, etc. A big step from the cookie-cutter males 

Originally posted by babs-e

Culture incorporation: although arguably not perfect (on academic and professional-study caliber) it was still incredibly impressive and a big leap for Disney. They sent researches to the indigenous areas not only to get “a feel” and spin a story, but to actually learn the practices, mythologies, etc., and portray them cohesively as accurately as possible. 

This is, of course, a general review. Some improvements, in my opinion, on plot line and development could have been implemented. Overall, though, a solid success for Disney. Not just another breakthrough movie, but a rising basis for future productions. 


What's it like doing art for living?

I came across a journal yesterday of this one artist who felt that she wasn’t recognized and people seems to ignore her works.

I just want to share my experience and may be it’ll help many of young artists who want to get into art in gaming industry decide if they want to be part of this in the future. This may not be true for many of you, it’s okay, I’m glad you found better path and become really successful. Many of you may already know this but there are some who don’t and this message is for them.

My art teachers, my parents, many professionals I like, they warned me.

Don’t become an artist.
Don’t study in art/illustration/painting.

Don’t get into art career.
Pick other jobs that pay more and is way more stable.

I didn’t believe them (of course lol). I was young and I loved drawing. Everyday, every hour, whenever I’m free (and not grinding or farming in the games I was currently playing) I draw, only draw. I wouldn’t know what else to do if not to draw, so I didn’t see myself doing anything else but art. I rejected everything else that I could possibly get into: programing, languages, business and histories, which, to me, those subjects became more like hobbies while I put all my skills into drawing. (Which as you can see, still not good enough but we’ll get to that in a bit of why it’s really important!)

I stopped paying attention to school which at that time was Graphic Design. Why?? Graphic Design is art, too! Well, when you mix super-simplified art with business, it became NOT FUN AT ALL to me. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a family that support art career nor even getting into art school. So I paid more attention to my illustration career which started during my third year of university, making connections and trying to get as much exposure as possible. It worked for me since it led me to many other publishers and games I can work with and still work with, today. That sounds good enough, right? Why am I bringing up what my mentors said: “Don’t get into art career”? Well, Ever heard of “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” and many many other phases like that? Well it’s true for some people but most of the time IT’S NOT. Work is work, and when you have to do something you love to much not in the way you love, it becomes work.

My ‘first’ published piece back in 2011. I couldn’t even anatomy LOL Everyone gotta start somewhere.

What I’m saying is, if you wanna make loads, survive in this industry and really get out there. Here are some things you should take into consideration.

You have to be so good you become irreplaceable.

You have to be good enough for them to like your work and want them. You have to stand out of shit tons of artists out there! (And the number keeps increasing with all the new tools keep coming out, making everything easier.) You can’t just, “Oh! I like drawing everything this way so I’ll sell what I draw”. You have to keep developing and catering your skill towards what your client/publishers want or you can stick to drawing private commissions forever, unless, like I said, your work is so good, they stand out so much they want your arts. And not something like “My friends/people say ‘I’m good at drawing / I’m talented!’” What you can do is; Look at the professional artists who work in the industry, the really good one that makes you feel like crap. Yes, that one, instead of comparing yourself to that artist and feel shitty about yourself, set that person as a bar and work yourself up to that person. It’ll take years or may be forever. It’s normal. Not everyone of us were born art geniuses. People will always be better than you in someways, use that fact and keep working on your skill, but when you reach that level, set it even higher, and you’ll keep getting better. Once you think you’re good enough, that’s when you stop getting better,  DON’T STOP ‘cause if you wanna survive in this career and be well paid, there’s no 'Good Enough’. You can’t just start drawing today and expect yourself to be really good and hired by people. It takes time and skill and blood and tears to keep developing your skill or someone who’re better and cheaper will replace you.

2013 > 2016 rework for republished books. Yes, I was ashamed of my old works.

It takes connections and exposures to get the job you want.

Yes, it’s unlucky for us to not be born 40 years ago when all the big awesome companies/art-related career started. It takes more competition to be noticed. And what I mean exposure, it’s not posting it in DeviantArt and call it a day. You can’t simply treat this like 'drawing for attention’. You have to do free works, show yourself and ask for work. Build up a solid portfolio. And even with that, some artists with professional portfolio still had to apply to over 15 publishers to get a job! Some even have to apply to the same place over 3 times to be recognized! Nothing is easy and it’s just like many other jobs out there. But if you want to stick to private commissions or do freelance for the rest of your life, keep this in mind, there’s no healthy care and many other service working in a legit company can provide you. You have to save up and take care of yourself. All the tools/electricity/etc bills come out of your own pocket which is paid by how much you work per month instead of fixed monthly income, so you have to be really active and work! The good side of it is, you don’t have to travel to work (Which is one of the reasons why I stick to being freelance lol), you work with your own schedule which you have to be really responsible and disciplined yourself. So if you want a legit company work and you think your art can go somewhere, the next time you see some ass hat offers you to do free arts like all the memes out there but you’re a still no-name artist, take it and put that work into your portfolio with their company logo in it. Every bit counts, but not too many times, you gotta let them know you want to stop when they start taking advantage of your free art. Also, big big thing; Exposure =/= Fame. Majority of the publishers/company don’t care jack about your fame. They want PRODUCT you create, and you better be good at making it. If your art is good enough for their stuff and someone know you and is willing to back you up to your new clients. So ask yourself. Do you do art ‘cause you love art, or you love the fame from doing art. Fame from art don’t last forever, It comes and goes. I experienced it first hand and all I could say was, good ridden. Can’t let fame or your viewer dictates how you do art, the only voice that matters, is the ones who pay you.

How do I know if I can trust the people I work for?

It’s rarely a case that you won’t get paid, but if you’re unsure about the people who’re looking to hire you, remember that you don’t have to rush and reply right away. Take sometimes to check their company background, see the products they have released, ask someone in the industry that you know and trust.

What’s it actually like inside?

It’s all the same as many other works. If you’re only an illustrator, check mail, accept assignments (funny, I realize they don’t call it commission in the briefs though), finish them before deadline, rinse and repeat for every week. For freelance, you either get TOO MANY assignment per month or too less, but when you’re on demand, you can decide how many you want to accept and freely refuse too many assignments. When it’s too much, you gotta set up the schedule and make sure they are finished on time! Some publishers outsource most of their illustrator and have roster of freelancers, so when you apply to the publisher, they will include you in their roster and whenever they hand out the assignments that you can choose, it’ll be sent to people within their roster. Be fast, always check your email, and you’ll get to pick the assignment you like the most. If you’re actually working in the design team, you get to talk more with the game designer and mechanic folks to work on concepts instead of only illustration, which also helps a lot more when it comes to tuning your direction with the current project instead of following up with the results from the design team and try to understand what they have in their mind ‘cause the information you get from the assignment can only tell you much. Majority of the publishers I work with are actually really nice which is pretty common in gaming industry since they were gamers themselves and they are pretty laid back, so rarely would they ask for so much fixes. My work step would always be: Read the assignments and articles > Make bullet points of things I have to include in the illustration (sometimes provide by AD) > 1-3 sketches, b/w line arts with simple shadeห > Art Directors (sometimes with writers) pick the ones they like the most list down things I should change > follow the development guideline > send in almost finish pieces, in case anything else’s needed to be fixed/added > if they like it, finalize it, get paid, upload the art > Waste all the money I made in vidya games. All done within a day to a week depends on my mood and how fast the e-mail is replied. Also check with your publisher if you’re allowed to post your artworks publicly before the project is released but always assume that’s not the case to avoid leaking any future release information.

If it’s such a hassle, why do I stick to it?

HAH! GOOD QUESTION! I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE BUT DRAW!!! j/k. Well. Tis come to the last thing I’m going to talk about. You gotta love what you do, even if it turns into work. Not love like “I love my hobby” or “I love to draw sometimes”. Drawing for me is at the point that I can’t live without. I didn’t practice drawing 1-2 drawing a week. When I was enjoying drawing more than I do nowadays (darn vidya games), I drew over 10 pictures a day. While I study in class, I draw. When I wait for something or have nothing to do, I draw. While I wait for a boss to spawn, I draw. While I talk on the phone, I draw. If I see anything I can write with even a drop of water or my finger and a surface, I draw… and always, try to draw something new. There are times that I would want to quit my job as illustrator to do something else like web-comics with more freedom but I kept going back to it even unconsciously and this is what keeps me going. I wouldn’t trade what I’m doing for anything else (unless I get paid millions a year, but even with that, I’ll still draw lol).

Hope it helps!

TL;DR - Git gud or git rekt. Read the bold and italic.

PS: My English sucks, deal with it. lol Will come fix typo later, Nitain extract alert!
PS2: Sorry, no comic update yet, I’m packed until early June. x__x; So much work!

anonymous asked:

What software do you use to remove the background of an image? like say for instance you're making an icon and you want the figure on a solid blue background instead of the actual one, how would you do that?

I use gimp, which is the free software I use to edit all of my graphics. Here’s a short tutorial on how to do that particular technique: 

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siliconereptilian  asked:

What mods do you recommend for someone who's just getting their Morrowind modding feet wet?

The first thing I recommend to people is to try Morrowind with a bare minimum of mods first to experience the world and gameplay in its original form - this way you have a sense of how various mods come in and shake things up and can make an informed decision if you like it or not. I will purposely steer away from most graphics and content mods here since they are each a whole ‘nother ball of wax for another time, but if you’re ready to look at adding mods to the game, the starter pack which I recommend would include:

Essential Utilities

Wrye Mash Standalone - if you’re planning on installing a bunch of mods or want to swap out different graphical replacers, then Mash is a must. It’s the best mod manager for TES3. The Morrowind Modding Wiki has a fairly comprehensive article on using Mash and it may seem daunting, so I would say the two most important features for players are Installers (you can put mod packages into a folder to install/uninstall using Mash rather than cluttering your Data Files folder if you then decide to try removing a mod) and Repairing a Save Game.

mlox - this program should be used in tandem with Mash to organize your mods. This program uses an extensive database of mods to set a load order with the best chance of eliminating conflicts and errors.

Morrowind Code Patch - still actively being supported by our resident wizard, Hrnchamd, MCP was just updated to 2.3. The effect the patches included in the MCP have on the quality of life when playing cannot be overstated.

4GB Patch and Exe Optimizer - these two programs combined significantly reduce the number of CTDs you will experience while playing. Even if you don’t want to use mods, use these. Install MCP first, then 4GB Patch, then EXE Optimizer - the order is important.

Morrowind Graphics Extender XE - major graphical enhancement to the game without even updating any models or textures. I would recommend limiting your distant land to under 7 cells. Removing the artificial “veil” by being able to look across the entire island is great for screenshots, but removes some of the mystery which lends to this old game’s charm. I personally use the beta version from Hrnchamd which can be found here and have found it to be relatively stable.

tes3cmd (<– warning, direct download to latest version as of this post!) - To get to the download page yourself, follow the MW Modding Wiki instructions. I recommend this insanely powerful program to players for one primary reason: Multipatch. tes3cmd can create a patch from your entire load order to fix a number of common issues. The MW Modding Wiki has instructions for creating a batch file to help make the multipatch creation easier since tes3cmd is a command line program with no GUI.


Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul - this mod overhauls the environmental, music, and effect sounds in the game. Even having the option to have a player voice. This mod is an impressive technical feat which will truly help immerse you in the world of Morrowind.

Morrowind Patch Project - like the unofficial patches you may be familiar with from later Bethesda titles, the MPP is an extensive bug squasher. Version 1.6.6 is the latest, but you will need to install 1.6.5b first.

Landscape and Object Fixes (assorted) - complementing the MPP, this series of fixes address a lot of visual errors such as floating objects, bad texture mapping, and visible seams.

Boats and Silt Striders - makes the “fast travel” services of boats and silt striders have a “scenic” option where you can actually ride the ship or giant flea. Excellent, must have mods. If you’re wanting another excellent transportation mod by abot, check out Guars.

Fatigue and Magicka Overhaul - managing fatigue and magicka burn in TES3 is fairly challenging. Not that it’s wrong, but this mod - along with other alternatives like it - make the systems function a bit more like TES4 and TES5 while still remaining balanced for TES3. Note: if you’re playing a magic character, you might be interested in Mastering Magicka which is a gameplay mod focused on magic users. You’ll just want to turn off its magicka regen feature if using it with this mod.

Go To Jail - instead of just getting warped outside of an Imperial Fort, you will actually serve your time if you commit a crime. This mod may be geared more towards thievish players, but it’s still a great addition to the game.

Graphic Herbalism - geared more towards magic characters, this mod makes it so if you pick from a plant, it will change visually as a helpful queue not to bother with it.

Morrowind Containers Animated - this mod makes containers open when you activate them like in the later Bethesda titles. A relatively simple mod, but to great effect.

There are so, so many more amazing mods out there. I myself keep a very full mod list when I am actually playing and not modding. Get in there on MMH and Nexus and find your own diamonds in the gold! Or feel free to ask me if you’re looking for something in particular. if you think I missed some crucial mods, feel free to let me know.

Hi everyone! My names Kayleigh, I’m 20 and I’m a Graphic Designer from England :) Im an Aries, ENFP, vegetarian who dropped out of uni studying Drama. I love going to open mic nights with my boyfriend and friends, fancy dress, drawing and interior design.

My weight loss journey has been ongoing since I was about 10. I have a medical condition which means I can often struggle to keep down food, most likely to do with a lax muscle at the top/bottom of my stomach, as a result I regurgitate a lot of my food. I was an overweight child and my dr told me to lose weight to alleviate some of the pressure on my stomach which I did but unfortunately it didn’t help my condition and to this day I am still having tests to try and find a treatment that works.

I used to have a fitblr when I was 16 which helped me lose about 40lbs. I gained a lot of my weight due to bullying and being unable to do much physical activity because I ruptured my ACL & tore my meniscus in my left knee when I was 14 which required surgery which I had when I was 16 (and then again at 18 when this ruptured again!) Its safe to say I know a thing or two about overcoming adversity!

Like a lot of people who struggled with weight, my relationship with food is complicated and made even worse by my stomach disease. I was bullied a lot growing up for not only being the fat kid but the kid who was sick in the corner of classrooms and was ‘too lazy’ to do P.E (When in fact my dr had signed me off P.E cause it was too dangerous with my knee) which lead me to comfort eat…then sick…then comfort eat more… in a vicious circle. I also developed depression & an anxiety disorder which i take medication for and am still battling today.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative,my CW is 153lbs and my UGW is 128lbs and I want to tone up too. I would like to reach this by my 21st in April but I’m not putting too much pressure on that goal I just want to be the best i can and enjoy a week with my friends, family & boyfriend. 

I can really sympathise with yo-yo dieting and becoming discouraged. I try and put my graphic design skills to good use and I make the odd motivational quote graphic as well as infographics and weight loss trackers, free for use by anyone!

I love speaking to people so feel free to message me any time you like! I’m nice I swear haha I just want to help people reach their goals and be the best version of themselves they can be as well as be inspired by them!

Reminder that for whatever weird reason the first Corpse party game is on the 3DS store.

It’s a great game. I recommend it.

It’s a pixel game but it’s… probably one of the more violent and gory games. Purely through text descriptions. Like there’s sometimes still images which are graphic but it’s the text descriptions that are REALLY nasty.

And I really appreciate that.

I also really like the game because I love stories about being physically trapped in a hostile place with no resources and trying to survive with whatever you can find which is pretty much what the entire story is about. I also like how physical the characters feel, again thanks to descriptions.

So although the opening cinematic makes it seem like it’s gonna be SUPER anime, it ends up being a very very grounded game.

So if you like horror, especially pixel horror (of which there is very little that are good unfortunately) and enjoy really really good descriptive dialogue, I highly recommend it.

(Just, again, be aware that it’s rated M (18) and despite the limited graphics it’s for a very good reason. There’s some really nasty stuff in this game that can be very upsetting if you struggle with violence and trauma)

And yeah it’s on the 3DS store for…. *checks* $27 (maybe $30? ) (There’s also a physical version available but it seems pricier)

The 3DS version also has cleaned up sprites for all the characters (although that’s a bit of a shame because I like the originals a lot)

The other games in the series are all visual novels or have 3D graphics though, and I don’t like them as much. So I can’t recommend them. Stick with the original. (that includes the anime. Just stick with the original game. The anime lacks what makes the game special and ends up just being another overly violent anime with teenagers and actually loses a lot of what makes the game so graphic. Hilariously.)

It’s also on Steam but with new character art which looks…. less professional than the original art. So I’d suggest sticking to the 3DS version.

(The game was originally for the PSP)

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I have a MacBook Air 11 inch 2015 model. And my Graphics are high medium. They are far from yours though. What do you do to make your graphics look good?

Hi! These are my game settings. I always take pictures in tab mode which helps with quality, and then the rest is the magic of photoshop! 

I tend to do different things on every image, playing around with levels and adjustment layers, which makes it hard to nail down one specific process. I’ll try to put together a tutorial at some point, but it will probably have to be after the April CAS challenge because that is taking up most of my simming time right now! :)

Take the Edge Off

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Title: Take the Edge Off

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,216

Summary: Reader is left shaken after a close call on a hunt, so John invites her back to his hotel room for a drink.

Warnings: Reader and John get drunk. Suggested naughtiness.

Take the Edge Off

The ride back to the motel was laden with a heavy silence as you fought to control the trembling in your hands, staring as you willed them to finally still. While close calls were something far from uncommon, they always left you shaken, this one in particular as you tried in vain to block the recent  memories from resurfacing.

John watched you wearily from the corner of his eye as he navigated the darkened and deserted highway, reaching over to give your knee a light squeeze, causing you to jump back to reality.

“Sorry” he grumbled by way of apology, retracting his hand and keeping his gaze focused on the highway.

“You doing okay?” he asked after a pause, the amusement coming back into his voice as you leaned your head back onto the headrest of the seat.

“I’m fine” you muttered back, staring at the lining on the roof of the car above your head.

John chuckled lightly, “Sure you are, sweetheart.” His voice was light and while he witnessed the near fatal incident, he was quick to dismiss it as you were still alive and the threat was not.

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“I’m gonna get laughed at for saying this, but there is a growing reverse-elitist culture that is blatantly hostile and antagonistic to any blogs that like aesthetic, graphics / icons, formatting and making their shit look nice. Some definitely go way overboard, but a lot do try to keep accessibility in mind when we make our stuff too. We can’t be perfect though, which is why we need the support and guidance of the community, not your mockery and hate. Since I don’t have impaired sight, I can only tell what looks good to ME, but if you tell me that my theme or writing is hard for you to read, I’d be more than happy to change it. Instead I’m called an ableist and spat on.”


Mikleo to the rescue  ᕙ( •̀ ‸ •́ )ᕗ

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omg can you make a tutorial on these graphics? they're so pretty post/153149331675/royalswan-you-chose-me

aw thank you so much! <3 + i’ll try to explain the best i can!

so, you can find the post here but i’ll try to show you how to make the first gif in the set; which is this one:

  • you’ll need at least knowledge of how to make a gif.
  • video timeline + frame animation timeline used.
  • like/reblog if you found this helpful.

the tutorial continues under the cut ~ (it’s quite long, sorry!)

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hello, at the beginning your graphics and gifs are really pretty! can you make a tuto or just explain how you make graphics, plz? ♥

Hello, thank you so much for your kind words :’) I made one graphic tutorial before (you can see it here). I will try to explain more about how I make my graphics and give some (hopefully) helpful tips!

I’ll be using these as examples:

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Hi! Do you have any tips as to advertising services for artists in artist alley such as button-making(which is my case specifically)? I've tried to get the word around but I guess I'm just not that great at advertising.

Nattosoup:  Hand out buttons pressed from your machine!  Be sure to include a cute graphic (so they keep the buttons), but make sure your service and contact info are also available.

It’s difficult advertising a new service- as people tend to prefer to patronize what they know.  You can try coupons and scratch off deals to make your advertising a bit more fun as well.

Kiriska: Hit up online communities too. Ask your friends if they’re interested, or if they know anyone who might be interested in those services. Maybe even consider getting adspace on some webcomic sites.

Honestly though, I think button-making specifically is probably a hard sell because the services are pretty widely available already, and many artists already own their own machines. I think it’s fine to advertise them and just generally let others know that you’re available for those services, but I wouldn’t bank on there being constant customers for it, regardless of how well you advertise.