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2/100  days of productivity challenge! ❀

i’m translating virgil and i love it so so much! i’m so lucky to studying something which is my hobby too! that is a part of aeneid’s book four and i’ve got to admit dido is such a strong and amazing character: i adore the way latin writers deal with women in love!

ps: thank you to @emmastudies because i’m using her calendar wallpaper and it’s so so cool! you all should try it!

24th january 2017 

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which naruto characters love the Harry Potter movies? (ps. I love your acc!!)

  • Naruto and Kiba both totally don’t understand them that well, but have still seen every one of them. they’re asking you every two minutes to explain who is Sirius Black or something, but they are totally in on the action. 
  • Tenten is a total Potterhead and proudly wears her Huffelpuff scarf
  • Iruka thinks they’re pretty nice “for kid’s movies.” Kakashi slept through all of them. 
  • Gai is trying to start a qudditch team, luna is his fav
  • Shino prefers the books
  • Karui and Ino stood in line for hours to see it first 
  • Shikamaru always comments about the stupid things Harry does
  • Gaara is one of those late in life watchers, i swear it’s like he’s been living under a rock

Mount Rainier National Park - one of my favorite photos I took last year. Simply because it makes me think of Helm’s Deep. Even though I’ve lived in the PNW for 6 years, I’ve only made it MRNP once and I didn’t even get to see the actual mountain. Paradise was under 10’ of snow by mid-October last year when I drove up. Hoping to get back this summer or fall or some wildflower or autumn color hikes. Which trail would you recommend I hit up?

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Mystical Tickle Headcanon~

//This was suggested by a few people.. so, I’m gonna try my best for you guys who wanted this and yah~ please leave more suggestions for moi and I will eventually do them for you~\

//PS. These are just my personal opinions, you don’t have to agree~\


Lee Questions-

Are They Ticklish?- YES. He will never admit it.. it actually seems pretty hilarious how bad be is, and he doesn’t seem like the guy.. but trust me..he’s bad~

Scale of 1-10?-
Probably 8/10 tbh

Which Spot Makes Them Beg?-
His sides, ohhh boy, try there and he will immediately react.. but. It will come with consequences~

What’s Their Laugh Like?-
Sounds playful (believe it or not) it can sometimes be rather high-pitched.

Are They Embarrassed That They Are Ticklish?-
Heck yeah! But once somebody finds out, he will never get a minutes peace~

Do They Squirm A Lot?-
Yeah quite bit, the other members of the RFA often refer to him as a worm.

Ler Questions-

Do They Seek Revenge?-
Heck yeah! He hates being tickled and gets so embarrassed, once the person is done or if he manages to turn the tables, he will definitely make that person sorry~ >:3

Do They Use Other’s Ticklishness Against Them?-
Oh yeah, if somebody annoys him he will threaten to tickle them if he knows they are ticklish.

Will They Really Do It If They Threaten Someone?-
Of course! No bluffing, if he says he is going to do something, he means it. He is certainly a man of his word~

How Merciless Are They?-
Very. No…. scratch that. Extremely. He doesn’t care, he will tickle the living daylight of anybody who gets on his bad side..sometimes even until they pass put~


Lee Questions-

Are They Ticklish?-
Yeah, but not to the extreme.

Scale of 1-10?-
Probably 6/10

Which Spot Makes Them Beg?-
His hips (I know this headcanon is popular but I liked it).

Whats Their Laugh Like?-
Boisterous and Loud

Are They Embarrassed That They Are Ticklish?-
Not really, but he tends to not speak about it~

Do They Squirm A Lot?-
Oh yah, if you get the right spot he will kick his legs and do anything to stop you.

Ler Questions-

Do They Seek Revenge?-
Always~ There is never a time where he will not get his revenge.. he won’t rest until he does~

Do They Use Other’s Ticklishness Against Them?-
Depends, if he feels like that person deserves it then yes he certainly will.

Will They Really Do It If They Threaten Somebody?-
Most of the time, sometimes he will just bluff to get the person to stop bugging him.

How Merciless Are They?-
He doesn’t care if you “can’t breathe” because he knows that you can breathe if you’re speaking, he is not dumb. He knows :^).


Lee Questions-

Are They Ticklish?-
Helplessly~ (I know this is popular but again, I liked it).

Scale of 1-10?-

Which Spot Makes Them Beg?-
His ribcage or under his arms~

Whats Their Laugh Like?-
Attractive~ but seriously though, his laugh is like a gift from god himself.

Are They Embarrassed That They Are Ticklish?-
Not really embarrassed, but he won’t openly talk about it.

Do They Squirm A Lot?-
Quite a lot~

Ler Questions (Now.. we both know we are both blushing rn..)-

Do They Seek Revenge?-
Depends.. he doesn’t always believe in revenge, but be usually has the upper hand anyways because of how strong he is.

Do They Use Other’s Ticklishness Against Them?-
Oh yeah~ if somebody isn’t answering a question ‘right’ or the way he wants, then they’ve had it pretty much. Now when I say ‘the way he wants’ for example if they won’t go and get him something from across the room or something.

Will They Really Do It If They Threaten Somebody?-
He usually doesn’t bluff. Of course he will to get them to pass the tv remote or something, but most of the time just a few pokes is enough to make the person give in.

How Merciless Are They?-
Very. Like seriously. Don’t mess with this dude, he will keep going until you are at least crying with laughing so much and your stomach muscles hurt.


Lee Questions-

Are They Ticklish?-
Honestly.. Tickling is going to be the death of this little cutie~

Scale of 1-10?-

Which Spot Makes Them Beg?-
pretty much everywhere, but mainly his knees.

Whats Their Laugh Like?-

Are They Embarrassed That They Are Ticklish?-
Yes he is pretty embarrassed and he certainly is not open about it either~

Do They Squirm A Lot?-
He. Is. Like. A. Goddamn. WORM.

Ler Questions (I haven’t seen much Ler Yoosung around so I’d like to do so myself~).

Do They Seek Revenge?-
No, he is usually too scared to try because he is so used to people tickling the living daylight out of the poor lil bab~

Do They Use Other’s Ticklishness Against Them?-
Depends, not often because he knows their pain. Unless the person has really pissed him off then yes, he will not hesitate to do so~

Will They Really Do It If They Threaten Somebody?-
Yup, no bluffing. Much like Jumin, he is a man of his word. He means what he says and sticks by his word.. so if he says he’s going to tickle you, no shit. You should probably hide~

How Merciless Are They?-
He will won’t stop unless he feels like you desperately need him to stop, otherwise, he will tickle you for as long as he wants~


Lee Questions-

Are They Ticklish?-
Not extremely.

Scale of 1-10?-
I’d say 4/10

Which Spot Makes Them Beg?-
She has managed to hide her ticklishness so people won’t bother her, and she is pretty much expert at hiding it so nowhere really makes her beg as such~

Whats Their Laugh Like?-
A very feminine and high pitched laugh

Are They Embarrassed That They Are Ticklish?-
Way too embarrassed for her own good~

Do They Squirm A Lot?-
She tries not to struggle because she believes it will only make it worse.

Ler Questions-

Do They Seek Revenge?-
no, she is not a very vengeful person so she usually just lets it go.

Do They Use Other’s Ticklishness Against Them?-
no, she does not believe that it’s fair to put someone through hell just to get a 'funny reaction’~

Will They Really Do It If They Threaten Somebody?-
she doesn’t make threats often, you have to push her very very far for her to threaten you.

How Merciless Are They?-
ehh… not merciless, she knows the right time to stop~


Lee Questions-

Are They Ticklish?-

Scale of 1-10?-

Which Spot Makes Them Beg?-
His back or his thighs

Whats Their Laugh Like?-
Cute~ his laugh is not something that is heard very often so when it is heard.. ohhh sweet jebus its like a miracle~ he sounds like a cross between a pig and a hyena, he laughs like a hyena but adds a few snorts in every so often which only further embarrasses him~

Are They Embarrassed That They Are Ticklish?-
Yes he tends to get really embarrassed when someone finds out and physically makes them swear to never tell anyone otherwise they will suffer~ >:).

Do They Squirm A Lot?-
Oh yes… yessss.. he is literally no different to a turtle that has been placed on its back~

Ler Questions-

Do They Seek Revenge?-
Depends, if he’s too tired then no which is good news for the person, but. If he has enough energy left he will use that to make the person sorrier than sorry~ also.. that’s why most people know to tickle all of the energy out of him.. but he will get revenge sooner or later so it doesn’t make much of a difference~

Do They Use Other’s Ticklishness Against Them?-
sometimes, if he feels the person deserves it he will go right ahead~

Will They Really Do It If They Threaten Somebody?-
oh yeah, no bullshit, although he is known for sometimes lying… he will never lie when he threatens to tickle someone.. ohh he means it alright~

How Merciless Are They?-
but not enough to make the person pass out~

PREFACE: This is a nine part series of some important things to keep in mind while studying Japanese grammar. It’s very different from English, so try not to study it through an “English lens.” To understand grammar points better, it’s really beneficial to learn the characteristics behind Japanese grammar. These notes are taken from A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar. To see the other parts, click here.

PS: I’ve decided to skip part 6 (politeness and formality).

9. Viewpoint

There is more than one way to describe an event, so viewpoint is important when choosing which expressions to use. For example these two sentences express the same event but uses a different viewpoint: 1) A hit B; 2) B was hit by A. In 1, the event is described through A’s perspective while in 2, it is described through B’s perspective.

Here are some rules regarding viewpoint that are generally universal:

  • The viewpoint should be consistent within a sentence.
  • When the sentence includes “A’s B” (for example, John’s wife), the speaker is taking A’s viewpoint rather than B’s.
  • When the speaker empathizes with someone, the speaker tends to take that person’s viewpoint.
  • The speaker usually describes events from his own viewpoint when he is involved.

Here are some rules regarding viewpoint that are specific to Japanese:

  • Giving and receiving verbs require certain viewpoints depending on the verb

やる / あげる: to give; requires the giver’s viewpoint or a neutral viewpoint

くれる: to give; requires the receiver’s viewpoint

もらう/いただく: to get/receive; requires the receiver’s viewpoint

(I go more in depth about this on this post.)

  • For the verb くる (to come), the arrival point is somewhere close to the speaker’s viewpoint. Similarly, for the vern いく (to go), the departure point is somewhere close to the speaker’s viewpoint.


(If speaker is currently in Japan)


not 私は来年アメリカに来ます。わたしはらいねんアメリカにきます。

I will go to America next year.

not I will come to America next year.

  • When adjectives like ほしい (want/desirable) うれしい (happy) and かなしい (sad) are used with a third person subject, the speaker is empathizing with that person. It implies the speaker is taking the viewpoint of that person.


通りがかりの人が嬉しい。とおりがかりのひとがうれしい。(** incorrect **)

A passerby is happy.

This sentence is incorrect because the speaker is unable to empathize with the subject.

  • When じぶん (self) is used, the speaker tends to empathize with who じぶん is referring to, implying the speaker is taking the viewpoint of that person.



Mary believed that Jim loved her.

♥ Valentines Day Cards! ♥

Hi so I had an idea for Valentines Day! I want to make All Time Low Valentines Cards (pictures, actually because I suck at cheesy puns) and I wanted to know who would like one? I want to make as many as I can before the 14th which is in 2 days. This is a late idea, I’ve been trying to come up with one.

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Ps: These are PICTURES. Like I also said, I suck at cheesy puns so I’d like to gift pictures that I’ve made that surround Valentines Day. (hint: has to do with roses!)

Just like or reblog this post and make sure (PLEASE) that your submit is open! I’m also only doing this until let’s say, midnight on Valentines Day. Like, when the clock strikes midnight. :)

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As if I don’t have enough on my plate already, I am trying my new manga making software and here I am throwing out BSD manga pages as practice~

Introducing Bungo Stray Dogs Tsuu! A series of random BSD strips which I am not sure why/what I am drawing.  I will be having a new page (see the menu bar) to link all these short strips.

Starting strip 1, pages 1 & 2.  I was thinking of making Akutagawa as the main character but then I may be throwing in random characters too~

PS. That tablet keeps changing in size in the panels…

Original Bungo Stray Dogs © Asagiri Kafuka & Harukawa Sango.

So far away – Min Yoongi

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: angst/slight smut

Word Count: 898

Warnings: my bad attempt at some angsty shit and like slight dirty talk

Summary: Yoongi loved her so much, but she was too far away from his grasp

I had a really good idea for this but I lost all inspiration (which I’m pissed about) but yeah that explains why it’s shorter than some of my other ‘blood, sweat & tears’ oneshots. I tried however this one doesn’t really have any connection to ‘blood, sweat & tears’ though lol whoops (ps i am actually kind proud of this one)

Other members: Taehyung / Jin / Jimin / Namjoon / Hoseok / Jungkook

He remembered. Of course he remembered her, how could he forget her. Her soft hair that he’d try and braid all the time, her perfectly shaped lips that fit his oh so well, her hands that were soft and elegant, absolutely perfect for his who were a whole lot bigger, her cute giggle, her laugh, her smile, the one that could make him smile even when he was having the worst day.

He remembered.


“Yoongi” she whined, trying to gain his attention of the man whose eyes were glued to his laptop, trying to piece together a melody for a new song.


“Tongue technology man”

“The guy who is always shipped with Jimin”

“Lazy ass”

“Gramps” – now that caught his attention. His eyes lifted from his laptop to look up at the girl sitting in front him, in nothing but a practically see-through black laced bra and matching panties with one of his white shirts over the top but he could definitely see through the shirt.

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She’s Gorgeous Pt.3

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing(s): Arat x Reader, Simon x Reader (Platonic)

Word Count: 768

Warnings: none 

Notes: Arat being a goddamn sex goddess PS. Thanks for gazing upon this post

“Ow! OW! Fucking stop it you psycho bitch!” Simon yelled, trying, and failing to catch the book being hurdled towards him, by you. “You don’t know the fucking meaning of ‘psycho bitch’ yet!” You snarled. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know she would hear!” He whined, clutching his arm. You took a deep breath and put down the book you were preparing to throw.

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For those who may have missed the group notice, I’ve already sent out the first Bento update for the Cerezo head. :o
If you did not receive it, please do let me know so I can check.
It is of course still in a test version, because I must fix the scripting to be more efficient and proper. The “type-to-talk” is still glitched, but I included the animation file anyway, which in itself works. Aesthetically, I plan to bring back the ear toggle on/off, as well, and a tears toggle option, both of which should be easy to add on later. I’ll also be adding a wink animation for both eyes, and better hair-base texture. It is made to fit with the original SL Ruth’s face shape, but try not to alter the shape too much because it isn’t very smooth yet. Yet another thing I must work on.

PS: For now, to make the joints pop into the place it should be for this head, please press the round “R” button on the top-left of the HUD, and that resets the facial bones to the head’s fit.

“Lines on my face, lines on my hands

Lead to a future I don’t understand

Some things don’t go as they’re planned…

Where are we going from here…

Tracing the trails through the mirrors of time

Spinning in circles with riddles in rhyme

We lose our way, trying to find

Searching to find our way home…

Trying to find our way home…”

Abelas left an impression in me even if his appearance is very short, but it is powerful. I felt so much depth behind his character and his background - so much opportunity which I hope Bioware will jump on it (sadly doubting it, since bioware handles badly characters who have chance to actually die in the game) but even if not, I just try to express what strong inspiration and impression he had on me. 

Ps; I thought I never will be finishing with the wall patterns. .-.

Prints avaiable; Here

Solution for Intuos pen pressure issue on Photoshop ( Windows 10 )

Hi everyone ! ^^

Since I have been trying to fix the issue of pen pressure on Photoshop CC after I updated to Windows 10 for a few months. I was really frustrated each time when I use PS to paint. The issue I got was only for Photoshop but not other programs like Sai, Painter, or CSP. I also have heard that some of you also get the same issue in other programs / other windows versions as well. Therefore I would like to share the solution which is really unbelievably easy fix..! 

The issue I had was when I drew brushstroke quickly, the pen pressure and all the settings were suddenly off. As well as for the short brushstroke, it would create a loop back to the starting point. 

At first I thought it was PS CC new update issue with my Windows 10 but I noticed that it only happened with quick brushstrokes. Here is the solution ^^

Open  [ Wacom Tablet Properties ]
and turn off [ Tip Double Click Distance ] 
Now restart the program, and I’m sure that the issue will be fixed ! ♡

I hope this is helpful for anyone who currently has the same issue with me.
If you have any question please feel free to ask as well. ^^ 

Let’s enjoy drawing! 

Okay, looking at the lolilo tag in the aftermath of AFTERMATH, a lot of people seem to be thinking of Balthazar as like perfect or not having any flaws but… i disagree. a lot.

I think the responsibility that Balth feels for peter is a Major Flaw. That is not healthy. that is so not how to have a friendship. ultimately Peter is responsible for himself, and while it’s okay to care about friends, it’s really not a good thing that Balth feels guilty about and personally responsible for Peter.

Let’s also not forget that Balth is non-confrontational to a fault and doesn’t sit down and talk things out and actually address problems.

Now this is not me hating on Balth at all, I love him as a character and I think he’s a very interesting character, but he’s certainly Not Perfect. In fact, one might argue that the point of LLL is that Nobody is Perfect.

I know that people often fall into dichotomous thinking that there is “Good” and “Bad” characters, or people, or whatever. But I’d like to encourage people to consider that stories, the world, characters, other people, etc. are a lot more complex than just “Good” or “Bad”.

As always, all dichotomies are false dichotomies. Putting someone (even a character) on a pedestal is one of the worst things you can do to them because they will inevitably fail to live to your expectations of them.


can you guess which “movie” lucas was more himself in? go ahead guess.

(ps “jumpin’ jehosophat” is an expression that originates from the Bible. and pps in riley’s movie he’s wearing almost exactly the same thing he was wearing when he rode the bull. back to “the fantasy hero” status i guess.)