in which i talk about everything and nothing

Hc that the members of Overwatch don’t really see Junkrat as a smart guy. Like they just see him and Roadhog as these junker criminals who know nothing but destruction

But in reality Junkrat is actually super smart. Like he just doesn’t show it like Winston does or Symmetra. He doesn’t write out equations or really know all those fancy calculations and formulas. Overtime he had come up with his own terms for everything which may confuse the others since they don’t know what he’s talking about and gets confused that they’re confused

But he understands how to do the math and science he just can’t like the others can. I mean he’s built his tire and his other weapons, his arm and leg too all from scratch and spare parts

So overall junkrat is very smart and just shows it differently
Bonus for Roadhog threatening anyone who makes fun of Junkrat and calls him dumb or anything

He loves to talk, but not all the time. He tells me that talking doesn’t mean anything unless it’s worth ruining perfect silence. Most people, he says, waste their breath on everything that means nothing. But he likes when I talk. About the people in the coffee shop, and old cities I wish I’d been to, and which constellations I like best. About anything, really. We talk until the sun rises, and then we sleep all day. And we sing loudly when our favorite songs come on the radio, and we let our hands drift out the window like soaring birds, and we live. God, we live. Like addicts, and nomads, and kids with wicked minds and screaming hearts. Half the time we don’t know what day it is, but we don’t care. Because his bed feels the same on Monday and Thursday and Saturday, too. And we eat when our stomachs grow too loud, and we press close when we can’t pay the electricity bill, and we learn that sometimes what is perfect and what is enough live oceans away from each other.
     But when enough becomes too little and we don’t even have our two pennies to rub together, he performs on the street with an upturned top hat at his feet. Old, bluesy songs about wild girls and townie boys. And even though his voice is only ok, with cracks in all the important parts, people see his long hair and his big smile, and they stop to watch with enormous eyes. Look, they point: a boy who never learned how to worry playing at maturity, his face bent over a guitar, long fingers threading the strings. They stand on the streets, a cigarette break from their white collar routine, and see in him some other life. Some different path. They see themselves, a little happier, a little louder, a little more carefree. The kind ones wish him well as dollar bills float from their hands. Fives and tens and twenties from those who would do everything differently if they had another shot. One man with a fading ring tan above his left knuckle gives him a crisp hundred dollar bill, his face lost in thoughts of what might have been. Transparent. He’s like that with people: prying them open without even trying. He sees through them, and you, and even me. Especially me. 
      We lay in bed that night surrounded by paper that will only pay a fraction of our bills, but we laugh like we’ve won the goddamn lottery. Laugh so hard we can barely breath. I laugh until I cry, and he holds me in his hands and tells me that when he has the money, he’ll buy me a ring and make this whole shindig official. My voice raw with tears, I tell him he better.
     And he has the warmest hands with callouses on all the fingertips, which I don’t think anyone else knows. Not like I know. Not like they feel them against their palm and cheek and thigh in the middle of the night. I like that I hold a million tiny fragments of him that no one else has even touched. Like he calls his sister twice a week to make sure she’s not using again, and he only watches scary movies because they make my blood flow faster, and he’s an all consuming, thousand-watt, stars in his eyes kind of person. The kind people want to be around without ever knowing why. The kind who tells you he loves you and really means it.
     He only says it sometimes. When it’s just us two and the perfect silence is worth being broken. And I trace road maps across the skin of his back, and I wonder. I wonder what I did to deserve all this. The affection, and the easy smiles, and the list of kid names we like tucked away in his desk drawer. Shuffled between coins and nicotine gum. And then his breath is heavy in my hair. I never fall asleep before him because I don’t know how to stop thinking. I wonder and I wonder and I wonder how I ever thought I’d be better off on my own. And he pulls me closer. Whispers my name like a promise. All the world stands still for just this moment. And I wonder how a person- one single, broken person- can come along and make so much sense.
—  I hope you find this kind of love, and I hope you never let it go.

can we talk about my daughter eva cause she doesn’t get enough love

eva who had every right to be mad at isak and be bitter that now he had a loving boyfriend but noooooo cause eva kviig mohn is literally sunshine and everything nice

eva kviig mohn who was over the moon that isak found someone he loved, that isak was finally able to be himself again, who joked about stealing him, who said there was nothing to forgive cause it was not isak’s fault which let’s be honest it was a little his fault, who told isak to let all this go and that she’ll love to hang out with him again and she smiled the entire time around him


  • [Phichit and Yuuri talking about Viktor and Yuuri's relationship]
  • Phichit: Don't tell me you are afraid?
  • Yuuri: Are you kidding? I was born afraid... which sounded a lot better in my head.

monday afternoon, you asked me what was wrong

you said: whats wrong with you? you’ve been so quiet these past few weeks. I had no response. I shrugged and turned my music a notch louder.

you don’t care about me, was what i wanted to say. you don’t need me around, you have other people to talk too. 

it’s been quiet, we’re becoming strangers once again

earlier today my you asked me how i was

i told you i was good; to which you replied you don’t look so good. i slammed the door behind me and turned my music one notch louder.

i’m only your everything, when you feel alone

monday night, you came into my room

i was told i looked depressed. homework, was my simple reply

i have to pretend for you. there’s nothing i can tell you. bottling it up might make me feel worse in the end, but its the only thing that makes you feel happy now. 

i’m scared of you reading my mind

i don’t know how much more i can take

i ran into you today. someone i’ve been avoiding for the past few weeks. you hugged me, triggering intense pain on my open wounds, you asked if i was avoiding you. 

of course not

how can you stay away from something, but still come back to it?

you were addictive, like peppermint.

i’m irrelevant

yesterday, i slept almost the entire day

but sleep doesn’t help your soul when its tired

  • You know, I can see Stiles drunk-dialling Jackson all the time.
  • Jackson: *picks up phone* Wha--It's four in the morning. Who--
  • Stiles: YER AN ASSHOLE. *click*
  • Jackson: ...
  • A minute later
  • Jackson: Who is this--
  • Jackson: Stilinski?
  • Stiles: *click*
  • Another minute
  • Jackson: Stilinski, seriously, what the--
  • Stiles: Sometimes I imagine having two dicks.
  • Jackson: What.
Reasons why I believe Michael may not actually be dead.

As we all know there are so many clues given within the dialogue of the show which foreshadow the future. Here are a couple things that I picked up on from Chapter Fifty-four. 

 1. The narrator obviously alluded the whole episode to Michael’s death. But one of his quotes was… 

 “The cost of being an unreliable narrator, which as I’ve said, I’m not. Then again, I’d say that if I were.” 

 We all know that infamous line “Michael would love Jane until his dying breath.” Is he saying that maybe not everything will be what it seems? 

 2. While Rafael is talking to Luisa’s “new girlfriend” Eileen about Rose killing their father she says… 

 “But that’s only if you believe death is finite” 

 Could mean nothing or it could be a hint to death not being finite, (maybe Michael?) at least on this show. 

 3. Sin Rostro aka Rose is back. We know that in the past Michael went undercover. Everyone thought he had been kicked off the force, just to find out that is was part of a plan. Did Michael actually not pass his physical? Did the feds know about Sin Rostro? Could there be an elaborate plan to fake his own death to go undercover? 

4. This is a telenovela…people are known to come back from the “dead”. 

I guess only time will tell, I may have pulled a muscle from making such a stretch but I believe if any show were to have such extreme and elaborate storylines, it would be Jane the Virgin.

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I imagine Reinhardt as someone who is all or nothing with how he feels about someone or something. If he trusts someone, he opens up about anything and everything on his mind which could attest to his description as someone who supported Overwatch while also being the harshest critic of Overwatch. If someone betrays him or who else he cares for, it hurts him the most because he puts everything into what he knows only to have it turned against him.

Especially with someone like Reaper who had his own issues with Jack, I feel Reinhardt would be deadset on feeling disgusted by him because he not only helped splinter the organization that saved countless lives, but he betrayed the people who stuck with him through everything.

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 15
  • *Yuuri and Phichit talking about Greg again*
  • Yurio: Are you really ok with this?
  • Viktor: Of course.
  • Yurio: Truly?
  • Viktor: Awww Yurio are you worried about daddy?
  • Yurio: No. And you're not my dad.
  • Viktor: So rebellious.
  • Yurio: I just don't want you crying to me afterwards. It's annoying.
  • Viktor: Aww don't worry about daddy so much *nuzzles Yurio's head which he swats away* I know EVERYTHING so there's nothing to worry about.
  • Yurio: You two are the strangest couple. I warned you so don't you come to me when it all goes wrong.
  • Viktor: Yuuri! Our son is worried about our relationship!
  • Yurio: *internal screaming*
what I hate about you

aries: literally makes everything into a competition, hurts people and expects them to get over it while you constantly hold grudges

taurus: you act like you don’t give a fuck because you don’t. You are 1000% convinced you are the smartest person in any given room and everyone else is stupid, petty, overly-emotional, or even insane

gemini: you’re shallow, think you’re smarter than everyone else, and talk when you have nothing to say CONSTANTLY

cancer: you take everything too personally and I’m tired of walking on eggshells around u sensitive sad sacks. You pretend to be supportive but secretly feel good when people fail miserably and have to come to you for comfort.

leo: literally never shut up about yourself, talk but never listen, think everyone is as obsessed with you as you are with yourself

virgo: you do what you’re supposed to, when you’re supposed to because what you value and what society values are the same thing. You never question authority and secretly think you’re better than everyone else

libra: fake fake FAKE ASS people pleasers, secretly extremely vain and self-righteous. Lead people on because you want everyone to like you, not to actually spare someone’s feelings.

scorpio: you never let anything slide and think everyone is intentionally out to get you. pls chill. You are sometimes worse than Leo in taking every little thing and making it about you.

sagittarius: selfish and unreliable, but generous when it suits you. You think you’re a good person, but abhor the thought of putting someone’s needs above your own wants- which is why you hold people at an arm’s length

capricorn: combine libra and virgo. also u work really hard and use that as an excuse to complain/brag about how you work harder than everyone else

aquarius: you only help people when there’s something in it for you/it makes you look good. You lie a lot but you’re a shitty liar. Secretly boring and generic, but you try to do “random” shit to seem more unique.

pisces: people think you’re sensitive/emotional but you only act emotional to manipulate people into seeing you a certain way, or giving you what you want.

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how are you staying positive?>

believe me, with the state the fandom is in right now it’s hard

a couple months ago i’d probably be a mess and deactivating and all that. but some really crap things have happened in my real life which puts everything in perspective for me. I love emmerdale, i love it so much, but it is just a soap and with everything else happening in my life i don’t really have the headspace to care about unnecessary drama right now

i trust emmerdale not to fuck this storyline up, the second i saw danny’s tweets the other day it basically confirmed to me i have nothing to really worry about.

my advice if you’re struggling to stay positive:

  • unfollow the negativity, i’ve had to unfollow a lot of my favourite blogs which sucks, but seeing it will drag you down 
  • TALK TO PEOPLE, i care about this fandom so much and if you’re struggling, please let someone know, because i guarantee you’re not the only one. 
  • read au’s. it keeps you away from anything canon and theres some amazingly talented people still sticking around. plus au’s are cool
  • rewatch the storyline, this is not the worst thing they’ve ever gone through, i think a lot of people have lost their love for robron this week, so doing this will help to recapture it
  • throw yourself into other fandoms or shows as a distraction, preferably non angsty ones, i cannot recommend brooklyn nine nine enough, it’s hilarious and mostly happy
  • take this time to catch up on things. either work or other shows. i wrote a huge part of an essay i’ve been avoiding for months this morning to stay away from the drama. 
  • watch that video of ryan dancing because i swear, that cured my depression
  • don’t expect this to be easy, this storyline is messy and painful, expect there to be twists and tears,  but think about how brilliant danny and ryan will be.
  • follow positive blogs, to name a few: @victoriasugden @sapphicsugden @andyoumattertome and @evak-malec are my favourites right now
  • and finally, if you need to take a step back, please just do it. your health is so much more important than anything else. blacklist things, unfollow blogs, delete yours, do whatever it takes to make sure that you are okay, because that’s all that matters

i hope this helps and feel free to send me asks if you need to :)

Dating Scorpius Malfoy would be like:


- Visiting museums, art galleries and exhibits

- You borrowing his clothes, especially his jumpers, they’re all so warm and soft!

- Adorable nicknames like “princess/prince” or “sweetie”

- Sleeping in together on Sunday mornings

- Him reading to you in front of the fireplace

- After a long day, snuggling in bed, just talking about anything and cuddling

- Gentle Sex, Passionate Sex, him wanting to not hurt you yet show you how much he loved you

- Getting a ton of pets together and him always saying he wanted more

- Giving you massages whenever you were stressed which often led to passionate make out sessions

- You telling all the haters and bullies that he was nothing like his past relatives, he was different

- Holding him while he cried from all the hate from the world and letting him know everything was okay

- Surprising him with signed copy of books

- Saying “I love you” to each other whenever they could and never judging each other for their family name.

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A message to the FFXV fandom

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I just want to take the time to say how very proud I am to be part of this fandom, and I want to commend everyone I’ve met on here for being so thoughtful and mature. I’m not so sure how it is for you guys, but my experience interacting with my fellow fans and talking to other artists and writers has been nothing short of rewarding. There’s also a TON of brains and talent here, which is a very nice plus. I know to some it may sound like I’m overly glorifying the FFXV fandom, but I strongly felt like putting it out there as I’ve been in fandoms that have leaned more towards the dark side of humanity. And by dark side, I’m talking about things that cross very solid moral/ethical boundaries, if you will…

And so, my message to all of you is a great big thanks. For everything that you do, say, create and love. For all the beautiful pictures, stories, roleplays, gifs and metas that make us smile, laugh, scream, cry, moan and orgasm. For laughing along with me during the good times and mourning with me during the bad times.

Most importantly,…

Thank you guys. For being you.


Taylor, “The Pug Addict”

Reasons You Love Bucky Barnes

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I was just wondering if you could write something about Bucky x Reader and the titles would be ‘Reasons you love Bucky Barnes’ And 'Reasons Bucky Barnes loves you’. - @bbogi1999

Reasons Bucky Barnes Loves You

i.        He’s a monster, they had said. Don’t try to talk to him, they warned. When you had been put on guard duty everyone had something to say about him, nothing positive, and you were terrified to find out what he was like in person. What you saw wasn’t a monster, a psychopath, a a murder. What you saw was a man broken down by everything in life. Though you had been told not to, you had gone into his ‘room’ which was really just a high tech cell. You had sat opposite him and began to talk, about your day and your lunch or trivia you had learnt, you didn’t coax him to talk to you if he didn’t want to and slowly you saw him come out of his shell and occasionally talk back. Even when the world as he knew it was constantly changing and falling apart he still put on a brave face.

ii.        Bucky is completely in tune with you. You had spent your whole life hiding your emotions from everyone, not wanting to worry them about your own problems, but somehow Bucky can see past that false facade you put up. He always knows what you’re thinking, whether it’s because he thinks the same or because somehow you let him past your walls you don’t know. No matter what the problem he is always there to help you through it, he’s always by your side.

iii.      He indulges you, a lot. When it’s 3am and you want to dance to the crappy pop music playing on the radio while you make a late night snack he’s there in the kitchen next to you, laughing and spinning you around even if he claims he hates the song. He brings you home donuts and cookies and muffins and all kinds of junk food when he knows you’ve had a bad day. Bucky lets you cuddle up for him for warmth and press your cold feet against his legs when you go to bed.

iv.      You may be the only one to see it, but Bucky is a complete softie. You notice the way he’ll pick up something a stranger has accidentally dropped in the street and jog after them to keep it back. You notice the way he lights up when you go for a walk in the park and the young children there smile at him as if he’s just an ordinary guy, which he is even if he doesn’t think so himself. You notice the way he always leaves a generous tip even if the service was bad, because who knows what that waiter/waitress is going through and a bad tip won’t help.

v.       You love Bucky Barnes because to you he is perfect. He comes with his flaws and his baggage and sometimes he has bad days, but the goodness of his heart outweighs any shadow HYDRA created tenfold. He loves with all his heart and his smile can light up a room. You cherish the fact that he’s in your life and you are astounded he chose you to spend the rest of his life with.


A/N- Hope you liked it! Requests are open <3

I am constantly trying to communicate something incommunicable, to explain something inexplicable, to tell about something I only feel in my bones and which can only be experienced in those bones. Basically it is nothing other than this fear we have so often talked about, but fear spread to everything, fear of the greatest as of the smallest, fear, paralysing fear of pronouncing a word, although this fear may not only be fear but also a longing for something greater than all that is fearful.
—  Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena
Losing you (jelena one shot)

(Selena’s POV)
After a tiring day on the studio I wanted nothing more but to go home,get in the bed and watch Netflix,I opened the door and I came face to face with Abel who was standing next to the table which had Spaghetti and candle on it
“Surprise”-He smiled
“Oh my Gosh you did this ?”-I smiled walking up to him and looking around
“Yeah do you like it ?”
“I love it”-I smiled kissing him before lookingg down at the food
“You cooked ?”
“I tried”
Spaghetti..Justin’s favorite food,my smile faded at the thought
“Is everything okay ?”
“Yeah..yeah everything’s perfect”-I faked a smile
We finished dinner 15 minutes later,we talked about everything and nothing his spaghetti wasn’t even bad
“And then…”-He was interrupted by my ringtone.I reached in my pocket and my eyes grew wild when I saw the caller ID:Pattie
“Sorry I have to get this”-I said getting up and walking away
“Hey Pattie”-I smiled even though she couldn’t see me,but my smile instantly dissapeared when I realised that she was crying
“Selena…it’s justin..he”
“What’s wrong with Justin ?”-I asked already feeling my heart in my throat
“He was…found unconcious in his house,I’m already L.A.”
“I’m comming”
I went back to the kitchen and grabbed my jacket
“what’s wrong ?”-He asked
“It’s Justin..he was found unconcious”-I answered already searching for my keys “fuck”-I mumbled when I couldn’t find it
“Hold on I’m comming with you,there’s no way I’m letting you drive like this”
Honestly in that moment I couldn’t give 2 shits if he was comming or not

15 minutes later we were at the hospital we noticed Jeremy,Pattie and Alfredo,I ran up to them,and hugged Pattie
“what happened ?”-I looked at Fredo
“I don’t know the neighbours called the police because they heard loud benginng,and they found him laying on the floor,they checked his phone and they called the last person he was talking to which is me”
“Everything will be okay”-I looked at Pattie
“Thanks for comming sweetie”
“of course”-I turned around and saw Abel awkwardly standing there
“um yeah..Fredo you already know him obviously but Pattie,Jeremy this is my boyfriend Abel”-He walked up to them and awkwardly shook their hands,to say that this was awkward was an understatement,I was introducing my boyfriend to my ex boyfriend’s parents

2 Hours later,I was sitting on the chair,silently praying that everything will be okay
“Hey do you want me to get you coffee ?”-Abel asked squatting down in front of me
“No,thanks”-I weakly smiled
“Well I’ll buy one for me.I’ll be back”-He said walking away
Just then the doctor apperead and we all went up to him

“The good news are that he’s fine”-He smiled
“thank God”-Pattie smiled
“The bad news are that we found drugs in his blood”-There was an awkward silence,Pattie looked at Jeremy,I looked at Fredo,he shrugged
“Has Mr Bieber ever took drugs ?”
“In the past”-I spoke up
“But he’s been clean for like 2 years now”-Fredo added
“Then that’s the problem,his body is not used o drugs anymore,so even that little dose he took knocked him out”
“Can we see him ?”-Jeremy
“Family only.He’s asleep,he needs to rest,the rest can see him tomorrow”

We arrived home at 3.A.M. I didn’t see Justin only Pattie and Jeremy did.I changed into my Pajamas and went to bed,Abel spent the night here,I was twisting and turning for half an hour,I couldn’t stop thinking about him,the thought of losing him terrified me more than anything else in the world.I sat up and I immediately felt Abel’s hand on my back
“What’s wrong ?”-He asked,I didn’t answer
“Don’t worry Sel he will be fine the doctor said it”
I looked at him for a long minute
“I love him”-I whispered,his smile faded,and he removed his hand from my back
“Well shit”-He said
“Listen Abel,it was amazing with you,you made me feel things I haven’t felt in a while but..”
“But I’m not Justin..”
“I thought I’m over it”
“Yeah I thought so too..”-He said getting up,he dressed up “Well goodbye Selena”-He looked at me before walking out of the door

(Justin’s POV)
“Do you need anything else Mr Bieber ?”-The nurse asked
“No thanks”-I smiled,grabbing another grape.Thank God my mom bought these,the door suddenly opened and I was speechless when I saw the persin standing in front of me
“Hey”-She smiled
“What are you doing here ?”
“I came to see you”-she said taking a sit next to my bed
“Well here I am”-I smiled
“I see”
Silence filled the room until she spoke up again
“Why did you do it ?”
I shrugged “I guess I wanted to escape”
“You haven’t done it in so long”
“I haven’t felt this lonely in so long”-I looked at her,our eyes locked for a few minutes until I turned away
“Look I know our last goodbye wasn’t so pretty but I’m here for you”-She put her hand on my arm,I looked at her and the flashback started

“Why do you have to ruin everything ?”-She yelled
“I’m not ruining anything Your boyfriend just can’t take a fucking joke”-He yelled back
“Well not everyone is like you”
“You’re right about that,he’ll never be like me”
“He’s 10 times better than you ever were”-The Latina yelled,she could see pure hurt on the boy’s face,and this is what she wanted.To hurt him,to hurt him like he hurt her maybe even more badly and she knew exactly how to do that

*end of flashback*
“You should go,your boyfriend will be mad”-I said turning to the TV Again
“Just go Selena”
“I’m not going anywhere”
“Well go because I don’t want you here,everytime you come her a bandage from my healed scars is ripped open I fuckin hate the fact that I can touch you like I want to.So just go”-I yelled
“I broke up with Abel”-She suddenly said
“and what do you want me to say ? Good job ?”
“I want you to fucking listen to me”-Now she was the one who was yelling
“You don’t know what I went through last night”-She started
“You don’t know what I went through since you left”-I interrupted
“Just listen…I was so scared of losing you,I realised that I wouldn’t want to live in a world where you don’t exist.I couldn’t.Because who is Selena Gimez without Justin Bieber ?”
“No.Wrong Who is Justin Bieber without Selena Gomez”-I said smiling
“I love you”-she said,and these 3 words suddenly made everything better
“I love you too”-I smiled,she walked up to me and kissed me,life started to make sense again

i keep thinking how back in the day ace discourse was completely not a thing on this site at all, like, i saw plenty of ace positivity and stuff and there was nothing to be mad about, until suddenly a couple years ago i started hearing people get really loudly like “ugh those gross annoying Sexuals” which led to the first discourse of ‘hey allosexual is a shitty term’ and theres just been no peace since. like everything was calm until people started feeling like the best way to be proudly ace is to talk about how dirty non-aces are. you can act like evil gays are just witch-hunting yall out of The Community out of just needless hatred from our shriveled hearts but at least from what ive witnessed over the years there was genuinely nothing to be upset about until people started being nasty about filthy sex-likers literally just for the drama of it all

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Are you going to tell us something about your weekend? The gathering? The panel? How was it with Sembell and JHH? Love your blog btw!

okay here we go :D

I was there for a week, got myself a tat, had dinner at the ivy which is overrated if you ask me tho :D and the whole week involved way to much vodka and cocktails… :D

We met up before the event and hung out and talked about everything and nothing…. We had the worst pizza I ever had in my life. So never eat pizza at the topolski bar you will regret it!! Drink a cocktail because they are amazing! 

Me and Jhh had seats in the middle of the panel so it was not to close and not to far. I really like Jennifer because she really is open and talks a lot about her real personal experience so it makes it really easy to connect with what she is saying. And I loved her boots :D When they got to the questions it sometimes was hard to hear them because of the mics and you never really knew who was asking because you couldnt see them but luckily on the huge screen someone typed the questions out. So all in all the panel was good :) 

The only disturbing thing was people beginning to get up after 15 minutes to leave and that did happen till the end… which was disturbing and weird. Because when they finished one whole row next to us was empty also seats in front of us. I don’t get that in generell, same with leaving a theatre play early. You got the ticket so get through with it!! It wont kill you and it’s just annoying for everybody. 

Afterwards there was the siging and the line was huge… So they told us they would sign an hours and than thats it. we were at the end of the line and there was no chance in hell we would get to the signing room in that hour. Also I needed to get to the bar because of the reservations we had. So I decided to leave. If I had known she would sign for everyone I would have stayed but well that happened. 

So we went to the bar and it was amazing to meet up with fellow tumberlinos. I had a blast, drank shots, had very tasty cocktails, choked one or two beers and made out. :D And i had the best chilli banana in the world!!! We stayed there till they closed than went off to another bar. and I got into bed at around 5am :D 

@duchov @justholdinghandsok @sembell @songrememberswhen @sunshinetoday @dsistella @stardustwords @feministbynature portia, Jodie, natascha, meghan and everybody who was there thanks for making this evening awesome ! I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to everybody for long but I hope evenings like this will happen more often in the future! And next time somewhere less crazy maybe :D  I hope you all got home safely and had a great time in London!!!

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I just wanted to say I really love your work both in writing and art form! However, I was also wondering about the "The Force Arranges a Honeymoon" hiatus?? I'm in awe of how you write reylo and have been checking for updates regularly for 7 months 😬 totally don't want to rush you or anything, just wondering why it kind of just- halted??? 💕💕ps: love the increase in artwork

So… I haven’t talked much about this but I was in a two month writer’s block. Nothing was updated and I struggled to climb out the void.

I’m happy to say that since completing my entry for Sin Anthology Round 2, it seems like I am ready to update everything again. The new chapter for Honeymoon should be up in a week or so. It’s about half way written right now.

This time has included returning to finish Unspoken Forces, which needs to have an exciting ending written! So, I’ve been working that in too.

I enjoy getting these questions because it inspires me to continue. Thank you so much for the ask! I’m glad you’re enjoying the artwork too :D