in which i still didn't get to go


tbh I have a serious case of JOMO or Joy of Missing Out– I like making plans, but I love cancelling them even more.


I’ve been seeing a lot of metas about Laurent and how he was ooc in the summer palace (which I can understand why people would think that, he was very gentle and happy in tsp) but obviously Damen is still acknowledging he is still dangerous with a vipor’s tongue, but we are just finally seeing another side of him.

We saw it before, like in pg when cleaned damen off and brought him water after they had sex, he was just not fully expressing all his personality because he was probably still frightened (for his life and what was happening between him and Damen). Plus, he is on, basically, a honeymoon. He just wants to have fun, he doesn’t want to be rude or mean to Damen because he loves him and wants to spend their honeymoon playing and being happy (and bangin everywhere). Even still he throws cold water on Damen playfully, he obviously is still himself.

I’m not sayin there ain’t issues with tsp (there are), I’m just sayin that Laurent’s personality isn’t one of em. Let him be happy and free……

guys guys

clearly the answer of where cas was after everyone got back to the bunker is that he and dean fucked once they got home and cas was really loud and he was too embarrassed to come out during dinner (or dean was too embarrassed for him and cas was like whatever i’m going to lounge naked in your bed go eat your molecules).

anyway then later dean snuck away after cas fell asleep after round 2 to go look at pictures, drink beer, and be emo on the kitchen floor. why else would he be in the kitchen? he could bring the beer to his room and look through his mementos in a less conspicuous and more comfortable place… unless someone was already occupying his bed and he didn’t want to wake him up with his pity party.

Q.E.D. cas was sleeping in dean’s bed and he was too comfy and happy to move. dean brought him back a slice of pie. all was well.

I didn’t know how far the hippocampi could take us. I didn’t know where we were going. I just propped up Annabeth so she wouldn’t fall off, covered her in the Golden Fleece that we’d been through so much to get, and said a silent prayer of thanks.

Which reminded me… I still owed the gods a debt.

‘You’re a genius,’ I told Annabeth quietly.

—  Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters 

it’s been 12 minutes since i last threw kaien under the bus

elizabeth, formally introducing herself: i am elizabeth eva alexandria cross–
kaien: pls say ur my daughter, pls im begging u, acknowledge me i love u with all my heart
elizabeth: great granddaughter to vesuvius, former president of the association
kaien: [gentle sobbing]

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Helloo so i dont know if you accept requests right now so if you do could you make a scenario in which Jooheon gets jealous ? if you dont please ignore this * showers you with love *

Length: 1796 words
Genre: fluff
Comments: I may have gotten a little carried away and wrote a lot——- okay I got really carried away— but I hope you don’t mind! kku kku ka ka :~) also! I loosely based the ‘couple rookie show’ off match made in heaven. ; u ; if you haven’t watched it you should! it’s really funny!! 
We’re happy to fulfill your No Mercy fantasies! Thank you for sending in your request! We hope to receive more requests from you in the near future!

It was only until you and Jooheon were put on a show together, that he realized how hard it was having the both of you as idols. You weren’t all his. He was a tad bit selfish when it came to you, always wanting to have you to himself ( which wasn’t a bad thing– ) but that made his jealously go up a few notches.

You were casted for a pilot couple show for rookies and surprisingly enough you were in high demand to be on the show. You were quite shocked yourself, you never thought that so many people would listen to your music and would actually demand you on TV.

You texted Jooheon immediately after receiving the news from your manager, telling him everything. He was quick to reply saying that he as well as Hyungwon would be on the show. You felt so revealed knowing somebody you knew was going to be there and decided that for your first TV appearance that you would give it your all.

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So Mark said the others are on vacation but he isn’t cause if he wanted to go home, he’d need to go to LA. But then he still brings out Jinyoung? Are you guys spending your vacation together…or? xD

The next episode of Doctor Who is going to be so painful. It can either end that he’s still vengeful and angry over losing Clara, or he’s going to have to come to terms with her loss. And there’s a part of him that blames himself. Hell he probably completely blames himself, and that hurts so much. He’s lashing out and driven to hurt the people responsible for his capture which ultimately led to Clara’s demise. But it wasn’t the plan, she wasn’t supposed to get hurt in the process, just him. And he blames himself for not being there, for not keeping an eye on her and making sure she didn’t act reckless. He blames himself for not overlooking her obvious devotion to him and belief that he could always fix things… That she could be reckless to save others because she always believed he would win. And he was always pushed to win, to save her. Every time to save her. But it won’t last long, just like Clara said his reign of terror will end at the sight of a crying child. He cares so much, and it hurts. All of this hurts, and I can’t even think straight after that feelsy mindfuck episode. 2 billion years constantly being reborn with the initial belief that he just arrived there. 2 billion years with Clara’s death so fresh in his mind each time… 2 billion years without any relief from grief. 2 billion years dying over and over without any recollection of time passing, and her always her. I have never experienced this intense of a love story in any form, until now. One of the worst companion losses I’ve ever had to face, idk if I’ll ever get over it. Moffat you win. You’ve officially destroyed me. *slow claps with violent sobs*