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Tell Me That You’ll Stay (Oliver/Felicity; T)

Ships: Oliver/Felicity

Summary:  Set post-5x17. After being patched up by Felicity, Oliver comes to in the loft. There, he and Felicity confront some home truths.

A/N: So I’m back, with another Olicity fic after the last one went down so well :) I can’t believe I’m getting back into writing these two but my muse isn’t complaining! Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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“Oliver… Oliver,” Felicity says softly, “I - show me where it hurts. And I’ll make it okay.”

Oliver reaches out, hand scrabbling until he finds her wrist. “Just… tell me that you’ll stay. With me. For now.”

“I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

“I love you,” he murmurs before he can stop himself. “I love you,” he says again.

And then everything goes black.

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Even more starco oneshots

Marco contemplated whether this was all just a big tease, another one of Janna’s pranks gone wrong, or if he really died and went to heaven. There’s no way Star actually said what she just said. Right?

After a few moments of awkward silence, the boy began to laugh. “Haha, that’s- that’s funny! I thought… I thought you said you wanted to, you know, kiss me! Hahahaha…”

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some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

why i don’t believe in a relationship between yousef and noora

-in today’s clip (episode 7 clip 2) someone asked where yousef was since they were talking about virgins (and i know that they are teenage boys who talk a lot of trash but let’s just take this comment as information) which makes it kind of unrealistic to me for yousef being a fuckboy and just playing with sana without taking it to the next level with other girls

- yousef seems like a really good guy since elias even ships him with his own sister (’’when you’re sad i’m sad’’) which i’m sure he wouldn’t do if he had heard or witnessed anything negative about yousef which is another reason why i believe that he isn’t just playing with sanasol

- elias reacted very disappointed to hearing that yousef was with noora which even seemed kind of mad so i think that this wasn’t something yousef usually would do 

- julie loves to make us assume certain things with just  little information just to teach us not to judge too quickly afterwards so i’m pretty sure that this whole noora+yousef thing is just a big prank on those who pretend like skam taught them that ‘’everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always’’ but judge and hate on everyone anyways

- he obviously loves sana

If you hate someone that much why dedicate your time and efforts into looking at things with them to nitpick and hate them for? Things that warrant absolutely no hate? Is your logic ‘if i bring them down they would leave’? That’s absolutely low very unrealistic. I’m sure as hell half the things you say about people online you would never in a million years tell someone to their faces. Why? Because you know damn well the things you say are extremely hurtful and damaging and you would never actually want to take responsibility for causing someone that kind of damage because at least on the internet you can pretend it never happened if something were to come of it. What is the point in all of it too? You’re just making yourself more and more unhappy, which in turn makes other people unhappy. I’m pretty sure that every mean thing you say online, you sit behind your computer or phone with a frown on your face and creased eyebrows. If bashing someone doesn’t even make you happy, why do it? Go find something else that makes you happy to spend your time on. Love yourself a little my friends, because with the way you drag others down, no one else would.

A few ways to offend the Dutch

The Dutch are pretty hard to offend. We’re all like ‘yeah whatevs’ unless….

  • Visit The Netherlands only for Amsterdam, weed and hookers. We will shake our heads and pretend you’re not there.
  • Say Black pete is racist when you don’t know anything about him. We love our black pete, which basically the opposite of racism.
  • Mispronounce 'Van Gogh’. We will hunt you down.

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Ok just think about this, Hunk and Lance being the only 2 on team voltron who know how to cook and having the brilliant idea to start a "cooking show" and Hunk is all gunhoe and serious and Lance is being a little shit and making cooking puns 24/7

i’m honestly so thankful for this ask i needed this in my life far more than i realized


  • they pretty much force Pidge into filming the whole thing for them, Pidge pretends to be against the idea at first but they’re so into it. They try every food these two manage to whip up.
    • “Lance what even is this” “Uh, excuse you, it’s food, obviously.” “It looks like a moldy hotdog you overcooked for about a year” “RUDE”
  • there’s an entire “segment” where they blindfold Keith and tell him to guess which foods he’s eating but he gets it horrendously way off base just about every time.
    • *feeding Keith oatmeal* “uh, salsa?”
    • the only one he gets right is this extra-obscure dish Hunk practically made up on the spot but Keith manages to list almost every ingredient correctly. nobody understands. Lance is scared. 
  • Shiro walks in in the midst of the Great Superior Cake Flavor Discourse™ in which Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge have simultaneously lost any shred of respect for eachother they once had. 
    • Keith demands Red Velvet is best
    • Lance is horrified and disgusted that Keith has never had ice cream cake before
      • “Have you ever even lived? ”
      • “Why would I even want to freeze my mouth while eating cake anyways? It doesn’t make sense.”
      • “You goddamn TRAITOR–”
    • Hunk is a firm defender of Double Chocolate Everything
    • Pidge will Destroy Anyone Who Says Carrot Cake Isn’t Amazing
    • Shiro tries really hard to stay out of the Discourse™ but he eventually admits he loves Vanilla. They just kinda. Let him have the win there.
  • Allura is SO into the whole idea. she thinks this is the greatest team exercise the paladins have though of yet. 
    • until she tries exactly One (1) dish and nearly passes out in disgust. then War Breaks Out. Coran is recruited. it’s Alteans vs. Paladins and nobody is safe. Run.
    • this was a bad idea
    • “Do Alteans even have tastebuds?!”
    • “Do humans?! What the quiznak is a– a cheeseburger?!?!?”
    • [[Paladins screaming]]
  • It ends in a giant foodfight but honestly what else did you expect
    • nobody is victorious but everyone IS covered in some variation of food goo
    • you’d think on a ship this big there’d be more showers
      • there really isn’t
      • War 2.0 breaks out immediately afterwards
      • there are No Friends in a Race For The Shower
      • none

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To each of you: What is your favorite thing about your partner?

Apollo: I’ll answer this pretty quickly now that he’s not near!

Ap: My favorite thing about Klavier is the fact that he has never lied to me. Never. And I really appreciate it.

Klavier: My favorite thing about this little man is that he sees the real me, and doesn’t judge me for who and how I really am. I don’t have to pretend being someone else when I’m with him.

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Leverage OT3: "you’re always finding weird trinkets in your clothes such as colourful feathers, smooth rocks, glinting scales or peculiar miniature marble carvings and you don’t know where they’re coming from but they’re actually good luck charms that i slip into pockets"

(An anon asked for this too, so here it is for both of you!)

Hardison isn’t totally sure when it starts, because he doesn’t actually clean out his pockets that much. They’re usually full of supplies, anyway, only not bulging thanks to the amazing powers of the tailors Sophie recommended, and he only upends them when he needs something or when his clothes need washing.

Eliot’s the reason he figures it out, which Hardison is never going to admit, because Eliot will say snotty things about situational awareness and Hardison is going to have to sabotage his shampoo company’s supply chain again to get him to stop being smug. Not that that ever happened.

Eliot keeps his pockets clear, though, which is why Hardison is a little surprised when they’re relaxing after a mission and Eliot makes some kind of face and pulls a feather out of his shirt pocket before frowning at it for about ten seconds.

“Don’t tell me, it’s a distinctive feather or something,” says Hardison, rolling his eyes.

“Blue jay, probably,” says Eliot, because he definitely grew up in the woods. “I didn’t put it in there. The pocket was buttoned all day, and it’s not the season for them in this part of the country.”

Hardison shrugs. “It’s probably nothing, man, just got in there in your laundry basket or something.”

“Right,” says Eliot, in the Hardison-you’re-an-idiot tone of voice he’s perfect so well.

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@tomikinn i tried my best so here’s the tutorial!(?)

side note: lineless art is rlly different for a lot of people and u can figure out your own tips n’ tricks, this is just a (somewhat simplified!!) version of how i do it!

so first i make a mediocre circle

then i fill it in n’ add the lines for the hair

then i continue to add things till i get to the torso, which i draw pretty carelessly

then i draw the outline for the hoodie (i draw the torso less carelessly if there will be no hoodie obvi lmao)

then i uh

then i fill that in

i just realized i filled in the spot with the shirt too lets pretend i didn’t do that

then i add Them Lines

then a bg and  B O O M ur done

im sorry i can’t explain things for s h i t


anyway i hope this helps! :’)

imagine student!luke being this sorta popular dude at school bc wowie was that boy pretty, but but but he just never smiles so your ultimate goal would be to get him to do just that bc you’re sure his smile was probably like sunshine and happiness and all things wonderful so during one of your shared classes you’d sit next to him and nudge your knee with his as you told him a super lame joke like “how many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?” and he’d just continuously tap his pencil on the desk and respond “oh god not this again” and you’d place your hands on his cheeks and yell out “TEN-TICKLES” and luke would just roll his eyes (while everyone else in the class looked at you confusingly) and go back to taking notes and you’d huff bc nOTHING WAS WORKING ok so you’d go home that night and find the absolute worst joke that was so horrible he would have to like it omg so first thing the next morning youd run to lukes locker but before you even had the chance to say anything luke would shut his locker and say cOMPLETELY MONOTONE “the dyslexic devil worshipper sold his soul to santa” and it would be so out of nowhere you’d just drop down to your knees and be laughing so hard, to which he’d say “aw that wasn’t even a pick up line and ive already got you on your knees” which would make you laugh even more as luke helped you stand back up and all of a sudden lukes smirk would turn into the brightest smile ever as he watched you continue to giggle and tuck your hair behind your ear and the second you saw that you’d be on your tiptoes to boop his nose as you yelled “I KNEW IT I KNEW YOUR SMILE WAS THE EPITOME OF SUNSHINE” and he’d grab onto your hand and pull you into him and say “sunshine huh? well, now im pretty happy michael told me to act like myself instead of pretending your jokes weren’t the funniest things…you think im sunshine” and you’d blush and laugh “and happiness and everything wonderful” and he’d smile some more and then lean down and kiss your cheek and whisper “say it again, sweetheart” which would make the two of you burst into fits of laughter again as you just kept sing-songing ‘sunshine’ over and over and i dunno about you but i hate luke hemmings wow

Honesty - Jackunzel

AHAHA I FINALLY DID IT I WROTE THE FIC.  Jackunzel fic based off the song I’d Lie.  Enjoy!

He picks her up every morning for school.  On cold days she can see the exhaust making little clouds from the tailpipe of his car as she runs out to greet him, pea coat hugged tightly around her.  He drives a beat-up white Acura.  She can always tell that it’s Jack’s because there’s a scratch just below the window on the passenger’s side.  She’d never say it, but she always gets butterflies when she sees his car pull up to her walkway.

“You’re car’s always so cluttered,” she jabs as she slides into the front seat.  She has to push aside at least six CDs and several half-drunken bottles of soda just to have a place on the floor to put her bag.  

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware I was driving the princess of England this morning.”  He shrugs carelessly, but he’s still wearing that trademark smirk that Rapunzel pretends doesn’t cause a blush to crawl up her cheeks.

“Don’t you mean the queen of England?”

“Nah, you strike me more as a princess type.”

“Well, then.”

“Indeed.  So how was your night?”

She shrugs and looks out the window.  He always drives way too fast on their way to school.  “Uneventful.” She sighs.  She leaves out the part where she replayed all of his expressions in her head.  She changes the subject.  “Did you finish that awful history paper Roth assigned us?”

His eyes are wide as he snaps around to face her.  They’re blue.  Bright blue.  (When they first met, she told him he had “jolly rancher blue” eyes).  But she knows this.  She’s known that for years now.  But it’s still startling to her, every time his gaze meets hers.  She feels her face flush and hopes he doesn’t notice.

“That was due today?” 

 His words snap her out of her thoughts.  “Yeah…” she says finally, then raises a suspicious brow.  “You didn’t do it, did you?”

Jack rolls his head back.  “I forgooot.” He moans.

“Eyes on the road, sir.” Rapunzel scolds back.

He rolls his jolly rancher eyes and swerves around, just to make her nervous.  This earns him a look from her.  Rapunzel suspects one of Jack’s favorite things to do is push her buttons.  And one of her favorite things in turn is to pretend she doesn’t get butterflies every time he does.

“Think I could do it during lunch?”

“You could try,” she sighs.  “But don’t expect me to help you.”  Another lie.  She helps him every single time this happens, which is pretty much every month.

Jack raises his hands in surrender before returning them to the wheel.  Rapunzel holds her breath as a thought comes into her head.  The same thought that’s been in her head for weeks.  It’s the getting the courage to actually say something part that’s got her silent.  Just…ease into it, she tells herself.

“So did you hear Kristoff asked Anna to prom yesterday?”

Jack glances back at her.  “Yeah? Good for him.  They’re a cute couple.”  The car fills up with silence and now she’s forgotten how to make words as she picks at her pale pink dress.  

“Are you going?” she finally asks, and winces because even at normal volume her voice pierces the silence.  

His nose scrunches up before he casually shakes his head.  “Eh, I don’t think so.”

“How come?” her reply is a little too fast, a little too eager.

He laughs so easily and shrugs.  “I dunno, there’s no one I wanna take.  The whole thing is just a little too cheesy romantic, you know?”

She laughs with him, despite the wringing feeling in her stomach.  “Totally.” She rolls her eyes. 


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SFS side piece: One Day

So as I’m sure you’re all aware, SFS hit 30k hits on ao3 a while back and I got rather emotional. I started writing this piece at that point, but after a bout of anxiety and numerous other reasons, I only just finished it -__- figures huh? 

But anyway, just to summarise: I was talking on the twit a while back about SFSJean keeping a journal as a coping exercise for his anxiety and agoraphobia and what he’d write about Marco in it…

Well, here’s a few sections of that journal. 

Please bear in mind that the events mentioned in it are HEAVILY based around chapter 14, so if you’ve not got that far in the fic and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER SAVE YOSELF.

Those who have, enjoy…and feel free to drop me an ask or message if you liked it!

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Ashtyn’s Godfather and I took her to “Pretend City” today for the first time and she had a blast. It is exactly what it sounds like - an entire little city in a warehouse. There is a Police Station, Library, Post Office, Cafe, Garden Area, Fire Station, Theater, and more.

Ashtyn could care less about the different facades of the buildings. To her it probably seemed like going to someone’s home and playing with all their awesome toys. She loved driving the cars and her favorite area was the water section. She fished for “fish” with a magnetic fishing pole and splashed her hands around in the water tables. She also loved the garden area and we planted several flowers and picked apples and oranges from the trees.

She was totally uninterested in playing with the other children that were there - which is pretty typical for her.

I was pretty turned off to all the parents there that were buried in their cell phones or the nannies that were on their phones and neglecting their screaming toddlers who desperately needed a diaper change. But it did make me feel like losing out on sleep and not hiring a nanny was the best decision for us. No one in that entire facility today was as attentive as Ashtyn’s Godfather and I, and she gets that everyday. It’s not always easy, but I know it’s the right thing to do.

The annual pass for “Pretend City” is $70 which isn’t too bad. We spent several hours there and Ashtyn didn’t ask me to pick her up once because she was having so much fun. I think we’ll go again soon :)

What if Gin never joined Aizen?

As requested by riko-chan-san. :)

In today’s “what if” post, we are going to think about what would have happened in Bleach if Gin never joined Aizen!

1. Gin would be planning some other revenge.

We’re going to assume that Gin still figures out that Aizen is responsible for hurting Matsumoto, for reasons of “we’re trying to keep things as close to canon Bleach as possible.” But in this universe, Gin doesn’t immediately conclude that the only sensible course of action is to pretend to be Aizen’s friend forever so as to kill him much much later. Instead, he’d bide his time.

Gin: So….he’s the boss.

Gin: I think I’ll stay as far from him as possible while I get strong, so that he doesn’t see my revenge coming.

Gin: Which I’m pretty sure is the only plan that makes sense.

2. Gin would stay with Matsumoto longer.

This means that Gin would not immediately abandon Matsumoto to become the Seireitei’s tiniest psychopath. Instead, he and Matsumoto could grow up together. Perhaps even join the Gotei-13 together.

Gin: Rangiku, want to become soul reapers?

Masumoto: Sure I’m kinda tired of the woods.

3. Gin wouldn’t have to pretend to be evil.

He’d just be evil. For real. As he is.

Matsumoto: Pssst! Gin! Try to smile less when you’re killing things!

Gin: Is this one of those ‘normal people’ things you keep telling me about?

4. During the first Soul Society arc, Gin would keep things to himself (for reasons).

So there Gin is. A captain of the Gotei-13. A captain who happens to know that Aizen is bad news. When Aizen is mysteriously “killed” right around the time shit starts going down, Gin would of course know that Aizen was just plotting something big. But would he tell the other captains? Of course not! Because Gin is a bastard. And also he wants to kill Aizen himself.

Gin: So sad that Aizen is dead. So dead. So very and non-suspiciously dead.


Hitsugaya: I am suspicious.

5. Tosen would have to do ALL of the legwork for Aizen.

And let’s not forget that as Aizen’s only subordinate, poor Tosen would have to (a) pose as Aizen’s killer and (b) do all the other legwork I assume was going on in the background. While still being a captain. Being Tosen would suck, basically.

Tosen: I seek the path with the least blood.


Tosen: Which sometimes requires bloody murder, of course.

Tosen: Just FYI.

Tosen: If anyone is wondering.

Hisagi: Um captain are you okay?

6. Hitsugaya’s suspicions of Gin would be less (?) well-founded.

Hitsugaya, for his part, would still be suspicious of Gin. Despite being told to “Beware Squad 9.” Despite overhearing Tosen saying some shady things. 

Hitsugaya: Yeah I’m pretty sure Ichimaru is our guy.

Matsumoto: On what evidence??

Hitsugaya: His face, mostly.

7. In Hueco Mundo……………………Aizen would be sassed less.

……..okay but seriously did Gin do anything in Hueco Mundo other than sass Aizen and make videos? I’m drawing a blank here.

Aizen (to the empty air): Well. Good thing Tosen cut off Grimmjow’s arm for me.

Aizen (to the empty air): Someone might think I manipulated him into it or something. If they were paying attention. To my genius.


Aizen: I knew I should have hired more guys.

8. In fake Karakura Town, Hitsugaya and Gin would fight for the chance to off Aizen.

Later, when the Gotei-13 assembled to fight Aizen, Gin would be there. And, like Hitsugaya, he’d be calling dibs on the right to off Aizen.

Hitsugaya: I am here to kill Aizen Sosuke.

Gin: Me too!

Gin: But as the guy who’s your senior in height and age, I get first crack at him, okay?

Gin: Good talk!


9. Hiyori wouldn’t be cut in half.

Not that Hiyori wouldn’t make a run at Aizen and be cut down for her trouble. It’s just that Aizen personally doesn’t go in so much for cutting people in half. He’s more a “vague midsection slash” guy.


Aizen: What are you trying to say?

10. After Tosen’s death, Aizen would be alone.

After Tosen was killed by spontaneous explosion (seriously what was up with that?), Aizen would be left alone. After he cut down all the remaining espada, I mean. Which means that he’d have to go to real Karakura Town all by his lonesome, and chase around kids with no company. How sad for him.

Aizen (to the empty air): Oh look. Kurosaki Ichigo’s friends. I think I will chase them.

Keigo: W-who is he talking to?

Tatsuki: Less talking more fleeing!

11. Aizen would have to find some other way to evolve.

In canon Bleach, Gin’s attempt on Aizen’s life had two important effects: Gin died, and Aizen evolved into a better butterfly creature. With no Gin, Aizen would have to seek out some other threat to his life to motivate his not-quite-final evolution.

Aizen: Kurosaki Ichigo….grab my sword.


Ichigo: Wow this got gay faster than I expected.


12. Gin would still be alive.

It’s like not joining Aizen would have been a better plan.


Gin: Oh, shut up.

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this is not a confession, I just think you shouldn't let your personal opinions step in on this blog... this is about confessions, you may have another HP blog to express your opinion but it's not fair you do this here.. you often indirectly or subtly make your preferences clear and this is not fair. I've seen it in the rumous page, in some of the posts you recently reblogged, etc. You're generous doing a service to all the fans, but because of this reason, you should be impartial here.

absolutely not. I am not going to lie to you followers, I am a person. I have opinions and I have feelings just like all of you. I post all confessions whether I agree with them or not, I do not show bias in that respect in any way. I do not treat people who think differently than me any different (if for some reason you think I am or see that I do PLEASE call me out on it. I am human. I err. sometimes i get a little peeved at anon messages that are really mean for no reason and snap at them in reply =\) so I don’t quite understand how this is not fair. If I post something pertaining to me then I say so, usually with the key words ‘in my opinion’ which you are all obviously free to disagree with.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t have personal opinions on here,

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anonymous asked:

I love how you've always said that things are going to happen just not necessarily in the way/time we expected them to, and yeah, it showed exactly that, when the pap issue came up, and we just stopped seeing pics of Louis/the baby, but nobody actually saw THAT coming, we were just wondering what was going on with the huge amount of pap walks, then this, and it's so quiet now...I'm sure they know their way around this, and will surprise us (hopefully in a nice way🙏🏼) soon...

in my four years as a fan of this band (and three years as a proper larrie) the main thing i’ve come to realize is that things never happen the way we expect them to. 

even if we’re right about the broad strokes of what will happen (i.e. the elounor break up, tmz being involved in babygate, etc etc) we’re almost always blindsided by the manner in which things go down (did any of us anticipate pool girl? did we expect tmz to go with the custody battle angle?).

hindsight is 20/20 and things always make sense in retrospect so i’m prepared (and expecting) to be surprised by how things play out but not by the end result:

good samaritan;

❅ Day 14 of the Christmas Writing Event ❅

member/group- wonwoo/Seventeen

prompt- “you walked here in the cold while it was snowing and accidentally left your wallet at home but dont worry i got u" 

listen to- this


You grumbled and kicked your way through the wet, sticky snow that covered the sidewalk. Just minutes before, you had gotten into a fight with your roommate about paying for bills and utilities. She kept skipping out, and you had to say something to her before you went completely broke. But of course, your simple reminder turned into a overblown fight that left both of you fuming.

Still huffing, you shoved open the door to your favorite cafe that conveniently sat a block from your apartment. The heat from the store instantly warmed your cold bones and you hummed gratefully. As you shook off all the bits of snow that clung to your clothes, you took a moment to breathe in the strong, satisfying scent of coffee and baked goods. This place was basically heaven.

The line was short, only two people ahead of you, so you quickly scanned the handwritten menu that hung on the wall behind the cash register. Everything seemed appealing to you, but you decided on your favorite seasonal drink- peppermint hot chocolate. And it just so happened that this place made the best you could find anywhere.

You stepped up in line with a tight smile. “Yeah, one medium peppermint hot chocolate please,” you ordered in the nicest voice you could force out. The cashier nodded with a smile, pressing a few buttons on the register before looking back at you with a smile.

“That’ll be $2.70 please.” You dug into your pockets to grab your wallet. Realization struck you in a matter of moments when your fingers didn’t brush the worn leather. You had forgotten your wallet.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” you whispered under your breath and ran a hand through your hair. You looked back at the cashier, straining to not shout in frustration. “You can go ahead and cancel my order, I seem to have-”

“Here, two dollars and seventy cents.” A boy stood by your side with his hand clutching a few bills. He handed them over to the patient cashier before turning back to you with a small smile. The first thing you noticed was how adorable he was, with a striped beanie that covered his ears and a thick over-sized grey sweater that gave you generous glimpses of his collarbones.

“Oh my God, y-you didn’t have to do that,” you blurted out. You were sure you looked fairly unappealing compare to him. You, being the idiot you were, had stormed out without a jacket and instead only wore a plain black long sleeve shirt and jeans. Thankfully, you had remembered to put on a toboggan and a pair of boots, but you were convinced you looked like a fool without any type of coat.

“I know, but you walked all the way here in the cold and the snow and you deserved a drink to warm you up,” he replied and stuck his hands in his pockets sheepishly. Meanwhile, the cashier handed you a steaming cup of hot chocolate that you took graciously.

“That’s so kind of you, really.” You patted your pockets. “Uhm, I can walk back to my place real quick to get the money to repay you,” you offered as you both wandered away from the line together. He chuckled and shook his head.

“No, no, don’t do that.” He paused as you both stopped walking. “How about you repay me by having a drink with me? I was sitting right over there.” He points to a booth just a few feet away.

You give him a once-over before nodding. “That sounds like a deal.”

He leads you over and you both slide in across from each other. He has a hot chocolate in front of him too, along with a huge sugar cookie. When he notices you eyeballing the cookie, he chuckles and tears off a piece. “Here, try it. It’s really good.”

You blush and take the sweet from him with a soft thank you before popping it into your mouth. He was right- it was really good.

It’s quiet for a few minutes as you two awkwardly sip your drinks and shuffle your feet. You don’t think you have ever had the pleasure to sit with someone as attractive as this boy was. His dark hair swooped across his forehead, the color matching his alluring eyes that were simultaneously welcoming and reserved.

It was you who spoke up first. “I’m Y/N.” For some reason, your body decides it’s appropriate to stick your hand out to introduce yourself and you don’t realize how silly it is until you hear Wonwoo’s laugh. Nevertheless, he sticks his hand out too and gives you a sturdy shake.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Wonwoo,” he says and laughs lightly. You feel your heart flutter the tiniest bit from the simple action.

“So, Wonwoo, is buying drinks for broke girls a normal thing for you?” you tease and he shake his head with a chuckle.

“Only for the pretty ones.” He catches your eye and winks, which makes you feel even more flustered than before.

“Well you’re being quite charming,” you comment, trying your hand at flirting. It was a foreign game to you, but if he was putting himself out there, then so were you.

He playfully pretends to flip his hair over his shoulder. “I get that a lot.” He then shakes his head. “I really don’t get that a lot, I was just trying to be funny.”

Time seems to pass by quicker than ever before as you sit adjacent from your new friend, laughing and drinking and sharing phone numbers. It seemed like minutes had only passed when a worker approached your table and told you they were closing the shop up for the night.

Wonwoo lead you outside into the freezing night air and stuffed his hands into his pockets. You wrapped your arms around yourself and kicked at the piles of snow that covered the sidewalk. It was obvious that neither of you really wanted to leave.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye.” Wonwoo gave you a grin as he scratched the back of his head.

You nodded and sniffed, the cold making your nose run. You couldn’t help but sound congested when you spoke up. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

“‘But I’ll see you soon?”

You giggled. “Of course.  Besides, I owe you a drink.”