in which i pretend i make pretty things


some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

I didn’t completely dislike this last chapter (it was pretty light hearted and peaceful) but there are so many things I wanted answered, so I’m just rooting for another databook to explain some of the things left pending. Like whether some of my favs are dead or alive :’)

STILL, is Ichigo and Orihime’s kid cute or what. I’ve been doing some babysitting lately, which is pretty much making sure kids don’t get run over or hurt while they’re playing Pokemon Go, so this image kinda stuck in my head. Also really wanted to try to draw Ichigo’s new haircut.

@tomikinn i tried my best so here’s the tutorial!(?)

side note: lineless art is rlly different for a lot of people and u can figure out your own tips n’ tricks, this is just a (somewhat simplified!!) version of how i do it!

so first i make a mediocre circle

then i fill it in n’ add the lines for the hair

then i continue to add things till i get to the torso, which i draw pretty carelessly

then i draw the outline for the hoodie (i draw the torso less carelessly if there will be no hoodie obvi lmao)

then i uh

then i fill that in

i just realized i filled in the spot with the shirt too lets pretend i didn’t do that

then i add Them Lines

then a bg and  B O O M ur done

im sorry i can’t explain things for s h i t


anyway i hope this helps! :’)