in which i play ac new leaf


Matsu Crossing!

All based on their animal counterparts! There are no red pandas (yet) in AC so I just made up my own design for Oso, & Jyushi is the kinda dog Copper is

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Animal crossing AU? Like, the barrio is a town or something?

Ooh! That sounds neat! I have AC New Leaf myself so I could see our barrio fam being quirky little animal people! Since I only have the one game the only characters I know who are consistent are Tom Nook and Resetti. In that case, Kevin is DEFINITELY Nook and I think it would be hilarious if Sonny was Resetti. Just this smol boy popping out of the ground screaming at the top of his lungs ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU FUCKING SAVE??!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!’ (and maybe a side thing could be that if you find Usnavi at a certain time, Sonny will pop back up and if you did something to make him mad before, Sonny will just blow up at you and Usnavi will reprimand him for it ‘Sonny, no yelling at customers XD)

Whenever Trucy feels sad, she pops in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and visits Maya’s town with whom she is best friends. Trucy, who looks up to Maya as her would-be Mommy, really admires Maya’s town which has a Perfect Town status. They play games together on the island and Maya gives Trucy rare hybrids and special collectibles from the fortune cookie lottery she have doubles of. 

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Source: Sprite Art for PWAA and AJAA as well as screenshots from MY town of Scarletts!

Tomorrow the new Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer will come out in the USA

For some that might not know, I’m from Europe, so I’ll be only able to play on the 2nd of October *BIGGEST SOBS*

This is just a little reminder that I DIDN’T FORGET about AC, it’s still part of my life; I’ve just been a bit more busy than usual, but I was mostly just waiting for the new game to post. I’m writing this for people who might think “oh she doesn’t care anymore and she’s not even playing/post about the new game bla bla bla”. This is just a reminder that I CAN’T because it’s only out here quite a bit more late, which really really annoyed me because I wanted to me posting at the same time, but oh well! Anyway, as soon as I have the game, expect a sea of posts muahah. x