in which i make my followers uncomfortable

Finished drawing my new baes!!!
Featuring in no particular order whatsoever;
I can’t believe Christophe Giacometti is here after he scared the living shit out of me and made me uncomfortable AF
My new adopted baes Leo de la Iglesia and Guang-Hong Ji which i totally ship together!!! Yurio and making a big deal of his parents kissing
Phichit or as i like to call, the camera menace!
And of course my mcdonalds french fry Minami behind his sempai/idol/crush Yuri Katsuki and his boyfriend/coach Victor Nikiforov cause Victuuri!!!

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Make it clear;

 [Given I dealt with rudeness just a short while ago - This blog has verse which will NOT be touched by other fandoms this includes Eva. Second she is ADOPTED - she is not his birth daughter although she certainly feels like to him. Third, all verse will always fall under MAIN verse which has been my focus since I began this blog. I don’t have a verse YET of Trunks being on his own - or younger. 

While I DO have other verses with @soarae or @luminesis as example - unless the girls WANT me to include anything on their verses, everything will FALL for main which is exclusive to @belliigerent because she IS my first partner in this blog. Therefore I owe her for opening Trunks from SINGLE ship to MULTISHIP.

Do not think that because I am casual I will break my own rules. I am STILL extremely picky with verses and shipping. Do not follow me for that - do not follow me because my main verse makes you feel uncomfortable. This is MY blog, I do whatever I seem fit to it.

Do not make me repeat this again. ]


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Head and face tattoos. The diamond by my eye was my first, then the crow, the candle followed by the spiderweb and finally my case number which I got yesterday.

My case number is the number I was born with. I wasn’t given a name, just a number and a price. People like me are getting deported back to the countdy that gave them away because oc the agency that sold them “forgot” to remind new adopting parents to get them tgeir citizenship. My I want people to know that. If it makes them uncomfortable thinking about these issues then good, I want them to be. These are important issues that get ignored because people are either unaware or too umcomfortable that adoption isn’t always the fairy tale they want it to be.

Nobody gave me an identity to start out with. I struggled with that for as long as I can remember and so one day I made one for myself and my life has never been better. I might’ve been bought and sold but in the words of one of my favorite bands, I’m owned by no fashion, trend, God, or man.


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the dark ⋆ fire ⋆ open water ⋆ deep water ⋆ being alone ⋆ crowded spaces ⋆ confined spaces ⋆ change ⋆ failure ⋆ war ⋆ loss of controlpowerlessness ⋆ prison ⋆ blood ⋆ drowning ⋆ suffocation ⋆ public speaking ⋆ natural animals ⋆ the supernatural ⋆ heights ⋆ death ⋆ dying ⋆ intimacy ⋆ rejection ⋆ abandonment ⋆ loss ⋆ the unknown ⋆ the future ⋆ not being good enough ⋆ scary stories ⋆ speaking to new people ⋆ poverty ⋆ loud noises ⋆ being touched ⋆ forgetting

good morning guys! we’ve gotten a lot of new followers in the past few days, so i just wanted to explain some stuff for the new guys!

i’m mod magnus, your moderator and best friend, and i run this blog. i am okay with doubles using this blog! i do moodboard requests (which i’m backed up on in the moment, but you’re always free to leave a request. just know it’ll take a while for it to be posted) i am the only mod here, so i’m very sorry if doubles make you uncomfortable to all my mags out there. i am personally totally okay with other maggies using this blog however.

my main goal for this blog is to always help you guys find friends and community. it’s also a place to talk or vent if you want to! i know especially now that we’re reaching the end of the campaign, people are going to feel upset or scared, etc. if you ever need someone to talk to about that with, i am here. if you can’t reach me on here and it’s an emergency, there is a link to my main blog ( @rollforsalsa ) in the links on the sidebar.

that’s all folks! thanks so much for following and sending in calls and being amazing!

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i’m a chire and a teenietot!

my name is gilly…!

my pronouns are she/her!

i’m a faekin!

I love pokemon and animal crossing!

i’m 7 years old when regressed!

my biological age is 23, i’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable…!

i have cptsd and possibly a personality disorder and DID (under discussion w therapist)…!

if i do anything wrong please tell me…!

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So I bought the first edition of the @gods-and-radicals journal, A Beautiful Resistance. It has a lot of fascinating & informative pieces & I think is overall a very good read. However. 

There’s a thread that runs through several of the pieces [which I have seen elsewhere in the pagan & occult spheres] of an anti-science, anti-technology worldview & it makes me really uncomfortable. 

Yes, human technology has massively contributed to the environmental disasters we are watching take place; yes, science has been employed for terrible purposes & to reinforce the ideals of capitalism, white supremacy, etc etc. I won’t dispute that. 

But the concept that some thinkers seem to promote as the solution, that we should turn our backs on technology, follow an anarcho-primitivist route, is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And, frankly, in my opinion stems not only from a lack of education about science but a high level of unexamined privilege.

To advocate rejecting the scientific & technological advances of modern society is to advocate: 

  • the deaths or catastrophic loss of quality of life for many disabled or chronically ill people
  • a return to high mortality rates for mother & baby in childbirth
  • a return to the pre-antibiotic era due to drug resistance that is only kept at bay by continued research
  • no further advances in understanding or treating chronic illnesses, genetic diseases, & conditions such as heart disease & cancers
  • the resurgence of devastating childhood diseases such as diptheria & polio due to a lack of vaccination
  • the extremely high level of suffering caused by malaria, schistosomiasis, African trypanosomes, & other widespread parasitic diseases, continuing unabated, especially in deprived population
  • among many other consequences.

Seeing the advances of science & technology as ills to be fought, with no sense of the vast improvements they have made to humanity’s condition & quality of life … is an incredibly blinkered position to take. If we can’t advocate for radical change without throwing vast numbers of the population under the bus, how are we in any way improving on what’s gone before?

i cant believe that i’m actually making this post because i NEVER thought that i would get as far as this!! just two months ago i had less than 400 followers and honestly all of you are so nice and i couldn’t have nicer followers, so i decided i needed to celebrate that!!

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thank you all so much again for 1.5k and if you don’t want to see this please blacklist ‘ellie celebrates’


I just came across a roleplay blog of myself and while I am comfortable with the concept, PLEASE keep the following things in mind and respect them or I will take action:

-Make it obvious, IN YOUR URL, that you are a roleplay account. Do not just take my name and add a special character, include “RP” or something IN THE URL.

-DO NOT, for the love of god, roleplay anything sexual. That makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I am not a very sexual person and I do not want to be perceived in that way.

-If you want to use the same icon as me (which always has been and will be my face), please don’t. I must say it feels a little bit like watching myself from outside of my body and it feels VERY WEIRD. It makes me very uncomfortable. Please don’t.

If you can respect these things, I can respect you roleplay. But if you do not respect those things and insist on making me upset, I will have to report your account. 

Please respect me. Thank you.

Please keep this in mind while roleplaying other online personalities/YouTubers/whatever. We will likely see it.

Now I return to bed.

love being hit on by creepy old men. love that. live for that. every morning i wake up thinking “by golly i sure hope some dude at least twenty years my senior watches me and then has a conversation with me that consists of, in order, “are you still in high school?” which is then followed by “do you have a boyfriend?” accompanied by That Look those guys give! please, let that happen. please let me feel either at least moderately annoyed or even completely, utterly uncomfortable and unsafe. that’d make my day” and it does. it does make my day. i live for it. especially when i am in a position of vulnerability and unable to do anything other than smile and humor them, which they are more than aware of. that is. The Best

In this interview with DJ Vlad posted today, Michel’le says she hasn’t seen the movie but heard that she wasn’t portrayed as a character. “I was told that, which I’m really happy about,” she says, adding that she doesn’t mind because “that’s Cube’s version of his life.”

It makes sense to her that the filmmakers would dismiss the abusive part of Dr. Dre’s story, which includes the time he assaulted journalist Dee Barnes in a club. “Why would Dre put me in it?” says Michel’le in that duh tone of voice. “I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat on and told to sit down and shut up.” This is followed by an uncomfortable silence. “My part has no value to, probably, what they really want to talk about,” she says, “unless they want to talk.”

—  Singer-songwriter Michel'le, who was Dr. Dre’s girlfriend from 1990 - 1996
Just a word

I am really not the type of person who making troubles about loosing some followers since it is everyone’s right to follow or unfollow someone as they like. Maybe their work not appealing anymore or too much blog to follow - or the person made some stupid move/word which made them uncomfortable - it is your right what you want to follow and why. Unless there is a major follower loss like same time 15-20 I might feel anxious about and will worry I did something really stupid and would like to know what so as a person I can improve from learning from my mistakes.

But loosing followers right after an art giveaway event is over is downward disrespectful and rude. It gives the impression to the artist that their person behind the art worth nothing - they are not more then tools for personal gain and comfort by getting a free work out from them without even care how and why it was done. 

I understand getting any art without a price is a nice chance - even I like to get arts from people because it feels nice and making me happy - but you can hope in a chance while respect the artist as a person over ONLY care them when they have something to offer YOU.

I am not here to satisfy other people’s need and comfort as a slave or an art-machine. I offer chances to my followers as a thank you because this is all I can give and offer to all those wonderful people who sticking with me and giving their support and love. It is my thank you - a sign of appreciation from my side as a human who is really very happy for their followers and supporters. 

It is not really a rant, just a word - how I see and feel about certain things. As I said - I understand when people decide to unfollow me because what my blog shows no longer appealing or they find it boring or any other reason. It is your decision to do so - and I am not angry for loosing handful followers right after my giveaway was over. 

But this may help some people to understand how those people may feel who also holding giveaway as their appreciation and thank you for their supporters. 

My apology if this offend anyone or make anyone uncomfortable - not my intention. Really.

I really have a bunch of questions for this one Latina who wrote an article (that was published online with editors y todo) explaining why she does not see herself dating Latinos, and that she prefers to date white American men.

Her argument is that Latin American men are all plagued by machismo, and that white men are not.

It is true that Latin Americans have a great deal of patriarchal notions embedded into our every-day lives.

However, it is also true for every other ethnic, racial, and geo-regional group in the world.

Her decision to ignore patriarchy in white-American cultures only intensifies my suspicion that she doesn’t ~actually~ care about combatting patriarchy, but she’s more interested in entering white spaces.

I’d really love for Latinas to lead a conversation with the author of the piece, but My questions for her are the following:

1) You claim that your grandfather was exceptionally and uncomfortably machista, which I believe. But what makes you certain that the grandfathers of your white partners weren’t machista as well?

2) Would you care to express your thoughts on the sexualization of Latin American women by White American men? Is that not a machista/ patriarchal attitude?

3) Can you, with full confidence, name a white American man who has dated an Afro-Latina who’s interest weren’t either racist, or patriarchal?

3) Are you really just finding an excuse to participate in blanqueamiento and white supremacy?

Hmm 🤔🤔🤔

pls read?

so recently i’ve been feeling…..not so comfortable having people on tumblr calling me by my real name, which is very weird because i’ve never felt this way before and i’ve always been using my real / birth name on the internet since the beginning

 i love my name because it has a beautiful meaning and it suits me and all that, but it’s just feel uncomfortable ygm? :/

i kinda want to change my name / the way people call me here on tumblr but i’m nervous and afraid that it’d make too much of a burden to force my mutuals / followers calling me by something that is different from what they have always known me for :’( i’m worried it’d be such an inconvenience for everyone :’( 

so until i can make my final decision whether or not to change my name here, pls do me a favor: avoid calling me by my real name “van” and just refer to me as “V” instead ;-; it’s not much of a big change, i just shortened it to the first letter of my name to make it less confusing ;-;

all of my close friends actually call me “V” (pronounced as “vee”), it’s something i’m very familiar and comfortable with so i hope you guys won’t mind ;-; 

 and i’m so sorry if it caused any inconvenience ;-;


Guys, today marked the beginning of a new me! I know it’s hard to believe, but I have a serious issue with opening up to people I meet. I was a nervous wreck on my way to the event. Our bus was delayed 30 minutes, making me even more uncomfortable. Once we arrived, I stopped in the Starbucks around the corner and got myself and iced soy coffee which calmed me down a bit.
As I entered, I was treated by so many of you! It was a very nice feeling that people ACTUAL take the time to follow my progress and then tell me in person how much of an inspiration I’ve been to this community.
Honestly, I started tumblr as a way to journal my weightloss journey and it’s turned into something much greater.
I cannot begin to say how much of an honor it was to meet everyone! This event showed just how genuine each and everyone of you are!
My nerves were gone the instant I meet you guys! I felt right at home. @crushfit
Is more than a workout program, it’s a FAMILY! Together, as individuals on our fitness journeys, is what truly drives @crushfit!
So in closing, I want to thank @bbbenwilliamson for hosting this event, on his birthday nonetheless, I am forever greatful to have met you and I hope we cross paths in the near future! @aubernutter you are the sweetest, most caring person I know! Today you proved this!

@s-assysquats @thehufflepufflifts @thegaintrainer @billylynyfit @proteinpuff and whomever I’ve forgot your tumblr names, it was a blessing to meet you guys!

See you guys soon!!!

anonymous asked:

I need your help!! There are two guys in my school that are in love with me, but one of them makes me extremely uncomfortable when he's around and the other one just follows me around showing me pictures that I don't really want to see. I tried asking somebody older than me about what to do and he just told me to say I'm not looking for a relationship right now (Which is not true) and overall just be nice. But I don't want to lie about it, can you please help me?

You shouldn’t have to lie to them, they should respect that you’re not interested because you don’t owe them anything. Just let them know in your most respectful way that you’re not interested in either of them, and they need to understand that. Beyond that there isn’t much that you need to do. Respect is always key and if they can’t respect you that is their problem. Good luck, and thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist 

So apparently my blog has recently appeared in the sidebar of a porn/fetish blog (I think because they follow me, which is weird already) and now I’ve had an influx of rude/inappropriate messages, comments/tags on my photos, and a bunch of new followers that make me uncomfortable.

Yeah I get it. Tight pants. Leather. Crop in hand. I don’t care if that is your thing, it’s just not the purpose of this blog, so leave me alone.