in which i make my followers uncomfortable

so @staff has introduced a Safe Mode which, if you’re under 18, forcibly keeps itself turned on in order to hide posts flagged as “sensitive content.” I made my way to the op of one of the posts and it was literally one I’ve already reblogged before which has no “sensitive content” in it.

what this update shows is that @staff doesn’t know anything about their user base given a) there are a lot of us under 18 and this decision is likely to noticeably reduce traffic to this website and b) clearly they don’t realize that people, regardless how old they are, aren’t going to follow blogs that post things that make them uncomfortable/offend them/things they shouldn’t see.

@staff won’t ban blogs run by actual nazis, let users add photos to text posts or hyperlink text on mobile but they can ruin the app for at least half of their user base.

@staff learn how to run a website without alienating a substantial part of its users

An open call for episode transcripts from our Travelers, struggles in creating the Penumbra as a small team, and why we need your help

UPDATE: Some extremely generous fans have stepped up to organize @thepenumbrapodcasttranscripts , so please head over there if you would like to participate! We are deeply touched by the speedy response to this post.

Hey there Travelers,

Kevin here. Over the thirteen months since the Penumbra’s first episode, we’ve received a lot of requests from fans for access to episode transcripts. Many of you have contacted us with well-reasoned arguments about accessibility for those with hearing and processing disabilities. Many of you have expressed frustration about the $7 Patreon reward level, at which donating patrons get to look at the scripts the actors see.

We’ve stayed quiet on this so far, but we haven’t been ignoring you. We recognize your frustration. We apologize if the packaging of our show has made you feel like we don’t notice you, or listen to you, or care about you. We do. Internally we’ve been discussing this for months – and after debating it and trying a lot of things, we’ve come to what we think is the only conclusion that makes sense given our situation. I’ll tell you the conclusion first, and then move backward to our reasoning:

We are asking for help from you, the fans, in making these transcripts a reality. If fans create a tumblr or website that features fan-made transcripts of every episode, we will gladly post a link to it on our website and promote it whenever a new transcript has been completed.

We have asked for this from you all before, but it understandably got lost in the weeks and months that have passed since. As a result, should fans express interest in creating transcripts, we will be reblogging this post once every two weeks until all of the transcripts have been completed.

We recognize that it is frustrating not having the supports you need to access our show as others can. We recognize that asking fans to create those supports is also frustrating. Please know that we are frustrated, too. We are living a very uncomfortable, very difficult reality in creating this show, and up until now we’ve kept the details of that reality invisible to you all. But if I can ask for just a few minutes of your understanding, I hope I can communicate clearly about the obstacles in the way of us creating these transcripts, which are also, not coincidentally, the biggest threats to the Penumbra’s continued existence in general.

What follows is an in-depth look at my reasoning. If you’re satisfied with the above, hey, skip it! You can find the couple of transcripts we had time to make here (as well as one by a fan who asked to be credited as subtlepuns), so go for it, work together, create a platform for them, and feel free to use what we’ve made to get you started. If you’re still bothered, or you don’t understand why we can’t just make all the transcripts ourselves, I ask only that you read and think about our position, here. It is not one made hastily.

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  • us: hey, uh, staff? porn bots keep following me and reblogging my personal posts and selfies, which makes me really uncomfortable and could potentially trigger some people. can you maybe do something about it?
  • staff:
  • staff: lol
  • staff: here's a little pixel horse
i made a monster
i made a monster

i made this because i’m a cackling shitlord who likes to micspam and see just how uncomfortable i can make an entire server before they try to kick me

warning: do not listen to this unless you have sound-proof headphones and/or are alone cause otherwise people are gonna think you’re watching some cheesy 70s B porno which is exactly what it is

Dylan request #1

Request: Dylan request — you moved to Littleton when you were in 4th grade, then Eric moved in a little bit later. The 3 of you grew up as best friends. While you and Eric had a small middle school past (that didn’t last long as you both realized you’re better off as best friends) you did develop a crush on Dylan in high school. You don’t know it but Dylan likes you too. It’s senior year, and Eric has realized what’s going on ages ago. You’re at a party, 7 mins in heaven is the game - go from there :)            

((im so sorry this took me so long!! I’ve been working so hard on this. I hope you enjoy!!))

“Hey, Reb, pass the lighter.” I fumble with the cigarette hanging off my upper lip. Eric threw a red lighter to me. I lit my cigarette and inhaled, staring off blankly in the distance before handing it back.

Eric had been my best friend ever since seventh grade, even though we had a little fling in middle school. We made out one time, behind the shed where they kept all of the P.E equipment. All of those raging 13 year old hormones were pumping and we smooched. I expected it to be magical, like in the movies, but no. It was wet, sloppy, his tongue was like a dagger stabbing in the back of my throat, it was wayyy too toothy, and he left half of my face covered in spit. Needless to say, we decided to go back to being best friends a few days later and agreed to never speak of the event again.

“Yo, y/n.” Eric calls, taking a puff off his cigarette.
“Sup.” I looked up at him from where I was sitting.
“You coming to that party tonight?” He leaned against the fence stood behind us.
“Probably not,” I shake my head. “Everyone that goes to those stupid parties makes me want to kill myself.” I said with a harshness in my voice. I meant it, I really did hate the people that went to our school.
“Okay, listen,” he paused to take another drag of his cigarette, “I hate those fuckers just as much as you, if I had the chance to blow their fucking heads off I would in a heart beat. But this really hot girl invited me and-”
“absolutely not.” I cut him off. “I am not going to be your wing woman at some fucking party.”
“When have I ever been invited to a party by a hot chick before?”
“Never.” I sigh, a slight bit of guilt in my voice.
”Exactly. Fuckin never. Just do me this solid.”
I didnt want to, I really didn’t, but Eric was my best friend. I exhale sharply, “Fine.” The way his face had lit up made it all worth it.

Me, Eric and Dylan had all grown up together. I moved to Littleton, Colorado when I had just turned 9. I met Dylan on the first day of 4th grade in school. I was late for school due to my stubborn Mom who insisted she knew a quick route to the school, despite having lived in the town less than a two weeks. By the time I reached my classroom, I knew that all of the seats would have been taken and I was frantically searching for a place to sit. The class teacher was nice, she spoke sweetly to me and asked my name. I saw one kid gesturing for me to sit next to him. It just so happened that the boy who offered me a seat was Dylan. We instantly hit it off. When you’re 9 and 10 you don’t care who your best friend is or whether you have common interests, but me and Dylan did. After school every day, we would rush home as quickly as our legs would take us so we were home in time to watch our favorite cartoons. My Mom would always have baked goods ready for us as soon as we got home for me and him to binge on. He was like an addition to our family. Dylan struggled a lot when middle school came around, as he was excruciatingly shy and quiet. We got picked on a lot for being weird and quiet. We were outcasts to everyone else. We sat by ourselves for the first year, neither of us having many friends other than each other and Nate. Over the years there, Dylan was my security blanket. He would make me feel better about all the horrible things girls said to me. We boosted each others confidence a lot. We met Eric in seventh grade, and became pretty close rather quickly. We would all hang out every night and play video games.

Me and Eric were standing by our lockers when Dylan approached us.
“Hey, V, guess what.” Eric said through a toothy grin.
“You got invited to a party by a hot girl.” Dylan replied with a slight bit of annoyance in his voice.
Eric’s grin quickly vanished, “Yes. How’d you know?!”
“You’ve told me at least six times, dude. I’m still not going.” Dylan hissed back.
“C’mon, dude, y/n is coming.” Eric nudged Dylan.
Dylan looked towards me in confusion because he knew I hated parties, “I’m being forced too, V.” I shook my head.
Dylan laughed under his breath a little bit, “Nah, dude, I’m not-”
“I swear to God, Dylan. I know where you live and I know how to make pipe bombs.” Eric said in an almost threatening tone but it still had a slight playfulness to it.
“Fuck, fine I go. Don’t blow up my house, Jesus.” Dylan let out a barely audible laugh under his breath and smiled towards us.
“Fuck yeah, V, cya tonight.” Eric smirked like a kid who had just won first place in a race.
Dylan walked off to whatever class he had next, leaving me and Eric alone. I lean against the lockers, throwing my head back and let out an audible groan, “Why is he sooooo cute.” I whimper out.
“This whole ‘crush on Dylan’ thing needs to stop.” Eric sighed.
“Yeah…” I suspire heavily whilst I followed Eric to our next class, “I know.”
“You know what I hate?” I prepared myself for one of Eric’s long-ass speeches about bitches standing in the middle of a corridor or something but the words that escaped his lips were actually quite wise. “When girls wait for the guy to ask them out. Like, Dylan’s a shy guy, he can hardly look at a girl without cumming in his pants. What makes you think he’s going to get the balls to ask you out? Like, I know we’re just friends ‘n’ shit but fuck, y/n, you’re pretty fucking attractive.”
“That was over in middle school, Reb.” I joke.
“Shut the fuck up and listen for a second,” He pauses while he thought of something to say, “What I’d do in this situation is 1 of 3 things. 1,blow their fucking head off, if you can’t have them then no one can. 2, get the fuck over them, no time for moping over some pussy you’re never going to get. Or 3, get over self, walk your ass over to them and tell them you fucking like them. Like a bitch can’t blame you for trying, right?” 

So many questions ran through my head after he said that. Should I really just get over Dylan? How? Why? Should I tell him how I feel? Should I blow his fucking brains out? I know i was thinking irrationally but I really cared about Dylan. Ever since my first year at Columbine High School I had feelings for him. I don’t know when the feelings began but after it had a been like a roller coaster. That’s the perfect simile actually. It was like a roller coaster. When I first started getting feelings for him it was like being in the queue, thinking what the hell am I doing? This is bat shit crazy! Who’s idea was this?! This isn’t safe at all!  And then when I realized my feelings for him was like sitting in the seat, waiting for the safety barriers to come down. Just wanting to jump off and scream ‘I WANT TO GET OFF!’ but then it was too late. The ride started and I couldn’t get off. Every time I would see him was a big, steep drop shooting down; every time I heard his voice it was like going around a big loop; every time he touched me there was a big twist. I wanted him so badly, I just didn’t know what to do. I loved the roller coaster but it terrified me at the same time. Whenever I thought I had it under control, there would be another drop, loop or turn thrown my way. I couldn’t believe something Eric fucking Harris said made me have this epiphany.
Me and Eric arrived at the house where the party was being hosted. Eric pulled out a cigarette. Needless to say he was shitting himself. None of us had ever been to a proper party before. A party to Eric was 4 of us sitting playing Doom with a bottle of some sort of alcohol but now we were at an actual party. It was filled with at least 50 people.

Eric smoked slowly trying to avoid the huge groups of people within the house. We could feel the vibrations of loud music shake the nearby ground outside. We were nervous, although Eric didn’t want to admit it.
“S-should we just go in?” His voice cracked.
“I guess so…”

I felt like holding his hand as if he had to be guided in by a parent or guardian; my nerves made me want to grab his hand even more. Eric stamped out his cigarette and we etch close to the house.

The scent of cheap beer and the loss of virginity filled my nose, making me cringe. Eric’s eyes scanned the room, most likely looking for the ‘hot’ girl who invited him.
“Maybe we should look around?” I suggested while looking at his scared, little face, which I found adorable.
“Yeah.” his breath rasped in his throat, it sounded as if he just dry-swallowed a big pill.

We didn’t really search, him and I just kind of hid away from the big crowds of people making us feel uncomfortable. Eric had never been good with the ladies, I don’t know how he ever got me in middle school.

We hadn’t really followed a pacific path, we just went where we went and followed one another. I eventually found a drink in my hand and after a few I was beginning to feel a little tipsy. We slipped down some stairs into a room where the party continued, but in much smaller numbers. I, fortunately, glance in a corner where I saw a few familiar lanky figures. I felt relieved to see some people I actually knew in this house, other than Eric. I staggered over to the group of boys. Dylan had his cute little smile on his face as I approached.
“Sup, V.” I beamed at him, wrapping my arm around his neck.
“H-Have you been drinking?” He sounded a little nervous, probably because I was cuddling him.
“Just a little,” I giggle, “ Why? Do I smell like alcohol?”
“No, just…” His sentence trailed off, not really knowing what he wanted to say.
“I think you,” Eric pulled me off Dylan, keeping me balanced, “need to sit the fuck down.”
“Yeah.” Dylan laughed, searching for a place for the group to sit.
We sat for a while, just cracking jokes and laughing, and before we knew it a bottle of Jack Daniels had come and gone. .
Eric shook the empty glass bottle in the air, “Truth or dare, anyone?” He asks the group.
We each nod out head and Eric spins the bottle.

After a few rounds, it landed on me.
“Truth or dare?” Eric grinned.
I think for a moment, “uhh, dare.”
A smirk grew on his face “Seven minutes in heaven,”
“Eric,” I sigh, “I love you ‘n’ everything, but you’re my best friend.” I place my hand upon his shoulder, “this isn’t middle school anymore and I-”
He swiftly interpreted me, his smirk growing wider and keeping eye contact with me, “with Dylan.”
My face was wiped of all expression, I wanted to knock the look of his smug-ass face look of his face so badly. I pause, trying to comprehend what he had just done. “uhum, what?”
“You heard.” He folded his arms, his eyes flicking from me to Dylan.
“Reb, dude I-” Dylan stuttered nervously.
“A, a, a, it’s a dare. You have to do it.” Eric replied, folding his arms.
“Stop being so childish, Reb.” I slur and rolled my eyes.
“I’m not being childish, you’re just being a pussy.” He sneered.
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Am not
.” “Are too.”
“Fuck sake, Reb.” At the time I didn’t know whether to punch him or thank him. Then I realised, I was drunk enough to do it without everything being awkward at school if Dylan didn’t like me but if Dylan was into it then I could say I was sober enough to be into it too. Fuck I loved Eric.

“It’s funny,” He snickered, “you’re such a prude, y/n, I knew you wouldn’t do it.”
“Y'know what, fine.” I pulled myself up, “come one, Dyl, let’s go find a closet.” Eric looked genuinely shocked, as did Dylan.

Dylan didn’t have time to comply or protest, before what I had said sunk into his brain I had dragged him up and was already trying to find a free closet. It was more difficult than I originally thought to find an unoccupied closet. Eventually, we did find one, I shoved Dylan and quickly locked the door behind us.
“Sorry ‘bout that, Dylan,” I leaned against the door, “I just wanted to prove Eric wrong.”
“Ah, it’s fine.” He said, sounding slightly disappointed.
“W-Well it’s not that I don’t want, Just I…” I looked down at my shuffling feat, I felt nervous, not too sure what to do.

There was a few moments of silence, during this silence I found myself sliding my back down the door, sitting upon the floor. Dylan eventually joined me. He leaned his head against the door and spoke softly:
“Remember in 5th grade when I had a crush on that Amanda girl?”
“Yeah, what about her?”
“Remember when I spilled apple juice on my pants right in front of her.”
I giggle at the fond childhood memories, “Yeah, you were so sad.”
“Yeah, I know. I think that’s where my fear of walking to women came from,” He ran a hand through his hair, “ That’s why I’ve never been able to confess my feelings for this girl that I’ve liked for a while.”
“Oh,” I look at the ground, fiddling with my hair, “that’s shitty.”
“Yeah. You know,” he took a deep breath, “I used to think you could never get over childhood fears, the little anxieties that would keep you up at night as a kid. Everything seemed so big and important then. Even the smallest thing felt like it would change everything, but it didn’t and it never did. I don’t know anymore. You can’t run away from your fears forever, right?”
“Right.” I nod, turning my head so I was looking at the side of his face.
“I think I’m ready to overcome a really big fear I’ve had for a long time.” Dylan interlocked his fingers around mine, causing me to blush, “I really like you, y/n.” He spoke gently, the words left his mouth softly and soothed my body.
“I really like y-you too, Dylan.” The roller coaster feeling felt really real at that moment. It was exciting, I was loving the twists and turns, even though they made it feel like my heart was going to pound out of my chest.

I leaned in and stroked his cheek softly, which turned his face towards mine. Dylan’s lips brushed against mine, it felt so innocent and so sweet. His lips were like silk that ran across mine. Dylan’s hands caressed my cheek. His movements weren’t lustful, they were kind and I could feel the good intentions in each of his touches. My heart fluttered as he whispered my name into the kiss, he prolonged each syllable which caused me to shudder. My fingers ran through his dirty blonde locks and stroked his soft curls. I pulled him as close as I could, until there was no space between us. Dylan could feel the pounding of my heart in my chest but I didn’t care, I wanted the kiss to last forever. His hand being placed ever so carefully on my cheek, just below my ear, comforted me. He moved one hand to my waist, causing my breath to sharpened. It became heavier, deeper, and more heated. The kiss was becoming more passionate and was rapidly losing it’s innocents.
“Yo, faggots.” A voice, presumably Eric’s, yelled from behind the door of the closet.
“7 minutes already?” He giggled and placed a sweet kiss on my forehead.

So I bought the first edition of the @gods-and-radicals journal, A Beautiful Resistance. It has a lot of fascinating & informative pieces & I think is overall a very good read. However. 

There’s a thread that runs through several of the pieces [which I have seen elsewhere in the pagan & occult spheres] of an anti-science, anti-technology worldview & it makes me really uncomfortable. 

Yes, human technology has massively contributed to the environmental disasters we are watching take place; yes, science has been employed for terrible purposes & to reinforce the ideals of capitalism, white supremacy, etc etc. I won’t dispute that. 

But the concept that some thinkers seem to promote as the solution, that we should turn our backs on technology, follow an anarcho-primitivist route, is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And, frankly, in my opinion stems not only from a lack of education about science but a high level of unexamined privilege.

To advocate rejecting the scientific & technological advances of modern society is to advocate: 

  • the deaths or catastrophic loss of quality of life for many disabled or chronically ill people
  • a return to high mortality rates for mother & baby in childbirth
  • a return to the pre-antibiotic era due to drug resistance that is only kept at bay by continued research
  • no further advances in understanding or treating chronic illnesses, genetic diseases, & conditions such as heart disease & cancers
  • the resurgence of devastating childhood diseases such as diptheria & polio due to a lack of vaccination
  • the extremely high level of suffering caused by malaria, schistosomiasis, African trypanosomes, & other widespread parasitic diseases, continuing unabated, especially in deprived population
  • among many other consequences.

Seeing the advances of science & technology as ills to be fought, with no sense of the vast improvements they have made to humanity’s condition & quality of life … is an incredibly blinkered position to take. If we can’t advocate for radical change without throwing vast numbers of the population under the bus, how are we in any way improving on what’s gone before?

Seven Nation Army (Moriarty X Reader)

Characters: Moriarty X Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Shooting and violence

Request: moriarty x reader where just like moriarty’s song is I Want To Break Free, reader’s song is Seven Nation Army and he thinks its super sexy and bossy

Originally posted by andrew-scott-please

“Hello Darling.” Moriarty’s smile grew when he heard your voice. He turned to see you dressed formally. “Ready to cause hell?” You asked him, making him smirk as he took your arm. Moriarty liked to have you at his side during transitions, even if you don’t speak or even pay attention.

The ride to the spot was rather quiet, which neither of you like. “How about a song?” Moriarty asked, handing you his phone. You smirked, scrolling through his music till you found your song.

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Who I Was. (A Got7 Fanfic) Pt.1

Originally posted by jack777

Yes, I know this is an Exo blog, but this is a Got7 story. It’s a story about your life before you met Exo in the previous story, I Was Made for Loving You. If you haven’t read it yet, then that’s okay, read this one first and then that one, it’ll probably make more sense that way.

Pt. 2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5


“You should come meet the guys.” Jackson said, as he started to leave my apartment.

“No, that’s okay. It’ll be awkward since I can’t really communicate that well with them yet…” I said, trailing off my sentence. I moved to Korea last week, so I’m not necessarily fluent in the language yet. I’m not the worst in Korean, but I also am not at the level of holding a conversation.

“Well, let’s see, there’s Mark, BamBam, my girlfriend, and Mark’s girlfriend who speaks English, they’ll help you out. I’LL help you out. You can’t just avoid conversation, you have to learn sometime.” He said, already dragging me out the door.

“Oh my god, fine.” I groaned, letting him drag me across the street to JYP dorms.

“Hey guys! I have someone I want you to meet.” Jackson announced in Korean, earning a weird look from me, since I didn’t understand. Everyone came into the living room, and smiled when they saw Jackson and me together.  “Everyone, this is (Y/N). (Y/N), this is JB, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Youngjae, BamBam, Mark, Sora, and of course you know Harper.” He said, pointing out everyone as he said their names.

I waved awkwardly and they did the same.

“She moved here a week ago, so she’s not fluent in Korean yet, so be patient with her, okay?” Jackson said, giving everyone a thumbs up at the end.

“Welcome to Korea, don’t worry about not being fluent, we’ll help you out.” Mark asked, giving me a warm smile.

“Thanks.” I smile back, standing a bit awkwardly. Just me in general is awkward.

“Well, (Y/N), it’s good to see you again.” Harper says, smiling, and sitting down on the couch.

“It’s nice to meet you, and if you ever need help with Korean, and Jackson isn’t around, I’ll happily help you.” Mark says, smiling brightly, causing his eyes to squint a bit.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to.”

“You should stay for dinner!” Jackson offered. “I know you haven’t eaten all day.” He said.

“Yeah, stay!” Harper said, with a smile.

Jackson translated for everyone who didn’t understand what was happening. They all nod in agreement.

“Um, sure, I guess.” I shrugged, not really wanting to, still feeling extremely awkward around everyone.

“Here, you can sit by me.” Harper says, pulling out a chair for me.

“Oh, uh, thanks.” I say, taking a seat next to her.

Jackson brought the two of us a plate full of food. “Thanks.” We both say in unison, making us laugh.

Everyone sat down at the table, and started eating and talking to one another, and laughing.

“Hey, let’s eat ice cream for dessert.” Youngjae says, excitedly.

I nod and smile, like I knew what was going on.

“He says we should eat ice cream.” Harper whispers to me, seeing my confusion.

“Ah, okay.” I whisper back, nodding in understanding this time.

“Feeling awkward?” She asks, smiling slightly.

“Yeah, a little bit.” I say, looking around at everyone.

“I was too when I first started coming around. But you’ll get used to it pretty soon.” She said, going back to her food.

“Well, it would be nice if we had ice cream. Someone ate all of it and PUT THE EMPTY CARTON BACK IN THE FRIDGE!” JB yelled, as he looked into the freezer.

“He sounds so aggressive while yelling in Korean.” I say to Harper.

We both laughed at the boys as they yelled at each other about who ate the ice cream and who didn’t. Harper had to explain everything that was being said, making me laugh even harder.

“Let’s just go get the ice cream please, it’s pointless fighting about it.” Mark said, holding the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

“Sounds good to me.” Youngjae said, standing up, putting on his shoes and grabbing his jacket.

“Where’s everyone going?” I asked, confused as to why everyone was getting up.

“We’re gonna go out and get ice cream instead, you coming?” Mark asked, helping Sora put on her jacket.

“I should really get home.” I said, but Harper pull me out of the chair, and dragged me to the front door.

“None sense, you’re coming with us.” She said. I followed them outside, we all started walking in an enormous clump. Harper was walking with Jackson, Sora and Mark were together, I just walked behind everyone, not really having enough confidence to talk to anyone yet.

“So, I’m guessing you’re a little shy?” Jinyoung asks in his best English, his accent thick.

“Oh, not really.” I say in a quiet voice.

“It’s okay to talk. I won’t judge, I swear. I am not the best at English, if you can not tell.” He says, playfully pushing me. We both laughed a bit, and kept walking in a comfortable silence.

We finally got to the ice cream shop after about ten minutes, all of us were starring up at the menu, deciding what we wanted.

“Okay, so who’s buying?” Youngjae asked. Everyone starred at JB.

“I hate you all.” He says, taking out his wallet. After he paid, the boys hugged him, excitedly enjoying their ice cream. We started walking back to the dorm, while eating our ice cream on the way, enjoying the nice weather on our little walk.

Jackson slowed down a little, so he could walk next to me. “See, it’s to that bad hanging out with them. And it’s perfect that you and Harper clicked pretty well. My best friend and girlfriend getting along is very important for me.” He says, laughing a bit.

“I guess it isn’t that bad. It’s still pretty awkward though.” I say, laughing along with him.

“You’ll get used to it, I promise. Mark and I will teach you Korean on our spare time. And when we aren’t there, the girls can teach you.” He said, telling me his plan to get me involved with everyone.

“I have a job you know.” I remind him. I own a dance studio here, that’s one of the reasons I moved to Korea.

“Yeah, but when you aren’t working, you can be at the dorm with us.” He smiled, patting my head.

“I’m not so sure-“

“Okay, can’t wait to see you at the dorm after work!” Jackson said, cutting me off, and going back to Harper.

There was a tap on my shoulder, and I looked over to see Sora smiling at me. “Hey, I know we didn’t really get a chance to talk earlier, it gets kinda hectic around here, but even so, if you need help with anything, just let me know.” She said, a smile still on her face.

“Okay, thanks.” I say, smiling back, but I’m sure you could tell it was forced.

We had all stopped walking as we passed a fair. Yugyeom was practically yelling, and pointing at the lights that illuminated from the rides. I looked over to Sora for a translation.

“Yugyeom wants to go to the fair.” She says, laughing at my confused expression.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Jackson says, getting as excited as Yugyeom.

“I wasn’t really expecting to be out this late, plus I don’t have money. You guys go ahead.” I say, looking at my watch and realizing how late it’s getting.

“That’s alright, I got you.” Mark and Jackson say at the same time, pulling out their wallets.

“You guys don’t have to pay for me… I really don’t like fairs.” I said, trying my best to get out of the situation.

“Well that’s a lie, you love fairs and you know it, stop trying to get out of everything and come on.” Jackson said, seeing through my lie quickly.

I sighed, and followed everyone inside reluctantly. Mark was the one who ended up paying for me and Sora, putting the wrist band on my wrist for me.

“You really didn’t have to pay for me.” I say, watching as he carefully put the wristband on me.

“It’s no big deal, don’t worry about it.” He said, shrugging and smiling.

“At least let me pay you back.” I said, as we walked fully inside now.

“Nope. Seriously, don’t worry about it, okay?” He smiled, ruffling my hair, and catching up with Sora.

“What shall we ride first?” Youngjae asked, looking around at everything. “Should (Y/N) pick?” He asks, turning to me. Everyone followed his gaze upon me, and I stopped to stare back at them with my eyebrows raised.

“You should pick the first ride.” Jackson says, laughing.

“Oh, no, I’m good.” I say, waving my hands.

“Come on! Just pick something, stop being so shy. It’s weird seeing you like this~” Jackson said, putting his arm around my shoulders.

Everyone was still staring at me, making me shift uncomfortably. I look around the fair, and pointed at the first thing I saw, which was the house of mirrors.

“All ten of us in there? Challenge excepted.” Jackson said, pulling me and Harper to the mirror maze. He wasn’t lying when he called it a challenge, it took us a long time to get out. We hit a mirror every time we turned, but eventually got out.

“Oh my god, I’m surprised no one has a bloody nose from running into all those mirrors!” Harper says, laughing, and those who understood laughed as well. She translated for the others and they laughed along.

“So, having fun yet?” Mark asked, walking beside me.

“Surprisingly, yes.” I say, nodding.

“Are you lying, or are you being for real?” He asked, chuckling a bit.

“No, I am! Why are you laughing?” I asked, playfully pushing him.

“No reason.” He says, teasingly, pushing me back.

“Let’s do the haunted house ride!” Jackson yelled, as soon as he saw the ride.

“That ride is literally for kids… I don’t think we can even fit in the carts.” I said, watching all the kids get off the ride. Jackson groaned and rolled his eyes.

“You’re such a downer today. I’m sure we can fit if we try.” He said, walking to the ride and getting on, barely able to fit him and Harper in one cart.

“(Y/N), why don’t you ride with me, so there won’t be communication failures with the others?” Mark suggested, patting the seat next to him.

“I don’t think it would be that awkward for her. We should sit together.” Sora said, giving Mark a look.

“Oh come on, Sora, just sit with someone else for this ride. You’ll actually be able to talk to them.” Mark said, returning her look.

She let out a huff, and sat in the seat behind us with Yugyeom. When the ride started going, Mark and I started laughing about how stupid the ride was, but then something popped out of nowhere, making me jump and grab onto Mark for a split second, causing him to burst out laughing even more.

“Shut up.” I pout, hitting his arm, making him laugh more. Once we got off, everyone was laughing about how stupid it was, but how I got scared at one point. Sora was being super quiet, I’m sure she was mad about the whole Mark thing, and I felt kinda bad. Mark went up to her, and put his arm around her shoulders, but she didn’t seem interested. He poked her cheek, and a smile started to form on her face.

“So, they’re like a thing?” I asked Jackson, pointing at the two walking ahead of us.

“Yeah. She’s the first American to join Twice (go with it) and when she first got here, she was like you, she didn’t know Korean that well and no one in Twice knew English, so Mark helped her a lot, and after a while, they started dating. They’ve been together for 7 months now?” Jackson explained as we waited in line for the Ferris Wheel.

“I see…” I nod in understanding.

After the Ferris Wheel, everyone was pretty exhausted.

“I think it’s time to go home.” Jackson said, noticing how everyone was stretching and yawning.

“Yeah, I have to go to the studio in the morning too..” I said, checking the time on my phone.

We all started to head to the dorms, waving goodbye to each other when we got there.

“I’ll see you tomorrow after work.” Jackson called out, as I was crossing the street to my apartment.

“Jackson, I don’t think-“ I started, but got cut off.

“Alright, bye! See you tomorrow!” He waved again, walking into his building with the others.

I sighed and made my way inside my apartment, plopping down on the bed as soon as I got in, immediately falling asleep.

So, someone has accused me of supporting domestic abuse because I sometimes reblog JxH fanart/gifs/etc. So I want to clarify exactly how I personally treat JxH and why accusing perfect strangers of being abuse apologists based on this kind of stuff is baseless and really uncool.

Keep reading


ANIME BOSTON! I had a lot of fun this year, despite the fact we couldn’t make it on Saturday and a couple friends couldn’t go at all (we ended up going Sunday only). I met some really cool people and found some amazing cosplays. I wish i can show all of them tbh XD ( i showed a few more on my IG)

And I’ve been slowly regretting my drunk-ass self for screaming at a Victor (who happened to be with another Yuri w/o me realizing too) on the escalator, “VICTOR! BE MY COACH!” It got a little quiet, he awkwardly looked at me, turned to his Yuri, and kissed him. 

Originally posted by gif-007

I want to apologize to them for making them uncomfortable in any way, and honestly anyone else, MY GOD. (I did end up finding them again andiaskedforapictureanyways) But that was that XD 

I forgot my glasses in the car which sucked but people recognized me which was great. My fake bottle’s name was “Sixteen and Counting” and the back was “This bottle belongs to me, Yuri Katsuki. / Cure for my crippling anxiety”

So let’s play what’s wrong with this ask:

  1. Assumption that any random SQ shipper on a random social medial platform is responsible for whatever actions they may or may not have any knowledge of.
  2. Vague accusations with no evidence sent on anon to a high follow count blog designed to spread the idea that the ugly fanon shippers are misbehaving.  As evidence by the fact that this got sent to @anothershadeofgreen as well.
  3. There has never been any actual incident of SQ shippers at cons making actors “uncomfortable”.  There have been many accusations where people not at the cons have twisted things out of context.  I personally witnessed Sean Maguire extremely angry at one such instance where he participated in a funny pose during a photo op and the fan was attacked online.
  4. What there have been are incidents where a known online harasser followed around SQers at a con taking pictures of them and yet another where a canon shipper said “if I hear one more person yelling Swan Queen I’m going to cut someone.”
  5. More likely than not my anon, who has obviously decided they have the right to police fans by sending asks to Swen by picking a user name out of a hat defines making CSers and Colin uncomfortable by existing and not being quiet at an event open to the entire fandom in which people have spent hundreds and often thousands of dollars.  Guess what… if you are uncomfortable by the existence of SQers and the fact that they will have the the right to ask questions that do not cater to your ship a convention is the last place you should go.

Did I miss anything else?  Other than the general homophobia of deciding to scold a random LGBT fan over alleged behavior at a con that hasn’t even occurred?

kayjaydee17  asked:

I've been playing the 'cute girl who likes shiny things' role with a lot of my POTs, which makes it really easy for me to ask for a gift for the first meeting; I just do the "are you going to bring me something pretty? ;)" thing, but I don't quite know how to change that to ask for something financial (because, lbr, I'd rather have cash than something shiny). I find it a bit harder to be cute when asking for money. Any advice? I know you're more Dommy, though, so I understand if you don't.


If you are uncomfortable asking for cash upon meeting, I would suggest the following:

I’m looking forward to meeting you, I was wondering if you could possibly help me out with my cab fare/hair/nails, etc. I want to look my best for you on our date :)

Men have an easier time gifting you cash if they believe it’s for their benefit. Furthermore, by wording it this way, they see it in a perspective where you are doing it for them, rather than for greed ;)

anonymous asked:

why dont you use adfly? (i'm not complaining lol) but I was just curious, from my experience most creators do? i love your poses and your stories btw!

hi!! there’s a few reasons, I guess 

  1. the ads or pages linked from sometimes contain some pretty non PG13 content, like nudity, dating sites, gambling etc. anddd idk how comfortable I’d be with my younger followers seeing that because of lil ol’ meee
  2. When I’m downloading cc I become really uncomfortable when a link shortener asks me to disable my adblock and I’d feel bad vise versa xD
  3. aaaaaand idk the specifics but i imagine you’d have to get 100,000′s of clicks to make it even remotely worthwhile; and with more and more people using adblock, i imagine it’s even harder idkk
  4. sooo, instead I just have a donate button, which gives people the option 😊  

but hey ho tons of my favourite creators use and I’m happy to go through in order to support them!! creators in this community totally deserve to be supported and compensated for all the endless blood, sweat and tears that goes into their custom content 😊 

thank you my love!! I’m glad you like my blog!! heheh 😊

Regarding NSFW Fanart..

So I just received nsfw art for Swirly yesterday. It was nicely drawn but I was very uncomfortable as I did not give permission to have my characters drawn NSFW; heck he didn’t even ask me if I was ok with it or not. It was posted on Derpibooru and on his Patreon; but he altered the picture and removed her name to make it look like a generic pony after my request to take it down. To which I am fine with considering how much time he must have spent on that drawing.

Maybe I wasn’t clear here or anything, and I’m not blaming anyone. But for future reference, and I know you guys won’t, I kindly ask that you guys don’t draw my characters NSFW. I have no problems with NSFW itself but these characters are a part of me, so to see them NSFW makes me feel very exposed and uncomfortable.

I think it’s inevitable that there are some that won’t care and still do it. But for the most of you guys following me, I hope you can understand!

hello!! i hit 500 followers yesterday (which is crazy!!!) so for a mini “celebration”, i decided to make a birthday page!! i’ve seen so many people do this & i just think it’s such a cute idea :)

to join:

  • must be following me!
  • reblog/like this post! (reblogs would be greatly appreciated but are not required!)
  • send me an ask with your name and your birthday! (you don’t need to include the year if you’re uncomfortable with that/just don’t want to include it!)

what you’ll get: 

  • a spot on my birthday page
  • a spot on my updates tab for the entirety of your birthday month! 
  • a happy birthday message and an edit of your choice!
  • (i can’t promise i’ll always be on time but i will try my best!!)

have a wonderful day!!

Character Listing

Since it’s been a while since i’ve done an update on this, here’s a blog roll for each of my characters, and a brief summary of who they are, and what blogs to find them on! Have any questions? Please, feel free to throw them at the appropiate blog!

Bexy Amalaryssia

28 / F / Seeker of the Sun

Birthplace: The Black Shroud
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Link: @bexyamalaryssia

Wife. Friend. Harpy. Murderer. Lunatic. Savior.
These words have all been used to describe her, and whilst conflicting, not a single one rings false. Born a Seeker of the Shroud to parents who neglected her, the affection starved woman carved a formidable name for herself a good many cycles ago, and none of them for the right reasons. Despite this, she strives to better herself; to bring peace, rather than wreck havoc as she once had. Currently working as a Field Commander for a company she helped build, she spends her time training, socialising, or doting on her beloved Husband. Ever the social butterly, it isn’t uncommon to see Bexy out in the public eye, watching people, or making conversation. One more friend is one less enemy, after all. Even given her pleasant demeanor, her morality teeters on a knife edge, treading the delicate balance between redemption, and sinking back to her bloodied ways.

~RP Hooks~
✦ - Ten cycles ago, a woman similar to Bexy - Only with purple eyes and raven hair terrorised the Shroud known only as the Midnight Coeurl. She prayed on vulnerable men, seducing them, incapacitating them, and stealing their valuables. Perhaps, you have heard of her? Maybe, even a victim?
✦ - Bexy is well known as the frontwoman for Fight Club, as well as her work with E.R.A as a Field Commander.
- It’s not uncommon to see her around shadier bars and the like. Buscarrons is a favourite of hers.
- Besides this, she can often be spotted in some quiet corners of busy streets, peoplewatching.

Mistienne Aurloix

38 / F / Duskwight

Birthplace: Ishgard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Link: @mistienneaurloix

Mist has never been a woman of half measures. Be it her Swordplay, and her unbreakable want to succeed, or her unwavering, steadfast morals. This too, became her downfall, when at Twenty-Two cycles, she made a decision that would change her life. Forced to cut contact and flee Ishgard, she made a life as a Bounty Hunter in the Shroud, taking up work with the intention to do good, than make Gil, all the while avoiding her inevitable confrontation with Inquisitors. Circumstances drew her to the E.R.A. Headquarters in Thanalan, which she now part owns, and runs, much to her initial reluctance. With the majority of her conflicts now resolved, she has begun to reconnect to the family she was seperated from, and reclaim what honour she lost, forging bonds with many others along the way. On the surface lies a brash, abrasive woman who, for the most part, lacks many social graces that others would not think her a Noblewoman. As much as this is true, it does not mean she is without warmth, though who she chooses to display it to is another matter entirely.

~RP Hooks~
✦  - House Aurloix, a Lesser, but well-to-do Vassal House of Dzemael is known well for their ambitious children of Duskwight descent. Mist was no different - And excelled well with the blade. Perhaps, you trained with her, or heard of her family?
✦  - After the incident, Mist became a notorious Bounty Hunter within the Shroud. Known well for being particularly selective about her contracts, she was praised for her efficiency… But not so much, for her abrasive personality.
✦  - Mist is known, to some degree, as one of the two Directors of E.R.A.. The company has a reputation, both of reliable work, and to be absolutely not messed with.

Adrieneux Hocoleux

46 / M / Duskwight

Birthplace: The Black Shroud
Alignment: Neutral Good
Link: @adrieneuxhocoleux

Perhaps the best description for Adrien, would be comfortably out of place. Born and growing up in the Shroud with the rest of his siblings, he spent a few, long cycles there, before eventually being sent away with his older brother to support his family. After returning with an inexplicable fortune after two short cycles, things were relatively peaceful; at least, until his younger sister, Adelle, was sent away to the Conjurer’s Guild. Enraged at his families decision to send his beloved little sister away, he left once again, severing all ties to them, but her. From there, Adrien made his way to La Noscea, traveling the island and undertaking a nigh endless list of odd jobs, with a hopes that one sun, he would take his sister back from the Guild, and live out a peaceful life with her. His wish was granted in a sense, as he reunited with her on a more permanent basis, working beneath her as her retainer, as she took up work and residence in the halls of E.R.A.. Though his personalilty can be described as nothing less than sunny and optimistic, some might wonder if it’s there to cover some other underlying problems. Still, Adrien is a lover of people, and rarely shies away from social interactions - Greatly enjoying speaking with all walks of life, no matter where they come from.

~RP Hooks~
✦ - Adrien is a familiar face in just about every part of La Noscea. He’s worked jobs in almost every corner of the island. Perhaps you’ve hired him for something?
✦  - His face is most familiar around Costa Del Sol. It’s known that, up until recently he spent most of his evenings there - Some a little somber than others.
✦  - He’s often spotted in Ul’dah near the Alchemist’s Guild - Picking up various pots of ink, or bringing home ingredients for tea. Maybe you’ve seen him about?
✦  - Notably, he gives the Thaumaturge’s Guild a wide berth.

Mhira Karahli

16 / F / Keeper of the Moon

Birthplace: The Black Shroud
Alignment: True Neutral
Link: @babucatte

A cheerful young girl born to a reclusive Clan of Keepers snuggled deep within the far reaches of the East Shroud, Mhira still has much to learn about Eorzea and its people. Clan Karahli, as they are so formidably known, were a ruthless Clan of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and all things akin to them… At least, until they were decimated in a cruel turn of events. Now, just a handful remain. Trained as a lookout with skills in Archery, Mhira had served her Clan well, but with the disaster that took hold, they sought to send her away for another purpose; to protect her, to allow her to learn, and above all, find purpose. Coming to E.R.A. with Cicero, the man who had salvaged what was left of her Clan, she initially took up watch duty, but later began to train beneath him in the art of Conjury. These Suns, Mhira spends her time studying, caring for her pet octopi, and struggling with a Diurnal sleep cycle. Despite the tragedy that took her Clan, she’s still as cheerful and innocent as any other sixteen year old. At least, so she’d have you believe.

~RP Hooks~
✦ - Clan Karahli are a elusive, formidable Clan from the far reaches of the East Shroud. If you’re a Keeper, you may have heard of them, or if you work in the shadier lines of business, you might know of them, too.
✦ - They are known for having ties to Coeurlclaws - Even if a little shaky. If you’re a criminal in the Shroud, perhaps you’ve heard of them?
✦ - Sometimes, upon passing the E.R.A. HQ, you’ll find a pair of large, teal coloured eyes following you from the rooftop. Dare you get close enough to investigate?

Ulan Qestir

24 / F / Xaela

Birthplace: The Azim Steppe
Alignment: Neutral Good
Link: @ulanqestir

Hailing from the Qestir Tribe of the Azim Steppe, Ulan is a proud member of her Tribe who firmly upholds the beliefs that she was raised with; that actions speak louder than words. The Qestir are known for their vow of silence, and that many of them believe the spoken words to be lies. Despite this, Ulan is more than happy to converse through gesture and action, to all who are wishing to listen to her. Ulan serves as a scout for her Tribe, and her undying love for exploration is only second to that of combat, often characterised by the axe often found at her back. Coming to Eorzea in search of remnants of her lost Tribe who came before her, she still has much to learn of the Western lands and the people who live there - Something she undertakes with a delightful glee, and an open mind.

~RP Hooks~
✦ - The Qestir Tribe are known to keep their silence, even when conversing between eachother, and Ulan is no different. Perhaps, you know other Qestir, or even are of the Tribe yourself?
✦ - Ulan was known to be an accomplished scout before she set out to Eorzea. Maybe you’ve seen her about the Steppe?
✦ - Ulan will frequent anywhere which involves combat, if she’s able to. Look for the quiet Xaela with a grin at her lips!
✦ - She often hunts in the local reaches of Thanalan, and it’s not uncommon for her to cook her meals in the field. Maybe you’ve seen her hunting, or caught the scent of a meal?

===General RP Information===

♥ - I’m active some GMT mornings and early afternoons, but almost every night after 9 or 10PM. I’m free all day on Fridays and Sundays, too! I have also long since forsaken the concept of a proper sleep cycle. I’m usually around until the early hours of the morning!
♥ - Mature content is completely fine, so long as it is plot driven and in accordance with the character. I have few personal limits with mature content, but if something makes me uncomfortable, it will not go unsaid.
♥ - Likewise, if something i’m doing makes you uncomfortable, please tell me!
♥ - These characters are on Balmung!
♥ - I have not RPed on Discord as of yet, but i am more than happy to do so. Simply, poke me!
♥ - I follow back from @bexyooc! Which is also where my asks come from. So if you see anything covered in derpy purple, that’s me.
♥ - Please poke me for RP! I’m actually just a massive dork behind all the edgy screenshots and writing. A silly, harmless potato. With a keyboard.

To my new followers

Welcome to my blog which current focus is anything Yuri!!! on ICE related!!

I’m Phyxalia, and I provide fan-arts. My art tag is #phyxart. I also reblog amazing fanart from others which you can check out on my #artemparadisum tag!

Just a warning though– my blog is NSFW at occassional times. My art tag also contains NSFW pieces so please be wary! If you followed me for the SFWs, then I’m sorry in advance by surprising your dash with something lewd 🤣 Feel free to unfollow me if it’s making you uncomfortable. But if you chose to stay, then I thank you!

I hope you enjoy my blog’s content!

syubkook twitter following accounts

so yeah, to celebrate my accounting getting 500 followers (thank you so much!!!), i want to make a list of sugakookie-related twitter accounts which i’m following (and probably in love with). hope you guys like it :’) 


• this list contains a few public accs of (my fav) fanfic writers.

• some are nsfw, especially personal rps ones, so consider carefully before following as you may not be comfortable with them.

• much as i try, i don’t know how to categorise some accs, so i put them in #.

• tell me something i don’t know lol

• if you are uncomfortable with your name being put on this list, i sincerely apologise. please send me a message, i’ll take it down.

published: 27 may 2017 | updated: 29 may 2017 (3rd)


  1. @_newthang
  2. @babysugakookie
  3. @ctrlcctrl_v
  4. @deadleavvs
  5. @fxxr_steps
  6. @guetta_kim
  7. @juiy_d
  8. @lovetape391
  9. @lunaticmyngi
  10. @milkjimins
  11. @minxjeon
  12. @mochaguk 
  13. @mochisyubkook
  14. @monthlyks
  15. @mygjkarchive
  16. @pics_yoonkook
  17. @sleepyoonkooks | @kinkyoonkooks
  18. @subkook_sing
  20. @subkookbot
  21. @sugahighs
  22. @sugaisdad
  24. @sugakookie1210
  25. @sugakookielove
  27. @sugarandkookies
  28. @sugarxcookiee
  29. @sulkook_doll
  30. @supkook_
  31. @syubandkook
  32. @syubkookies
  33. @wortmalerei_twt
  34. @yeolleum
  35. @ynoogi​ | @bottomjgk
  36. @yoongikookie_
  37. @yoonkookbts
  38. @yoonkookdaily
  39. @yoonkookies_
  40. @yoonkookprompts
  41. @yoonqkook
  42. @yooonkook
  43. @yuyoyupe
  44. @zr_twt


  2. @cccccon_
  3. @chiefpuppy | @baepsaex_
  4. @comeonyoonkook
  5. @feizai_KOOKIE
  6. @ghsshfaos_
  7. @gochi_gochyeo
  8. @gulakuki
  9. @jykkss22
  10. @jyrui219
  11. @Kookiex_x
  12. @kouhanbyeol
  13. @qhsrod1
  14. @refrainbow | @monnieminnie
  15. @rouranjk
  16. @rvlucide | @rvmacabre
  17. @saewoo_U
  18. @sj_9397
  19. @Su_Kook3991
  20. @suga_report | @sugar_report_ | @sugar_report__
  21. @sugarcandyz


  1. @_97SOO
  2. @kook_bottom
  3. @kookie1515 | @kookie1919
  4. @topmansuga

Ugh. I called animal control to do a welfare check on my neighbors dogs today. I don’t want to start a war with these people but I am confident that the conditions in which they keep their dogs is right on the edge of being illegal (never mind that to ME it seems awful, you do have to follow the law and we’re out in the country and in the south and people treat dogs a lot worse than I’d like)

So after 3 months of watching weirdness go on over there that was making us feel uncomfortable (lots of dogs cycling in and out, the dogs in very small enclosures with NO exercise or human interaction other than when they dump food in there for them) we had a horrible horrible storm this weekend and they left all the dogs outside.

I went out to brush Luna on our deck and I look over and what do they have but a brand new tiny little puppy back there sitting out in the sun whining and scratching at the gate.