in which i make everything about my otp

Young!Royai is adorable and pure and everything and I love the idea of them falling in love as awkward teenagers but then the manga quietly reminds me that Riza addresses Roy as “Mr. Mustang” when they’re standing alone in front of her father’s grave, which makes it pretty clear to me that there were no romantic attachments at the time. Of course, I’m not sure what the original Japanese was, if it actually translates to “Mr.” or if it was something less formal. But regardless, the manga makes it explicit that they were close enough to share personal feelings but not so close that Riza felt like she was allowed to use his first name. So, friends, probably, but lovers, no. (Unless cultural norms are just that wildly different in Japan and if that’s the case someone please tell me so.)

And while that makes me pretty sad because I think their relationship would be even more bittersweet if they’d been in love before the war, it also makes me excited and emotional because that means that sometime between her father’s funeral and her graduation from the academy a couple months after the war, their feelings for each other went from “we lived in the same house for a few years and got along well enough” to “I feel like I can trust you” and “I’ll follow you into hell if you ask me to.” I have a mighty need to know what happened between them that caused this shift and how long it took for them to recognize that it was mutual and if they ever even had to say it aloud at all.

I would give an arm and a leg for a sequel series that solely explores their relationship pre-canon and post-canon.

Let’s Agree to Disagree

The Percy Jackson is obviously insane, we lost our minds a loooong time ago. We love each other and we argue, I’ve seen straight up cat fights between shippers of Jiper and shippers of Brason (which, guys, that’s not even funny anymore).

Personally I don’t care what you ship, it makes me sad to see people getting so angry fighting over Percico and Percabeth, because guys stop we’re supposed to be family, stop fighting over everything, stop getting so insulted, it’s ridiculous. We’re not children (I think), we should be able to have a civil conversation about couples.

Example, I freaking love Jason and Piper, they’re perfect, but I also ship Valgrace and Reyna/Piper (forgot their ship name whoops), and Pipabeth, because it’s adorable.

Percabeth is my soul but guys, Jercy.

Solangelo is OTP but…. but STOLLACE.

Can’t we just agree to disagree and be NICE ABOUT IT?! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but everyone in this fandom who argues between Solangelo and Percico are Octavian. That’s right haters, those of you who are violently rude to Solangelo shippers because you ship Percico (and vise versa), you Hera scum all OCTAVIAN.

Do you wanna be known as the Octavian’s of the Percy Jackson fandom? Do you? Because that’s what you jerks are acting like.

Live and let live, love and let love, agree to disagree, stop being dickwads, because it’s immature and rude.

That said, can we just agree on one thing? Even if you ship Percico, or Stollace, or Valdangelo, or anything else involving Nico and Will, we need to understand something.

The ship name Solangelo is the most beautiful one we have. I dare you to give me one that sounds even more beautiful, something aesthetically pleasing to both eye and tongue, I frigging dare you.

Ship what you want, even if you don’t like the ship itself, the name is perfect.

And no one messes with Frazel.

Or Gruniper.

And stay away from Tyson/Ella.

My Otps for the signs

These are couples I really like but sometimes depending on a person’s venus I change my mind.

Aries & Gemini: Such a cute and adorable connection between the two, they’re like a fun couple.

Taurus & Virgo: They have this thing between them which makes them seem like they know everything and anything about eachother. They can always make eachother smile.

(One of my top favs)Cancer & Pisces: Such a strong bond between the two and the love they share is visible to everyone around them. Just super adorable.

(One of my top favs)Leo & Sagittarius: They’re so full of energy together and are so adventurous! Crazy love energy here.

(One of my top favs) Libra & Aquarius: They understand eachother and just fit hand in hand with one another, super cute visible bond.

Scorpio & Capricorn: Supportive and understanding of eachother, totally a long term connection between the two.

*bare in mind I change my mind a lot hehe*

before it slips away from me, i need to talk about trans ash ketchum. XD

okay, so i’d seen some fic around before, with ash as ftm, and i thought at the time, hey, that’s cool, glad i saw that. 

but now i actually, really just thought about it in-depth now

like, if you headcanon ash as ftm trans, but kept everything else in canon the same, what would that look like? and so therefore, i realized something about my otp in this fandom (which is ash/gary, ftr).

see, the thing that’s probably on a lot of people’s minds during the original series, is god, ash, why in the fuck are you still friends with this dude??? all he ever does is taunt you and make fun of you, so what gives?

but actually, if you apply the context of ash being trans, it suddenly makes a ton of sense to me.

because gary’s nickname for ash is “ashy-BOY”

maybe that’s why ash puts up with gary, maybe that’s why he decided to carry that stupid half of a pokeball with him everywhere

because gary is the one person who never misgenders him; that’s a low that gary has never, and will never, stoop to. because as much as ash hates the nickname “ashy”, he doesn’t mind it from gary, because gary always adds on “boy” to the end of it, and it makes him feel all warm and good inside, these little affirmations and validation that gary gives him; everything else pales in comparison to that. 

maybe gary was the first person ash came out to, and he took it in stride; or maybe he always knew, and ash hardly had to tell him at all. 

but still, despite it all, and despite the fact that gary distanced himself and wasn’t friendly with ash anymore, gary still made sure to let ash know that it was never because of his gender, and that gary sees ash as a true and real boy, irregardless of where their friendship stands. 

sorry, but i had to get this out and share it ;A; 


WAIGE Appreciation Week || Day 2

► Favorite Conversation

I honestly have a lot of favorite conversations between Walter and Paige (seeing as they are my OTP), but if I had to narrow it down to just one (which was really, really hard), I’d have to pick the ending of 1x18 “Once Bitten, Twice Die.” We all know Walter appreciates everything Paige does, but I think, in this moment, he outwardly tells her how much he values her place on the team as well as values her as a friend. In spite of how he feels about the liberal arts, he is willing to go out of his way to make sure she gets to her class on time (WHILE HE IS STILL RECOVERING FROM A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE). He even openly tells her he has faith in her abilities by telling her she’ll nail her test. :) The level of trust and faith he has had in Paige since day one is overwhelming, but I think the ending of 1x18 is where Walter vividly sees himself slowly changing because of Paige; the little things she has taught him has significantly changed his outlook on life, but I don’t think he he realizes it until this moment. :) :) :) And that, in the broadest of terms, is why I favor this conversation over all of the others. :D


I think that maybe if he doesn’t want to talk to you about his work, it’s probably because he wants to keep you in the light.