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Writing Commissions!


Hey followers. I’m an unemployed bi girl whose having serious difficulty finding a job, and by next week (10/19/2017), I need $40 for grocery money, $20 for my college application, and $40 dollars for my adult learner’s permit test, which brings to $100. I’m in a serious bind, so I decided to put my writing skills to work in commissions.

I will write for: Stardew Valley, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Remember Me, Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Steven Universe, Fallout, Arcana (visual novel), Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Choices (visual novel), and Saints Row.

I accept payment only in my paypal.

I don’t have any real outstanding rules except for the obvious (nothing promoting racism, facism, anything otherwise illegal).

Examples of my writing are in my “my writing” tag which I’ve put on this post.

Prices are:

Less than 1000 words: $5

More than 1000: $10

More than 2000: $15 

More than 3000: $20

I know ya’ll are probably sick of seeing this, but I REALLY need help right now; and believe me, I’m not fond of begging either, and I wouldn’t be unless I had to.

References: crisis-response-specialist

I just wanted to thank everyone who loves my artworks each time I post a new one (which is very often lol). I spends many hours working my photoshop skills for my work but having the opportunity to express my love for Zude through edits, manips, posters or whatever you call it; sharing it with you all and see you like that too, it’s honestly the best feeling. So thank you ♥️ (And I made this a few hours ago as my new twitter profil picture 👁👁, just thought I’d share it with you all instead of a regular pic! I hope you won’t mind the low quality).