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Famethyst : Even gems of the same type vary in size, color and personality. Draw your gemsona meeting their diverse family with all of their glorious variations!

Just slightly late on this prompt but I literally was up until 4am working on this cause I’m that person.  First one to start Gemsona Week, a week to draw your gemsonas with prompt to get that creativity going!  This week holds a very special place, it was when I created my first gemsona back in 2015 and then followed with making more of them and now I love these gals too much as characters.  

This prompt stuck out to me since of the whole backstories on all of the gems, they are are ‘asbestos’ minerals which they all share the same quality of being super toxic to living beings.  While they are all different in sizes and bodies these gals formed a bond that would best describe it as viewing each others as sisters.  So much so other gems have mentioned how that only an “earth thing” that isn’t normal or that gems don’t have families.  They all seem to shrug that off quite often, they’ve all viewed themselves as a family for so long that its just been second nature.

This poster was a lot of fun also, it was a little thumbnail sketch that I like the concept so much that I went for the idea.  Hopefully drives the point of the emotion I was going for with this one. ;D

An Illustration I drew for my FFXV fanbook ‘Journey’, in which Prompto is an Eos Geo photographer and his bros tagging along to help out

The fanbook will pretty much be a mash-up of FFXV art I want to draw in the following months, so it won’t be only about the theme of a journey, but the core of the fanbook will focus on travelling, exploring and the story in the game.

I’ll also sometimes post wips on my new instagram acc sayuyuv

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a thought/idea: blue lion becomes sad that Lance is having these feelings of insecurity so in an effort to make him feel better, blue gives a little of her quintessence to Lance which turns into a smaller ver of herself that follows Lance around


imagine: the lion is like a big puppy and follows him around the castle, cuddling him and just being really protective of him and all that, the other paladins are all jealous of Lance’s cute quintessence lion

Hello! I didn’t actually expect that many people to request this and I was going to make this anyways soooo… Let’s get to it!

 Before we get started to actually making the spread, you first need to answer the following:

  • Do I want to follow a theme?
  • If so, what theme do I want? 
  • What are the things that motivate me?
  • Are there certain people that motivate me?
  • Do I want to plan my weekends? 

 My weekly spread isn’t the same every week and I change some things very often because I feel like it’s necessary to do so but I’m not one to change my over all color scheme very often although there are some studygrams who change theirs every week. It’s hard to keep on changing your theme if you are a studyblr so I suggest to stick to one for a long time. It’s not necessary to have one but it makes it more neat and pleasing in the eyes and makes it look more organized. I don’t know what they’re originally called, but I call them ‘space-fillers’ mainly because they fill up space (duh). To sum it up, these are basically little things you can add to your bujo to make it more handy and useful. (* - my favorites) Some examples are: 

  • Weekly Playlist*
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Water Count
  • Thought of The Day (TOTD)*
  • Quote of The Day (QOTD)
  • Daily Mood
  • Weekly Expenses 
  • What I Eat in a Day* 

 I want to make this clear, because I live in the Philippines, I don’t really have access to expensive stationeries that you could always see on tumblr and instagram such as Tombows, Muji pens, Artline Stix, and Mildliners. I know that there are some MUJI branches in Manila but it would mean climbing Mt. Everest, crossing the Han River, and spending your life savings. Not worth it (in my opinion because I’m like 14 who basically depends on her parents). So, learn to use what you have and supplies are just supplies. Expensive stationery don’t equal to immediately having beautiful lettering. I just use the Faber Castel ones but depending on where you live, these might not be available for you. I use it because it’s cheaper and does the job. Although the tips do fray overtime, you’re still getting more than what you paid for. So definitely a must-try.

 Before we start. Checklist (* - optional) 

  • Bujo
  • Markers 
  • Glue 
  • Ballpen 
  • Ruler 
  • Highlighter* 
  • Washi Tape*
  • Colored Paper*
  • Photos* 
  • Music 

(I didn’t list any specific brands because you can always substitute supplies)

 Okay and now we can finally start! 

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holy fuck dudes, it’s finally done. 1 year in the making!!! so this is one of my first serious attempts at digital art which is part of why this took me forever to finish. also i purposely tried to emulate @choodraws !! i love their art so this is kind of a homage to both them and NGE. 

anyway! please enjoy!!! (follow me on instagram @annarysm_ )

Happy belated (is it belated already where you live??) birthday, @the-flame-and-hawks-eye!!

…wait, we don’t even know each other, you say? Haha, oh boy, now it gets embarrassing. So basically I saw all the amazing birthday wishes yesterday on your blog (mostly because of @mellorad‘s great art which was posted at 4am my time yesterday and I didn’t want to sleep) and I liked some because they were so nice and YOU SAW, and YOU FOLLOWED MY PERSONAL BLOG. And I felt so BAD for not also wishing you happy birthday, even though we haven’t really talked ever. So here you go, have this tiny royai doodle (because I heard you liked angst, otherwise this might be a rather unfitting birthday drawing oh god I am sorry) and all the best for your next year!!!! 

carrioncrowned’s 1K give away!

Hurray everybody, I’ve reached my first milestone! Thank you everybody for following me, I love all of you and I READ YOUR TAGS and you’re all amazing and supportive!

So, since I don’t have any good swag to gift to people and I’m broke as hell, I’m going to give away the thing you’re probably following me for anyway - art!

Winner 1: Complex background, up to two characters

Winner 2: Simple background, up to two characters

Winner 3: One character, simple background

Okay, now to the rules: 

1. As you’ve probably guessed, there are going to be three winners that I’ll pick through a random number generator, one for every category. 

2. Obviously most of my followers are gonna be Fannibals or YOI fans, but I’ll draw other fandoms or OCs as well. I reserve the right to decline your request if it’s something I’m not comfortable doing.

3. Both reblogs and likes count, and you can reblog as many times as you like (but please don’t spam your dash)

4. No giveaway blogs. I’ll check. 

5. You gotta be following me, since this is an event for my followers. I’ll check that too.

6. The giveaway ends in a month, so on 05.12.17, after which I’ll send an ask to the winners to confirm, so please keep your inbox open! The winner will have 24 hours to respond, after which I’ll pick a new one. 

For more examples of my art, take a look at MY ART TAG!

Good luck, feel free to signal boost too!

(( final request is done!!! @thetrashierpanda requested the batfamily cosplaying a different cartoon so I picked gravity falls since it’s one of my favorites :00 also look I finally remembered to draw Alfred’s glasses how about that

again,, thank you guys so so much for 1000+ followers!!! I’m over 1100 now which is honestly completely unreal and I can’t thank u guys enough for being so great,,, these requests were really fun to do and tomorrow I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled asks!! ^^ ))

I shat this out in roughly three hours, and reminded myself why I never stuck to animation. I started it in CLIP Studio, then found out you can only do like, 24 frames (which is bullshit), so I exported what I had in TV Paint and finished it there. It’s all straight forward too, because I don’t have any frickin patience.

I’ve been reading/following @shinyzango and their BATIM AU, which I really like. One of their latest posts had these really cool drawings of Monster Bendy raising from ink, which what got my lazy ass to do this. XD

I’m gonna go take a nap now.


Can you believe that literally the entire premise of this was “I want to see Robin bake some brownies” and then it TURNED INTO THIS MASSIVE PROJECT I WAS NOT EXPECTING. I can’t believe these 2 idiots are married with 2 kids either rip in pieces. (Also I’m hoping to channel the Touken Ranbu philosophy of if you draw them they will come PLEASE BABY CHROM BACK U CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME….)

This recipe is so good and so easy to follow hohoho I hope you get to make some bombass brownies yourself in the future if you’re into them.

You can also read this here on my PIXIV which is a little nicer on the eyes than tumblr for comics.

Girlfriends with matching mani-pedis ♡

A collab with the fantastic and wonderful @minis-art​!! Originally for JuleRose June but it’s now July. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This collab was done a bit differently than other ones; Mini drew and lined the drawing, which I then printed out, lazily light-boxed onto watercolor paper using a window, relined in Microns, and colored with watercolors. It was really fun to do and I really like how it came out!!

Anyway if you haven’t seen or followed Mini yet I have no idea what you’re doing with your life because she is the sweetest person ever and her art is always incredibly detailed and gorgeous.

Artwork ©: alazic02 and @minis-art

Do not repost.

“Carnations” (Epilogue)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: A carnation fundraiser, an iota of possibility, and a longtime secret crush on your hot best friend - what could go wrong?

we’re officially at the end of the mini-series! there’s an extended a/n and q&a section at the end of this chapter. thank you showering this story with your love!

“Carnations” (Masterlist)

 “Something’s bothering you.”

“Nothing’s bothering me.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m pretty sure.”

Your boyfriend sets down his lemonade glass and leans in, his face so close that you can smell his beverage’s sweetness linger on his lips. His eyes search your face in a hawkish manner as he says, “Meh, I don’t think so. Something is definitely bothering you.  What’s going on?”

A shrug pulls your shoulders up and down. “Nothing. I’m peachy,” you fib.

“Right, and I’m the Queen of England. Come on, doll. This is me you’re talking to.”

You stare hard at the brunette sitting across from you, his cheeky smile practically challenging you to disagree with him. If dating Bucky has taught you anything, it’s that there’s no point in attempting to lie because he knows you way too well. You’re not the only one well-versed in someone’s tells, and Bucky likes to point that out every so often.

He knows he’s on the money with his observation. Cheekiness changing into gentle concern, Bucky takes your hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “What’s going on in that beautiful brain of yours?” he repeats.

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tbh i think ur art is mad ugly in general but u seem to take extra care to make jimin look gross?? idk. it's not like i go looking for ur art but tumblr's gr8 like that even if i block u i'll see reblogs/recs of ur posts. admittedly this time i went to see if u responded and how ur minions would react. good for u to have ppl eat ur ass on the reg

listen this will be the last time that I answer to you, next time I’ll block you.

you seem to really not like my drawings or just me. the thing is that I can’t do anything about it. I have the right to post whatever I want, people have the right to like my work. and you have the right to not like it. So why not ignoring me? You see my work on your dashboard? Scroll. You’re still pissed about the fact my drawings exist on this earth? talk shit about me to your friends I don’t care, if this can make you feel better.

i think your problem is not that my drawings are ugly or smt, it’s because my blog is kinda “popular”. Maybe you think I dont deserve it, this is your opinion and I accept it, but just to let you know I work hard, very hard.

“good for you to have ppl eat ur ass”, ok if someone talks shit about bts, or your friend, or someone that you like, you won’t defend them? people are following me because they like what I do, if they didn’t like the way I draw Jimin for example, they won’t support my work, like you. So why is it bad to have people defending me. They don’t “eat my ass” they just defend something that they like, it’s completly normal. I would do the same with my friends or with artists that I like, that’s how it works.

“ u seem to take extra care to make jimin look gross?? “ and you seem to love jimin a lot which is absolutly not a bad thing, it’s very good I love him too. I love him because he always takes care about the members and because he’s extremely kind, like all the rest of the group. Now instead of sending me a message this hateful, maybe you should learn from him and be a lil more kind. That won’t hurt you I promise.

Anon, at the end of the day, I’m just a lil blog, posting my art on tumblr, my drawings won’t change your life and your opinion won’t change my life and the way I see my art. Instead of being very aggresive to people to make you feel good, you should find an healthier way. Good luck with life

hello the 4 people that bother to look at my posts! i’ve got lots of free time. so.

reblog this post (each counts as 1 entry) to enter a little art raffle/giveaway thing. I’ll pick 1-3 people (depending on how many enter, which I’m expecting to be rlly low lol) to give away the drawing(s) to. also this giveaway is for my 4 followers so if you don’t follow you’re not exactly eligible to win,,,, might wanna do that

the prize(s) will be a request drawing! anything you want, I will draw it. ever wanted to see Kaneki Ken in a skirt in my style? now is your chance.

I WILL NOT draw any nsfw content, gore, animals, or landscapes because. well quite frankly I’m not too good at that.

I WILL DRAW your face, ocs, characters you like from shows, movies, etc. up to 2 characters max, and I’ll be doing them in a semi-realistic style with just lineart and solid colors (minimal cell shading, simple BG; see the pictures of keith, lance, and yuuri above for reference)

deadline to enter will be the end of april, and winners will be announced the 1st of may. the prize(s) should come out within a week or two. I’ll message the winner(s) and if they don’t respond in 24 hrs I’ll skip them! also transparent files of the art will b available to whoever wins.

TLDR; thank you for 500 followers! follow me and reblog this post to enter a giveaway for ONE FREE PIECE OF ART from mmeeeeeeeee

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How do you draw poses/characters in motion? I have a side art blog (draw-stuff09) and I've been trying to go for a more flowy artstyle. What's your drawing process?

Well usually i just kind of follow basic rules like “line of action” and try to pay attention to which parts of an object stretch and squish, how gravity may affect things. i also make sure all my lines are smooth and round, making movement possible with stiff, angular lines can be a bit difficult,  staying loose even if you mess up helps, you can always edit out mistakes later. Anyway though, i wouldn’t say i have a “process” really,  but i DO recommend looking up line of action,  also here’s a dumb tutorial thing i made ages ago:


part 3 of the draw your otp challenge!
in which hinata is rlly flustered bcos these sweeties are just too precious for words
sorry these are so late i’ve been totally stuck without internet
but now this falls rather neatly on valentines day which is cute
(ALSO thanks for 1000+ followers i feel so blessed :’> )

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I just wanted to let you know I love following your blog. Your art is absolutely gorgeous. You made me low key ship bakudeku which is impressive seeing as my OTP is kiribaku!! The way you draw Bakugou takes my breath away. He is so so good. I also really enjoy your kirikami pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. You truly are a wonderful person!

!! ; ; omgh really?? thank you so mUCH Aaahh it’s kindda really an honor to hear–! To bridge my love for boom boom and Bakudeku/Kirikami to another fellow boom boom fan (and a Kiribaku shipper nonetheless–!) makes feels like an accomplishment lmao hjnfjkdfjk  feels bad I havnt really drawn these two together so as a kinda apology/thank you…

here this just for you anon–! and any of my followers who are quiet kiribaku shippers lu

✏️ the other day, darling @smolwars declared a High School AU day for the kylux fandom! and i couldn’t think of a better excuse to finally make a colored version of this piece (^   O ^) which was already a black and white re-draw (which i can’t find on my blog, oddly? lol!) of the first piece i ever posted on Tumblr! LOL! sooo~ sorry/not sorry that you’ve to see these two three times if you’ve been following me all along! LOL! LOL! LOL! if you haven’t been~ they were my designs for @no-hux-given ‘s high school AU fic “Unintended” which you can read >HERE!< that is still one of my favourite fics ever! <3 <3 <3

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sorry if this is dumb, but what's the story behind muscle pear?

oh my GOD okay so it started about 2 (June 21st, 2015) years ago, specifically with this post

my half assed attempt at some poor nightmare fuel, but I he was actually dubbed musclepear by my followers. then I later edited my original post, giving him the tag of musclepear

and so then on he has been called musclepear. then I got more requests to draw him, which shocked me honestly. one night, myself, my friend, and another artist on here came up with a girlfriend for him, Fritney

where he adopted the less scary and the more chiseled look

then I started drawing him some more, further refining his look and character, allowing him to adopt a more wholesome, soft, and pure style and personality

The shorts? Here to stay. That warm, safe feeling you get in the presence of a soft, but reassuring protector? Eternal.

People have non stop asked me to draw him since. Why? I don’t fucking know. I honestly could NEVER tell you why people LOVE musclepear. I actively refused to draw him and simply ignored requests for a year. Until now.

In the year and a half I didn’t draw him, he became a corn farmer, and he adopts old dogs and cats and lets them live out their days on his farm, using his profits to make their transition comfortable.

you beautiful, blue-eyed bastard