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Could you describe the eggs of the american thunderbird, cloud dragon, prussian bloodwing, icelandic magmacrest, Lung dragon, Pearlescent webwyrm dragon, Rong dragon, Savannah sunfrill dragon, Venezuelan verdantmaw, skeletal caverndrake, egyptian razorback and the deep sea dragon?

Sure I can!

North American Thunderwing Dragon - sometimes called the Thunderbird Dragon, the eggs of these dragons are dark midnight blue with silvery flecks, very similar to those of Swedish Shortsnout Dragons. The only reason they’re not confused is the size - Thunderwing eggs are much much larger - distance - America is most certainly NOT part of the range of a Swedish dragon - and that, when hatched, the insides have a degree of labradorescence.

[image / labradorite]

Cloud Dragon - Very similar to the eggs of Long or Lung dragons, Cloud Dragon eggs are notably a little more crystalline and more oval. Nonetheless, the similarities have sparked discussion amongst Dragonologists who believe that Cloud Dragons may be the result of a number of migrated Long dragons interbreeding with an extinct variety of European Dragon -


Prussian Bloodwing - Usually some shade of grey and rough both in texture and in shape - Prussian Bloodwing eggs look like rocks which is one of a few reasons why previous attempts to eradicate them rarely succeeded. Usually similar in appearance to granite or sometimes basalt, they are often mistaken for, simply, rocks.


Icelandic Magmacrest - Obsidian in appearance, the eggs of Icelandic Magmacrests are one of a very few eggs which have the foetal dragonet visible within them. I’ll use two images here to show what I mean, one showing the eggs in the nest and one to show how they look out of the magma.

[image / alt]

Long or Lung Dragon - Almost perfectly spherical and varying from truly pearlescent to a soft sheen, these eggs are usually white, cream, or some shade of yellow-gold, more like the start of a summer sunrise. Some eggs have slight tints of other colours as well, but, at present, yellow seems to be predominant. According to records, this can vary century to century -

[image / alt]

Pearlescent Webwyrm Dragon - The eggs of Pearlescent Webwyrms have a wonderful simplicity - they are eggs. Huge… but still just… eggs. Nothing all that special. Easily mistaken for Ostrich eggs.


Rồng Dragon - Beautiful dragons with wonderfully odd eggs - their eggs seem to be completely transparent, rather like a crystal ball (indeed, some Asian Seers have been known to use unhatched or stillborn Rồng Dragon eggs for Crystal Orbs, and purportedly find them superb for aiding the Sight). Quite how the eggs manage to look so while still most definitely holding a foetal dragonet remains unknown. Interestingly they vary in shape, some are more egg-like while others are perfectly spherical.

[image / alt]

Savannah Sunfrill Dragon - Savannah Sunfrill Dragons are another dragon which loves to camouflage it’s eggs, and does so very well - the eggs look rather like rocks, or collected bundles of rock and are surprisingly tough until the time comes to hatch, when they crumble away into rubble.

[image / alt]

Venezuelan Verdantmaw - Slate Grey (from very dark to very pale and almost pearlescent), and often with blue patterning or swirls on the dark grey.

[image / alt]

Skeletal Caverndrake - Interestingly similar in appearance to that of the eggs of the Ukrainian Ironbelly - silver-greyish and sometimes pearlescent.


Egyptian Razorback - Large, round and often somewhat cracked naturally, the eggs of the Egyptian Razorback are often mistaken for fossils and (sometimes) geodes, which has led to significant endangerment of the breed.


Deep Sea Dragon - Red with silvery lacing, the eggs of these creatures are translucent when laid but rapidly darken. When pulled to the surface (provided they are kept under careful pressurising spells) they look not unlike pieces of haematite-laced red jasper.

[image / alt]  


Curious chef that I am, I decided to try out one of the recipes from The World of Thedas Vol.2 and unabashed elf lover that I am, I went for Dalish Hearth Cakes. Which are essentially Dalish pancakes.

They are actually really good and smell absolutely delicious, the cinnamon and ginger give it a nice bite without being too much. They are really good with honey or maple syrup, as well as fresh fruit that lightens the warm flavor of them a lot.

I did use wheat flour, which made them dark then what they’d normally be. Butter worked out better than butter substitutes, just because to does add to both the flavor and the texture (which substitutes usually do one or the other). Also the smaller your dried fruits the better, just because you do get more in a bite and the cakes themselves are relatively tiny in the end so larger dried fruits “warp” and take up too much space within the cakes/dough.

So yeah…my attempt at Hearth Cakes.


Enjolras & Grantaire from World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile / idiopath-fic-smile

Oh man, I almost didn’t feel like drawing these after the last chapter because there’s so many newer scenes I’d rather like to tackle. Buuut I promised myself I’d try and finish the ones I’m already working on before starting new ones.

Also sorry anon, still no hickey scene.

Picture 1:

‘This is so stupid,’ Grantaire thinks, because it is. But the thought is so familiar that it recedes into the background noise of his mind, so it doesn’t have much bearing on his actions.

His actions are to kick the chair again.

No comment, really. Except I hate drawing furniture. *sigh* Also, yes, Grantaire, that is indeed stupid.

Picture 2:

“Just—tell me,” says Grantaire, speaking low and fast, “tell me what’s more likely: that I would go out of my way for some cutesy, racist punchline? Or that I’d show up with a bunch of random food, having totally forgotten what you guys talked about last meeting? Look at me. I’ve worn this hat every day this week so I don’t have to comb my hair. Do you honestly think I have my shit together enough to—”

“And it’s just some big random chance that—”

Grantaire wants to throw his hands up in the air, but he can’t with the tacos weighing him down. “Look, first I thought KFC, but after Bossuet’s chicken rights speech last week, I don’t want to be within 10 feet of a drumstick. Then there was McDonald’s, but they’ve got fuck-all for vegetarians, so what was Musichetta supposed to do? The only other place was Panera, and in the words of Meatloaf, I’d do anything for love but I won’t buy twelve dollar cheese sandwiches for you and all your friends.”

Okay, so, I’ve never been to Taco Bell and I’ve never even seen what the bags look like because the chain doesn’t exist in my country. (We don’t have KFC either. Or Panera, whatever that is. We do have McDonald’s but then again which country doesn’t?) So this is my best attempt to draw them using only Google image search as reference. I have no idea if I got even close. Well I know they should probably be wrinklier but then you wouldn’t be able to make out the logo.

Something about this picture bothers me but I can’t figure out what I should fix… Probably Enjolras, something about him is awkward here.

Weirdly what I’m most happy about is the blackboard. That’s so random but… well, somehow I managed to get the exact right texture for the chalk! It looks nice! I wasn’t even originally going to have anything on the blackboard but then it looked so empty so I figured why not.

Picture 3:

“Fuck,” says Enjolras. “That was really, really unfair to you. I’m sorry.” For the life of him, Grantaire can’t think of anything to say. “I shouldn’t have put you in that situation, it was—I’m sorry.” Even at his best, Grantaire’s not sure he’d be able to wrap his mind around the slight tremor in Enjolras’s voice, the way his face has gone pale and nervous.

He looks like he’s about to throw up. Grantaire might join him. His hands have gone from twitchy to sweaty. He swallows, breathes in and out.

“On top of all of society’s bullshit,” says Enjolras, “to have to deal with it from the school’s social justice club—we should’ve had your back. I should’ve had your back. You deserve b—”

“Please please please stop talking,” Grantaire is saying, before he can close his mouth. “Please, just.” He swallows again, although it’s harder this time.

This scene still hits me right in the heart. (Among all the awesome scenes in this fic… I would rank this except I can’t. Too many great scenes.)

I totally just traced that car. Just picked a random 90’s van since I figured his car would probably be oldish. I seriously can’t draw cars. But hey, maybe I should trace more stuff since it looks pretty nice actually.

Oh my god 129 notes for the last fan art post? That’s ridiculous! How am I even supposed to deal with that?! Okay, I mean obviously it’s a popular fic so I guess it makes sense but still! That’s a lot! For me at least! Eep. Thank you. orz

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Hope you haven't been asked this too much, but what brushes do you use?

Hi! Here is my feeble attempt to explain the brushes I use. I’ve had a lot of questions about my brushes, so I hope that making a public response on here satisfies some of your requests:

^ These are some of the brushes that I made myself, which I also sometimes use as “stamps”. And this is just what works for me, but I usually go into Brush Presets to tweak the shape and spontaneity of the texture as shown on the left. I try to keep my textures more “organic” and unpredictable to sort of balance out the graphic clean-edged shapes. Sometimes I’ll do this by masking out a shape, as shown below:

I also get a lot of brushes from my friends, and out of respect for them I can’t share those on here (that includes Steven Universe brushes!).
Hope this helps! <3

ShesGotNigerianCurls ‘Fro Feature: Adaobi

What’s your name and where are you from? 

My name is Adaobi, but I am more commonly known by my middle name, which is Cassandra (either is fine). I am from Nigeria, but was raised and currently live in Houston.

Have you been natural all your life? If not, please tell us how and why you decided to go natural.

No, I’ve been fully natural since January 2013. I decided to go natural because I wanted to embrace my own TRUE hair. I wanted texture and versatility. It was an easy decision to make because relaxers never “worked” for me. My hair was always extremely difficult to tame, as it has always been extremely thick and long (shout-out to my momma). The only time my hair would lay down, is if I’d go to a beauty salon and get it processed and straightened to death, which wasn’t often. My mom would complain about how damaged my hair looked, and how short it was becoming, so I figured if relaxers weren’t working on my hair anyway, then I might as well let them go.

Tell us about your Big Chop Day or if you transitioned, about your transition journey.

My big chop was a little impulsive. I was attempting to transition for awhile, but the two conflicting textures quickly annoyed me, so I just up and chopped it off one day. I had a good inch of hair on my head, so it was…different, haha. My hair had never, ever been that short. Even as a baby, I had a nice juicy fro going on, so yeah, this was definitely different, but surprisingly,  I really welcomed it. I played India Arie’s ‘Private Party" as I chopped it off, haha. It was nice.

When you have your natural hair out/when you first went natural, is/was there a reaction from family or friends, especially those from the same country you’re from and/or when you go back to your home country

Yeah, I got a lot of compliments! It was cool. My parents liked it. My boyfriend quickly grew to love it (he didn’t want me to cut it at first). I feel blessed to have had encouraging reactions, because not everyone does.

What recent issues have you had with your hair and how are you resolving/have you resolved them? 

Well, I’m currently regretting that I dyed my hair last year. It’s mostly grown out, and I have about an inch-and-a-half of color left on the ends. The texture of where my hair is dyed is drier and not as healthy looking as the portions of my virgin hair. I really want to cut it off, but I’m letting it do its thing for now. 

What made you decide to take your healthy hair journey seriously and how’s it going so far? 

Just noticing all the damage and knowing that my hair wasn’t at its fullest potentional. I wanted to be proud of what was coming from my scalp! My journey is going well, though. I’m finding easier ways to manage my hair, and I’m just taking it how it comes.

What do you think of this new era we’re in, where many more ladies are big chopping/transitioning and embracing their natural hair?

 I think it’s awesome! It’s definitely making a statement and letting mainstream society know that we like our hair the way it is and showing them that we don’t have to conform to their standards of beauty to be seen as beautiful. It’s making such an impact, that companies that traditionally cater to “finer” hair textures, are now making products that cater to natural-hair. It’s kind of amusing, actually. They’ll make crappy statements about our hair, but clearly we have a bigger impact on the market than they realize, haha.

How would you describe your hair and your relationship with it?

My hair is a 4c texture up until the back of my head, which is a looser texture. My hair is also extremely thick. My relationship with my hair is one of love/hate, like most naturals would say, but I’m enjoying the journey overall.

What’s your typical, current hair regime-wash days, styling, protective styles… 

Well, because of YouTube, I feel like I switch up my wash regimen every wash day. My main reason for switching it up so often is to cut down on wash time. I just can’t deal with spending hours just washing and deep-conditioning. Not to mention feeling like a wet dog when I have to come out of the shower, go back in to rinse, come out again, etc. It’s just too much! My current favorite regimen, a co-wash method, is one where I apply coconut oil to dry, sectioned hair (to help with my detangling process), apply my conditioner to the sections, rinse and apply more conditioner so I can detangle each section, rinse. Apply a conditioner so I can deep condition. Sit with it for 20-30mins, then rinse, dry and begin prepping my hair for a twist-out, which is what I usually do after washing my hair. For protective styles, I’ve been doing a lot crochet styles and twists, as they are the easiest styles for me to do on myself. When I’m just messing with my hair, I’ll either wear it in a fluffed out twist-out, or a puff,

What are your three favourite things about your hair? 

The softness, the versatility, and as much as it gives me a headache, I love the thickness.

How do you feel about shrinkage and how do you deal with it? 

I think shrinkage sucks, but it is necessary. When I’m fresh from a wash, I deal with it by always putting my hair in twists after I wash. It still shrinks up a bit, but it doesn't shrink AND tangle, which is a nightmare. 

What are your favourite hair products so far? 

I feel like I’m not completely qualified to talk about my favorite products, because I haven’t tried a bunch. I’m so not a product junkie when it comes to this natural hair game, and like to keep it simple. Some of the things that I do use that I like and have stuck with, are of course, Shea Moisture (everyone loves them). I really only use their Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Pudding. I also loooove my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner (another popular favorite among the natural hair community), and I’ve really been loving my Tresemme conditioner for color-treated hair. Argan oil is lovely, too.

What are your favourite protective styles? 

Twists, Crochet, Puffs/Buns, Braids, and Weaves.

What 3 pieces of vital advice would you leave to other naturals? 

Love your hair, don’t compare, and find what works for YOU.

Any favourite natural hair bloggers? Please link them if so! We can never have enough naturalistas to look up to and learn from 

There's so many! However, I don’t know all the names by heart, since I got put on to 4c Bloggers/Youtubers kind of recently. The main one coming to mind is Fusion of Cultures (since I’ve been following her the longest)

What forms of social media can we find you on? 

Twitter: CassOrakpo
IG: CassOrakpo

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Hello! I know you just did a shit ton of prompts, but I was looking at your "how to make Hawley better" post (and btw I totally agree) and I saw something about demon venom. I was wondering if you could write something where Abbie gets injected with the venom and Ichabod is super concerned and just there for her. I don't care if Hawley is there or not, but the episodes lately have just lacked the standalone ichabbie I've been craving. Please and thank you!

She insisted on walking. She tottered from the car to the door of her building like a tin soldier while he trailed worriedly in her wake. But she stood before the flight of stairs that stood between her and home, she looked at him. Without a word, he took her in his arms.

Her legs would not bend as they should, but rather stuck out like twigs. He could feel the muscles in her thighs bunch beneath this hands as if she was about to take some tremendous leap into the air. And if Miss Jenny was correct – and she invariably was in these matters – it was all going to get much worse before it got better.

It took some doing to unlock the door, but between the two of them they managed. He nudged light switches to life with his shoulder and carried her to her bedroom. As soon as he set her upon the bed, she was ready to be rid of him.

“I’ll give you a call when this is all over.” Crane knelt at her feet and began unlacing her boots. “Jenny said I should be good as new by tomorrow.” He set the shoes aside. She’d likely be more comfortable in looser clothing, but he feared he would hurt her in the attempt. “Won’t be a fun night, but…” He settled for fluffing her pillows instead. “You’re not actually going to leave, are you?”

“Of course not.”

Keep reading


yay, more messy texture experiments that i cba to clean up :) I’ve never liked how the NSMBs series looks so i attempted to fix what i hated about it.


  • More harmonious colour scheme (less oversaturated colours, less colourless whites/blacks, more monotonal backgrounds).
  • less bad-90’s-cgi-look more modern-mario-with-pixel-art i.e fix the weird shading of highlights/shadows.
  • less obvious tile repetition (which was very hard to do because of the way they used their textures .___. )
  • better readability i.e clearer delineation between foreground and background, higher contrast boundaries on mario, enemies and collectables (so readable in both light and dark environments), less distracting non-interactable foreground stuff. clearer contrast between actual walkable platforms and non-interactable ground below them.
  • more throw backs to the older games (mainly the SNES ones) i.e less naturalistic (less fences,flowers, tress etc.) more surreal (more weird hill things, clouds w/ eyes etc.). hybrid colours between newer and older (i.e mushroom is closer to the white/red colours of SMB1). less blueish-green foreground stuff.

think it worked our pretty well considering how limited i was by only being able to change textures. I wish I could totally change the floor tiles though. straight lines are boring but the wavy lines repeated too much. boo. (hell i wish i could revamp pretty much the entire artstyle but…)

i was so happy when i changed to the SMB3 bricks tho :’)

will post some comparison shots later (and i’m considering writing up how i improved readability + how i’d improve it even more because maybe some indie peeps might be interested in that?)

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Every time you post something from the Scone Discourse I'm tempted to attempt the lemonade scone recipe, and now sweetened cream. The problem is I'm not sure it's worth being haunted for the next decade by my Gran. So if I'm gonna do this, do you

know any other… variations on traditional recipes I could attempt at the same time? In for a penny and all that.

Add cornstarch into your shortbread for absolutely no reason, oh no wait it helps to make it “crispy”. Also make sure to melt the butter first rather than rub it in, and add a shit ton of vanilla extract then complain it’s a soggy cookie. Which is why you end up adding the cornstarch. To create an abomination and pass it off as shortbread. Complain it doesn’t taste like Walkers.

Also don’t forget to use waxy potatoes instead of floury when making potato scones. I can’t tell you what an interesting starchy texture experience that is.

Oh, oh if you really want to make your Gran spin, fruitcake without the fruit or the icing so it’s just a spiced loaf of dense cake but the stores are still going to sell it as “Traditional Scottish Fruit Cake”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also add white chocolate to everything. Just. Just do it, don’t question it. If you question it They Will Rise.

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How do you do your linearts? I've been having trouble with them so...

very painstakingly. look at this embarrassing gif of me trying to draw a single line

so the trick to neat lineart is to do it in quick flicks. as you can see you have to be patient because some strokes take SEVERAL ATTEMPTS, but it eventually creates a much nicer line than the wobbles you’d get from trying to carefully trace, or the unevenness of stringing together many short lines

(unless you’re using paint tool sai though which has a line stabilizer, but that’s a luxury i have never known)

it takes a trained hand of course, & depending on the level of tidiness you’re going for lineart can take a loooong ass time. so the simple answer is PRACTICE and PATIENCE. a good brush helps as well–i like one that’s solid but with a bit of texture

good luck. godspeed.


Some experimenting I did :D I don’t have the TS4 demo yet, but I’ve seen Sintiklia’s extracted TS4 bodies/textures and I just couldn’t resist: I was dying to see how some new skin textures would look like, so… I did this :D
I don’t mind vanilla textures, to be honest, I think they’re very cute especially compared to those awful TS3 base skin textures, but I prefer my sims to be a little more realistic, hence my attempt :D since I apparently have too much free time in my hands no, actually I don’t, I’m just a masochist, I repainted the whole thing myself: aside from the eyes (by Pooklet), the sclera (found somewhere on Google) and part of the lips (for which I used a blend of Ephemera/Bruno lips + some editing of mine), it’s all original :D and still very in progress, since the face still needs some fixing and I haven’t even touched the body D: Anyway, this might turn into an actual project once I get my hands on the demo/the game itself ^___^ (notice “might”: considering how obsessed I tend to be when it comes to working on skins, this may take forever to finish D: )