in which i attempt to use textures


My attempt to fix it only became worse! Õ_Õ Well.. it looks terrible in cooler tones. With super light or vivid it seems to be less noticable. I like cooler tones tho so.. HMM..

That bump tho.. XD It’s the pregnancy set at progres 90/100 . Damn! It looks food and seems to work fine, so that’s at least working along fine.

Do you guys prefer to have these baked/shadow textures on the meshes or are you fine with the textures I’ve always been using so far which is just .. nothing? ;P


Terrible lighting since it’s evening but anyway - 

A while ago I made my own dashi in an impulsive attempt to make my own sriracha mayo. Since I didn’t use the dashi immediately, I froze it and only decided to use it a few days ago. This was essentially an experimental dish in an attempt to recreate my favorite udon soup from a place down the road in an effort to curb my sushi-lunch-and-soup habits.

So! Because my agorophobic ass went to the nearest grocery store, I knew I wouldn’t have much to go for in term of the ingredients I wanted. I basically cannibalized a package of Simply Asia soy ginger noodle bowl for the noodles, which weren’t the thickness or texture I wanted but close enough, and used the sauce to marinate some tuna I compulsively picked up.

I knew the dashi was stronger than I wanted for the flavor profile I was going for, but it still worked pretty well here with a dash of mirin and soy sauce. I think the broth I’m wanting is more chicken or vegetable broth than dashi; it’s supposed to be really light and clean, not so umami-laden. Next time I’ll make a journey across town to get the ingredients I actually want!

The tea is some $3 matcha blend I unexpectedly found, which also has turmeric, pepper, dandelion and nettle. Overall, this was a very clean and cleansing meal after eating nothing but sodium the two weeks I was burning down Hyrule.

pattie-mae  asked:

Do you have any tips on shading? I always feel like it looks weird whenever I shade stuff

As boring as it may sound, the biggest tip I can give for shading is practice! I used to use a blending stump but was too lazy to go out and get a new one when I lost it, so I figured I just had to work with what I got, which is my pencil lol. So at first I was wondering how I’d be able to shade stuff without my stump and of course, my first attempts looked real bad (for my eyes, atleast) but I kept going and trying out different ways I could think of to achieve what I wanted!

Another thing that’ll really affect your work is the texture of the paper and how you use your pencil. One thing I recently realized is that even the slight difference in the paper I’m using gives me a big difference in the way I draw. (I don’t know about others but I, for some reason, just see these differences as a big deal– i just rlly have to adjust lmao)

And for the way I use the pencil, (a mechanical pencil) before I begin, I tend to have a piece of paper where I do a left and right stroke so that the tip would be diagonal. After that, I shade my entire finished outline with a really subtle shade in one direction (the first one is barely even noticeable) and I just keep adding layers until I get it right and then move on to refining details and stuff.

It sounds like a lotta work but to make you feel better, it took me months to be able to start again for the 2nd time and its only been the past two or three months that I’ve made some sketches I’m actually proud of (idk if that made you feel better lol)

These tips are vague :( lol but I guess I might just do a tutorial on it if you guys are into that


Curious chef that I am, I decided to try out one of the recipes from The World of Thedas Vol.2 and unabashed elf lover that I am, I went for Dalish Hearth Cakes. Which are essentially Dalish pancakes.

They are actually really good and smell absolutely delicious, the cinnamon and ginger give it a nice bite without being too much. They are really good with honey or maple syrup, as well as fresh fruit that lightens the warm flavor of them a lot.

I did use wheat flour, which made them dark then what they’d normally be. Butter worked out better than butter substitutes, just because to does add to both the flavor and the texture (which substitutes usually do one or the other). Also the smaller your dried fruits the better, just because you do get more in a bite and the cakes themselves are relatively tiny in the end so larger dried fruits “warp” and take up too much space within the cakes/dough.

So yeah…my attempt at Hearth Cakes.

FINAL BOX TASK - Statement

For my final box task I finished the weaving which began as experiment two and included experiments three to six. Here I have attempted to create a project that physically does not resemble the structure of a box, but uses its materials to create something new, transforming the common use of a cardboard box. The transformation process included making cardboard loom (the cardboard which was taken from the box) and using it to make a weaving which links back to the original material through; including torn cardboard paper, stamped fabric, which was produced through making a cardboard stamp and colouring crochet fabric with the ash of the burnt box into the weaving. Soft textures were created through weaving stitches e.g tabby stitch, loose tabby stitch, soumak stitch and rya knots. The use of warm and earthy tones including red, apricot, beige, brown, cream and grey add warmth as well as pops of colour to a space. The final weaving is aesthetically appealing due to its range of colours and different textures, making the weaving suitable for a soft furnishing wall hanging which is photographed above. The box has gone through a transformative journey, alike to myself moving to Sydney. It has been repurposed from a utility to a decorative item and essentially given a new pathway in life. Through the process of weaving, a therapeutic and calming process juxtaposed to the boxes prior form which was used for packing/ moving house which often causes anxiety in relation to the fear of the unknown. During the journey of moving and adapting to Sydney my own anxieties have risen and I have been able to use the creative process of weaving to feel calmer and more present.