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(UPDATE: I found a ripped Super Mario 3D Land character which was 3071 tris, so the rumored 2000 triangle limit is without a doubt false! I’m still glad it prompted me to research topology and polycount optimization, but now I’m at a complete loss as to what resolution to aim for! Please send help!)

It’s study-time!

Since I’m working towards ancient tech restraint limits, I thought I might as well attempt to make game graphics which would fit on the 3DS (now that Unity has 3DS support!).

However, people online seem to claim that the 3DS has a “hard limit” on 2000 triangles rendered at the same time, which is insanely little. For comparison, the PS1 developers usually aimed at 3000 triangle limits, although the machine could probably do a bit more. Some rumors say that the 2000 triangle limit is an artificial restraint, and it’s probable that it’s enforced to make sure that all games in the 3DS library runs at decent framerates, even with post-processing and fancy materials applied (implying that Nintendo doesn’t trust 3rd party devs to optimize their games properly). My graphics won’t be using post-processing at all, and shader materials will be unnecessary because I’m using vertex colours, so I’d love to swap that computing power for more triangles.Now, I’ve thought long and hard about how to solve this problem (and still retain a decent amount of detail and world-size).

First off, I looked at how the old classics did it.

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Here’s my thrown together attempt at making a “challenge” thing! Idea from my friend Max.

Just a fun little graphics “challenge” - list your biases, figure out which role you love the most, make graphics for your faves in your fave role! You can pace yourself as much as you want, I just hope you have fun!!

Step 1: List your biases by role and determine which role you love the most (I did it by counting ‘em and making a pie-chart, you can do it how you want) - Post it! This is your “base” or what you can refer to for step 2!

Step 2: For each of your biases in your favorite role, make an edit! You can post them daily, weekly, or monthly - pace yourself and have fun!

The situation in Turkey is BEYOND horrific. People have immediately stopped talking about it, but it’s getting of course much worse than it was during the attempted coup. Because Erdogan clearly exploited that to become even much more of a dictator.

I’m not going to include graphic images of piles of prisoners in their underwear, treated like beasts, because the mere thought makes me nauseous.

He is firing teachers from colleges and High Schools who don’t comply with HIS views, he is re-introducing death penalty (which, only good side of it, will exclude him from even starting a discourse with the EU for good). He is acting like a FULL-ON dictator, Hitler-style.

Please spread awareness. The people of Turkey need help and they deserve much better than this. The UN and NATO must intervene to stop this.



The audio is from this video (I asked permission beforehand), which is part of Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical!

So this was something I started working on  before the Portal 2 musical was released on the Geekenders’ channel. I was very impressed with the trailer and was thinking of doing an animatic of Good Morning Aperture, but didn’t for a couple reasons–at the time the video of the actual musical had not been uploaded so I didn’t know what the song looked like in the actual play, and it’s also… really long. BUT, the Geekenders had uploaded a tiny segment of the song Suddenly Wheatley, which I thought would be good to practice with.

And I’m glad I did that rather than attempting to tackle Good Morning Aperture because that would have NEVER gotten done. XD;; There’s a reason I’m not an animator…

I was fighting with a very glitchy graphics tablet that didn’t get fixed until toward the end of the making of this, so I’m sorry the art isn’t perfect throughout. But I did spend many hours on this and I hope you all enjoy!

Thank you, geekenders, for making such an amazing musical! You are all wonderfully talented people! <3 I look forward to seeing Part 4!


since when did bullets stop to sing?

The Anberlin Project (1/?) - We Owe This to Ourselves