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Damn, I’ve met unexpectedly a translation issue in the dialogue. I couldn’t imagine that Lucy’s swearing was actually “Jolly good!” in the original version. Which was rather like a “Good god” or “Goodness!” in french (Bon sang !)

Anyway, I attempted to make a graphic novel adaptation of Lockwood and co : the screaming staircase. As the project just failed, I thought it could be nice to share with you the few pages I’ve made. For those who’ve read the book, may noticed my free interpretation of the scene. As it was recommended to show not more than 5 pages to convince the publishers, I choose to make it entertaining and dynamic in a short lapse of time. So I put forward the gloomy atmosphere, the scary ghost and Lockwood’s fencing skill :’D.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 


dragon age alphabet


In the Futurama episode “Spanish Fry” the Planet Express Crew go out camping and, while there, Fry is abducted by aliens in the dead of night and returned without his nose.

It’s found out that the Alien Black Market is stealing male human noses and calling them “human horns” and selling them as an “aphrodisiac,” and Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8, is in possession of Fry’s.

They confront him and it’s returned without a hitch, but just as they’re about to leave Bender pipes up and asks,

To which Lrrr replies,

Bender responds, oblivious to Fry’s growing ire,

Lrrr immediately demands that Fry’s “lower horn” is removed, prepared for consumption, and placed in his and his wife, Ndnd’s, bedroom. (The use of an aphrodisiac is all in the attempt to save his failing, and passion-less, marriage.)

Fry is quickly accosted, and, from there, Bender spends the rest of the episode making jokes about Fry’s “wing-dang doodle” and the lack of action it seemingly gets, at least, by anyone which isn’t Fry himself.

Here are those jokes:

Joke #1.)

Joke #2.)

Joke #3.)

Joke #4.)

Joke #5.)

And finally, Joke #6.)

And this is why I believe you should watch Futurama.

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Whats wrong with that show

Albert Camus once wrote, “Good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.”

Numerous credible evidence-based organizations with a firm grasp of the suicide prevention world discourage graphic depictions or discussions of suicide, because, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and others, risk of additional suicides increases when a story explicitly describes the suicide method, uses dramatic or graphic headlines or images, and when repeated coverage of that story sensationalizes or glamorizes a death.According to a variety of expert sources, harmful portrayals of suicide may include some of the following features, many of which “13 Reasons Why” uses in its portrayals of Hannah and her community:

  • They may simplify suicide by suggesting that bullying alone is the cause.
  • They may make suicide seem romantic by putting it in the context of a Hollywood plot line. A simple, logical, and well-connected plotline may satisfy the story arc needs of a viewing audience, but it is rarely, if ever, the way that suicides really happen.
  • They may portray suicide as a viable option, one that can be an understandable outcome given a particular set of circumstances. In nearly all cases, people who die by suicide have a diagnosable (and therefore treatable) mental health problem at the time of their death.
  • They may display graphic representations of suicide which may be harmful to viewers, especially young ones and those who are highly sensitized to suicide imagery, as most attempt survivors and loss survivors are.
  • They may advance the false notion that suicides are a way to teach others a lesson, and that the deceased person will finally be understood and vindicated. They won’t. They’ll still be dead.

    Make sure to read this other great article:

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Movie Night (Kleinman!Reader x Connor Murphy)

TW: Mentions of vomit? (That sounds hella sketchy)

Words: 1,800+

Disclaimer: This was kind of rushed, and you can tell, whoops.

Requested: Nah

 "Is it the hair?“ Jared asked and leaned over the back of the couch. His usual cheeky smile stretching across his face.


 "It is so the hair,“ Jared chuckled, plopping next to you.

 "JARED,” you snapped, “Shut the fuck up.”

 Jared only grinned, “I figured you probably had a type, but the school sh-”

 Before he could finish his sentence you lunged at him, aiming to rip off his glasses. It was a low blow, but it succeeded and you cackled in victory.

 "YOU LITTLE SHIT, GIVE THOSE BACK-“ Jared exclaimed and reached out blindly.

 "I DON’T THINK SO,” you laughed and rolled off of the couch. You darted away, probably to go hide his glasses somewhere.


 Jared had known about your ‘little’ crush on his friend and school stoner Connor Murphy since it began. It had started when you two were both in junior year. Now Jared, Evan and him would all hang out and you would sort of just stay in the background. It was distant to say the least. You would glance at him from across the room and see him already looking at you. Then you’d both put your heads down and continue with what you were doing. Usually all that would happen during some sleepless-slumber party the boys would have on the weekend. Then the next school day Connor and you would go back to school, he would barely even notice your existence.

 It was a Friday night and you were up in your room. The boys were downstairs debating what movie to watch, loudly. Both Jared and Connor were both trying to get Evan on board with watching some gorey R-rated horror film.

 “Evan, you’ll like it!” Connor said, “It’s anatomically correct and everything!”

 “Not to mention we’ll like it too. Y/N, Connor and I will have two forms of entertainment. You and the movie,” Jared snickered.

 “I’m s-still don’t know about it. I don’t do well with g-gore..” Evan was fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“You’ll be fine,” Jared said and pulled up the movie, “Y/N, MOVIE’S STARTING. GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE OR WE’RE STARTING WITHOUT YOU,” he yelled.

“YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, DON’T GET YOUR PANTIES IN A KNOT I’M COMING-” You called and shut your laptop.

 When you got downstairs Jared was in the kitchen getting popcorn and Connor and Evan were on the couch with blankets and pillows sprawled around them. You hopped over the back of the sofa and landed in Evan’s lap, earning a squeak from him.

“Oh my god, Y/N w-why-” He sputtered, blushing. It was clear that Evan was on edge.

“Alright, fine. I won’t again,” You smiled and rolled off of him, slinking into your usual spot on the couch. You sank into the cushions. Both you and Evan were unaware of the death grip Connor was giving his pillow.

The lights were out, but you could make out Connor’s grey pajama pants and black band t-shirt. Evan was wearing a pair of plaid blue fleece pants and a white t-shirt. You were in a pair of shorts and a baggy sweatshirt.

“What are we watching?” You asked and repositioned yourself.

“We’re watching some low budget horror movie that Jared and I found that has a terrible rating on Rotten Tomatoes.” Connor smiled, looking down at his phone. You saw Evan stiffen up a little from the corner of your eye.

“Really?” You asked. Horror wasn’t exactly your thing. Truthfully, horror scared the living daylights out of you most of the time.

“Yep.” Connor said and relaxed into the couch some more.

“A-And I didn’t consent to any of this.” Evan chuckled a little, nervousness was thick in his tone.

“I figured not.” You laughed.

Just then, your brother came walking in with popcorn and different junk foods, including cans of soda. He was wearing his red checkered boxers and a graphic t-shirt.

“Let’s get this show on the road-” He said and proceeded to throw a bag of chips at each of you. Connor caught his, Evan didn’t come close, and you didn’t even make an attempt.

“Can you put on some actual pants?” You asked sourly.

“Oh, look who’s talking. Y/N, your ass is practically pouring out.” Jared spat.

Your jaw dropped, “One, fuck you. Two, that’s untrue. Three, at least I have an ass, shithead,” you sneered and threw a pillow at him, which he caught and threw back at you.

The two of you laughed it off. Truth be told, your cheeks were burning bright red. The same goes for Connor. Evan sank into his seat and munched on some popcorn while Jared was meming.

He took out a can of soda and popped open the seal, “Cracking open a cold one with the boys, and my ass of a sister.”

You almost threw a lamp at him for that.

After that, Jared started the movie and Evan stiffened up. It started out as generic as you anticipated, a group of friends driving at night then their car breaks down. Thirty minutes in, one of the girls is being tortured by the serial killer in his basement. She was strung up like meat in a butcher shop, blood staining her body and clothes.

You looked over and saw the boys. Connor was unfazed, Jared was finishing off the popcorn and Evan was wide eyed and looked paler than on average.

“Evan are you alright?” You asked and faced him a little more.

He seemed relieved that someone was speaking, and nodded quickly, “Y-Yeah, I’m o-okay.”

You nodded and redirected your attention to the TV. As the scene went on, you felt yourself a bit sick to your stomach. It was obvious that most of the effort was in the special effects and not the plot. It was pretty damn convincing for such a shitty movie.

You turned back around and saw Evan gag a bit, “Evan?” Jared looked over at him as well and paused the movie.

Evan looked like he would keel over at any moment, “I-I think I’m gonna be sick,” he muttered and three of you took him to the bathroom where he promptly threw up.

Jared was kneeling beside him and averting his eyes a bit while Connor was leaning in the doorway. You patted Evan on the back and slipped out of the bathroom, passing Connor. He shot you a quick glance before you went to get some water.

After Evan started feeling better and stopped spewing chunks, you got him some crackers and water. Meanwhile Jared was already making snarky remarks about Evan’s weak stomach.

“God, it was like a dam bursting.” Jared snickered, his statement accompanied by overly-dramatic vomiting noises. Evan sank into his seat on the couch a little more and avoided eye contact.

“Jared, stop being such an ass for five seconds,” You said and slapped his arm roughly.

For the rest of the night Evan barely talked at all. Jared put on some sci-fi blockbuster and made it about halfway through before he passed out asleep. Not soon after, Evan had fallen asleep too.

You kept your focus on the tv, attempting to distract yourself from the occasional glance Connor would give you. Shifting in your seat, you turned around and saw Jared and Evan asleep on each other. You laughed evilly and took out your phone, ‘This is gold,’ You thought with a smirk.

Connor looked over and snapped a picture for himself, “To quote the Insanely Cool Jared Kleinman, ‘That’s fucking gay’”

You chuckled and nodded, totally at a loss for what to do. It was essentially just you and Connor, and that was a little terrifying. You were almost certain he didn’t think about you that way. If he did, he would have said something to you. You felt your palms get a bit sweaty and wiped them on your pant leg. There was something in the air that made your stomach turn.

 You bit your lip and stood up quickly to get to the bathroom. The door closed behind you and you leaned against the sink, trying to keep it together. You toward the mirror and examined your reflection.

 “Okay, stop making this weird. It’s no big deal. Why would you just assume something will happen? That’s ridiculous” You turned the faucet and washed some cold water over your face.

 After a few minutes, you gained some more composure and wiped your face dry with a hand towel. You took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door to return to the living room. Instead you were confronted by Connor’s darkened silhouette leaning against the hallway wall.

 You nearly jumped out of your own skin, “Oh my god!” you breathed, “You scared the shit out of me.”

 “Fuck- um, sorry..” Connor said, his voice was the slightest bit shaky.

 “What exactly, uh were you doing?”

 He looked like he was deep in thought. Connor took a bit of his bottom lip between his teeth before he spoke, “I um, had a question.”

 You nodded a little, feeling uneasy about where this was going, “So you waited until you could scare the living daylights out of me to ask?” you laughed nervously, attempting to lighten the overwhelming tension.

 “Fuck, no not like that-” Connor put his face in his hands and mumbled to himself, “I’m really fucking bad at this.”

 You looked down at your feet, “Sorry, I was joking..” you trailed off.

 Connor looked back up and took a deep breath, “Words aren’t really my thing-”

 You gave him a confused look, and before you could get a sentence out he moved towards you, took your face in his hands and slammed your lips against his. You jolted at the sudden contact and froze, your eyes wide.

 Connor tilted his head and moved his hands from your face to your shoulders. The kiss was warm and almost hungry. You relaxed a bit and squeezed your eyes shut, moving your hands to the sides of his arms. Suddenly Connor pulled away and took away his hands. His breath was shaky and his eyes were almost the size of golf balls. Both of you were a vibrant shade of red.

 You blinked, butterflies were erupting through your body. You felt your body shaking gently as you looked up into his gaze. Connor swallowed hard and stepped back a step.

 “Oh god,” he murmured through clenched teeth, “God, I’m sorry I don’t know why-”

 You stepped towards him and pressed your lips to his tenderly, cutting him off. Your hands went to the back of his neck, where you could feel the fine hairs standing up. He stood still for a moment, his heart pounding, before leaning into your touch. He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you closer into his thin frame.

 You smiled into his touch and cupped his face in your hands. Slowly, you pulled away and he gazed at you, absolutely mesmerized.

 “That didn’t really sound like question to me,”

 “Shut up.”

Things you need to know about Killing Stalking

I’ve seen a lot of people unsure whether they should start reading Killing Stalking or not because there are so many conflicting opinions and it’s extremely hard to get an impartial overview of the plot and characters without people getting inaccurate as they mix their own opinion into it.
In this post, I’ll try to be as impartial about it as possible, and if I am not 100% impartial in some points, I apologize in advance as it’s not my intention to be biased in the least.
Here we go~

• The Plot

The story is set in South Korea. Yoon Bum, a scrawny man in his late 20s, has gotten a crush (or rather, an obsession) on Oh Sangwoo, a college student in his early 20s who attends Bum’s same classes. After Sangwoo (accidentally?) saves Bum from a rape attempt during their military service, Bum becomes even more obsessed with him and starts to secretly stalk him, as his absolute lack of self-esteem prevents him from actually talking to his crush.
After Bum manages to get Sangwoo’s password right, he sneaks into his house while the guy is out and, after hearing some weird noises coming from the basement, he finds out that Sangwoo is not the nice guy he thought he was but, rather, a violent serial killer.
Once Sangwoo knows from the police that his ‘cousin' went to visit him, he rushes back at home and is about to kill Bum when the man confesses his love for him. Sangwoo decides to hold him captive in his house and break his legs instead.

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So, in order to create a Hera costume for Halloween, I decided a while back to try and make some crappy little logos and stuff to iron onto the outfit. Here are my best attempts at a Goddard Futuristics logo!

the fonts are CorelDraw and Anita Semi-Square from, the icons are from the BrightMix icon set on and Nature Leaves Icons Pack by free vector on If you can’t tell, Graphic Design Is My Passion (i made these using word and paint so like ??? dont judge too harshly)

suggested logos came from @highfemscience and @apolante (which won’t seem to let me tag??) and also WTNV because I think I’m funny. 

Personally my preference is the top one, I like the font the best and the leaf makes sense to me because Goddard is apparently all eco-friendly. I also think “Always one step ahead”  is my fav suggested logo because it feels just a tiny bit sinister? so this one just has all the elements I like the best. Now to actually get to putting this onto my costume and finishing it entirely, if i ever get the time……. 

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the opencomputers mod for minecraft supports virtual hardware which most likely could run doom, i'm just not skilled enough to figure it out. would love to see doom in minecraft so i can waist my time whilst wasting my time

I don’t know anything about the OpenComputers mod… but I know someone who does. I forwarded your question to @tumblokami, who is involved with the project in some vague form, and he had the following to say:

Okay, so OpenComputers has a complete framework and API for enabling the use of extra CPU “architecture” cores. By default it ships with a handful of Lua implementations (5.2 and 5.3, older builds have 5.1). Anything else, someone would need to create an addon mod that implements the architecture.

There are several projects to add new architectures to OpenComputers. Some of them are just programming languages (like JavaScript), others are actual CPUs from the real world (like 6502). However, none of these have gone beyond a basic state that can be used with the latest version of OpenComputers.

IIRC there is one that actually implements a RISC architecture and actually boots a Linux kernel? But I haven’t seen anything usable for it outside of some tech demo screenshots. There was a few attempts at making an x86 implementation, but none of them got beyond planning. Probably got distracted or something, because there’s perfectly usable x86 emulation cores made in Java that can just be shimmed into OpenComputers through the API.

However, that doesn’t immediately make it run Doom. The only display outputs available are text-based terminals and a hologram projector that projects voxels. You’d need to make a proper graphical processing system, which would be an additional addon that provides proper graphical drawing capabilities and an output surface. (This is something that has been debated on being added to OpenComputers for a few years now; nobody can completely agree on an implementation that won’t obliterate online play)

If both of these things can be done, and the x86 core provides an emulation of the PC, then it SHOULD be possible to use Computronics to add in the needed sound output capability, image a HDD item with DOS and Doom on it, and yeah, play Doom. But we’re not there yet.

Hope this helps!



The audio is from this video (I asked permission beforehand), which is part of Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical!

So this was something I started working on  before the Portal 2 musical was released on the Geekenders’ channel. I was very impressed with the trailer and was thinking of doing an animatic of Good Morning Aperture, but didn’t for a couple reasons–at the time the video of the actual musical had not been uploaded so I didn’t know what the song looked like in the actual play, and it’s also… really long. BUT, the Geekenders had uploaded a tiny segment of the song Suddenly Wheatley, which I thought would be good to practice with.

And I’m glad I did that rather than attempting to tackle Good Morning Aperture because that would have NEVER gotten done. XD;; There’s a reason I’m not an animator…

I was fighting with a very glitchy graphics tablet that didn’t get fixed until toward the end of the making of this, so I’m sorry the art isn’t perfect throughout. But I did spend many hours on this and I hope you all enjoy!

Thank you, geekenders, for making such an amazing musical! You are all wonderfully talented people! <3 I look forward to seeing Part 4!

Hello there! I’ve been following around the studyblr community for a while now (almost 2 years) on my personal blog and with all these new things happening in my life, I figured I’d finally officially join.

so some quick facts

Name: Amber

Age: 19

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pottermore says I’m Ravenclaw but 5 years ago I was Hufflepuff so make of that what you will

Also Virgo and INTJ if you’re into things like that 

my major is chemistry/pre-pharm, but this semester is mostly pre-requisites:

Computer Technology


American Government

Criminal Justice

Fundamentals of Speech

                   ~ on my own, i’ll be reviewing calculus and chemistry in preparation for the spring semester~

some hobbies of mine include

sketching + painting but barely ever digital (this will change once i finally get a graphic tablet)

writing fanfiction or small tid bits of novels ill probably never write here and there

reading fanfiction or small tid bits of novels ill probably never finish

i’m attempting to learn to play the piano on my keyboard (like the one on a laptop) which is proving to be fun

i’m also of working on figuring out myself, forgiving myself, my spirituality, and what self care means for me so i’m going to make working on me a hobby of mine

i love organizing things!!!

on this blog i’ll post

i am honestly not yet sure but i enjoy bullet journaling as a concept and i’ll most definitely be posting my class notes once August 21st rolls around, i plan to try to keep track of my progress in school and other endeavors and i’ll be sure to share college + adulting tips and advice as i learn them. mostly i’m going to bounce around and try new things until I figure out the right mixture for me.

I will most definitely do this 30 Day Studyblr Challenge to kickstart my blog though: 

finally some inspirational studyblrs

@obsidianstudy @studentsandlattes @stvdybuddies @calligr4phy @organizeandstudy @organizedmessstudyblr @phctcsynthesis @academiix @the-girlygeek @eintsein @intellectys @smoketexture @studyblr @stvdybuddies @peachstudii @organizeyourschoollife @ravenclawstudyclub @ravenclawstudents-blog @studylikehermionee

if there’s anything else you’d like to know that i haven’t mentioned here please do feel free to ask!

Also I love to make things like icons and banners and printables but I never have any idea as what to do so please do tell me if you have any suggestions :D

“Never be afraid to start all over - life has no game over.”


Here’s my thrown together attempt at making a “challenge” thing! Idea from my friend Max.

Just a fun little graphics “challenge” - list your biases, figure out which role you love the most, make graphics for your faves in your fave role! You can pace yourself as much as you want, I just hope you have fun!!

Step 1: List your biases by role and determine which role you love the most (I did it by counting ‘em and making a pie-chart, you can do it how you want) - Post it! This is your “base” or what you can refer to for step 2!

Step 2: For each of your biases in your favorite role, make an edit! You can post them daily, weekly, or monthly - pace yourself and have fun!

give yourself over

Kakasaku Week 2016, Day 7: Warmth

A/N: This is wing!fic. Which. I don’t even know where this came from. Like. At all. Don’t ask me to explain why there are wings. I don’t know. Why do some characters have them and others don’t? Reasons of which I am not aware. How might the ability to fly affect the way certain characters fight? I actively did not think about it. Yes. I do do a lot of world building for my fics, can’t you tell?

Just a heads up that there’s an attempt at self-harm. It isn’t particularly graphic, but I wanted to make sure to let you know so that you can make sure to take care of your own well-being. So, if you want to avoid it outright, it’s in the second scene (.

I can’t believe that it’s the last day of ks week!! I’ve written something like 25,000 words in seven days, which I never thought I’d ever actually be able to do, so thanks so much to everyone who liked and reblogged and messaged me. I couldn’t have done it without your support and love. Thanks especially to @bluefurcape and @lunamiru for organizing this whole shindig and being awesome, lovely cheerleaders.


Naruto sneezes for the nth time that evening. “Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan,” he whines from the dubious safety of the other side of the fire, “aren’t you finished yet?”

Sakura rolls her eyes where she’s still straightening barbs on Kakashi’s left wing. “Don’t be a baby,” she chides.

“But Sakura-chan—“ Naruto sneezes again “—the down makes my nose itch.”

“Tell Kurama to suck it up and deal,” she orders.

Naruto subsides with an exaggerated sulk, and Sakura settles back into the soothing rhythm.

Time passes. Eventually, Sakura nods her head at her work, pleased. “You’re all good, Kakashi,” she tells him.

He tucks his wing back in and pulls himself up from where he’s been stretched out on his stomach, back into a sitting position. Sakura takes a moment to appreciate the way his forearms flex with the motion and his shoulders roll back, relaxed, as he finally settles crosslegged and sits back with the bowl of soup Sai offers up. She shakes her head at her lack of self-restraint, and turns back to pack up her oils and brushes and glues.

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(UPDATE: I found a ripped Super Mario 3D Land character which was 3071 tris, so the rumored 2000 triangle limit is without a doubt false! I’m still glad it prompted me to research topology and polycount optimization, but now I’m at a complete loss as to what resolution to aim for! Please send help!)

It’s study-time!

Since I’m working towards ancient tech restraint limits, I thought I might as well attempt to make game graphics which would fit on the 3DS (now that Unity has 3DS support!).

However, people online seem to claim that the 3DS has a “hard limit” on 2000 triangles rendered at the same time, which is insanely little. For comparison, the PS1 developers usually aimed at 3000 triangle limits, although the machine could probably do a bit more. Some rumors say that the 2000 triangle limit is an artificial restraint, and it’s probable that it’s enforced to make sure that all games in the 3DS library runs at decent framerates, even with post-processing and fancy materials applied (implying that Nintendo doesn’t trust 3rd party devs to optimize their games properly). My graphics won’t be using post-processing at all, and shader materials will be unnecessary because I’m using vertex colours, so I’d love to swap that computing power for more triangles.Now, I’ve thought long and hard about how to solve this problem (and still retain a decent amount of detail and world-size).

First off, I looked at how the old classics did it.

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I completely understand that not everyone has to like a show. I love OL and thought the recent episode was one of the best. But that's me. I don't take it personally if you don't like it. That's you. What I don't get is people who genuinely have issues with virtually every aspect of OL who still watch it, take the episodes and certain story lines as a slap in fans faces, and spend some much time discussing these shortcomings. I am genuinely confused by this, so my question is simply - why?

I’m wondering if you’ve ever been in a fandom, Anon. Lots of fandoms contain people who blog ad nauseam about shows, lots of those people complain, especially those based on book series. Honestly, I missed the part where I was obligated to like everything about the show. And I don’t understand how every time I express dislike for some things, people automatically generalize it as me hating the show. I’m not sure why you think this, because I was busy the better part of yesterday to fully unpack 304 and I did not rant about it on here. Yesterday, I did two things on Tumblr: I reblogged a post by my friend Suhaila and I responded to a couple anons who were grateful others were bothered by the Jamie and Geneva sex scene. That’s it.

If you were taking the time to read my Twitter and my more immediate reactions to watching the episode, then that’s on you. Since then, I’ve digested the episode. I discussed it in DM and, yes, was pretty passionately against/repulsed by the Jameva sex scene. But I don’t think this anon is any of those people, because I would think those people would respect our friendship more than to put me on blast. 

Are you really interested in my analysis? I’m not sure you are, I think you just want to call me out. Anyways, I will tell you I loved 301 and 302. I was quite pleased with 301 and I’m pretty sure I’ve stated that. I think they nailed the grief and loss from the separation for both characters in 302. Baby Bree in her elf hat was adorable (sweet Time Traveling Fetus Child!). I wished there had been more bonding between Claire and Bree and build up to her decision to go to med school, but overall it was a very good episode. Episode 303 is where my issues with the imbalance really started to be highlighted. On one hand, Jamie’s Ardsmuir storyline was very well done, compelling, I enjoyed his developing friendship with LJG, remembering Claire’s healing, and was thrilled that Murtagh was saved. Good job show! 

On the other hand, I’ve felt Claire’s storyline has been incredibly shortchanged. They basically flew through her life and focused solely on the Claire-Frank dynamic. Her friendship with Joe never got proper development and I wish we’d seen more of her as a doctor. I wish they wouldn’t have once again shoehorned her into episode 304. They could’ve saved all of her stuff for 305, where it looks like they will focus on her—AT LAST!—but I truly hope it’s not too little too late. I truly hope people won’t think she’s callous and a bad mother for just deciding to up and abandon her daughter. Up until now, we’ve only been told Claire and Bree haven’t been close and Claire’s a workaholic. Oh, and that she would deliberately part with her beloved pearls—NOPE. So wrong, so against the character. The stakes haven’t been portrayed as very high for Claire regarding what she’s about to do because the fact is we’ve barely seen her or her perspective. 

Despite my initial reaction, 304 wasn’t all bad, aside from the sex scene, which I HATED. I hated it because it was the most graphic sex scene we’ve had since 109 and it wasn’t between Jamie and Claire. I felt it was unnecessary to show so much detail, such as Jamie’s “You can watch me if you’d like,” sucking on her breast as he’d done when making love to Claire, his low, sultry growl, “now move with me.” Just unnecessary. I can see how people thought the aftermath attempted to qualify it as a simple transaction with very little feeling. But still, I feel very fervently that we did not need all of that detail.

If you want to know why it felt like a slap in the face, here’s why: We went a full season with very little intimacy between Jamie and Claire. That’s just fact. Then we were given a myriad of excuses like “they’re not the royal couple so we don’t need to see them conceive their child” or “they’re telling a different story” or “they’re married now.” Sorry, that still doesn’t sit well with me. And it now colors my perspective toward this season. I have my doubts they’ll make it up to me, but despite my first reaction, I’m now willing to let them try. If they’re going to be that explicit with Jamie and Geneva, 306 better melt my frigging television. The latter half of Season 3 better be wall to wall Jamie and Claire intimacy—sex and otherwise. Otherwise, what is the point of this show? What the heck are they building toward with these first 5 episodes?

One thing is clear: This show is not good at balancing dual storylines. In Season 1, people raged about how the focus and flashbacks about Frank detracted from the building of Jamie’s character. In Season 3, it’s Claire who has been the victim of the continued focus on Frank. But because Jamie’s life is so interesting, people don’t care as much. If you really want a well-articulated perspective about how they’ve done Claire a disservice from a professional—which I definitely share—see the New York Times

To be honest, while everyone’s going back and forth justifying the focus by saying finally Jamie’s getting his due attention, his journey in the 18th century is much more interesting, I’ll just say I am and always have been more interested in Jamie and Claire together. Jamie’s journey is compelling, even though it veered hard into melodrama in 304. The fact that Claire’s isn’t is 100% a failure on the part of the writers. But after writing all of this, I’m ready for them to be back together. I think once Jamie and Claire are reunited, I’ll be much happier and much more interested in returning to gifing and squeeing away.

call-me-maebea  asked:

Is guinea pig as horrible as people say?

Well, the entire series is notorious not simply for the gruesome, somewhat malicious content of the films, but also due to one of the entries being mistaken for a genuine snuff film.  As I’ve mentioned previously, a copy of the second film, Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985) was given to actor Charlie Sheen by Film Threat founder Chris Gore.  Sheen, not being as familiar with horror cinema in general, mistook the film (excessive even by the standards of 80’s horror) as legitimate snuff, and turned it over to the FBI.  Because of this, as well as investigation from Japanese law enforcement officials, the creators of the series produced a documentary titled Making of Guinea Pig (1986), which profiles how the effects were created for both Flower, and and third entry in the series, He Never Dies (1986).

Flower was also the film mistakenly believed to have been confiscated among the film collection of Japanese serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki, and speculation was given that the film had served to influence him in his killings.  In reality, it was the series’ fourth entry, Mermaid in a Manhole (1988), that was discovered among his belongings.

I have discussed in the past just why these films were created, and why they gained such a cult status among horror fans.  Unlike even more intentionally vicious and barbaric fair like Tumbling Doll of Flesh (aka Psycho: The Snuff Files; Niku Daruma) (1998), the Guinea Pig series was not intending to be fetishistic in it’s portrayal of horror and gore, because it is completely lacking any truly sexual element to any of the films.  The blanket term of “guinea pig” stems from the common theme of people being used as experimental subjects, which is, more often than not, painful and torturous, and typically resulting in death.

Films in the Guinea Pig series:

  1. Guinea Pig: The Devil’s Experiment (1985) - As far as films go, it is hard to classify this among others, as it is completely without plot or character development.  It attempts to create what a true snuff film might possibly look like, though fails right from the start by giving us an explanatory text introduction.  What follows is literally nothing more than the prolonged, explicit torture of a captive woman by a group of men, under the guise of testing the human threshold of pain.  It is quite graphic in its depiction of gore, which I believe is really the entire point.  It isn’t meant to “entertain” us.  It is meant to shock us, and make us feel uneasy, despite also forcing us to watch due to our own, innate curiosity of the inner workings of the human body.  It is a group of effects people trying to push the boundary of realism in horror effects.
  2. Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985) - Much like the first film, the second film not only begins with explanatory text, but also revolves around the torture and dismemberment of a captive woman.  However, this time around, there is only one man, inexplicably dressed as a samurai, and spouting poetic lines in between each act of mutilation.  It is also shot in a much more artistic manner, and (while still not particularly “enjoyable”), comes off with a higher level of sophistication and aesthetic merit.  This may be due to this entry being directed by celebrated horror mangaka, Hideshi Hino, based on one of his stories.  In the end, its intention appears to be equating gore with the beauty of nature, but is also really just the effects team (headed by Nobuaki Koga) showing off their skills.
  3. Guinea Pig 3: He Never Dies (1986) - This installment is the first to make an attempt at a plot and characterization, and has to do with a man, driven by a woman to attempt suicide, discovering that he can endure any amount of pain and dismemberment, not only without feeling any pain, but without dying.  Like the previous entries, it revels in excessive gore, but this time around, it is a male inflicting it upon himself, and the overall tone of the film is much more comical.
  4. Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in a Manhole (1988) - This is another entry directed by Hideshi Hino, based on another of his stories.  It concerns a man finding a mermaid in a sewer, and bringing her home to tend to the wounds she has, only for her condition to continue to deteriorate (ostensibly the result of living in a heavily-polluted sewer).  During this time, the man attempts to paint a picture of the mermaid, and—much like another of Hino’s stories, “Zoruko’s Strange Disease”—eventually begins to use the effluence from the numerous boils forming on the mermaid’s body as paint for his canvas.  The man eventually ends up killing the mermaid, or at least, what he thought was a mermaid.
  5. Guinea Pig 5: Android of Notre Dame (1989) - The fifth film in the series centers around a scientist with dwarfism trying to find a cure for his terminally-ill sister, using test bodies supplied by a mysterious stranger.  Unlike all of the other entries in the Guinea Pig franchise, this entry lacks the same taboo-breaking excesses, and its flimsy story is more along the veins of traditional horror (the most obvious influence being Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein).  While there is gore to be found, it is performed mostly on cadavers, and lacks the audacity and shock value of its predecessors, and overall stands out as an oddity of the series.
  6. Guinea Pig 6: Devil Woman Doctor (1986) - The last of the franchise is by far the most comical, to the point where it can be considered pure camp.  There is less a plot than there is a succession of patients with bizarre afflictions seeking help from the titular physician, who is played by famous Japanese drag actor, Peter.  Of course, the entire affair is rife with blood and gore, and—much like Android of Notre Dame—is wildly different in tone from previous installments.  Produced in 1986, it was actually intended to be the fourth film of the bunch, but was released as the final.
  7. The Making of Guinea Pig (1986) - This look behind-the-scenes of both Flower of Flesh and Blood and He Never Dies exists solely as proof to both the FBI and Japanese authorities that there was nothing but movie magic behind the brutality present in Flower.  It is nonetheless a fascinating look into the impressive work that went into the making of both films.
  8. The Best of Guinea Pig (1988) - This compilation exists purely as a showcase for the goriest moments from the franchise, with nothing new to add to the mix.

There is another Japanese splatter film, Lucky Sky Diamond (1989), that is often erroneously credited as being part of the Guinea Pig collection.  While it is short, gory, and bizarre (with a definite streak of malice towards yet another captive woman pitted against menacing and shady hospital personnel), it is a stand-alone film that has no association with the series.

Overall, the entire franchise (also produced by Hideshi Hino), existed initially to be a film adaptation of his manga work, but ended up becoming a unique part of Japanese horror history.  While newer filmmakers like Yoshihiro Nishimura have built their careers around films featuring outlandish levels of blood, guts, and violence, there have been no films since the Guinea Pig series ended that have matched the level of graphic violence and sheer malevolence of what has rightfully become known as the most infamous and reviled horror franchise in Japanese cinema history.

Stories I Will (Probably) Never Write: BatB (2017) Victorian!AU.

Inspired by personal headcanons and @dereksprettyboy‘s fic “We Loved with a Love That Was More Than Love.” 


London, 1887–Miss Isabelle “Belle” Prentiss, the daughter of a struggling society painter, is everything that a young lady of the middle classes ought not to be: independent, outspoken, and desirous of a life beyond marriage and childbearing. When she unexpectedly finds herself the recipient of a distant uncle’s fortune, Belle is delighted over the prospect of having the means to leave the city and support her ailing father; yet a pre-existing condition in her uncle’s will which states that Belle may only obtain her inheritance “upon the happy occasion of her marriage” threatens her hopes for independence and her father’s welfare. 

Adam, Duke of Thornborough–alternatively known as the “Beast of Balmore”–finds himself in a similar financial predicament: with the revenues from his estate falling into decline he needs to marry an heiress or risk losing his family’s ancestral home. But the scandalous reputation of the reclusive aristocrat, along with his personal aversion to matrimony, makes this task more difficult than he initially thought. When an evening at the Opera brings him into the company of Miss Prentiss, the beastly Duke and the headstrong beauty do not hit it off, but over the course of their acquaintanceship during the Season they learn of the other’s situation and eventually agree to marry–he for this security of the estate and its occupants and she for her father’s comfort. 

Love was never intended to be part of this arrangement, yet amongst the gilded halls, towering bookshelves and hidden gardens of Balmore Castle, something begins to change between the Duke and his bride. Genuine emotion starts to emerge and leaves each party with the hope that maybe, just maybe, they can make their strange marriage work after all. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! I wanted to ask your opinion on something but it's kind of a touchy subject in the fandom so feel free not to aswer if you don't want that drama😅 I was just wondering why do you think so many larries have it out for 'het fans'? It's kind of a given that if you're famous people are going to want to fuck you. I don't think the boys really have a problem with that, and the fandom would halven if all those people left, and apart from that they're still in the closet (1)

(2) so it would be weirder if there were NO het fans. Hell, even gay celebrities still have straight fans attracted to them. I just don’t think it’s any weirder than people thirty years older than them drawing fanart of them getting fucked in the ass tbh, but no one seems to have a problem with that (that said, I’m not writing off homophobia or creepy fans. Just ya know the regular straight ones) I just don’t see what the point of this witch hunt is

First things first: there’s no “witch hunt” happening in regards to straight fans. No one is seeking them out, shaming them, or ostracizing them from fandom. They make up the majority of every one of the boys target demographic, they are the majority within the 1D and solo fandoms. They are the loudest demographic, the ones who are marketed for, the ones who the official narrative is designed to appeal to. For all intents and purposes, they are the fans who have power. 

 Historically, the phrase witch hunt is a term used to describe the systematic seeking out of and termination/ incarceration of people who have unpopular beliefs or dissenting opinions, OR who belong to marginalized groups. It’s born from systems of power undergoing a moral panic regarding outliers, and subsequently using that moral panic to justify arresting and or murdering social undesirables/outliers. It  shouldn’t be used to describe people FROM a minority or marginalized group being wary of or disagreeing with a majority. Check out the wikipedia articles on actual witch hunts, McCarthyism, and the Lavender Scare for more context.

 LGBTQ larries being uncomfortable with the presence of het fans and the behavior of het fans, is NOT a witch-hunt. I realize what you meant but I feel like historical context is important in this case, and the the way that word and phrase in particular gets used on tumblr is something which rubs me the wrong way, so I thought I’d address it. 

Now for your question:

I don’t actually think most Larries have a problem in general with het fans, only the ones who participate in harmful behaviors. The term Het Harrie for example, does not simply refer to a heterosexual girl who loves Harry, but a particular type of fan who plays into and benefits from the official narrative and all the latent sexism and homophobia therein. 

I don’t have a problem with straight fans; I don’t even have a problem with y./n or imagines or teenage girls who papered their walls in Tiger Beat magazines and dreamed of the boys as their boyfriends….I have a problem with the culture of casual homophobia, sexual harassment, and celebration of heteropatriarchal power dynamics UPHELP by SOME straight fans. 

This is the culture which allowed sixteen year old Harry styles to be marketed as a womanizer and a sex symbol and linked to a THIRTY SOMETHING year old woman because this was better than him being gay. 

This is the culture which refuses to interrogate the inconsistencies in the official narrative, a culture of default heterosexuality and routine queer erasure. 

This is a culture which ignores all evidence the 1D boys aren’t straight and suggests that to consider this possibility is disrespectful. It’s the culture which allowed for aggressive closeting and erasure, which encourages fans to mock, ridicule, and otherwise act disparaging towards the LGBTQ fans who pick up on the pin dropping and queer signaling. 

This is a culture which sets the bar for straight relationships so dismally low that Harry’s slew of VS models and Elounor’s matching track suits are hailed as “goals!” 

This is the culture which makes underage girls think it’s ok to make obscene signs to bring to shows, to devalue themselves, to leave graphic comments on the boys innocuous Instagram posts, to GO TO HARRY’S HOUSE in an attempt to be some TOUR GROUPIE???? 

The het narrative is written by record labels and executives who see teenage girls as a commodity, and want to capitalize off of their insecurities and lack of self worth. Fans who play into/uphold this are victims. I feel sad for them, I don’t hate them. I hate the industry. 

 That being said, there was NUMEROUS ADULT WOMEN who should recognize how harmful an dangerous this narrative is, and rail against this trend instead of buying into it. Instead, lot of these fans continue to perpetuate the narrative, feed the fire, and simultaneously disparage and shame LGBTQ fans for being larries, “forcing” the flag on Harry, and other, similar bullshit. THOSE are the het fans I take issue with. 

Also, do you really think it’s creepier that adult women draw NSFW fan art of the boys on, a platform they have no known accounts on, than it is for literal sixteen year olds to SHOW UP AT HARRY’S APARTMENT IN SILK ROBES LOOKING TO FUCK HIM??? 


SO, to summarize. There is no witch hunt. Although there IS a lot of gross casual misogyny within the Larry fandom, it’s well within LGBTQ larrie’s rights to be understandably uncomfortable with Het fans, and the narratives, culture, and norms they perpetuate and uphold. 

I hope that was helpful. 

sarah-mcfadden  asked:

Do you know if anyone has colored any of the Cybersix comics? Were these originally printed in black and white?

I admit I’m not an expert on the matter, however I strongly believe that they were originally printed in black-and-white, and I don’t think there has been any attempt to colour them. 

These were originally published serially rather than as a complete graphic novel, which meant the creative team had to have a new 12-page installment ready every week – that sort of demanding schedule would make it almost completely infeasible to routinely colour every page.

The other hint I have that it probably wasn’t originally done in colour, would be how the pictures themselves are formatted.  The artist actually does beautiful work with black ink, and the way Cybersix’s black clothing, hair, the shadows, and the scenery all interconnect and flow to create dynamic scenes makes me suspect that it was almost certainly made to be viewed in black-and-white. If it had originally been coloured, we’d probably be seeing less dynamic work with the black, and more shades of grey on an uncoloured version. It’s like how you can tell an old black-and-white movie was MADE to be viewed in black-and-white; there’s just a degree of shadow play you don’t get with the coloured version.

The final reason I suspect it wasn’t published in colour is because, besides for the digital pages I’ve been posting, I also own two compiled volumes in French, both of which, despite being well made and in hardcover, are still black-and-white. If ever there were coloured pages, I suspect they would have been collected in those books as well.

TL;DR: This is a really long-winded way of me saying I’m not 100% sure, but I strongly suspect that Cybersix was never coloured. There might be splash pages that were coloured, and I do know a couple people have taken panels or pages from the comic to colour for fun, but nothing extensive and nothing official has been done with it, as far as I know :)


Practitioner Research into Saul Bass.

These are a few of his pieces from his film poster archive.
I admire his simplistic approach of using a bold monotone background colour which makes his silhouette style illustrations contrast and stand out well. In most of these examples, it is the image that attention is drawn to, with title larger than the rest of any body text. For my poem, I want to try and attempt at condensing the words of the poem into one illustration or image and present it in a similar style as Saul Bass’ approach. 

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Hope you haven't been asked this too much, but what brushes do you use?

Hi! Here is my feeble attempt to explain the brushes I use. I’ve had a lot of questions about my brushes, so I hope that making a public response on here satisfies some of your requests:

^ These are some of the brushes that I made myself, which I also sometimes use as “stamps”. And this is just what works for me, but I usually go into Brush Presets to tweak the shape and spontaneity of the texture as shown on the left. I try to keep my textures more “organic” and unpredictable to sort of balance out the graphic clean-edged shapes. Sometimes I’ll do this by masking out a shape, as shown below:

I also get a lot of brushes from my friends, and out of respect for them I can’t share those on here (that includes Steven Universe brushes!).
Hope this helps! <3