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So… the first unicorn dragon hybrid I attempted I didn’t really like so I decided to start over and I came up with this, which I like I lot more. Also I made the head a lot bigger than the body on purpose. And… I don’t completely hate this. Also I was thinking of maybe making another blog to post drawings on or just continue posting them on here… let me know what you guys think. 😊


@unknowndaughterofnothing‘s PJO icons!

Experimenting with colour schemes and matching dark colours is TOUGH, let me tell you that.  I hope you like the icons, I attempted to make them creepier than they already were (which was also really tough since they’re amazing).


(art belongs to the lovely @tamaytka, seriously love her style and how creepy these guys look.)

(note, the dark!Will was not originally in the evil/dark set and had to be ‘evil-fied’  you’re welcome.)

anonymous asked:

in more detail, what do u think about banksy like in general too not just on palestine

Where do I start?

For starters, he keeps hijacking walls that are not his. Not only did he paint and tried to beautify the apartheid wall in Palestine, but he literally went to predominately Black and Latinx areas in East NYC, where art is strictly local, and painted over the walls there.

He has the disgusting habit of normalising and whitewashing struggles. Like how he painted an Israeli occupation solider having a “pillow fight” with a Palestinian or how he graffitied Steve Jobs as a Syrian refugee in order to bring “awareness” to the refugee issue, as if all immigrants have the same privilege as Jobs or that they should be dismissed if they don’t become a version of Steve jobs. He simplifies and glorifies oppressions and struggles.

Which bring me to my next point. He butts into issues that aren’t his and to which he shows little to no understanding at all. Like how he had the nerve to paint a “go back to Africa” in a area of poverty and racial tension, which he thinks is a “satire” that oppressed communities are ought to understand and recognise as beautiful and be happy about it (as if such phrases are not traumatising in nature). He’s basically shoving his way down these communities’ throats as a white saviour whose stencils are going to bring about change and god forbid we say anything against them. He’s been asked numerous times to leave, be it in East NYC or Bethlehem, and yet there he is.

He views himself as this edgy hipster and as a result he does not understand how “complex of a subculture graffiti really is”. His white opportunistic ass is always ready to jump onto issues that are not his own, dominate spaces that aren’t his and in the meantime making profit (some of his work has been valued in six figures) by using our struggles and painting over our walls. He shows no regard or respect to writers and as a matter of fact, he painted over the oldest graffiti in London which made many artists angry.

In short, he’s corny and shallow. His attempts are very lazy, peak liberal and weak and are mainly celebrated by the bourgeoisie. What’s treated by law as “vandalism” apparently only applies when the artists are Black/brown/lower class, yet he gets the police protecting him. And while he can tag walls freely, other artists get arrested for it, and while they hardly get any recognition, his white ass gets coddled by the elitist art scene.

You can go through my Banksy tag for more, I guess.


Two OC’s i made for the wonderful AU created by @thebbros Moderator @blogthegreatrouge


Name:Harpper (Its Harper with a second p. Its also a mix of the names Harper and Hopper (which was a music teacher’s name)   

Age: 18 

Gender: Male 

Sexuality: Homo-romantic /Asexual 




Star sign:Libra

Personality/Info: Very Intelligent, preferring to use brains over brawn to avoid and escape dangerous situations. If a situation gets physical he will attempt to doge attacks directed at him for as long as possible.If it gets to out of hand he will fight back normally by kicking and biting since hes strongest in his legs and jaw. He attempts to be Dagen’s guardian angel trying his best to keep him out of trouble worrying about his safety. He loves Dagen but believes Dagen only sees him as a business partner or close friend. Hes peaceful, patient and can be very affectionate but hes also a little insecure. He does in fact play the harp (hence his names) and has a rather angelic appearance.

Name: Dagen



Sexuality: Pan-romantic/Pan-sexual




Star sign:Aries

Personality/Info: Streetwise using speed and brute force to his advantage in dangerous situations. Hes not to get physical and will do so with out hesitation. He uses weapons (or his claws in an extreme situation) to attack and disarm opponents while evading oncoming dangers. Although Harpper warns him of the consequences and danger of certain areas and actions he proceeds anyway, often getting himself and Harpper in trouble. He likes to live life adventurously and is aware that his actions not only cause Harpper to worry, but ultimately puts him in danger. He really does genuinely care about Harpper (but doesn’t like to show it trying to appear tough and careless and doesn’t know how to properly display affection). He’s smug, flirtatious, and a trouble maker but can be aggressive. He’s developed  feelings for Harpper but is unsure how to deal with them and is in a current stage of denial, changing the subject if its ever brought up. He works as a trader often traveling to find valuables or to sell the ones he currently posses. 

Some other information

Dagen is smarter than he appears and every risk he takes is calculated

Harpper is stronger than he appears and is capable of fending for himself 

Although they are both decent fighters they aren’t perfect 

Harpper is an orphan and Dagen was born into a organized criminal group

Dagen will shamelessly flirt with anyone he finds attractive (but once in a relationship will remain loyal)

(I just figured out how to send multiple photos. Anyway I hope you like them!)

art by issaccthepoodle


holy fuck dudes, it’s finally done. 1 year in the making!!! so this is one of my first serious attempts at digital art which is part of why this took me forever to finish. also i purposely tried to emulate @choodraws !! i love their art so this is kind of a homage to both them and NGE. 

anyway! please enjoy!!! (follow me on instagram @annarysm_ )


this was gonna be a tutorial and i guess it still is but if anything it’s just a really long and drawn out “essay” on drawing people with epicanthic folds. one of my biggest pet peeves is people drawing asian people exclusively with the same type of eye they’d give white people or anyone else who typically doesn’t have the fold! however i know that most people are taught with the standard white person eye (google image search for “eye” and it’ll all be pictures of white people’s eyes) so learning to draw epicanthic folds is a consciously learned thing. 

therefore i bring you this, which attempts to break the mechanics of epicanthic folds down into something that’s a bit easier to digest and implement in your own art! 

style can be argued i guess but it’s not that hard to stylize eyes with folds if you do proper observation and research. eyes with epicanthic folds are as diverse as eyes without so it’s not like you have to adhere to a strict model for them (although many people think that you have to) and all it takes to distinguish the two in stylized art (and even in semi/realism once you think about it) is a few lines! like i said this is a learned process but it’ll make your asian characters (and characters of other races even) a bit more interesting and believable.


All of the decent Gravity Falls fanart I did 2015-2016. Most of these are drawn in my old, undeveloped style (where I studied different people’s styles, then attempted it with my own to test new things out), for which I apologize for lol. 

And look would ya at that, Transcendence AU and Monster Falls AU stuff in there too

On Tuesday, the world learned the name of Khan Sheikhoun, a town in Idlib, Syria, after government forces used what was likely a chemical bomb containing a nerve agent on innocent civilians. Between 70 and 100 people, including dozens of children, were killed in the attack and as many as 500 were injured. Witnesses described the horrors of the aftermath - much too graphic for me to write here. But this is nothing new, it is not the first time President Bashar al-Assad has slaughtered innocent civilians, especially children, in his own country. It is not the first time he has left people laying on the ground foaming at the month until death from use of illegal chemical weapons. It is not the first time the world has been shocked by images from within Syria. It is not the first time global leaders have spoken out and condemned this sort of barbaric extermination… Yet it continues. For 6 years, this war has raged, a war officially between the government and a rebel army, but it is hard to see this as anything besides a war on the innocent Syrian people. The toll is impossible to calculate to an exact number, but most estimates indicate more than 200,000 innocent people, including more than 50,000 children, have been killed to date, and almost 5,000,000 have been displaced. I don’t have the answer, I don’t know what should be done or even what could be attempted, I can’t tell you who did what and recall every detail, but I know one thing, no matter the intricacies, it must stop. Syria is one of several points on this planet which holds the history, known and unknown, of our species, it was once an epicentre of art, discovery, and science - perhaps the oldest civilization besides Mesopotamia, yet it is being destroyed as if it were nothing more than a piece of trash. A jewel in world history has been reduced to ruins. And that is just the past, the future is being decimated as well. With each traumatic injury, with each innocent fatality, the light of Syria’s future weakens. It will take hundreds of years, multiple generations, for Syria to overcome the current suffering, and the scars of today’s battles may never heal. If only we’d think of the children, there is nothing a child could do to deserve the nightmares of war, nothing a child could do to deserve anything close. Adults create war, adults create the weapons that kill, adults create the politics and the fighting, adults create power and money, adults are the cause of and reason for mass conflict, but they do not bear the greatest loss here, it is the children that do. Like I said, I don’t know the answer, I am not even sure of the question, but the motivation to end this all is clear - the innocent children of Syria. My heart aches and shatters for Syrians in the war zone and across the world, I can’t imagine your pain so I won’t even pretend to understand, but I hope you still believe in the goodness of humanity, I hope you still find reason to carry on, and I hope one day, Syria can again be an epicentre of civilization. Most of all, I hope you find safety, and your loved ones find safety. Whether it is peace in Syria or a new home until the fighting ends, I hope you find stability and safety. 

work © azelforest , do not repost, re-distribute, edit, or claim as your own, etc.
— (Hey, since you guys like this drawing so much, why don’t you drop me some ask or request? I’m totally open for that.)

OK SO, I’ve gotten sooooososoSO inspired by the awesome artist in the fandom that have made so many AU’s and such that I just HAD to draw up a lil something to toss into the ink machine of madness.

The AU’s meant to be in this story atm are:
Toon!Henry (Henry is a Toon)
PhotoCopy (That means there’s doubles)
Sketchy (That means the studio isn’t ‘realistic’ and instead is toonified)
Heartless (That means one or more of the toon’s are without a soul, and are pretty much just mindless monsters, they’re not searchers because they’re legit just like melted bendy)

(I may add more though, there’s a plot to this I’ve created as well but for now I’m keeping it under wraps because I love surprises <333)

Ok, onward to the next thing of business.

 Long story short

I want to make a comic in regards to SEVERAL au’s that many other fans (including myself) have come up with.

However I suck majorly when it comes to making comic’s. I can’t really draw comic panels well or pace them out to where they make sense, I can make scripts just fine, I guess I’m looking for a panel artist?? Or maybe just any artist in general that know’s how to work with comic’s. Either way, perspective is a pain and I need assistance with it to help get this thing going. You’re welcome to pop a message to me if you’re interested, but otherwise I hope you enjoy the art as well as the references I’m gonna drop down below because I couldn’t have thought up any of this stuff without you guys.


@squigglydigglydoo​ has been a HUGE inspiration to this. Alongside their Toon!Henry AU, I went to one of their streams and watched how AWESOMELY they drew out everyone’s favorite demon on Clip Studio Paint. I’d previously bought it but I had no clue how to use it, which is why I started learning and drew this ENTIRE image using it. Needless to say, this gal is a godsend and you should totally support her and her work because GOSH DANG SHE’S SO COOL.

@yunisverse​​ They’re the first person who’s art I bumped into in regards to the Rubberhose AU and their comic (Remade in his image) which was what sold me to the fandom. I hope you don’t mind that I used your based references for the toon’s because I really liked how you drew them so simply but with personality! Definitely worth checking them out and supporting them!

@the-vampire-inside-me​​ Honestly if there was any way to express how fucking awesome this person’s art style is you’d bet your ass I’d straight up say it to em in person. This dude is the one that inspired me to even grow interest within attempting the comic altogether. Their style, their finesse, it’s just too GOOD. I swear they made a bargain with the ink demon himself because ffs henry looks like such a beefcake daddy you’d never wanna stop huggin’.

@askthedevilswing​​ THOSE LINES, THE LINES. AHHHHHHH THEY’RE SO SMOOTHE AND SOFT. Another inspiring artist I’ve fallen pen over pad for with how fantastic their style is and how perfect they grab the studio’s characters. (and also that goddam buff bendy, holy hooligans I’ll never lookat my boi the same way again after that. Brings me to tears EVERY TIME.)

There’s plenty more pal’s out there that I wish I could brag about being amazing, but it’s gettin’ late and this post is pretty long enough as is so I hope everyone in the fandom know’s just how much I adore all their work and keeps at it!!! <333

Some thoughts on young Harold

I think some people are forgetting Harry is a closeted, very likely confused, young person navigating his own identity and his place in the music industry, and he hasn’t lived a day as a normal kid since he was sixteen years old. Even without PR strategists and their ham-fisted promo and transparent lies, he’s going to fuck up. He’s going to contradict himself. He’s going to do things which don’t sync up with the image we have of him because we don’t actually know him. He’s going to make mistakes, and he should make mistakes, because he’s twenty three years old. I look at some of the art I made at a 23 year old and it’s an absolute mess of poorly articulated ideas and cross-firing impulses and half of them are ripped off of the artists I loved because I hadn’t found myself yet. That was three years ago and I’m still struggling to find myself, because I, too, am a confused young person trying to create art in a world that’s hostile and homophobic. And that’s me, where there are no cameras and no privacy invasion and no closet and no million dollar brand. Harry is under an enormous amount of pressure from the people he’s working for AND the general public, AND US, the fans who love him, sure, but are also tense and poised and constantly ready to attack and drag and place blame and analyze.

It’s ok to analyze, in fact I think it’s necessary to be critical and conscious of all the media we consume? But at the same time…people really need to look at the big picture and keep everything in perspective. Harry probably doesn’t know who he is yet to some degree, as a person and as a solo artist, and he’s been media trained since he was a kid, and now that he has a slightly longer leash, he’s going to be struggling to reconcile all that. So he’s drawing from a variety of influences and musical traditions, some of which are archaic or dated or fucked up, and attempting to forge an identity and still sell records and we’re ALL WATCHING! What an enormous challenge! Even if his team was promoting everything perfectly, there would still be cracks running through this mess. Give him a break. Remember how old he is, and what kind of world we live in.

I do think there is fandom manipulation happening, I do think there are strings being pulled and I think some of those string pullers are tone deaf old white men. Yes. But frankly, that’s capitalism, which sucks but is the very real framework which art is manufactured within. We’re not going to be able to escape that anytime soon, it’s just the way things are. Personally, I’m excited to continue to watch Harry grow and find himself and figure out what he wants to do and what he wants to say within the constraints of capitalism/the industry.

a continuation of sorts to the Klance Beauty and the Beast idea I had not too long ago °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I fell in love with this song they made for new one and last night I had the asinine idea to put off the projects I need to finish and take a stab at an animatic with galra!Keith and Lance. even though i’ve never attempted one before. anyhoo, i scrapped all of these together late last night and then experimented on my university’s iMovie which is the worst i hate macs it cropped my freaking pictures and i didnt have enough time to fix it its nowhere near perfect but for my first attempt not too shabby! c:


Human Holly Blue Agate and Jay Prime (Amethyst 5-8XJ) from @airyairyquiteinappropriate‘s Petting Zoo fic (NSFW)

I think I realism-ed myself into a corner with this piece going “Shit, I have no idea how to draw/shade that, I had better stay as close to my references as I can” and it quickly snowballed into the single most technically difficult piece I have attempted for any non-fine-art project.  Which is a little bit disproportionate for a reference that maybe 12 people are going to get, so I think I’m going to have to just share these WIPs and move along.  But it’s been fun.  I couldn’t duplicate the effect on Jay’s hair if my life depended on it, as it is made of 98% bullshit, but hey it worked!

AAAAAaaaaannnnndddd… it turns out the age I had in my head for human Holly this whole time was off… by a couple decades.  I guess the whole “dutchess” business got me thinking like,

Originally posted by ancientphantom

Half way through sketching this piece I thought I’d re-read the fic, and in the second goddamn sentence it says she is under forty.  

But whatever.  She can be a silver-haired 60+ in my own imagination.  Played by someone along the lines of Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Maggie Smith, or Judi Dench, (who gets to have a break and be not-skinny for the part.)   You know, sort of Mama Mia-ish but with lesbians and polyamory? (Which, frankly, would vastly improve Mama Mia:  “Mom, why did you never get in touch with my bio dad?”  “Oh sweety, I am gay as fuck.  And look!  My three girlfriends are here for your wedding!”  And then exactly the same storyline, but forget the dads entirely and all four women end up together.)  Can you tell I grew up with an older mom who likes rom-coms?

More Words on Art Theft

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but please.

Stop. reposting. art. 😢

Many of you do this without malicious intent and even think you’re doing us a favor. I understand. You want to share things with the world. But like writing papers, you either need to have permission from the original artist OR you need to cite them (give them credit). Sometimes, an artist will allow either/or. Others, like myself, do not allow art reposted at all, credited or not. Only a certain few have permission and with specific pieces only. Here’s a definition for what art reposts are:

“Saving an image/art into your hard drive/computer/phone as a separate file and then proceeding to upload that file onto your profile(s).”

I’ll be honest. I’m tired. A lot of us are. Artists are constantly facing a battle with art theft and more than half the time, they lose by giving up or they stop making art entirely. I’ve since gotten into a habit of reporting whenever I’m alerted but I have no time to go hunting down for art reposts. Most recently, I experienced a case of an art reposter deliberately hiding their actions behind a private account, which brings me to this post.

First of all, to those who I’ve already reported from, please understand, I am not angry, nor do I hate any of you. I’m simply disappointed and while you may not care how I feel, you have to realize that what you’re doing is technically illegal and against the Terms and Regulations of the websites you re-upload art in. I just want you all to learn/realize that.

And I’m saying this now. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a public or private account. 

I have actually experienced a few occasions where a private account follows me and I notice that they appear to be fan-accounts. I’ve tried to ignore those. However, with this most recent issue, I attempted to follow back one of my followers, mostly out of curiosity (and a bit of suspicion). Long story short, I was rejected. In the end I found out that that they had over a thousand posts, majority of which were art reposts, a few from mine, many others from friends and other artists. But based on how I was rejected by the user, it’s clear they did not want me to see any of that (nor do I believe they would allow other original artists to see their account either). 

I won’t divulge how I found out or who I’m talking about in confidentiality.

So with that, I’m telling you straight. Just because you’re on a private account does not mean you’re safe from getting caught. 

I don’t try to single out anyone regarding this issue. Like I said, I don’t go hunting. So if you find yourself getting reported then, you probably just lucked out, I suppose. At least when it comes to my pieces.

 When I report something, it’s simply because I’m a copyright holder and I need to protect my work. I don’t do it out of spite. If anything, I do it to teach. I’d rather see an account change their ways than have their entire Instagram/Youtube account taken down because of multiple copyright violations. 

So if you’re one of these people, please, I implore you to take down any artwork that you know is not supposed to be there (i.e the artists do not want their work reposted/You do not have permission to re-upload their work). 

Here’s one way to think about this: Artists take time to make their artwork and post it online. You would take *less* time putting an image through a search engine to find the original source of the picture. Just saying! ^^ 

You. Are. Better. Than. This.

Now, if you have any grievances or comments (say, you’re one of the people I reported from or you’re guilty of reposting art), you may message me on Tumblr. I am opening the floor.