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something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

I did an outfit swap for Star Butterfly and Steven Universe!

Sorry that it’s been a hot minute since I posted lol.

Individual pieces under the cut! :D

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I just had probably one of the best days in my college career yet, and I’m just so happy? Like I’ve haven’t laughed this long and hard in a long time?


Today’s errr tonight? Art post. I decided to show you guys my sketches I did today in class which are the two pics on top (please dont be like me and do that, pay attention OTL I’m a failure as an adult) basically ocs for a story that I may try to write out. Maybe…..but im debating if i should transfer it to clip studio paint…..what do you guys think?

And the others are the wips I’ve been showing you guys. The link pic just needs to be colored now (or what do you guys think, should it stay black and white or color it?) And my fire emblem heroes summoner mu is almost done. I’m not sure what to color the background (suggestions would be nice) and if i should do more shading than the simple one you see here. Feedback is always welcomed ^^

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Not sure if you can answer this. But does Amonkhet have a full art cycle? Or just the 5 shown? I fully understand they will appear less often in packs and bundles. Which I'm fine with. I have bfz full arts coming out of my ears, felt less special.

There are five full-art lands in Amonkhet, one of each basic land type.

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I always assumed James is a good bit older than Alex actually. Clark became Superman no later than 24 yrs old (so Alex was ~13-14 prob.). James took the first real picture of him which I always figured meant he was, at the least, out of high school and working for the Planet (~18-19) or, more likely, out of college and working as a photographer for the Planet (~21). Plus, he's starting a job as Art Director, which means a lot of experience. So I figure he's at least 4-5 yrs older, maybe 8-9 yrs.

^^ Yall go in deep.

When I was 12 years old, I took a 3 month Martial Arts class which was a mixture of everything from kick boxing to tai chi.

One of the first things we learned and something we had to practice everyday for at least 30 minutes was - how to fall.

People literally carried us and threw us on the ground (well, mat).

Initially, it was painful. I was always so afraid. I mean how could I just stand there knowing that the person in front of me was going to pick me up and throw me! And then stand up again so the person behind them could do the same. And then stand up yet again for another person to do that.

Of course I knew it was because we had to learn how to fall. It wasn’t just about the other people knowing how to throw people. It was more about us learning how we must fall. Or rather, how we must break our fall.
It’s there I learned that there’s a ‘correct’ way to fall.

It seemed so absurd to me! It seemed so unfair!

Why did we need to learn how to fall? Why couldn’t we just learn how to not fall instead?

But soon in life I realized, we don’t often get a say in whether we fall or not. Whether life picks us up only to brutally bring us down harder. However, that summer I did learn that we can choose to fall in a way that minimises the damage and the pain, because falling is inevitable and most times out of our control but how we fall and get back up is always up to us.

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I first started drawing a couple of months before I turned 16, and this year I turn 19 ^^ Ot's also been really incredible seeing you go from your supernatural comics onto loads of different fandoms and your animations these days are super impressive! Tumblr may be a hell site some of the time but one thing it is definitely good for is seeing artists improve and evolve :D

oh man, supernatural comics? boy, this reminds me youve actually seen me since i started posting art here, which was in 2013. jesus

I was really struggling with feelings of inadequacy and frustration. Like writers block (which I’ve experienced often before), but for game development and pixel art. Pixel block?

So a friend on Twitter suggested just sitting down and sketching whatever came to mind.

Of course a creepy bug thing would come to my mind. But it was such a relief to get something drawn out, so here he is, crawling along in the grass. For size reference, he’s about 2x as big as the player.
Spellbound Chapter 1, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction
[RusEng] When a spell backfires on England, it has a rather unsavory side-effect: his mind starts to receive the thoughts and feelings of a certain...intimidating nation.

So I’m going through an annoyingly long period of art block, which will (hopefully) let up soon. I mentioned my Spellbound story a few times on here. And since I feel bad for not posting much at the moment, here’s the link to it if anyone is interested in checking it out! :)

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I was going through your art (which I have to say that I absolutely love, it's original!) and I was wondering if you've ever considered drawing your OC with others OC's? (You do so many OC commissions that I got curious)

Thank you so much! Haha and well, I wouldn’t mind drawing my ocs with other people’s ocs, but it really depends haha. I usually only do that with friends, or if I’m up for taking requests (which I’m currently not ahh) I did used to do impromptu collabs where I draw my oc, and they’re interacting with a plain base, and if people are interested, they would draw their ocs in place of the base haha. I had one with Rein and had fun results! Lmaoo

okay but

that picture i just reblogged which is official voltron art with that absolutely LOVELY commentary attached to it by a fan

if, potentially, in season 3, this prediction comes true and Lance’s sexuality is explored and he potentially comes out as bi, pan, or something else, and it’s implied in this image that Shiro helps him with that

what if

what if Lance really does become the Black Paladin in Keith’s place like a lot of people are talking about, and while trying to find courage in himself as the Black Paladin, he’s able to talk to Shiro somehow, maybe Shiro is in that astral plane or something and Lance can talk to him through the Black Lion, and Lance not only helps them find Shiro in the end, but Shiro helps him work through not only his insecurities, especially about being the the Black Paladin, but also his feelings?????