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The Pursuit

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You catch a glimpse of him, heart rattling rapidly in your chest and you realize how exposed you are. You need a diversion, some place to hide before he notices you.

And then you see it; your opportunity.

You grab him, pulling him close to shield your body from view.

The look in his eyes is one of total bewilderment and before he can cause a scene, you press up on your toes, locking your lips with his.

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what do ya think about people shipping jaded//ave//kat even if they know that dave is not comfortable with poly?

i really dont care what people ship in general. hell i met someone who ships bro/doc scratch. whether it makes sense or not shouldnt be something that suddenly makes it illegal to ship a ship. i mean theres always aus and crack ships and what not. go wild kids

my problem is when people dont stay in their lane and act like its some software upgrade to dave/karkat and act like content should be in that tag too. its not. its a completely different ship so please go away

my other problem is when it crosses over into the realm of canon meta with people acting like its suddenly actual comic canon and making justifications for it. like you said, dave isnt comfortable with being in a poly ship. you see some people arguing this happened when he was 13 and that he “grew” out of it later. yes, he did break it off with terezi for wanting to date gamzee at the same time, but given how they were still dating during openbound, this must have happened closer to when he was around 15, not 13.
then some people say that since he spent more time with karkat, he learned about the quadrant system and adopted it and thats proof that hed be ok with it
dave still isnt comfortable with karkat dating another person, EVEN IF hes been educated on the subject of troll romance and the polyamory that comes along with it. even if dave says he “gets it,” hes still not going to do quadrants because he became clearly jealous when karkat brought up his past BLACK crush on john. again, BLACK, not RED – which is at least what his and karkats relationship falls under when we see jasprose state that the quadrant nepeta wanted karkat in (red) is taken
this says a WHOLE FUCKING LOT, more so than the terezi and gamzee issue imo. even after literally being educated on polyamory for three years by a troll obsessed with the idea of quadrants, to the point of not outright dismissing them anymore like he did pre-retcon and being more open minded about it, dave is still not comfortable with the idea of karkat pursuing anyone else even in the black quadrant, one which doesnt fully define his and karkats own relationship. he still cant fucking do it even under the base definitions of quadrants he learned
not only that, but the line dave says to karkat during this exchange – “is this something you been thinking about this whole time or” – also says a lot. not only is it probably one of the more insecure statements dave has said, its also a little absurd on a logical basis and goes to show how insecure the idea of karkat having feelings for someone else makes him. dave takes karkats past black crush on john and sees it to mean that karkat was wishing dave was john during the entire three years. thats just really fucking sad.

and weve seen this behavior with dave before. he compares himself to others all the time and feels like shit because he feels he cant compete with them! hell this is at the center of his entire goddamn coolkid facade, he tries to live up to his bros crazy insane ideals and when he fails it ruined his self esteem. you also see him compare himself to john all the time – he outright tells terezi one time that “no matter what i do ill never catch up to john” and we all know how he reacted when john was a god tier and he wasnt. and its not just john and bro either, he does this with jade in regards to his medium entry vs hers. he goes on about how much of an idiot he was, that what the hell was he doing, even jade knew what to do, that she was schooling his ignorant ass, that she started out with more sense than him, etc. im sure there are other examples but these are just the ones off the top of my head
the point is that dave constantly compares himself to other people and this is the main source of his internal character conflict, it is absolutely fucking criticalto him, and we literally saw this complex in action in regards to polyamory when the idea of karkat having had feelings for someone else was brought up where he reacted overwhelmingly negatively
i mean how much more explicit can this even be? the idea that even after reading this people can still think dave being canon poly is remotely feasible completely fucking boggles my mind

then of course theres karkat. ive gone into it many many many times but the concept of quadrant dating in alternia is akin to compulsory heterosexuality for humans. karkat has mentioned that on alternia trolls that want one partner in all 4 quadrants are seen as joke characters in the media, and calls himself a “desperate fool” for feeling this way about someone. karkats obsession with quadrants and romance movies and literature, while at the same time showing a complete lack of tack with his own quadrant issues, points towards someone who is overcompensating, especially when he used a fictional goddamn troll harlem romance novel as a fucking guide to solve his, daves and terezis issues duing penis ouija and the narrative pointed towards it being a ridiculous idea even for trolls to propose. and given how his entire loud angry persona is a blatant overcompensation for his feelings of inferiority in the first place (dave hits the nail with the hammer when he says “loudmouth inferiority thing”) this is behavior that karkat has shown time and time again to use.
so much about karkats character is how much of a periah and un-trollike he is. from his deceptively peaceful personality (this is a troll that faints at the sight of blood. an ALTERNIAN GODDAMN TROLL), to his blood color, to his tiny ass horns, hes meant to be more human than troll. this is even outright said to be the case in the text.
then youve got the signless and the allusion that he didnt do quadrants either, and the parallel is quite clear especially when terezi and vriska, two trolls, werent able to tell what quadrant dave and karkat had “settled” in which implies that theyre not really in any of them.
ok, so karkat cant do quadrants, so what? cant he just have panquadrant feelings for dave and someone else at the same time? uh ok, if you want to ignore the entire framing of the karkat/terezi situation? he outright says he wanted to “keep her all to himself,” and the entire issue and his meltdown is sparked when terezi simply starts having interest in someone else. for someone to divorce these ideas from one other sounds like some major jumping through hoops to justify something they want instead of objectively analyzing whats there. also saying that karkat needs to get over this and that embracing polyamory is the key to his “character development.” yes, a lot of karkats development is learning to become less possessive and dismissing other peoples feelings and agency. you see the culmination of this when he talks to terezi in openbound. BUT HE GREW UP IN A SOCIETY WHERE POLYAMORY WAS THE NORM AND IT WAS HAMMERED INTO HIM SINCE BIRTH AND EVEN AFTER TRYING TO BE AN EXPERT ON THEM HES STILL NOT ABLE TO ADHERE TO THE CONCEPT AND FAILS AT TRYING. do you seriously think hes going to be able to move past that hurdle???? i mean think what you want in regards to polyamory IRL but in homestucks case…… its tied to a characters nature and is as much a part of their sexuality as liking boys or girls or both or none (or davepeta)

also because by this same logic fuckin gtav/jake/dirk is canon too because they were hanging out together lol

i wholeheartedly disagree with the implication that a female character can only be truly happy if shes in a relationship with men. i hate the idea that because i dont wish jade to be involved with davekat means that i somehow hate her, or am misogynist, or dont want her around them period. this is really goddamn ridiculous and a shitty ass argument and if anyone tries to paint you this way please ignore them lmao because theyre probably more interested in situating themselves as morally superior vs the rest of the subfandom and being the purity police than actually believing and wanting it. i think jade is happy enough to be around her friends in general and to equate her “deserving to be happy” with “dating these two male characters” perpetuates the idea females characters are always looking for romance and that it should be their end goal. fuck right off with that bullshit pls

i also think its borderline insulting to say that an author would throw away an incredibly large and well-executed arc between two characters directly involving a love triangle……for another love triangle with another girl. its just thematically muddled up and shitty writing wise

also the idea that hussie has to do it to “appease everyone.” homestuck has always had some level of influence from the readers, but if appeasing the largest amount of people was always hussies goal instead of writing the characters consistently and with an iota of sense then johndave would be fucking canon

again, people can ship it all they want even just for fun or in an au or cute pics or whatever. but if youre gonna act like its feasible in canon and start spouting some canon meta for it at people without even questioning it im gonna have some MAJOR fucking reservations about your ability to interpret dave and karkats core characters correctly and im probably not going to touch your fanwriting with a 100 foot pole

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Any more boomer headcannons? Thanks ily

YA’LL DO KNOW THAT DIGGER IS MY HUSBAND?  I could talk about him for hours and hours  💖 Golly gosh so thank you for this omg ily2

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More Captain Boomerang Head Cannons!

(Here is a link to the first set I did in case ya’ll haven’t read them) 💖

  • He is a lot more intelligent than he comes off
  • Like, man is a fucking genius!  How do you think he comes up with all of these robbery plans and never gets caught? 
  • Breaking into some of these places includes WEEKS of planning and preparation!  He has to figure out the best way to evade security guards, how to get past the alarm system (which includes doing some intense computer work/hacking), plus he has to consider the best escape route - He can’t exactly just walk down the street with a giant duffle bag of stolen goodies!
  • Is actually a computer genius
  • Honestly, Digger could probably figure out a way to check his email from an old broken Game boy Advance SP he found in a dumpster
  • Reasons Digger has an email: 1) Sell some of the jewels he steals and needs an email to strike up deals/negotiate payment or swap locations, 2) He has an account so he can buy his goddamn Timtams, 3) To get his monthly news-letter of fan club
  • When he is tired the man will literally fall asleep anywhere
  • Like, one time he fell asleep in a goddamn dumpster while he was hiding from the authorities after he had accidentally triggered the alarm, which is a very rare thing for him to do but his is human baby boy makes mistakes and had to wait it out until the coast was clear
  • He is the kind of dude that will just be sitting on a bench at a public park, the weather nice and JUST right, next thing you know he’s asleep sitting up just sleeping away
  • lets be honest he is always on the move so he hardly gets a REAL good night of sleep so baby is always a little tired
  • Digger totally snores js
  • Probably talks in his sleep too, hell, he fights in his sleep!
  • Say you’re his s/o and ya’ll are all snuggled into bed and he fell into a deep deep sleep, but you were like watching a movie or something so you’re still awake, and all of a sudden you notice him start tossing and turning and breathing a little faster - but you don’t wanna wake him up just yet in case it passes quickly, and then BAM he just starts erratically punching the air in front of him and yelling like he’s in a fist fight… So yea, a sleep fighter omg
  • Will totally wake up his s/o up in the middle of the night for some midnight fun (;
  • Like, even if it is like 4 AM and you’ve been sleeping for hours, his annoying ass will start rubbing your sides and nibbling your neck to wake ya up
  • “Awwh, common now Sheila, play with me I ain’t gettin’ a wink of sleep..”
  • But it’s okay cause he’ll do all the work he just needed permission first 
  • Really likes big block buster action films tbh
  • Face/Off is his all time favorite movie
  • Also really likes Michael Bay movies
  • Pretty much any movie with tits and explosions are his thing lmao
  • Yea, he’s a bit rude but he is an EXCELLENT customer
  • Like, when he goes to eat at a diner late at night (Like a Waffle House or some shit) he’ll just sit quietly and eat his meal and will leave the nice waitress like a $200 tip if he liked the service
  • Probably only has like, 4 outfits, and they the same variation of the same one
  • Really loves his look - Like, the way his facial hair is shaped and his ‘edgy’ hair cut and thinks he is the epitome of cool
  • Like, if he can’t find some place to crash (Like, idk, there aren’t any rooms at the local motel if he is in a smaller town) he’d totally just hook up with some chick at a bar and crash at her place
  • Low-key thinks he could get into anyone’s pants if he really wanted too
  • It would take a REALLY strong and feisty person to ever make a honest man out of Mr. Harkness
  • He doesn’t think he’s worthy of a long term relationship, so he’s sort of a man-whore
  • Like, it’d have to be someone who can keep up with him mentally (Because he is SUPER smart and over analyzes everything) as well as be able to put up with his shit
  • He needs someone who will not be afraid to punch him square in the fucking jaw for being a dickweed but will also be understanding when he didn’t mean to fuck up - there’s a difference between being an intention ass and fucking up
  • Digger needs someone strong spirited and independent but also understanding and sweet
  • Digger needs someone who can take his bitching and moaning without getting their feelings hurt but can also grab him by the balls and tell him to literally shut the fuck up
  • When Digger falls for someone, he falls with every thing he’s got
  • He’ll daydream about that person, in the not so innocent of ways, and imagine what life would be like with them… Ya know, he he could have that type of life 
  • Like I said before in my first round head Boomie head cannons, he regrets his criminal life style and would like nothing more than to give it all away and live a quiet domestic life back in his home country and be at peace
  • He wishes he could just have an good hard working job and make an honest living
  • He wishes he could find that special someone in a normal yet charming way, bumping into them by accident in the street or in college (which he wished he had been able to do), and falling in love and having the cliche yet oh so wonderful experience of giving yourself completely to that person
  • He wishes he could get down on one knee and ask that person, who he would love with all his heart, to marry him and be his forever
  • He wishes he could settle down with that person and be a Father to his own children, a good father - Like the one he never had growing up 
  • He wishes he could have those quiet Sunday mornings where they all eat breakfast together at the table and listen as his children babble and grow to love each other so much
  • He wishes he could change… How he could take it all back and start anew..
  • But he’s made his peace with his life, no matter how much he regrets and woeful thoughts go through his head on some cold nights when he’s alone in some shit motel room surrounded in things he’s not earned but things he’s taken from others
  • He is what he is, he knows what he knows, and he’ll never stop, no matter how much it hurts
From the Ground up

(This is going to be long, and a bit bitchy, but it takes a very positive view of season 11 and Destiel in general. Also a virtual hug to the fandom.)

So, I want to say clearly that this is something I generally don’t do: I don’t like to criticize people for doing their job wrong, even when they’re horrible at it (maybe I lived in the UK for too long, but my reaction is always a smile and a Thank you, even when waiters drop food and wine and candles on me and I catch fire and die). And, after a few spectacular rows during my first few weeks on the internet (many, many years ago) I now try not to fight with people online, because it’s a waste of time and it never ends well - the best one can hope for is the so-called reductio as Hitlerum, so, yeah.

(And I’m not saying this to imply I’m some sort of übernice person - I’m just that person who is very easily outraged and replays arguments for hours and cannot believe they would see it that way months after the thing even happened, so at one point I just decided to try and focus on the fights worth having instead of being high and mighty all the bloody time.

Also, when you get to be my age you start to realize you might not be as competent and omniscient as you once thought, so you sort of decide not to judge all the people all the time.)

That said, today I’ve been restless and mindless and I was really curious to find out what the rest of the world has been saying about The Chitters, because to me it’s really, really obvious something momentous is going on and I needed to know if I was delusional (because sometimes I am).

And, well.

I looked through a dozen reviews, and this is what the professionals had to say about the episode:

Now, I didn’t include the sources of these excerpts, because, as I said, I don’t want to fight with anyone and I don’t think ranting at one site or another would be a productive use of anyone’s time.

Still, I think it’s worth repeating that these writers are professionals who review TV series for a living and are presumably paid to do it. And yet, it’s very plain they understand nothing of what has been going on on this show.

First of all, yes, it’s true that the overall structure, split between main arc episodes and MotW episodes, is sometimes frustrating. But: a good MotW episode brings so much to the story, because Supernatural has never been about what some of these reviewers think it is about. This is not some old-school videogame where the characters are four-pixel figures who jump over things and kill things and progress to bigger and bigger monsters. The point was never to see how they could defeat a series of increasingly creepy villains. No, from the very beginning, Supernatural was about the internal struggle we all face - the monsters were, and I can’t believe this isn’t obvious to everyone, a metaphor. Because it never mattered that Sam was supposed to say yes to Lucifer, specifically. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Lucifer, he’s a jewel of a character, and also very impressive, and he does come with 2000+ years of awesome history and mythology, but Melville achieved the same effect with a freaking fish (I know, I know: not a fish, but come on), so Lucifer is clearly not the point. No, what Supernatural was always about is all that other stuff - those questions which keep us up at night (or, at least, which should keep us up at night): Who am I, really? Is it possible to truly change? To become better? To be true to myself? Is compassion stronger than violence, or is violence always the better choice? Are other people entitled to the same privileges I allow myself? Or, to put it more bluntly, will I ever believe a monster can change? Or does birth really determines who we are? What do you owe other people? What is love, and is it always a good thing? Can you ever show your love to someone by choosing to step away? What happens when I die? Does destiny exist? Or are we free to write our own path? And which option should we prefer?

These questions are fascinating because, on the one hand, they seem very deep and complex, and indeed, most philosophers have discussed the finer points over the centuries; but, on the other hand, it’s also the kind of stuff we all wonder about when we’re teenagers, or when we suffer a trauma of some kind (when someone dies or leaves us, for instance). Which is, in the end, the same thing, because God knows being a teenager is a trauma in itself (#ItGetsBetter).

Anyway, their perfect blend of complexity and accessibility is what makes them very good fiction material. Achilles had to choose between greatness and obscurity; he chose greatness, and so did Jason, and so did Theseus (they all died bloody). Menelaus chose compassion over violence, and was rewarded. Agamemnon chose violence over compassion, and he was slaughtered. So did Odyseeus, though, who was saved. Hell, even Rachel found herself at a crossroad (remain the person her family and upbringing had led her to be, or be true to herself and lose everything) because Friends may be a sitcom, but that’s the stuff that works. That’s the basis upon which everything is built. It’s even useless to make a list, because we might as well include everyone and everything.

Going back to Supernatural, the implications of this are pretty obvious. For instance, it doesn’t matter if we don’t always have new and better monsters (look at how Red Meat used werewolves) and it certainly doesn’t matter if Sam and Dean don’t spend their whole time being beaten half to death by some psyhcopathic hairless ghoul hybrid. The way they do things and what they talk about is just as important as the general direction of the season, and mostly even more so. Dean sparing his first demon wasn’t an oddity of the script: it was the beginning of a very long journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance (still ongoing). Sam struggling between his rationality (the end justifies the means) and his instinctive compassion (the need to save as many people as possible) isn’t a boring problem we’ve seen enough of already, now show me the decapitated vamp. Those things aren’t the background of the show: they are the show. What will matter, in the end, is not if Amara is defeated or not, but whether Sam and Dean, our heroes, will have managed to find their true selves and embrace them. This is what the Hero’s Journey is all about, and things have been that way since Gilgamesh and Enkidu journeyed to the Cedar Mountain almost 4000 years ago.

The fact that professional writers don’t get it is, frankly, worrisome. The fact many seem to think this episode added nothing to the season arc - the fact all of them saw Jesse and Cesar as parallels for Sam and Dean - is, and I’m sorry to be blunt, people not being able to do their jobs. Subtext is not always easy to spot, and sometimes things are complicated by the fact writers may not even be aware they’ve put something there until the thing is pointed out to them (as a very famous writer confirmed to me only last week). Which is why this joke -

- annoys me to no end.

But, well: it is perhaps unfair to ask a 15-year-old to analyze and understand a text university professors are still squabbling over. Still, anyone writing for a living - any journalist worth their salt - should be able to spot motives and patterns as a matter of course.

With that, I’m not trying to say they should see what I see because it’s Destiel and I want Destiel to happen. As many have pointed out over the years, the writers have deliberately created (are still deliberately creating) that relationship. This is not something we’re imagining. But I must also say clearly I think many of the ships I see on tumblr are wishful thinking. Not everything is a deception or a conspiracy. Sometimes, things aren’t written that way from the beginning, in my opinion, and wanting two characters to be together just because they’re both single or hot or like the same things is not the same as them being pushed together by a conscious manipulation of the plot. In other words: it is, of course, allowed to ship anyone with anyone, but the reality is, some things are canon and some aren’t. And this goes for Destiel as well: I enjoy fluff and soulful quotes as much as the next person, but I don’t think Dean is the kind of person who can be fluffy, and he definitely has a lot of ground to cover before coming even close to those lovely and long-winded declarations of love one so often reads in fanfiction.

Then again, there is wishful thinking and then there are downright mistakes. Thinking that Sam is insisting they hunt to ‘distract Dean from the Amara problem’, as one reviewer puts it, is ludicrous. It’s textual, and very loud by now, that Cas is what Dean is concerned about. Which is significant, because, surely, what he should be thinking about is that he unleashed a chaotic, all-powerful deity hell-bent on destroying the whole world - and that literally never comes up. Even last night, Sam and Dean allow Jesse and Cesar to walk off into the sunset never once mentioning that sunset could very well turn into a nuclear rain by next week, if Amara gets bored and starts messing around a bit more consistently (somehow, I don’t think she’ll decide to spare New Mexico just because). And thinking The Chitters was all about Jesse - thinking that was odd - I’m sorry, but the only thing you should be allowed to analyse is the label of a Heinz beans can. Of course it’s about Jesse, and it’s about Jesse because - I’ll help you out - Jesse is someone who’s struggled a lot to come to terms with his sexuality and his place in the hunting community, and therefore -

And stating not only that Jesse and Cesar are a parallel for Sam and Dean, but that their relationship echoes the 'loving-but-dysfunctional’ dynamic going on between the brothers - where is it written that what Jesse and Cesar have is dysfunctional in any way? It’s not, which means it’s not a parallel for what’s going on between Sam and Dean but rather -


Anyway, I’ve learned two things from this painful experience.

First, thank God for the internet and user-generated content. It’s a relatively new thing, of course, which means it doesn’t always work, but it’s also a gigantic source of meticulously peer-reviewed material, and, as we know, someone else’s critique is one of the most important elements in any kind of scientific pursuit, and also the best bulwark against utter bullshit. Back in the 1990s, those TV websites (at the time, actual paper magazines) would have been my only source of information and analysis on my favourite show, and their word would have been law. No longer.

Second, if the goal is really some kind of textual Destiel - and, Jesus, where else could we be going? - then they’re going to have to be a lot clearer than this, because it beggars belief, but some people are still not getting it. I don’t know what we need at this point - perhaps some BM moment where the whole thing comes out, and Dean admits it was beyond hard to be bi growing up - no idea. But if this is where they’re going, it needs to be stated clearly, so it won’t come as a WTF thing to - apparently - many, many viewers (and reviewers).

And finally, a big, big hug to everyone involved in Supernatural. I think they’ve done an amazing job this season, and reading all those bitchy complaints about those stupid, stupid things - monsters not being original enough, unnecessary random characters and whatnot - must be frustrating to people who’re actually trying to further a completely different plot - something which is not, and never was, about the monsters; something which is, instead, about ourselves and our place in the world.

Guys, you’ve really worked hard, and it shows. Thank you

10x16 Confessional scene

Alright, so Dean’s confession in Paint it Black stirred up a lot of reactions from the fandom. A great deal of people, mostly Destiel shippers from what I gather, saw it as an opening for a canonically bisexual Dean. Others seemed pretty opposed to the idea.

In both cases, people saw Dean opening up and expressing the desire to know true happiness, and reconsidering his beliefs and the way he has lead his life, which is huge character development for him. “Maybe there’s more to it all than I thought.” It has been a recurring theme this season, what with enjoying cake and Taylor Swift and all. Frankly, I believe Dean Winchester has been struggling with his identity throughout the entire series, and it feels like it might finally be coming to fruition.

Now, given how the conversation went, the fact that at least part of what Dean wants from life is of a romantic nature isn’t up for debate:

He was talking about past relationships (albeit for the sake of the case, to attract the motw) and his regrets, and the priest gave him penance.

“One would hope some… inner exploration might occur. The prayers are just the beginning to some serious soul searching. Is there anything else on your mind, agent?” 

Considering the whole moc thing, Dean is feeling that his death might come sooner than planned, which spurs him into talking about himself honestly. Cliff notes: I am not ready to die, there are new things I want to experience (also, God is meh).

New things in life Dean Winchester wants for himself, things other than the work, all framed by the priest in the context of “Gina” aka Dean’s fictional relationship. So, yeah, romance.

So let’s look at the obvious possibilities that could foreshadow:

  • Dean will definitely die and never have his wish come true and this was specifically designed to torture us further - Okay, this is super unlikely, especially in light of an eleventh season, and would be a very pointless move from the writers, but I just had to mention it for the sake of being torough. Characters dying after realizing/coming to peace with important truths and finally being ready to embrace happiness is a relatively common trope, because most writers are closet sadists, but it’s rarer with main characters. I won’t really address it further, because come on.
  • Meaningful relationship with a woman - As many have pointed out, it would be a pretty weak move from the writer to deus ex machina Dean a soulmate this far in the storyline, so it would have to be a previously established female character with whom Dean had a relationship. Let’s look at our options.

Ann Marie - She’s the one I see suggested most. She was only in one episode and she hasn’t been referenced since. Dean and her hooked up while Dean was a demon. She cared for him, and we actually saw him express some vulnerability with her, but ultimately he was cruel and he hurt her. She cut him off, and she honestly has no reason whatsoever to love him. So I don’t see how Ann Marie would be a viable romantic lead. On top of that, think of how terrible Dean must feel toward her. There is just no basis for a happy relationship here.
Lisa - The one stable relationship Dean has known. Let me be brief: Lisa is a strong, intelligent woman. If she regained her memories, she would be pissed. Dean denied her agency. He is dangerous and unpredictable. She would keep herself, and her son, away from him.
Cassie - The one comfirmed time Dean fell in love. Way back then, she chose not to pursue the relationship, mainly because Dean’s situation was too unstable. That didn’t get any better and she would have her own life fully established by now anyway.
Those are the most likely possibilities, and they are all very weak. Now, who else could Dean Winchester have romantic feelings for?

  • Meaningful relationship with a male - We all know why I wrote male and not man here.

Okay. I want to establish a couple of things. I do think that the show is moving toward Dean coming out as bisexual, for a multitude of reasons, this scene being one of them. There are many people out there that have explained why much more eloquently and toroughly than I could. Dean repressing his identity because of his upbringing. The directing, Jensen’s acting, established parallels, visual symbolism, the romantic tropes that have been acted out with Cas. The fact that these keep being present in the show despite complaints of queerbaiting.

I honestly find it all pretty compelling. So here is my question, and I guess the main point of this whole post: Why are some people so opposed to Dean Winchester being bisexual? 

So far in the show, I would say that wether Dean is bi or straight is up to interpretation. There are strong and valid arguments for either point of view. I don’t personally care what people believe. But every single time we (by which I mean everyone who thinks Dean Winchester is bisexual) see something in an episode that we interpret as a sign of his sexual orientation, there is this big part of the fandom that gets irritated, or even angry. The less far-fetched it is, the worse the reaction becomes (see: I hardly saw anyone complain about the analysis of cake vs pie, while the confessional scene has a lot of people riled up).

Most people on my dash have been polite enough about it, but the hostility remains manifest. Some examples of recurring comments: “Not everything he says or does has to do with his sexuality” and “Shippers are cheapening an important moment of growth”. It all boils down to the fact that Dean Winchester is more than his sexuality - which we all know - but it also trivializes its importance and our opinion on the matter.

People who insist that he is straight, and go on to defend his heterosexuality somehow refuse to acknowledge that people who consider him to be bi have healthy, reasonnable motives behind their opinion. I am not fetishizing gay sex. I am not over-analyzing meaningless elements. I am not prioritizing a ship over canon charaterization. 

Do not infantilize me.

I’m just interpreting what I see. And hoping for representation. And getting excited over the possibility. So are most of the people who share my view. I really don’t see why that would be so annoying to you.

tl;dr: Dean Winchester is bi as hell, it’s gonna be canon and screw anyone raining on my parade

infinitenamaste submitted: (sorry didn’t see this before) um…yeahh why’s he trying to protect her?! it’s only a matter of time before they find out elena’s not dead. i just want them to be together!!! Stelena forever!!! and p.s. stefan is so damn fine. no matter which decade he’s in.

Why wouldn’t Stefan protect Elena? He has been doing nothing but since he saved her life in the car accident that killed her parents. Klaus will find out eventually that Elena is alive, yes, but Stefan will do everything that he possibly can to keep Elena safe and under the radar for as long as possible. 

I’m getting the feeling that quite a few people were upset that Stefan told Elena to stop, to give up, that he didn’t want to be with her anymore, but I am not upset in the slightest. He said all of that to get her to leave him alone, to stop looking for him, because that is what’s going to keep her safe. He did it because he still loves her and he absolutely does still care about her. There is no doubt in my mind about that. 

This season has really made me appreciate what Stefan and Elena had. Seeing Ripper!Stefan in the flashbacks, where he was completely psychotic and just didn’t give a hoot … it truly shines a new light on just how amazing the Stefan that we have come to know is. He’s been “clean” if you will for quite a few years (with the exception of the past few months, of course), but from what I understand and have seen so far, he wasn’t really alive during his latest clean period; he wasn’t engaged in life. Elena brought him to life, she got him to feel and love and laugh again, she brought the absolute best out of him, she’s the one who ultimately saved him from a life of feeling nothing. Elena IS his lifeline. You cannot convince me otherwise, and you cannot tell me that they won’t find each other again, and I don’t mean literally. 

Like I said, getting to know Stefan’s history has, if anything, strengthened my complete faith and adoration of not only Stefan, but Stefan’s relationship with Elena. It is one of the most beautiful relationships I have seen portrayed on screen, and all that I mentioned above about Stefan’s evolution and his relationship with Elena… of course he would do absolutely anything to prolong her safety/life. 

I hope this answered your question? I can get off topic sometimes. I’m too invested into these characters/plot. :P

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you watched TVD season 6 but if you did do you mind writing a meta on how Caroline's character degraded throuout it (+season 5 if you want)? I know you're writing a fan fiction so take all the time you want, you don't have to do it on short notice. Or at all..

Absolutely! And while I haven’t watched the entirety of season 6 I do think I definitely know enough to analyze Caroline’s deterioration throughout it (hell, the main reason why I stopped watching season 6 was BECAUSE of Caroline’s degradation as a character). But what I actually think is pretty interesting about this question is that you asked me about season 6 AND season 5. And on one hand I do agree that Caroline was sidelined for a huge portion of season 5, I actually think that she went through a lot of really interesting and really important character development in season 5 that was all very specifically undone by season 6. 

Unfortunately Caroline really was a benchwarmer for the majority of season 5 regardless, but there was at least a distinct development arc that she got which was entirely her own. And not only was it a story arc that at least had a little payoff for her relationship with Klaus, but much more importantly it was a story arc that paid off developments in her characterization that had been on the verge of materializing for years. She spent mot of her season 5 time just being a background player in whatever story lines were currently going on, but over the course of that time she actually fulfilled a lot of her long-ignored individual potential and she made a huge amount of progress in terms of really embracing the character that the audience has seen develop over the years. 

Basically, she finally became the person most people wanted her to become, the person who wasn’t afraid to embrace her vampire nature and the person who wasn’t afraid to embrace herself and her own wants and needs either. And in terms of JP-era TVD writing her season 5 mini-arc was actually some of the best they’ve done. There were very specific and obvious catalysts that built up over the first half of the season, her isolation and difficulty adjusting to college life and adjusting to the fact that her perfect plans didn’t seem to be coming to fruition, dealing with Tyler’s absence/her denial about that/her attraction to Jesse, and of course culminating in the ultimate catalyst for her development arc, sleeping with Klaus. After that event at the midpoint of season 5 she not only becomes the person most of us always wanted Caroline to be, it’s something that we can actually see happen. She doesn’t just abruptly change her behavior or outlook on life, she starts off reacting to all of this stress and change in a very typical Caroline way. At first she expects everyone to be angry with her and reject her and she seems to think that’s what she deserves, and she acts as if doing what she wants or feels is wrong, as if not reacting in the typical Susie sunshine ultra-supportive and concerned with everyone else way is somehow a personal and moral failing on her part. But as time goes on there’s a very serious paradigm shift, at first Caroline begins to acknowledge that her recent behavior might be rooted in legitimate feelings that she’s been experiencing, but later she actually claims that for herself. She doesn’t just acknowledge it, she acknowledges that it’s it was okay for her to feel that way, even if other people in her life disagree. For the first time she really backs herself up instead of backing up someone else, and she makes her own thoughts and feelings more important than someone else’s. For Caroline that’s pretty much earth shattering. 

But then you have season 6. Oh, season 6. It’s actually pretty ironic when you think about it, because while Caroline was the central focus of season 6 and was supposedly a main figure in a lot of this season’s main story lines it’s also a season that fucked up her character beyond anything anyone really thought possible. It’s actually an incredibly bizarre duality, because on the one hand she was such a presence in so many stories and scenes that it felt intrusive, but on the other hand her actual character and development was completely irrelevant in the story. She existed more as a prop than as an actual character, and pretty much all of her character development since literally the very start of the series was completely demolished for the sake of making her an “appropriate lead”, which is apparently code for someone that Stefan deems fuckable. And that is really what Caroline and her entire story line boils down to in the entirety of season 6, the hope that Stefan will at some point bless her with his magical penis despite the fact that she’s apparently unworthy of it. Until she goes crazy. Or something. 

And that’s really a fantastic example of how much they fucked up her character in season 6. I mean there’s the very obvious fact that they literally regressed her to the Caroline we saw in the pilot in order to explain away her really sudden and strange obsession with Stefan, but a less noticeable but more informative element of her deconstruction is that if you actually try to write out Caroline’s story throughout season 6 it’s really hard to do. I mean this is supposed to be her shining moment where she becomes the lead and gets the attention that most Caroline fans have wanted her to have for years, but if you were to actually spell out her story line for the season from her perspective it would read like complete and utter nonsense. 

I mean she starts out the season doing everything she can to get Bonnie back. Then her focus abruptly turns to Stefan, but she constantly vacillates between being the rah-rah “I deserve better” Caroline and a completely neurotic and insecure freak who seems to be only concerned with how Stefan feels about her and why he did what he did. Then she’s still pissed but she’s doing damage control for Stefan, and then he’s like yay you want to be friends again and she’s like no I do not you’re a dick but for some reason I’m still fucking managing your entire life for you. Then for a minute and a half she’s all “I can forgive but I can’t forget”, but then she finds out her mom is dying and then for some reason maintaining a relationship with Stefan where she still gets across how pissed she is while still being needy as fuck for ONLY HIM for some reason becomes her primary focus. It becomes her primary focus to the point where she literally misses her mom dying because of it, and then she turns off her humanity because IDK, why the fuck not. Apparently this is the moment that Stefan decides to snap out of his useless fuckitude and he adopts a very take-no-prisoners attitude about getting Caroline to turn her humanity back on. And instead of just skipping town like any person with a tenth of the intelligence Caroline has demonstrated, she instead thinks hey, what a perfect opportunity to make this about Stefan and his magic peen again, why don’t I force him to turn it off too and then we can kill and fuck people just as I’ve always but never wanted or something. So ripper!Steroline fuckery for a little while, Caroline turns it back on, tells Stefan once again that she deserves better because she’s rah-rah Caroline, but then she oh so secretly squees inside hearing that Stefan is not going to stop until Caroline gives him another chance despite being an absolute shitdick to her for an entire year. 

So I mean seriously, just read that over and explain to me what exactly Caroline was even thinking throughout that time period. Explain to me how that relates to Caroline as a character, at all, ever. Because that really goes beyond just basic regression, even Caroline in the pilot was an insecure neurotic weirdo with obvious hidden depths to her, but season 6 Caroline basically acted like someone with some kind of undiagnosed personality disorder and possible brain damage. Nothing she said or did had any basis in her character or in basic logic and common sense. And, because apparently there is at least one writer left on the TVD staff with a sense of irony, more than once throughout the series Caroline is asked basically what the fuck is going on with her and her response is pretty much that she has no idea. It’s the perfect way to sum up season 6 Caroline. 

So yeah, Caroline has been very unfortunately dicked around for the past two seasons of TVD, but there is a very distinct difference between her mistreatment in season 5 and her mistreatment in season 6. In season 5 she was mostly relegated to the sidelines and was treated to a few and far between bright spots that at least gave her some much needed attention and development, but in season 6 she basically ceased to be a character. I know a lot of people have been concerned about Caroline being “Elena-fied” now that she’s the de facto female lead of the show, and I think season 6 proves that that fear is incredibly well founded.