in which i am secretly the edge

Dolorous x Female Reader

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Imagine being a Stark and visiting the wall resulting in Dolorous breaking his vow’s by laying with a woman. 

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\ Request from anonymous /

This is maybe a little weird but… dolorous edd x reader smut? Please 💕

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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The Annoying Challenge (pt.1 maybe) by alecs-sass

Dan and Phil film a video called “The Annoying Challenge” where the first person tries their hardest to annoy the other the most over a period of two minutes. They may have gotten a bit too into it…

“Phil, I don’t think this is a good idea…” Dan muttered positioning himself in front of the camera.

Phil just smiled. “C’mon the fans will think it’s hilarious!” He flipped the switch on the camera. “Okay, it’s rolling” 

“Hey, guys!” Phil quickly turned into his lovable, innocent character of AmazingPhil and nudged Dan to smile at the camera. “So, today I am joined with the lovely danisnotonfire and we will be doing The Annoying Challenge.”

Dan grinned stiffly. “Basically, one of us will be forced to sit still and not move for a two whole minutes as the other tries their hardest to annoy them as best they can. In the end, the one who annoyed the other the most wins.”

“You may have seen Alfie and Louise do this, so the credit goes to them!” Phil smiled. “Alright, so Dan will be going first!”

Dan knew what was going to happen. Phil would end up touching his neck, which he thought just annoyed him, but it was much worse than that. It was secretly one of his g-spots and by the end of the two minutes, he would definitely have a hard-on. Fuck.

“Phil, this really isn’t a good idea.” Dan whispered anxiously.

“Please just do this for me.” Phil smirked and Dan’s heart leaped in his chest. Phil was doing this on purpose.

“Alright, I am setting the timer which starts,” he pressed the button on his phone and Dan clenched his hands on the edge of his t-shirt. “Now!”

Phil ran off camera and came back with the wood box and felt tip marker. “Now we all know how much Dan loves the sound of felt-tip marker on wood, isn’t that right Daniel?”

Dan closed his eyes, cringing. “Phil, stop!”

“Oh, the timer has just started!” Phil’s eyes sparked and he threw the box and marker across the room and pulled a feather from his pocket. “And we also know how much Dan lovessss to have his neck touched!”

“Phil, don’t you fucking dare.” Dan felt his stomach twist and his face go pale. “Please don’t do this.”

Phil ignored him and stroked the feather up the side of Dan’s neck. All the heat in his body went straight to his dick and it took Dan everything he had not to moan.

“Annoyed yet, Dan?” Phil smiled smugly. 

Dan swallowed hard. “I hate you so fucking much right now.”

Phil stroked the feather slower, down and around near his collarbone and Dan’s leg jerked. “No, you don’t. It’s actually the exact opposite, isn’t it?”

“Phil, I swear to- OH FUCK!” Dan practically screamed as Phil pressed his lips to his neck. “W-what are you- Holy shit, Phil!”

Phil stayed silent, sucking lovebite to the side of Dan’s neck as he practically writhed under him. Once he was satisfied, he trailed his lips up to his ear, nibbling lightly. “So, it appears I was correct. This is one of them.”

Dan moaned, panting like he had just ran a mile. “W-w hat do you mean? One of- holy fuck don’t stop!”

Phil pressed his lips lightly to Dan’s, ignoring the timer blaring in the backround. “One of your mysterious g-spots. And now, I intend to find the others.”