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hi henlo I recorded this *immediately after work so my hair is not brushed, I am leaning over which makes my breath kinda funky, and I am ,, exhausted.
But here is one of my favorite short romance songs from a musical.
This is “I Never Planned On You / Don’t Come a-Knocking” from Newsies!

Funny fact: I rolled my eyes at the word “love” but I adore these lyrics.
Fun fact: Jeremy Jordan and I share the same birthday.
Not-as-fun fact: I have terrible stage fright/anxiety and this is a big leap but this is for Tony’s weekend & Thomas!

I hope you all enjoy!

*- the video did nOT want to cooperate with uploading lol

anonymous asked:

TBH everyone over reacted. He wasn't trying to be homophobic. He was saying they were just friends. Which everyone should know? (And I am LGBT as well before someone comes at me)

Man, I’m over the conversation about sdcc. I’ve said my piece, the entire internet has said their piece, somewhere in the chaos I think maybe some thoughtful dialogue happened, or at any rate jeremy jordan did a good job faking it on his twitter. I’m over it. I have no idea why I’m awake typing this, I have work tomorrow, and yet somehow I am STILL GETTING ANONYMOUS MESSAGES so here I am

it is bizarre to me that so much of the argument within fandom has gone:

Group 1: that comment was homophobic
Group 2: um, Jeremy does not hate the gays?? He was just stating a true fact?

I find it alarming as hell to see such a limited understanding of what homophobia is (especially given that most of this fandom is queer.)

So just to be clear:
Individual people being homophobic on an interpersonal level is NOT the main source of my concern. I don’t think Jeremy Jordan hates the queer community. I think he considers himself an ally.

But that’s not really how homophobia functions in our culture anymore. In most places in the United States, most people don’t hate the gays. I grew up in Kentucky, I know there are still lots of people running around beating us up, but like - overall, the common consensus in this country is that that’s uncool behavior. (Not everywhere all the time, I know. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s suffering.)

But even if everyone around you considers themselves to be an ally, that doesn’t change the fact that the majority of sex education in this country only discusses heterosexual sex. Or that it is significantly harder for queer couples to adopt children than straight couples. Or that adult queer people who attempt to mentor youths are far more likely to be assumed pedophiles than straight adults doing the same.

It doesn’t change the fact that heterosexuality is seen as normal, and homosexuality is seen as other. It doesn’t change the disparity in resources, in social capital, in representation.

That’s what homophobia looks like. It doesn’t just look like someone screaming a slur at you when you hold hands with your SO. It also looks like, oh hey here’s a random example, people finding the idea of a lesbian ship for a television show to be absurd and laughable, even though there has practically never in the history of tv been an interaction between a man and a woman without everybody assuming it was romantic. To quote the great philosopher Avril Lavigne, “he was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious.”

Lazy writers can write romances based on that line, ok? Literally all you have to do to get audiences to buy into a straight romance is put a man and woman onscreen at the same time. It literally never occurred to them that it was possible for Winn to be Kara’s bff without a moment where he asked her out and she rejected him. But when we go, “Lena filled Kara’s entire office with flowers one time, we’d like to interpret that as romantic,” the cast feels the need to perform a musical number about how absurd and impossible that is.

That’s homophobia. It is an enforcement of the idea that only heterosexuality is normal. And it can be homophobic WITHOUT Jeremy Jordan, on an interpersonal level, hating gay people.

That said, he’s made an effort to understand, and I appreciate it. As Emily andras said about the situation (because at this point the entire internet has weighed in, so why are you all still in my inbox), people make mistakes. If those people are willing to listen and engage fairly, then we can all learn from these moments, and they can have positive outcomes.

ok im going back to bed. Sorry for being deeply deeply grumpy. I’m answering your ask because it is one of the politest I’ve received in a whole flood of them, and you are receiving my grump toward the entire set.

The fact that winn says ‘I am very excited to meet alex’s new mystery man’ means alex definitely mentioned this to the gang earlier which shows she’s probably been waiting to introduce maggie for a while now and was waiting for the right time. Also I am actually really happy the writers made winn and james say male pronouns 'what does HE do for a living’ because it completely shows how heteronormative people can be without even knowing and it’s almost quite smug when maggie walks up to them all 'surprise bitch’ looking.

do not stop being creative

hello, my fellow supercorp friends, i know after all that mess with the supergirl cast and supercorp that you may feel disheartened, discouraged, angry, and sad, and i completely understand why.

however, i sincerely, genuinely, honestly hope that you will not let this affect and inhibit your creativity within the fandom - or any other fandom for that matter. as a matter of fact, we need to be more aggressive with our creativity and voice. 

create more fanvids, make more fanart, write more fanfictions, be more vocal - let them know that we exist and that they cannot mock us into invisibility!

i am a supercorp fanfic writer myself, and perhaps i’m not as well known as the others, but i sure as hell am not going to stop writing, because i will not allow them to stop me from doing the one thing i love the most, which is writing. and you shouldn’t either.

do not let them discourage us from being proud of our identity and who we are - individually and as a community

p.s. let us never forget that despite that mess, katiemcgrath still remains a queen, and is still supportive of all of us, and that should be enough for us to continue and thrive. 

My Thoughts on the Recording of "Newsies"

So I just got home about an hour ago from watching this musical and I’m still ecstatic. Here’s my (very biased) thoughts, all randomly jumbled!

*THE SET!!! As a techie, I love me a good set and the Newsies set does not disappoint! It is basically a bunch of fire escape-esque staircases rearranged throughout the show for different settings. There are also screens that come out of it and just blow my mind

*THE SCREENS!!! So the screens i mentioned above are the ones where they’re translucent when a light is shone from behind and opaque when the light source is from the front. There’s text put on it when papers are being read, which makes me think that maybe Dear Evan Hansen got an idea or two from it? Idk

*JEREMY JORDAN!!! I am in love with him, and Newsies made me love him a million times more. Jack has a few speeches/monologues that Jeremy just slays!! He shouts his head off (in a good way) and really impacts everyone. Like I said, I love him so. Damn. Much.

*ANDREW KEENAN-BOLGER!!! Andrew is another person that I am hopelessly in love with (y'all if he weren’t gay and in a happy relationship I’d be all over that) He is such a cute Crutchie and made me sob with the song they added in in act two. I just feel like I’m so biased because I love all of these people 😂😂

*KARA LINDSAY!!! Okay so I have mixed opinions. Her voice is beautiful, her characterization is wonderful, and her dancing is great, but I don’t like her vibrato. It was just a little too much for me but she still did such a good job!

*BEN COOK!!! He has a cigarette and hot af arms and flips and dances and sings and I fell in love so quickly holy crap. Also, he’s only a few years older than me so that’s good right???

*BEN FANKHAUSER!!! Babe. Like all of these guys I am in love with I feel like I’m just repeating myself. He made me love Davey so freaking much and I guess he’s another guy I need to meet. His voice is wonderful and jdkdckksjsfjkfkcdk. What more can I say

*SHIPS!!! Okay so I love Katherine/Jack (a lot) but I can’t help but ship Jack and Davey. They’re just so perfect for each other. Also, the family-like friendship that Jack and Crutchie have is so cute and heartbreaking when Crutchie is arrested. But, like, Javey

*THE CHOREO!!! All I could ask for and more! The tap dancing, the dancing on papes, the running on staircases. Literally makes me love the guys a million times more.

*THE TEARS!!! I just randomly started crying a few times even though there was no reason to ??? This happened with PotO, too, so I think musicals just make me overly emotional.

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i am like VERY late to the party and i have no idea what's going on with jeremy and the supergirl cast and i have no idea what video everyone is talking about pls help my gay ass is shook and doesn't know what's going on

ok ok ok i’ll help you out bc that was me this morning (aus timezones lol rip)

- theres a video in which jeremy jordan predominantly (but supported by his costars melissa, chris and mehcad) goes off about how lena and kara’s friendship is platonic:

- theres also more stuff in the video about jeremy ‘debunking’ supercorp and chris wood talking about sexuality stuff ( its about 6 mins in)

- basically people are losing their shit bc its kind of rude and insulting to the lgbt community which does make up a significant portion of their fans

- katie mcgrath has supposedly apologised on behalf of the cast but i have only heard this by word of mouth and am yet to hear or see written evidence of this

- jeremy released an ‘apology’ which was really just a post in which he played the victim and guilt tripped his fans for calling him out on what he said (on his instagram)

thats kind of the basics and look just discourse. discourse everywhere.

EDIT: chyler, katie and david and the new chick from reign havent contributed to this really bad fallout so we still love them

reinstatewonder  asked:

Who are some of your favorite directors right now? People whose work you consistently look forward to.

James Gray, Coens, Steven Soderbergh, Jacques Audiard, Jim Jarmusch, Kelly Reichardt, Jeremy Saulnier, Kenneth Lonergan, Kathryn Bigelow, Bong Joon-ho, Noah Baumbach, Jeff Nichols, Andrea Arnold, the Dardennes, Wes Anderson, David Fincher.  

And just on the basis of their last films, I’m really excited to see whatever Jordan Peele, Trey Edward Shults, the Safdies, Robert Eggers, and Barry Jenkins do next.

Denis Villeneuve and Rian Johnson are great too, but looks like they’re moving into blockbuster franchise territory now which I don’t care about really, and Duncan Jones I love and am hyped for Moon but still a little burned by having to sit through Warcraft. 


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