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I’m finally a graduate!!!! <33

so, i’d brought one of my film cameras (a canon AE-1 circa 1980) to the buffalo show and at one point when i was in pretty plain sight, harry noticed. it’s probably not a camera you typically see at a show, seeing as it’s clunky and decades old, and this was taken the moment he saw it. he’d done a little double take and looked a bit curious and confused, but then pointed at me and smiled and gave a thumbs up. i wasn’t sure if i’d actually managed to get it because my entire life just froze, but i’m so so glad i did. he just seemed so pleasantly surprised and it made my heart burst. 💞📷 3.9.15 (please don’t edit or repost!)

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Cross dressing Louis and Harry pleeeeeeease? For me, my love? 💜

Crossdressing Harry

I Wanna Thrill You Tonight (Daddy Louis. Vampire Louis, which leads into blood play. Virgin Harry.)

Who I Really Am (Face Fucking. Felching. Genderfluid Harry.)

Lavender Haze (Model Harry.)

Move Your Hands, Baby.

Crossdressing Louis

Stuck In Heaven With The Devil In You (Daddy Kink. Spanking.)

TommoTwink (Camboy Louis. Masturbation. Sex Toys.)

Lola (Power Bottom Louis.)

ßloodstream (Alice Louis. Innocent Louis. Mad Hatter Harry. Wall Sex. Possessive Harry. Rough Sex.)

I think Niall’s made some really smart choices in releasing solo material and I wanted to talk about them. 

There are many obstacles to any member of One Direction releasing solo material and being the sort of artist they want to be - but one is Zayn’s Pillowtalk.  That single was a monster success - and it’ll be very difficult for any member of One Direction to release a single that charts anywhere near that.  (And nothing Zayn has done with his subsequent singles has been anything like Pillowtalk - so it’s not like that’s even a particularly useful goal for other members of 1D).

So a better question for Niall rather than how can I release a single that can be compared to Pillowtalk - is how do I avoid getting my single compared to Pillowtalk.  

And I think that he did that really well.  First simply with song selection - it is a low key song with a low key video.  He presented it convincingly as a song he has just finished and wanted to share.  Then he released it on a Thursday without any pre warning (after a months long campaign of fan service on social media).  More than that he was already busy - so he made releasing a single look like something he did between sports. All this makes it look like he’s not trying too hard (which I think also helps the authenticity needle that they’ll all have to try and thread).

At the same time he worked hard yesterday.  He rang lots of radio stations and used the relationships that he already had with DJs in conversation (the way he emphasied the pre-existing relationship he had with everyone he talked to was one of the most interesting factors in listening to them to me).  He gave them attention and got them excited in a way that’ll make them more receptive to his next songs. 

This seems to me to be a really smart strategy that has been quite thought through about the challenges of Niall releasing solo music.  And I think it’ll be even more interesting when we see how Liam and Harry address the difficulties (because I think they’ll have to have very different strategies).

y’know, we as a fandom really just assume that harry has no life outside of kingsman which i am ALL for because it is perfect for the codependence trope BUT i feel like we aren’t utilizing it completely

imagine a harry hart who isn’t used to having a friend and has no idea how to show that he cares at all (merlin doesn’t count, they’re work friends who have too much professional background to be really close). so here comes eggsy, who’s affectionate and teasing and pushy even before he becomes an agent, and harry spends awhile peacock-ing and preening to impress him but finally finds himself loosening and genuinely smiling and enjoying eggsy’s company at his own house (His own house that no other kingsman knows exists, may he add) until one day he realizes, “oh god i actually LIKE this brat wtf do i do now” 

and so eggsy is bitching during dinner at harry’s about dean being a prick over the divorce and it’s stressing michelle out which is stressing eggsy out, so harry’s lizard brain goes: “eggsy’s sad. i’m a powerful man with a lot of influence. i can make him un-sad.” 

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This is a fucking masterpiece