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Mornings (drabble)

Summary: just a lil drabble about Phil trying to get neko!Dan to stay awake in the morning. Super fluffy.

Word count: 647

Tw: none :)

(Context- nekos are hybrids of a cat and a human. Here neko!Dan has cat ears on top of his head, a long fluffy tail and small kitten teeth. He also displays some characteristics of a cat, such as sleepiness and playfulness.)

Phil’s favourite thing in the world were mornings. He’d wake up before Dan every time as Dan needed a lot of sleep and naps all day.

Dan’s long fluffy tail as usual was wrapped around one of his limbs, this morning it was his left thigh, in an unbreakable grip. Phil mostly had to wake Dan up before getting up himself as he couldn’t move the hold on Dan’s tail. His head was as it was when they fell asleep; snuggled into Phil’s shoulder face first. Phil could feel Dan subconsciously softly biting at the sleeve of Phil’s pyjama shirt which was something that Dan had done in his sleep since Phil could remember. He smiled at how adorable his boyfriend was. Dan’s breathing was steady, he was quietly making little noises that sound like a half snore, half purr.

Phil took his phone from the bedside table to see that it was almost 10 am. He decided that he should probably get up now as if he didn’t, the day would just turn into a lazy bed day and he actually planned on being productive today.

“Hey, dan, baby wake up. i need to get up” he said softly as he gently shook dan. dan stirred slightly and shuffled opening his eyes to look at phil. once he was fully concious he quickly hugged phil tightly, their chests clashing as he nuzzled his ears against phils jaw. phil smiled at the affection that his boyfriend was giving him. but his stomach growled and he was reminded that he was about to get up. “come on now”, he motioned to sit up but the weight on top of his was to stubborn to move.

“no, five more minutes. im too comfy” dan protested. phil sighed and lifted his arms to wrap around dan, nodding in agreement. the brunet smiled as he won, relaxing and closing his eyes. he quickly fell asleep again. phil sighed again, it didnt look like they were getting up any time soon.

half an hour later phil starting to feel very hungry. he decided that hed try again. dan was always sleepy and protesting in the mornings,but he was being particually difficult today. he came up with a plan to try to bribe him to stay awake. he scratched behind dans ears (as he knew that dan loved that) waking him up. “its been longer than five minutes now sweetheart”.

“no it hasn’t” dan lied, not moving but purring quietly as phil kept scratching and playing with dans ears.

“lets go to make breakfast? you can have milk, and toast with marmite. you love that dont you?” dans ears perked up at the sound of his favorite foods, phil noticed and knew he had persuaded him.

dan lay lazily on the sofa whilst phil made breakfast. thats how most mornings went. it didnt usually change much throughout the day, phil doing things whilst dan watched. they rarely left the house as phil worked from home on his youtube channel and there wasnt much point in dan trying to get a decent job as opportunities for nekos were not equal with humans. dan loved to paint and sometimes sold some of his artwork but otherwise they were pretty comfortable with phils wage from youtube.

once phil had finished he sat next to dan who then decided to lay his head on phils lap. phil had to move his hand holding his cereal quickly out of the way to prevent it from hitting dans head. “will you ever be fully awake and not laying on me” phil questioned, although he didnt really mind sleepy dan at all. dan shook his head giggling. phil smiled and handed dan his toast. they had a tradition of watching an anime whilst eating breakfast so phil automatically got the remote put on the one that theyd just started.


A/N: I wrote this last week. I think I’ve out fluffed myself. I love reading and writing neko!phan.

Thanks ^ω^

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