in which i am a smartass to my friend

Marc Bartra Imagine || Valentine's Day

Marc is my favorite person in the world and I love him to infinity and beyond. That being said, I reserve the right to be mad at him for not being here on Valentine’s Day, even though I know it’s not his fault. He had an away game on the 13th and was supposed to be back that night, but his flight got cancelled because of some weather issues, so their moron of a coach decided it was best for them to stay the night, train there in the morning and then catch another flight home in the afternoon. Which means Marc will be here later tonight, missing most of our first Valentine’s Day together. He told me he never liked Valentine’s Day that much, but I was still excited to spend the day with him, so the way things worked out, or didn’t work out, really pissed me off.

 “What are you doing here, Y/N?” My assistant and best friend, Sophia, asks following me into my office.

“What am I doing in my office?” I retort sarcastically. “I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a magazine to run.”

“I meant what are you doing here on Valentine’s day, smartass?” I sit at my desk and sigh. “Why aren’t you with Marc?”

“Because he’s an idiot.” I snap and she takes a step back. “Sorry. I don’t know why I’m taking this out on you. It’s not your fault. It’s not his fault either, actually. His flight got cancelled and he’s not going to be here until tonight.”

“That sucks.”

“Tell me about it. Let’s just get some work done so I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself all day.”

 I spend the next hour or so going over some articles for next month’s issue of the magazine, mentally shrugging at every mention of words like “relationship” or “love” or “boyfriend”. I never knew there was something worse than being single on Valentine’s Day, but apparently being in a happy relationship and not being able to spend the day with the person you love beats it.

 “Y/N?” Sophia knocks on my office door and walks in, holding a black box. “This just came for you.” She places the box on my desk and I read the gold inscription on it.

“Maison des Fleurs.” I smile to myself, removing the lid. About a hundred of what must be the prettiest pink roses I’ve ever seen are carefully arranged inside the box. As I’m admiring my gorgeous flower arrangement, I notice a little note placed in between them. “The most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful girl. Wish I could be there. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day! - Marc” I read the note out loud, earning a bunch of aw’s from Sophie.

“You have the best boyfriend, Y/N.” She smiles at me, as I’m still looking at the flowers.

“I do. I just wish he could be here.” I sigh.

“Did you guys have plans for today?”

“No, he’s not that into Valentine’s Day, but I hoped we’d at least be together, you know? I got him a present and I was going to make dinner and decorate the patio, so we could have a romantic dinner.” I’m getting sad just talking about it. “It’s silly. Nevermind.”

“It’s not silly. It’s your first Valentine’s Day together. That’s exciting.” She walks closer to my chair. “But if he’s coming back tonight, don’t you still have time for all of that?”

“His plane lands at 11 PM, so no.” This conversation is depressing me even more. “We should get back to work.”

“No. You should go home and decorate the house and do whatever else you were going to do, because Marc is going to be here tonight. You can have a very late romantic dinner. It’s not like you have anywhere to be tomorrow.” I’m looking at her like she has lost her mind, which might just be true. “Go, Y/N! It’s Valentine’s Day and you have an amazing boyfriend. You don’t get to sit in an office all day!”

 I don’t know if it’s because Sophie’s arguments were convincing enough, or because I’m afraid she will physically kick me out, but I leave my office without a word and drive back home. The more I think about what she said, the more I realize how right she is about everything. I walk through the front door of the house I share with Marc, determined to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever, even if we have to postpone it for a few hours, but it looks like someone beat me to it.

The entire hallway is covered in rose petals, leading to the living room, so I follow the path and my heart literally skips a beat at the sight in front of me. The entire room is filled with bouquets of roses in every color you can imagine, carefully placed in vases and spread all over the furniture, the floor, everywhere. They look like something out of a movie and smell even better.

 “Happy Valentine’s Day, Y/N!” I hear a voice say from behind me, so I turn around to see Marc standing a few feet away with the most beautiful smile on his face. I’m at a loss of words, so I just stand there as he walks over and pulls me into a hug.

“You did all of this?” I ask, pulling away and looking into his mesmerizing blue eyes. He nods. “I thought you couldn’t be here. When did you get home?”

“As if anyone could keep me away from my beautiful girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.” He smiles and kisses me, keeping one of his hands on the small of my back, as if to keep me from getting even an inch away. “Wait. I have something for you.”

 Marc leads me to the living room, carefully stepping between all the vases, and makes me sit down on the sofa, before handing me a nicely wrapped box that I hadn’t even noticed laying on the coffee table. I smile and give him a quick peck on the check, before tearing the wrapping paper away from the box and opening it, to reveal a silver bracelet with three charms on it. I pick it up from the box, so I can see the charms better. Two of them are our initials and the other is an infinity sign. It’s such a meaningful present that I can’t help but get teary eyed as Marc secures the bracelet around my wrist.

“Do you like it?” He asks.

“It’s beautiful. I love it.” I smile, admiring my new accessory, that I have a feeling I won’t be taking off anytime soon. “But I love you more!”

“I love you, too.” Marc leans in and kisses me, as I straddle his lap and wrap my arms around his neck.

“I almost forgot. I got you something, as well.” I say, breaking the kiss.

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“Are you kidding me?” I look around at all the roses and dangle my new bracelet in his face. “It’s nothing compared to all of this, though.” I run to the kitchen and return with another present wrapped box.

“Let’s see.” Unlike me, he removes the wrapping paper carefully, so he doesn’t tear it, which doesn’t seem to serve any other purpose other than to make the whole thing take a million years longer, but I’m too happy to care. “Whoa. This is really nice.” He picks up the watch I got him and puts it on.

“I was going to have it engraved, but I forgot, so it’s nowhere near as beautiful as the bracelet you got me but – “ He interrupts me.

“Stop.” He smiles at me and I suddenly forget what I was so worried about. ‘It’s perfect. Thank you!”

 Marc pulls me back onto his lap and we kiss for a while, before he suggests that we open one of the chocolate boxes he got me, that were apparently spread amongst the vases. I didn’t notice them before he pointed them out, but now that I do, I’m sure there’s enough chocolate to last us a lifetime. Or maybe not, because we’re us. In the next few hours, we manage to eat almost two of them, while cuddling on the sofa.

 “Hey!” I squeal as he takes the half empty box of chocolates away from me, placing it back on the coffee table.

“At this rate, we’ll get through all this chocolate in a week.” He laughs, slapping my wrists away when I reach for the box. “Maybe we should have dinner instead.”

“Is it dinner time already?” I grab his hand and check the time on his watch. It’s 5:30. “Time really does fly when you’re having fun.” I grab another chocolate from the box and run away to the kitchen before he can take it away from me.

 Marc follows me into the kitchen and we end up making dinner together, which usually turns into a lot of screaming and even more burnt food, ultimately leading to eating takeout in the middle of the night. Not this time, though. We manage to pull together a decent meal and Marc is extremely proud of himself for finally figuring out what most of our kitchen utensils are meant for. He is still confused about the meat grinder because “it looks suspicious” and “what if you accidentally get your finger in there?”.

 “I’m going to set up the table on the patio.” I say, grabbing a few things and making my way to our backyard.

 It turns out that he beat me to this, as well. The table has already been set, with candles and another gorgeous flower arrangement, making this better than any romantic dinner I could have ever imagined. The dim lighting in our back yard makes everything look absolutely perfect.

 “Oh, right. I forgot about this part.” Marc says, popping up behind me.

“You know, for someone who hates Valentine’s Day, you sure did a great job with all of this.” I laugh and wrap my arms around him.

“I might hate this holiday,” He kisses the top of my head. “But I love you.”

“You’re a very sneaky guy, Mr. Bartra.” I giggle as he kisses me again. “And I’m a very lucky girl.”