in which he is me


I didn’t know that he could sing like THAT. Could be a lead or even main vocalist of any group without problem! 

henlo, im touch starved as heck and i had a miniscule amount of physical contact yesterday and its bringin in the neediness full force now


By clicking the link above, you will find #102 gif icons of Rahul Kohli. None of these gifs were created by me, and if you see one of your gifs here and want it removed, please let me know! Rahul Kohli is mostly known for his role as Ravi Chakrabarti in iZombia. He is of unknown Indian ethnicity. I also plan on making more sources for him, so if these aren’t enough sources for you, there will hopefully be more! 

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Beach day

Step 1: wake up at 5am
Step 2: Get in car to take dog to the beach
Step 3: Proceed to fuck up and end up an hour away from home at a totally different beach than planned
Step 4: when you try to leave later, forget where the parking lot is and spend over an hour and several miles walking through beach neighborhoods trying to find your damn car
Step 5: dog beach day complete

P.S. dog beach pictures available on my dog blog @pocketpaws

this one time during freshie year I saw my classmate putting his things, yet again, into his friend’s bag and I was like “dude why dont u bring your own bag” and he was like “this is my bag??”

on that day I found out they came from the same town, went to the same HS, currently had the same classes, and shared the same dorm room, all because I asked him why he never brings anything to school - they also, apparently, thought why the fuck not share the same backpack too



Assassin’s Creed Origins + Scenery

theres no such thing as overkill. if the thing i wanted dead is dead, then it was exactly the right amount of kill

matt boyd: neil josten??? yeah, he’s amazing [digs into jacket pocket] [pulls out hundreds of thousands of photos of neil] he’s my best friend–just look at him [flips through them] i’m so proud of him [shoves photos in your face] see this? this is the first time he dragged riko moriyama. it was on national tv. god i love him so much.


It’s the beginning of the bkkweek too!!!! First prompt was New which was kind of yelling at me for bakunari fluff I’ll be honest with all of you

He’s trapped, and he’s alone

um??????? harrison stalling awkwardly on the question about how he feels about han dying, looking around nervously with a bunch of uhs and half starts and finally answering with “to paraphrase monty python I’m not dead, I’m just sleeping”??????????? my son is still fucking alive yall han solo is fucking fine


Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.

[TRANS] 알라딘 Fansign Post-It 170223

Q: Jungkook-ah! How old are hyungs mentally?
SJ: 20
YG: 35
NJ: 26
HS: 25
JM: 21
TH: 20
JK: 21

Yesterday in clinic an 90 year old patient came in with a little booklet of his medical history so beautiful I want to weep. 

Not only did it list his medications with dosages, frequency, and which pharmacy he gets them from. 

Not only did it list who his living family is, how to contact them, and who holds POA in the case of medical decision making. 

Not only did it list his surgical history *with* year of procedure. 

It had his complete vaccination history, carcinogen exposure history, and screen exams by year and finding. 

Is it possible to fall in love with a document?