in which he is me

this one time during freshie year I saw my classmate putting his things, yet again, into his friend’s bag and I was like “dude why dont u bring your own bag” and he was like “this is my bag??”

on that day I found out they came from the same town, went to the same HS, currently had the same classes, and shared the same dorm room, all because I asked him why he never brings anything to school - they also, apparently, thought why the fuck not share the same backpack too



Merlin and Eggsy. Idiot partners in crime.

i’ve seen posts talking about how this man with coran

isn’t alfor, but a husband. now, stay with me

we know coran and lance are really good friends, right? and coran already tried to cheer him up when he was homesick. now, what if this — the knowledge of coran’s husband - is what starts lance’s bisexuality arc?

they’re all chilling and one of them asks coran if he had a wife, back in altea 10,000 years ago, and coran is more than happy to answer ‘a wife? no! but i had a lovely husband’ and tells some crazy coran-like stories from their adventures, and while everyone is enjoying, the camera focus on lance’s longing expression, and then he looks down, saddened

later, lance goes to coran to ask him for more stories and asks if back in altea it was unusual, two men together; coran notices his puzzled expression but says nothing, so he happily obliges and tell him some stories (maybe flashbacks?!) and he doesn’t know what lance meant by unusual, since in every planet he’s been, it wasn’t unusual, even mentions some alien races. lance hears everything with a smile on his lips, and when he’s about to leave, coran calls him out and says ‘i don’t know how it is in your planet, but know that we will love you regardless anything, right?’ and lance nods happily and leaves.

“Don’t worry…He’ll be home soon”


Cheritz hardcore testing my devotion for this route

Tumblr is divided between the clown fuckers and the fish fuckers and it’s all hilarious to me. haha! XD

hey everybody this is griffin mcelroy, your dungeon master, your best friend, and

your lover? no. not that, your life colleague, your dad, that guy that sat behind you in gym class, your harvey fierstein, your benevolent anonymous benefactor, your long lost uncle, your yoga instructor, your bosom buddy, your dirty little secret, your partner in crime, your dog…whisperer, your best friend and your dungeon master, your personal trainer, your fun-geon master, your worst enemy, your guardian angel, your personal trainer, your personal chef, your local handyman, your onion blaster, your weatherman, your part time spanish tutor, your secondhand news, your other thing, your sleepy time boy, your local sheriff, a third thing/your ringmaster, your personal chef, your sommelier, your ice skating trainer, a real human being and a real hero, your oH god i don’t have anything… your big dog. big dog on campus, your clock, your …Just your best friend! i really wanna stress that one this episode, your not alone guy for this break because everyone else is here with me, your trusted source for all the latest hollywood gossip.


Assassin’s Creed Origins + Scenery


Magnus wearing blue shirts.

theres no such thing as overkill. if the thing i wanted dead is dead, then it was exactly the right amount of kill

but it’s better if you do



He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<

matt boyd: neil josten??? yeah, he’s amazing [digs into jacket pocket] [pulls out hundreds of thousands of photos of neil] he’s my best friend–just look at him [flips through them] i’m so proud of him [shoves photos in your face] see this? this is the first time he dragged riko moriyama. it was on national tv. god i love him so much.


Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.