in which hattie lives up to her url

I’ve had this sitting in my inbox for I don’t know how long now because I literally AGONISED over what to answer with.

I mean, one thing? Just one?

How the hell am I supposed to decide between Failwolf, Pink Undies Sunday and Neckz ‘n Throatz? I CAN’T, THAT’S HOW.

Since that’s out, I figured maybe I could go with one of the auctions but then trying to choose between the Sterek Campaign Charity thing and the Teen Wolf’s contributions to the AO3auction would probably make me claw my face off.

But Hattie, I hear you say, what about the authors, artists and bloggers themselves?

Really? I mean really?

Leaving aside the disgusting love I have for my writer bros here on tumblr (halffizzbin, otter, zosofi, vangoghstars, hungrylikethewolfie, betp, verity, Jen - you beautiful assholes), how the hell would I choose between all the authors I gaze at adoringly from afar? I’m fairly sure if halesparkles or captain-snark knew how much I make dying whale noises whenever they post fic they would do the internet equivalent of sidling awkwardly away from me. Scoutsxhonorqueerly-it-isrelenafanelbreenwolf and Devildoll also really need to stop being so perfect - my heart can’t take this strain (NEVER STOP).

And artists? I mean, ARTISTS. Those fucking etherial masterpieces of humanity. I tried to list a few and I just: michellicoptermaichan808kisu-no-hivirtualcarrotmisslucidronchegflexideonslashpaloozasterekandstuff, spaggelkrakenface, 2amsugarrush, I CAN’T KEEP GOING OR I’M GOING TO TAKE UP THE WHOLE DAMN DASH JUST LOOK AT MY FUCKING ART TAG WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

All this is not even taking into account those glorious gif and graphics wizards who single handedly make tumblr worth all the fucking bugs and glitches. Not to mention the podficcers (anyone who’s not in love with Fleur’s voice is wrong) or the rec-listers (Jeeeeeeen) or any of the beautiful anons that frequently indulge the memes flying around the place.

Do you see my problem here? DO YOU?!

I’m 110% positive I’ve not even touched on a FRACTION of the amazeballs-ness of this fandom and look, LOOK AT THIS RIDICULOUS POST I’VE JUST WRITTEN!

EDIT: I fucking knew I’d forget someone. Daunt. Daunt I’m so sorry. Come here. Let me stroke your face.