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Saw the trailer for “Everything, Everything,” and if people could stop equating disabilities to having no life, that’d be great. The character is depicted to have a condition that causes her to stay inside because it’d harm her medically to be exposed to the outside environment because she’s immuno-compromised. Spoiler alert: she has no illness or disability! She can go outside and live her life! Heaven forbid a character have a disability and live a happy life.

What I’m saying is this: we do not need a cure to have a happy ending. I am disabled, and happy, and those two things are not mutually exclusive. 

What fics do you want up next? I can’t decide which one to write next???

Emily x geeky reader crush fluff

Aaron x reader hospital smut

Aaron x reader jack blanket fort fluff

Innocent Doctor

Prevalent Man

Aaron x reader panic attack fluff

Spencer x reader where reader finds body of child and spencer comforts her

Solitude by Emily Dickinson

This little marvel of a poem has been meandering around in my head today. I’m not sure what brought it to mind, but I’m glad to have had it there keeping me company today.

Emily Dickinson managed to write particularly about the abstract, which is a mighty challenge. She could take on a concept like “solitude” and boil it down to the essence or expand it out to its broadest edges, encompassing everything it might hold within.

This one is a favorite of mine. Maybe because solitude is something I see very little of in this busy stage of life, and something I often crave. And the kind of solitude I’m craving isn’t just the absence of other people (as in the space, sea, or death), but a communion with myself, space and quiet to shut it all down and admit my soul to itself.

could you imagine cuddling with michael??? it would be so nice. like im sure his skin is so soft and smooth so as you would lay on his chest as it slowly rose up and down you would brush your fingers over his sides, which would sometimes lead to him giggling like crazy and batting your hand away because “babe stop stop that tickles” so you would just laugh at how cute he was and kiss his chest before laying your head back down and he would go between rubbing your back and playing with your hair and as time would progress the two of you would just lay there cuddling, skin on skin, and eventually his hand would still and you’d hear soft snores coming from his mouth so you would slowly look up to him and see his parted lips and messy hair and he would look so beautiful with the slight glow coming from the moon outside your window that made his skin look softer than usual and you would fall asleep so much more in love with him in that moment than ever before

Shay Mitchell doesn’t even try to hide her love for Lindsey Shaw. Look at her fucking face at just the mention of her name. The girl isn’t even in the room with her or anything, but her name is said and Shay’s face suddenly lights up like it’s goddamn Christmas or something. She literally has to poke her tongue into her cheek just to try and suppress her smile from completely overtaking her face. Even when MK is talking about Paige possibly coming back, Shay’s still smiling and probably imagining all the ways it could happen and praying that it’s actually true so she can stop having to pretend like she cares about all these other random chicks.

God MK, just let Shay write Emily’s ending. Everyone knows it would be far better that way.


Pink Floyd // Games for May // 1967

The Games for May concert was in two parts: there was a Floyd set and a number of individual efforts. I think the individual efforts came in the first half. They were basically pre-recorded tapes; Roger and Rick got some together, but no-one else did really, because Syd was in the middle of writing See Emily Play, which was like a theme song for that show - ‘games for may’ comes in the lyric. The released version was lyrically altered a bit, but it was basically the same song.

Fig Fiction and Other Stories He Tells - crisscolfer fic

Title: Fig Fiction and Other Stories He Tells
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating: G
Summary: There are stories we tell each other, stories we tell ourselves, and some stories we can only tell to others.  And there are always two sides.

AN: This is written in a stage play format as a writing exercise, and because I thought it was the best format for this particular kind of dialogue-heavy story.

This is just a scene. It’s not the “whole” story, as it were. It’s meant to feel something like a scene of a play, where maybe there was story before, and story after.

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The Life of a Wingman

“If you don’t like the role you’re cast, create your own.”

Kurt Hummel has lived his whole life as a wingman to his best friend, Rachel Berry. As a wingman, one gets to sit back and watch everything wonderful and exciting happen to the leading lady, forever stuck in the background, never to be the star of the show. That is, until a confident and alluring Blaine Anderson comes to McKinley and, for the first time, puts him in the spotlight.

This is a little thing I’ve recently been working on. A new fic, to post once Falling Slowly is finished. What do we think? Does it sound interesting?

Wynonna Earp Sirius XM SDCC Interview

For folks who don’t have a SiriusXM subscription, I jotted down some notes from yesterday’s Entertainment Weekly Radio interview with the Wynonna Earp cast. It was only five minutes long. :(

  • Interviewer Julia Cunningham (random aside: who is also one of my favorite DJs on XMU!) said their morning talk show hosts asked listeners what their favorite show was right now that not enough people were watching, and about 80 percent of the responders said: Wynonna Earp.

  • Melanie said they felt the show was special while they were filming.

  • Dominique said you never really know how people will react to the show, but that the show has built up an amazing fanbase.

  • Melanie praised Emily Andras’s writing, which she said is character-driven and filled with emotion.

  • Melanie cried during the read through for the finale’s script (esp. the last Wynonna/Willa confrontation)

  • Melanie (I think?) told Tim near the end to “put some clothes on.” LOL

  • Julia asked them if they’ll have a big renewal announcement at Saturday’s SDCC panel, and they answered: “Fingers crossed!!!”

  • In the last few seconds, Shamier chants Wayhaught! Wayhaught! And you can hear Kat (?) laugh. bahaha

here i am unapologetic,
forcing every poem
to embrace him full,
push the arms wide,
keep them open,
keep them open,
keep them goddamned open
i need this to work,
i need him to feel welcome,
to know he can come back
at any time; i’ll let him,
i’ll let him, i swear.
cross my heart,
hope to die;
hope to find him 
on the other side.

make my body an open door.
make my body forget
how it feels to be gutted,
emptied and ripped apart.

make my body a window
swollen with light.

Swiffer Guy -- CrissColfer drabble

Title: Swiffer Guy
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: G/~1,050
Summary: late90s AU where Chris and Darren both work in a mall selling stuff.


The guy looks bored, a little nervous, and incredibly cute standing outside the Kitchen n’ Things of the local mall in his pressed khakis and lime green shirt.

Darren notices him because he’s taking his usual walk around the mall for the first break of his shift, where he gets something from Orange Julius and breathes in fifteen minutes away from people who don’t understand that just because a Discman is labeled as “anti-skip” it doesn’t mean they can just throw it around like it’s indestructible.

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I'd like to point out:

I was talking with my friend Oscar about Falling Slowly when she asked me how long it was. So, nautrally, I took it a step farther than I needed to and checked out the WHOLE THING:

SO FAR, I have posted:
Chapters: 8
Pages: 68
Words: 22,915

But in the end, excluding the epilogue:
Chapters: 17
Pages: 183
Words: 59,233

That’s a lot more than I thought.

Shauna, I applaud you for putting up with 59,233 words of editing!

Looks like Emily is writing again… Character development for the win.

There are two guys up there named “Christian”. I cannot decide on his appearance (he’s da bad guy in the story, if you will). Thoughts?

The little stick figures are “Little Emily"s. Pretty much my reactions. I do that a lot…

Thoughts on anything?

Shauna, some day, you will have editing to do.

I promised myself that I would actually work on my new fic if I didn’t have work today. It’s now 2:30 in the afternoon and I still haven’t done anything with it.

Come on, Em. Just finish the world’s longest chapter. You can do it. It’s not that hard. You’ve done worse.

Oh, and Shauna? This fic is going to be the death of both of us. It’s going to need A LOT of help.