in which derek is totally a happy drunk

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Do you have any thoughts on WolfCon? :D

Do I?

I adore this trope to death (and you should read the AMAZING GIFT that was crafted for me by the wonder that is @crossroadswrite. Go read it. It’s better than anything I could produce). I’m sorry but I’m now going to rant to you about the thing that I really love about this trope, and that I never read often enough:

Derek Hale, the werewolf

(with woves pics, because apparently it’s a tradition when I write now)

In fics, Derek kinda fails at being human. He’s too violent, too silent, too creepy. And sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s heartbreaking, sometimes it’s cute. But I don’t often read fic on the fact acknowledging that Derek isn’t Erica or Scott or Boyd or Isaace. Derek fails at being human because he never was one.

Derek was born a werewolf, grew up with werewolf parents, werewolf brothers and sisters and uncle and grandparents. He was a baby with fangs, a kid who fell asleep to stories of little werewolves saving the world, grew up a teenager fighting with his parents when he had to fake being bad at sports. 

And why would the werewolf world have the same social rules as humans? They have different metabolisms, different hierarchy rules, a different sense of legacy and territory.

I want to read about a world where a lot of sentences are short and to the point, because half the information is olfactory. Where you don’t have to expand on some subjects, because body language is the norm and the way you will incline your chin, lower your shoulders, raise your eyes will say more than any words.

I want a world where letting your eyes flash or your fangs drop might mean threat or sarcasm or honesty depending on your whole body language. Where jokes are so, so different from human’s because they are based on a lie obvious to your public in your heartbeat, in a ridiculous contradiction between words and body posture. Where personal space is not a polite concept, similar to humans yelling at somebody from the other side of the room, since so much of the meaning comes with scent and talking a few feet away from somebody forces him to sniff the air obviously like a pup.

I want werewolf traditions where earth is the more touching gift that can be given to a potential mate, because it represents territory and pack and safety. Where flowers are an insult because the scent is often overpowering and they remind them of wolfsbane.

In their world where bones mends in minutes and pain is a thing that can be taken away and werewolf walk around with extreme strength, violence is not frowned upon so much. Pups fight already to the blood, biting by accident with too sharp fangs. Adults arguing often shove each other roughly. Fighting is something they learn all their life, just in case, and a part of their life they are not ashamed of.

And more than all, the werewolf world would be one where touch is a whole part of communication. Touching strangers is the norm to prove you means no harm. Keeping your scent to yourself can only mean hidden agenda, and being afraid of bad actions traced back to you by scentAnd werewolves’ families are packs. So werewolf kids grow up thinking that touch is something obvious, . something they should never beg or ask permission for. If you sit somewhere, other will organically accumulate around you. If you are tired, you can fall asleep on other. Hugs are the norm, kisses too. Pack will touch all the time for comfort, for love, for pack sent.

So, you know. I miss fics where Derek isn’t so much a fail!wolf as a perfect werewolf, just evolving in a world where he can’t handle social clues.

Where a few years in school only means that he learned to imitate human attitudes but doesn’t really understand it, like a second language he can only use clumsily.

Kate the hunter makes so much sense like this. She would have known everything about werewolf behavior and would have played right into it to seduce Derek. On the other hand, when we actually see Derek try to seduce a human in the show, it just so over the top that it looks like he’s trying to imitate something he saw in a TV show…

So you know. Maybe Derek is not silent, but simply surrounded by people unable to understand him. He speaks a dead language in this town now. Stiles, Allison, Lydia are humans. Scott, Erica, Boyd, Jackson, Isaac are humans that just took on a wolf pelt.

And when Derek jokes, with a terse phrase but a playful raise of his shoulders, they only hear the terse phrase. When he raises his eyebrows, they can’t read the meaning in his scent. He’s only raising his eyebrows. When they fight, they only see the violence, they don’t associate with the way pups play fight. When he sits somewhere in silence, they will not come naturally to touch and Derek will not think of asking because they are pack.

So now, let’s come back to the WolfCon trope.

The Hale pack would be so worried because their alpha is kind of a social failure (in a perfectly adorable way, in Stiles’ opinion) and they can’t afford to piss off anyone without being erased from the map. And of course they would put in place so many strategies. Of course Stiles would be Derek’s fake mate, just to help him socialize and be sure Derek don’t make a fatal social error that would end in blood. Also, to protect Derek from all these crazy hot single werewolves that could lust after him. He’s altruistic like that (because come on. The best thing of this trope is the fake!relationship and the jealousy)

And then the convention starts and they are all speechless. Because to them, Derek isn’t different. Maybe looser, smiling a little more. But he still doesn’t speak a lot, he’s still sarcastic and kind of abrupt.

But somehow werewolves laugh loudly at his jokes that they though were insults. Scott tries, wincing, to prevent a stranger asking question about the kamina to throw his elbow on Derek’s shoulder only to find Derek responding calmly to the stranger. A woman their age comes at Derek and tries to wrestle him to the ground, eyes flashing and fangs dropped and Stiles has already stolen a candlestick to club her in the head when he notices that Derek is laughing.

And of course a lot of the werewolves here have known the late Hale and have heard of the stories coming of the new pack. And old alpha kisses Derek’s forehead, in the middle on the first meeting. Derek clasps her on the neck, smiling. And it begins. For hours, Stiles watches grumpily people touching Derek as they pass, children reaching for his fingers, people caressing his arms distractedly, brushing their knuckles against his cheeks. And Derek touches right back.

And then the afternoon they attend the “New pack members class” and they are finally taught exactly this. What is werewolf culture. How silent communication works, scent nuances, sensorial sarcasm. How to understand and use it when you are not in control of your faculties yet or simply human.

And it explains so much.

They finally understand that Derek has basically spend the last years trying to communicate in broken German with them when he grew up talking English.

So yeah. I want thousands words of happy Derek surrounded by werewolves, finally free to communicate with other people without always feeling clumsy and just being a happy werewolf.

And Stile would totally end up drunk in the middle of a circle of werewolves rubbing his back, whining that he could have touched for years, he could have napped with Derek, he could have hugged Derek and his bedhair and nobody told him.

(And of course Derek would come save him, alarmed, because Stiles is pathologically blind to werewolves flirting. As was proven by three years of Derek throwing himself shamelessly at him.

And drunk Stiles’ body language projects in really human-accented werewolf-talk his request for a fivesome. Which. No.)

(Next day’s classes are about Werewolf courtship. Stiles creates a public scene by basically jumping over two other humans to get back at Derek and yell at him for answers and kisses)