in which dean is the younger brother and sam is the older one

Age is but a Number, Love is Infinite

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,775

Warnings: age difference(nothing underage the reader is 21), language, implied sexy times

Request: Hey it’s ok if you don’t wanna do this but I was wondering if you could write a fic where Dean is his current age and the one reader just turned 20 but like her and Dean have known each other for a long time and have been together for a while and other people always say stuff about their relationship but they’re still just really happy together, maybe w/ a bit of smut?

A/N: I changed a few things like I said I would but overall I think I got what you wanted!! Shout out to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for being an awesome beta!! I hope you all like it and feedback is always appreciated!!! :D

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Beauty and the Beast AU (1)

Summary: Y/N has always been in love with fairy-tales. They give her an escape from the dark and blood world she lives in. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon she’s excited as could be. Her boyfriend Dean however has a few issues with it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, OFC, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, heavy making out, fondling, almost smut, angst, a lot of fighting

Word Count: 5,433 (I’m not even sorry)

A/N: This is my fist part to my Beauty and the Beast AU. Hug thank you to @love-kittykat21 for beta reading and helping me with this! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

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“Hey,” a large hand gripped your shoulder, shaking you gently, “Y/N wake up.” Grimacing, you pulled yourself away from Dean’s body looking up at Sam. He had a big smile on his face,  the alarm clock illuminating his face. Looking at the harsh, glaring, green numbers you groaned. It was barely six in the morning and Sam was ready to get going. “Get up, I wanna tell you something.” His voice was soft and timid, attempting not to wake his brother up.

“Okay, just give me a second.” You whispered back to him, getting up as slowly as you could, Dean simply turned away, pulling the crisp white sheets along with him.

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Winchesters in Riverdale (Part Ten/Finale)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in the community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?

Masterlist for the other parts of this story


There was comfortable silence between you and Jughead as the two of you walked hand in hand together down the street. Your feet were cold on the gravel, your heels forgotten and swinging from your free hand. You didn’t know where you were going but you didn’t care. The dance was forgotten about although you could still hear the faint music. You were with Jughead. That was the only thing that mattered. Every now and then you would sneak a peek at the raven-haired teen. You tried to memorize the way the moonlight bounced off him. The way he smiled at you when he thought you weren’t looking. Everything.

Suddenly, Jughead stopped and turned to look at you.

“Okay, close your eyes.” he said.

You rose your eyebrows at him and he rolled his eyes.

“Trust me.” he said, smiling.

You sighed but closed your eyes nonetheless.

“Making me the next Jason Blossom?” you joked.

Jughead snorted.

He began to lead you off the gravel road and soon enough your feet felt the hard ground turn to grass.

“Over here.” Jughead said.

Eventually he stopped.

“Can I open my eyes now?” you asked.

“Not yet. Take a seat first,”

You sighed again and sat down, putting your shoes next to you. You heard Jughead sit next to you and felt his warm palms on your shoulders.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “Open them,”

You opened your eyes.

As you looked around, you saw that the two of you were in the middle of the park, surrounded by swing sets and jungle gyms and money bars.

You looked up and your mouth dropped open.

The sky, which had previously been covered by trees as you walked in the street had opened up, revealing the beautiful night sky. The full moon shone brightly and there were millions upon million of stars to be seen.

“Not bad, huh?” Jughead asked as he removed his hands from your shoulders.

You looked at the beaming boy whose face was inches away from yours.

“It’s beautiful.” you said.

Jughead smiled shyly before he leaned in, kissing you softly. You smiled into the kiss as your arms wrapped around Jughead’s arm, your fingers running over the few black locks of hair resting on Jughead’s neck that had escaped from his beanie. He stopped kissing you when a sudden gust of wind hit your bare arms making you shiver. Jughead frowned as he looked at you.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

You shook your head.

“No, I’m fine,” you said. “It’s just—”

You were cut off when you saw Jughead quickly taking his jacket off, draping it over your shoulders.

You smiled as him as you pulled the warm fabric closer to you.

“Thank you.” you mumbled.

Jughead smirked and draped his arm around you. The two of you lied down and you snuggled into the younger teen’s warm chest, Jughead’s arm pulling you closer to him. The two of you looked up at the night sky, looking up at the sky.

You didn’t know how long you laid there for before Jughead spoke again.

“What’s her name?” Jughead asked suddenly.

Your eyes widened as you looked up at him. Jughead looked panicked.

“I, uh, I-I didn’t mean to say that out loud,” he rambled, convinced he had ruined everything. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said—”

To his surprise, you giggled, cutting him off.

You changed your position so you were facing him, your elbow supporting your head as you rested it on your fist. Jughead mimicked your position, watching you warily.

“It’s okay,” you said. “After what you said to me earlier, um, I feel like it’s easier to talk about. Still hard, yeah. But it’s easier,” you said.

Jughead nodded.

“Her name is Lily,” you said. “Her father… he used to get me flowers. Almost everyday. He’d go outside and pick a whole bunch of them for me. They were lilies. He, um, passed away before Lily was born and I guess I just wanted to find a way to connect her name to him. Even if she would never know who he was. Or who I am for that matter.”

Jughead’s eyes widened.

“I-I’m sorry,” he said again. “I didn’t know he died.”

You smiled softly at him.

“It’s okay,” you said quietly. “It’s… been a while. The ache never really goes away but I’m making my way. One day at a time.”

Jughead nodded again.

“Do your brothers—”

“No,” you said, shaking your head. “They don’t know about Lily. Castiel, you know, the one always wearing that trench coat; he knows. He helped me run away and kept me hidden unless Lily was born.”

Jughead’s eyes widened.

““Hidden?”” he repeated. “From what?”

You sighed.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, Y/N, it does,” Jughead said. “Are you in danger?”

You sighed, tried to figuring out a way to phrase your job.

Hey, Jughead, I kinda sorta kill monsters for a living, and I’ve occasionally fought the Devil himself. No big deal. Oh, and my dead boyfriend was killed by a rogue angel using my brother’s body as a vessel.

You shook your head again.

“No,” you said.

Not immediate danger.

“I told you how I had kind of a weird job, right?”

Jughead nodded.

“Well… sometimes that job’s dangerous,”

Sometimes? Try all the time.

“There are thi— people out there who want to hurt me,” you corrected yourself. “But it’s okay. It’s part of the job. Besides, my brothers have my back. So does Castiel.”


“Jughead, please don’t worry,” you nearly begged. “I’m okay, alright?”

Jughead looked like he wanted to say more. And he did. He wanted to beg you to tell him everything. To stay with him and Archie so they could protect you from whatever wanted to hurt you. But as he looked into your pleading eyes, he melted and couldn’t say anything else.

“Okay.” he said hoarsely.

You let out a sigh of relief once you realized Jughead wasn’t going to press you further. The two of you lied back down and you snuggled back into Jughead’s chest, closing your eyes. The silence returned but Jughead felt tense under you. Like he wanted to say something else.

“You’re leaving, aren’t you?” he suddenly asked softly.

You froze in his arms, eyes opening as you looked at his sad expression.

“I, uh, saw your brothers in Pop’s the other day. I, um, decided to eavesdrop a little bit. Thought I could maybe find out how you were doing. Instead I heard them talking about going home or something.” he said.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded slowly.

“Yeah,” you said quietly. “We leave tomorrow.”

You heard Jughead give a defeated exhale.

“W-Will I ever see you again? I can still text you, right?” he asked weakly.

Tears welled up in your eyes as you slowly shook your head.

“I—Jughead, I wish. It won’t—It can’t—” you stopped before you began to cry.

You would never see Jughead again. He wouldn’t be able to contact you. Texting someone from a different universe? It was impossible.

“If you don’t want to see me—”

“No!” you exclaimed. “Jughead, I…”

You felt tears rolling down your face.

“I-I love you,” you said.

Jughead’s eyes widened at your confession.

“I love you,” you said again. “I never thought I could love someone the way I love you again. I don’t want to leave. But it’s my home. Everything I know is there. Family, friends, my life. And I can’t just leave it. I-I need you to understand that.”

Jughead was silent as he contemplated your words. and you got more and more nervous as the silence stretched on and on.

What if this was it? What if he just got up and left? What if he didn’t understand? What if he decided—

Jughead’s lips crashing against yours snapped you out of your thoughts. The freshly fallen tears on his cheeks mixed with yours and you could taste salt. You immediately kissed him back roughly, your teeth clacking together. But neither of you cared. When you pulled away for air, you were filled with relief when you saw Jughead smiling softly at you despite the tears in his eyes.

“I love you, too.” he said.

There were no more words to be spoken. He understood.

“Just… do me a favor, okay?” Jughead asked.

You nodded as you turned around to face the teen.

Jughead had walked you all the way back to the motel. He offered to get the car and drive you home but you declined. The more time you could spend with Jughead the better. You had walked hand in hand the entire way back. You talked about your favorite moments together, teasing each other with your little inside jokes, and had even stopped for a quick milkshake at Pop’s. One last time.

“Of course.”

Jughead sighed.

“Tell your brothers. About Lily,”

Your opened your mouth to protest but you were cut off by Jughead again.

“Please,” he said. “You’ll feel a lot better. And I know they’ll listen to you and help you out. I’ve seen the way they look at you. They look terrified. Like they think you’re gonna leave again without any warning. Y/N, I don’t think they’ll be able to handle that again.”

You let out a shaky sigh.


“Just talk to them. Please?” Jughead asked.

You nodded.

“Okay,” you said. “When we get home, I’ll talk to them.”

Jughead let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you.” he whispered.

You gave a small smile to the teen.

“I, um,” you began, unsure of what to say. “I guess I’ll see you around, Mr. Jones.”

Jughead smirked as he took a step closer to you.

“I’ll see you around, Ms. Winchester.” he said softly.

He dipped down, capturing your lips in one last passionate kiss. You kissed back with just as much fervor, neither of you wanting this moment to end. When you finally pulled away, the two of you looked at each other sadly. Jughead began to back away, eyes never leaving yours.

“Goodbye.” he said softly.

Tears welled in your eyes again.

“Bye.” you said back, watching him as he turned around, beginning the walk back to the school.

You closed the door, back sliding down on it. You dropped your shoes next to you and looked at the clock.


You needed to get to bed. You had to be up bright and early tomorrow. Willing yourself not to cry again, you took a deep breath again and got under your covers, not caring you were still wearing your dress or makeup.

The next day. 12 pm.

Jughead Jones sat at his usual booth at Pop’s, staring at his computer. No matter how hard he tried to concentrate, he could seem to get any words out. He looked down at his phone, debating about what he should do. You were gone. He had tried to visit your motel room around noon only to find everything gone. There was no trace of you or the others. You had just… disappeared. It was like you were never there.

Eventually deciding he had nothing to lose, he typed a quick message to you before sending it out, taking a deep breath. 

A guy could try, right?

Across a million billion trillion universes, you settled into one of the chairs in the Bunker, smirking at Dean as he strutted around the main area.

“Ah, it’s good to be back!” Dean exclaimed as he took a swig of beer.

Sam chuckled while Castiel just looked at the eldest Winchester blankly.

After transporting back to your universe, the four of you were now back home after you finally killed the witch who transported you there. You wished that your brothers wouldn’t have to kill her but once you found out she was terrorizing the rest of the town and killing more and more people, you had to put a stop to it.

Your phone’s screen lighting up made you look down at it.

(1) New message from Mr. Jones

Your heartbeat quickened.

Could it be?

You reached for the phone before you stopped yourself. Despite the fact that you were dying to, you didn’t dare open the message. Not yet. Jughead’s words from the night before resonated in your head and you took a deep breath. You had something to do first.

“Hey, guys?” you asked.

The three men turned to you.

“I, um, I have something to tell you.”

Chuck smiled as he watched you and Jughead each in your respective universes.

“Father…” an angel beside him began. “Pardon me for questioning you, but why have you allowed contact via technology between the Winchester girl and Jones boy? They live in different universes. How will they ever see each other again?”

Chuck’s smile didn’t falter.

“They’ll find a way. It’s what Winchesters and Joneses do.”


A/N: That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed it!! I originally was going to have a much more angsty ending, but I just couldn’t do it (and I love writing angst!)


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First Day of School

Characters: Dean Winchester x little sister!reader

Words: 1500

Tags: @evyiione@fabulouslycassie, @daughters-and-winsisters, @darkestgrungeuniverse, @samanddeanshotsis, @winchesters-favorite-girl

A/N: Decided I wanted to post something more innocent/less angsty after that last fic :)

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Your name: submit What is this?

You and Dean stood outside of the classroom, your hand in Dean’s much larger one. Other kids and their parents poured into the room which walls were dressed in drawings and colorful posters of the alphabet. It was the start of the school year, and unsurprisingly it was also the first day of a new school for the both of you.

”You ready?” Dean asked as he looked down at you, and his green eyes was met by your round ones.

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Political Animals-Part 4

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I didn’t hear a single word of the debate.  Not one damn word.  I hope no one asks me anything about it.  Every time I sneak a glance over at Sam he is looking at me, and he looks pissed.  I know there is nothing aside from my actual death that will get me out of the reception afterwards.  I am so screwed.

Finally the torture ends and we are able to leave.  The reception is being held at a hotel down the street.  A staff member ushered my mother, Cas, Meg and I into a waiting car.

“I think that went really well, Mom.” Cas said.  “What do you think, Y/N?”

“I……..” I stammered.

“She has no idea, because she didn’t pay attention to any of it, did you?” My mother snapped.

“Mom……” Cas said in a warning tone.

I sat up straighter.  “Look, you wanted me here, so I’m here. And your still not happy.”

My mother gave me an appraising glance.  “You could’ve at least pretended to listen.”

“Can we please just try and get along for one night?” Meg said softly, ever the peacemaker.

I didn’t say another word for the rest of the drive.

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One Of Us.

Anon Requested- hi! i’m not sure if requests are open, but if so, can you do this? sam and dean find the reader - who’s young, like around 14ish - on a hunt and she’s totally cool about killing things that go bump in the night since they killed her family, so the boys just kind of ‘adopt’ her as their little sister? just some big brother fluff and some stupid humor is all i’m looking for. thank you!

Warnings- mentions of death, swearing.

A/N- This was a really nice request to write, no angst, nobody dying, just big brother fluff.

You were sat on a hard, plastic chair waiting to be questioned. The room was chilly and silent, the only noise was the ticking of the clock placed on the blue wall. Sighing you placed your head in your hands, how could this have happened? 

Your mother was a hunter, not the one that hunted animals, no she hunted the supernatural. She only did salt and burns, or the occasional witch now and again, but when you were born she stopped hunting anything that could harm you. 

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He Didn’t Say Pie

Summary: All Y/N wanted to do was lay back, relax, maybe even watch some Netflix; however, when a shifter accidentally gets into the bunker, she finds out she may need a bit of help from her brothers.
She just hopes she can tell the real Winchester from the fake.
Word Count: 1936
Warnings: mild gore, some swearing (flashbacks are in italics)
A/N: ehhh not my proudest work but it was one of my ideas so I figured why the hell not??
ALSO my dudes requests are open so feel free to hmu and I’ll try to spit out some stuff and see what happens;)

Gun drawn, Y/N stalked silently through the bunker halls. The boys were out hunting, so it wasn’t like she had backup. She was on her own. Y/N took in a deep breath as she leant outside the kitchen entrance, listening to the sounds of someone moving around. Hopefully, when her brothers came back, she’d be alive.

As long as they didn’t shoot her first.


Y/N plopped onto Sam’s bed as she logged into her Netflix account. She chose to stay back from the hunt this time- needing some “lady time,” as Dean had put it- due to still being sore from the last one. Ghouls were stronger than she’d initially thought.

Sam and Dean had left two days ago, helping out another hunter with a demon problem the next town over. Nothing too big, so Y/N had figured that she could let them take it over. They’d be fine.

She was about to click the next episode of How to Get Away with Murder when the sound of the door slamming shut resounded throughout the bunker. Frowning, she checked her phone. The boys were doing a case close by, she knew that, but this was too early for them to be back. They were good, but not that good.

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The Super Life

Avengers x Reader x Supernatural

Prompt: You’re the daughter of the famous Tony Stark…..and you’re also dating Dean Winchester….who recently finds out that the Mark Of Cain really does change a man, literally.

Requested by: No One

Written By: mrs.stankfa - Anna

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Language

A/N: Part Two will be up next Friday//not sure how I feel about this tbh


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Your life was could not be considered ‘normal’….especially since your father was a superhero and your boyfriend hunted the Supernatural, yes he hunted the Supernatural with his younger brother and angel friend.

Sam was your best friend along with Cass who was like an older brother, him being so much better than your actual brother who barely gave you a second glance on a daily basis.

In all honesty, no one really paid any attention to you unless there was some news that you had to deliver to the press but then again they only paid attention to your faults that happened when delivering the information.

Dean, Sam, and Cass, always made sure that you knew you had done a good job whenever you talked on TV but you never took any of it to heart, only wanting the approval from your family which you knew you’d never get.


“Y/N, he has the Mark of Cain.” Sam sighs into the phone. “There’s nothing you can do and if there would be, I would’ve had you do it already.”

“Sam, I can’t just sit here and hope everything’s going to be okay! You know I can’t do that!” You whine back.

“Y/N, I know but the safest thing for you is to be where you are. Under the protection of Superheroes, Dean is looking for you. You and I both know how that’s going to end up.” Sam explains.

“Sam, you know I can handle myself.” You scoff while leaning forward on the white couch on the main floor of the tower.

“I get that Y/N, I know you can with your powers from heaven and hell or however you explain it,” Sam mutters. “But I cannot risk it okay? We already lost Dean, we can’t lose you too.” 

“Sam, please.” You beg, over the course of the phone call you had started to pace across the floor, ignoring the weird glances you received from anyone who had walked into the room. So you honestly didn’t know that a crowd was gathering behind you.

“Y/N, listen to me-”

“No Sam! You listen to me! If you don’t find him and chain him to a pole in three days, I’m coming there myself and taking care of things. You hear me? I don’t care how long it takes and I’m staying at the bunker for good this time. Okay? Because I am so done with you Winchesters getting into so much shit when I leave for a week or so, got it?!” You scream into the phone.

“Y-yeah Y/N. I got it.” Sam stutters, completely surprised at what you were capable of when you were mad.

“Good. Great. Now I have to go address some press about some event that I don’t give two shits about, you better have news or something by the time I get back okay? Okay.” You huff into the phone before hanging up, you ignore the looks that you receive as you stalk off to the elevator in anger.

“You wanna play ball, Winchester?” You state as the elevator goes down to the newsroom. “Let’s play ball.”


Three days had come and gone yet here you were, still addressing the press in your professional skirt and blouse with matching black heels. Your hair was let loose to hang around your shoulders with light makeup on your face. The other Avengers stood behind you with smiles plastered onto their faces, each of them wearing nice clothes that mirrored your own.

“Miss. Stark!” A reporter shouts while raising her hand, you point to her with a fake smile. “What’s in store for the Avengers in the future? Will you be joining them anytime soon?”


You cut yourself off as the lights start flickering in the room, the temperature dropping immensely along with it. Everyone stares at you as your eyes watch all the entrances and exits, you see new people step in with smirks.

“Oh my god.” You whisper but it catches in the microphone, carrying across the whole room.

“Miss. Stark? Is everything alright?” Someone in the crowd yells but you don’t have enough time to answer as the man that you’ve been looking for since day one steps into the room.

“You son of a bitch.” You state before quickly rushing off the stage, dialing Sam’s number as you do.

“Oh, honey. It’s nice to see you too.” Dean sarcastically replies, his eyes turning a soulless black as you stopped in the middle of the walkway. Your own eyes narrow as you step out of your heels, sending Sam a quick text because he hadn’t picked up the phone.

“Don’t call me that.” You seethe. “Don’t ever call me that.”

“What? Honey doesn’t work for ya? You all powerful now Miss. Stark?” Dean rolls his eyes, your phone buzzes and you quickly look down.

Give him all you have -Castiel

“Oh, is that little Sammy telling you to run like always?” Dean questions with a smile.

“Oh, on the contrary.” You chuckle while sliding off your blazer, letting it fall to the ground in a heap without a second thought. “He told me to give you all I have.”

“Think you’ve already done that one, sweetheart.” Dean chuckles

“Then, I guess this won’t hurt a bit.” You smirk and with a flick of your wrist, your whole outfit changes to one that you’d normally wear on a hunt. 

“Oh, that,” Dean mutters as your eyes turn from black to crystal blue every time you blinked.

“Yeah, that.”

“You Have No Idea Who I Am, Do You?”

Summary: Sam and Dean learn they have a sister and she helps them hunt a siren. I’m already super great at summaries

Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, and sister!Reader

A/N: So this is my first ever attempt at writing fanfiction, so everyone please go easy on me. This is for @casbabydontgoineedyou​ ‘s 1K Follower Celebration. I’ve had the idea for this fic floating around in my head for a while now, so when I saw this prompt on her challenge I knew I needed to just take the leap. I’ve tagged her and a few of the other fic writers I follow just to get feedback. I hope that’s ok. Any feedback (but especially the positive kind) is welcome. Also, it’s kind of long. Sorry, my hand slipped. 

Warnings: Angst, language, canon-level fighting. Also no smut (sorry?)

Prompt: “You have no idea who I am, do you?” 

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Sam’s POV

Dean pulled the Impala into the bunker’s garage. It felt good to be home after the long drive from North Dakota. You, Dean, and Cas had just finished up a run-of-the-mill vengeful spirit. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at the thought of a vengeful spirit being “run-of-the-mill.” What a weird life we lead.

“Cas, you’re welcome to hang out for a bit. I’m going to hit the sack,” you stretched out satisfyingly. The familiar halls were comforting, and your bed was calling you. You shuffled through the war room towards the library. The walk from the car to your bed always seemed laboriously long.  

Quickly and silently, a figure came out from behind the wall to stand at the top of the library steps, gun raised in a practiced stance. Behind the weapon was a (tall/average/short) (y/h/c) stranger. Just as quickly, you were awake again. We raised our guns in reply and Cas’s angel blade was in his hand.

Suddenly her shoulders softened as her gun lowered.

“Oh thank god you’re here,” she sighed. “I was in the hotel room when some grey suited guy came up to me and painted some crap on the wall. There was a bright light and next thing I know I’m in this Cold War hideout. I think we’re underground. Are we underground? How’d we get here? Where’s dinner?”

We exchanged glances again as our guns stayed up. A demon, maybe? But how did it get in here?

“Oh god –” the stranger’s voice wavered – “you guys have no idea who I am, do you?

“Enlighten us, kid,” Dean snorted.

A look of grief washed over her (y/e/c) eyes, “I’m your sister.”

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Diners in the Early Hours

Based on this tumblr post

Castiel is a waiter who is too tired after working all night. The Winchesters come to the diner for a meal after a hunt. It’s 1:30 AM. What could go wrong?

Read it on AO3!

Castiel was about two seconds away from using the apple pie on the counter as a pillow. After his second 8 hour shift in a row, working in an “open 24 hours!” restaurant at, he checked his watch, 1:34 in the morning, a pie pillow didn’t seem like the worst thing ever. He still had about an hour and a half left on his shift, and his manager had ducked out nearly an ago on a “smoke break”. No one would probably even notice if he was asleep. Sure, Chuck was over in the corner booth, but the twitchy writer came in every night and Castiel knew he took a good hour on one cup of coffee. He had just served him half an hour ago, and by the looks of the mug Chuck had already topped it off with the small bottle he kept in his jacket. It wouldn’t even be that bad, he thought dreamily. It has a nice, soft crust and a sweet filling…             

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its-a-novelist-girl  asked:

Are you still doing head-canons? If you are could you pretty please do one for older sister Winchester gets hurt on a hunt or something like that and tries to hide it from her younger brothers?? I love your work!!

Yup, still doing them! And thank you <33

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Not my GIF

- You sitting in the Impala, mentally preparing for to enter the motel room. 

- You’re in pain from the stab wound you received in your thigh during tonight’s hunt. It’s bleeding pretty bad, but you’ve managed to patch yourself up a bit with the emergency kit you have in your car. 

- You were hunting with your dad, but once you got hurt, he sent you home while he continued.

- You finally decided to go inside, since you didn’t want to bleed through the bandages first.

- Once you enter, you notice that your brothers are still up, as suspected. So, you try to keep your pained gasps to yourself by biting your lip, all while trying to keep your face straight.

- “Sam, Dean, why are you still up, even? It’s 3 in the morning.”

- “We were waiting for you. We always do.”

- “And I always tell you to not. Go to bed.”

- Them seeing the blood. “Y/N, the blood…”

- “…is not mine. I’m fine.”

- Sam suspiciously stares at your leg, but you give him a look that tells him to stop.

- Once they’ve gone to bed, you quietly search out the emergency kit you keep in the motel room, find the gauze and stagger into the bathroom.

- Once you had checked on your wound - which did not look good - and replaced the gauze, you open the door to reveal Dean.

- He sees the gauze in your hand, and that the blood stain on your pants is even bigger. “I knew it.”

- “Okay, I’m hurt. Congratulations, Dean, you caught me.”

- “Y/N, please let me help you! I can stitch it up for you if you want. Just tell me what to do.”

- You sighing. “Fine. But don’t tell Sam.”

- “I think he’ll find out anyways. He notice stuff like that, our little brother. You know, I get that you don’t want us to worry, but we care about you dammit. We want to help.”

Dean Winchester is Worried

Rated: NC-17 For depressing theme, brief suicide ideation, description of anxiety and depression, brief mention of death of a minor character, explicit sexual content, happy ending

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader (although they are not together at the start of this fic)

Summary: You find yourself being pulled down by anxiety and depression. Usually, you have a good handle on dealing, but today is the anniversary of your twin brother’s death. Dean Winchester is by your side to help.

Words: 6,005… I think

A/N: Basically, this is me venting because I’ve actually being feeling anxious as hell lately. So, this was my way of soothing myself. So I hope this entertains someone out there.

You found yourself staring blankly at the plain, concrete wall in front of you. There were no windows, so you had a hard time placing what time it was or how long you’d been sitting here, petrifying in your own thoughts.

The familiar, uncomfortable rush of nerves itched beneath the surface of your skin as your hands smoothed over the tightness in your arms. Most days you could find a way to move forward, but then there were days like now that had a way of bringing you back down. You were filled with the buzzing energy to do something but you couldn’t focus on just one thing. So it left you feeling lost and fidgety.

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All I Have

Pairing: Sam x Reader 

Characters: Death, Dean, Sam, the Reader 

Warnings: all the angst, violence, swearing 

Word count: 4478 (sorry it’s a little long)

Summary: Basically a rewrite of the season 10 finale with a few twists;) 

Tag list: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @evyiione @mogaruke @aliensdeservebetter @27bmm @craving-cas @spnfanficpond

A/N: I’m a little rusty on the details of what actually happened so pls b kind + this one’s long so have fun!! Also some of the quotes are directly from the show and therefore not mine:) 

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The work-out session

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean, a little bit of Sam.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Some kissing, aaand i think that’s it.    

Word Count: 1200-ish

A/N: This is actually my first fanfic EVER, so pleeaaase bear with me if it’s crap. Also it’s not beta’ed. Feedback would be awesome :) Tagging @ thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘cause she requested a fic based on the gif below :)

You hadn’t been on a hunt for almost 2 months now, and though you were happy that there apparently weren’t a lot of people getting killed by things that go bump in the night, you kinda missed it. being locked up in the bunker for so long without much exercise, plus the fact that your food habits hadn’t changed much from the usual junk you ate while working cases, had made you gain more than just a few pounds. You really wanted to do something about it, you did, but you always found it rather hard to lift your butt off the couch to go to the bunker’s gym, and Sam’s rabbit-food didn’t tempt you much either. After a few weeks you started to avoid mirrors, especially the full figure one in your room. Every time you walked past them you let your gaze fall to the floor, too ashamed to look yourself in the eyes. You didn’t think anyone would notice your change in behavior, and nobody did. Except one.

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Don’t Leave Me

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: John x Reader, Dean
Word count: 1,212

Part 4 of Winchester Losses

Feeling you shift against him, he pulled you close, enjoying the scent of your shampoo. “John, did you remember to give the boys the alarm passcode?” You asked, half-asleep.

“Uh….” He thought. “I don’t remember.”

You sighed and opened your eyes enough to reach over to your nightstand and grab your phone. “You’re going to start taking less hours at the garage, Mr. Winchester.” You shot him a teasing look.

John watched you as you quickly texted, enjoying your bedhead. You were on your back, as gorgeous as ever. “How’d I get so damn lucky?” He grinned as you blushed.

Putting your phone back, you turned to face him. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in the motel with you, but he figured that must have been some strange dream. “I’ve asked myself every day since we met.” You kissed him gently.

His lips moved against yours, his hand on your lower back. “What time are they getting here?” His voice was low, and you knew the look in his eyes well.

“They’ll be here about lunchtime.” You reminded him. “Sam and Jess are getting here early, though. I’m running to the store with her for some last minute things, and you and Sam can start the grill.” John groaned lightly, knowing that him and Sam butted heads like there was no tomorrow. “John Winchester, that is your son, and he’s excited that the little boy they’re adopting will be here next week. He wants to celebrate with his family.” You told him firmly, watching him smirk at you getting all riled up.

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Title: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

 Prompt: @tarotwitchery Boys play Pokemon Go

 Summary: Sam just can’t help himself.  He’s gotta catch ‘em all!  But that doesn’t mean Dean can’t have some fun with it too.  

 Warnings: Language.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Originally posted by littlehobbit13

Dean paid his brother no mind as he drove down the main street of this little town they were in. They had just wrapped up a hunt, vampires, and were heading back to the bunker.  He always enjoyed the ride back to the bunker after a hunt gone well.  No stress, no hunt to discuss, just the quiet relaxing sounds that Baby made as she sped down the road.  He enjoyed the blur of the buildings and nature around him. It was nice to just let it all go and relax…


“TURN RIGHT!” Sam shouted suddenly, pulling Dean from his relaxed state and back on high alert.

“What’s wrong? Another Vamp?!  I thought we got them all!”  Dean’s eyes began to scan his surroundings as he followed his brother’s instructions, turning right as he tried to spot anything that looked out of place, a person walking in a strange way, eyeing up another, wearing too many layers or dark sunglasses.  But there was none.  Actually, there wasn’t really anyone around who looked suspicious.  

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Rutnam Shore


Dean/Cas, Dean/Cassie
21k words
Chubby!Dean, college au (kind of), mystery, hurt Dean Winchester, chock full o’ plot

Summary:  Dean Winchester has never been past the city limits of the sleepy town of Rutnam Shore. Except in his dreams, where he travels the country in a classic car and fights mythical beings with his little brother. It’s the only time he gets to see his brother, since Sam died in a car crash when they were kids. Dean wants nothing more than to get as far away from Rutnam Shore as he can, but unfortunately he’s afraid of driving and feels like he’s stuck.

“Dean! Dean, don’t go over there!”

Ignoring the distant sound of his father’s voice, Dean continues scaling the wall of rocks separating him from the rest of the beach. He’s lived at Rutnam Shore for his entire life and yet this is the first time his parents have taken him to the actual beach. He’s not going to miss out on the opportunity to explore to his heart’s content.

But, as it happens, Dean is only 5 and his legs can only take him so far before his dad scoops him up and carries him back down to the crowded beach.

“You could’ve at least put your shoes on before pulling that stunt,” Dad chastises as he sets Dean down beneath the umbrella and cleans off the bottom of his feet. “Don’t do that again. You hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean mumbles.

His dad doesn’t say anything else, but Dean knows if he tries to get up and join Mom and Sammy down at the shoreline then his dad will fuss at him again.

So he sits quietly, if a little huffy, and watches as Sam smacks at the sand while sitting in Mom’s lap, the tide gently washing back and forth beneath them.

Eventually Dean turns away. He finds an old woman looking his way, but she quickly averts her gaze toward the water. Dean looks at her a moment longer, but she doesn’t look at him again.

He thinks this must be a perfect day, if he could only climb over that rock.

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Easter Hunt - Reader x Dean x Sam

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Warnings: None - just a lot of Easter fluff.

Word Count: 1640 (give or take a few)

Dean and Sam walked into the library after spending the better half of the morning shooting rounds at target practice. It almost felt like they were going to bring the whole place down with the way the gunshot sounds bounced off the walls and echoed to every inch of their home. They took a seat at the library table and poured themselves a glass of whiskey, each taking comfort in the silence.

Wait. Silence? That couldn’t be right. There were three hunters in the bunker the last time the duo had checked.

“Have you seen (Y/n)?” Sam asked, being the first one to realise that they were down a hunter. Dean took a sip of his drink and leaned back in his seat. Just once, he wanted to relax and not be bothered with something trivial like the lost case of (Y/n).

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Written for @idreamofhazel and @impala-dreamer follower celebration/Sammy Says challenge. This thing has been a pain to get online.
Tags below the cut as always if you want on or off the list drop me an ask.

Word count-1147
Pairing-Sam x reader, Dean
Warnings-pranks, fluff.

You wrapped the towel around yourself and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a smaller towel to dry your hair.  After squeezing the excess water out of your hair and giving it a quick rub you tossed the towel on the counter and reached for the comb.  A flash of color on the towel caused you to glance up at the mirror.  What you saw made anger bubble up in you and you stormed out of the bathroom towards the kitchen, intent on murder.

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Imagine taking a case in your home town

This post is Triggering! I am warning you all now that please don’t read if you are easily triggered. (Lots of death, suicide and just shitty mom)

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

The roar of the impala under you was the only thing keeping you grounded as you rolled down the open black strip of tar with the man you loved and his younger brother. Your head leaned against the window as the millions of trees passed you by, each one bringing you closer to your own personal hell…

“Babe.” the sound of Dean’s voice echoed through the hall as Dean approached your shared room where you had currently been laying down, your eyes glued to the illuminated screen of the small internet portal you held in your hands, “Babe you gotta get dressed, and pack a bag.”

“Why?” You whined as you looked at him, fully comfortable in the memory foam that was swallowing you up. A smile etched onto his face as he looked at you with complete love in his eyes. 

“Cause we gotta case, four officers dead in a small town in Georgia, looks like a ghost. We figured we would go check it out.”

“Oh.” The realization hitting you as though it was a 18 wheeler going far too fast.

“Didn’t you say you had family in Georgia, maybe we can stop and say…”

“I think my mother is far too busy to accommodate a visit from her daughter, who has not become a lawyer like her brother or a environmentalist like her other sister.” You interrupted, knowing that your mother never was a huge fan of yours, and you doubted she would take a visit from you and the boys as a pleasant occurrence. 

“Okay, well meet me at Baby in 15,” He instructed, as you nodded in reply, before quickly turning your attention back to the article you were scanning for familiar names, the same article Dean and Sam had just gotten your next case from.

Originally posted by canonspngifs

“Well here we are.” Dean said pleasantly as he carefully pulled the impala into the parking space outside the police station, the memories flooding back to you as the purring of the engine died away. 

“So we have the fake Id…..” you failed to hear the rest of the sentence however by the slamming of your own door, your legs carrying you into the building, as Dean watched your hips sway. It took several seconds for both men to establish which fake FBI ids to use, and then they let themselves into the building. Dean’s eyes already sweeping over the layout, however they soon caught an interruption when they noticed your back. You were seated on the desk of one of the elder officers, who seemed to be smiling up at you as he chattered away. In your hand they could both see that you were holding a picture frame, as though you had previously been looking at it. 

“Hey, did [Y/N] ever tell you where exactly in Georgia she grew up?” Sam whispered as the sound of your own laughter filled the air. 

“No, but I have a feeling we just found out.” Dean replied as he started towards you, and the older gentleman, who was clearly the one in charge.

“Excuse me, we were looking for Chief Gebel?” Sam asked another officer, who looked as though he was in his mid thirties, and an ex football player. 

“Yeah, he is right over there. HEY CHIEF, Feds are here.” He snapped quickly as the attention of both you and Gebel’s was drawn towards the sound of the man.

“Thank you Eric. Tell me [Y/N] , how long ya in town for?” 

“Oh depends on how fast these two get the case closed.” You replied with a smile as you pointed toward the Winchesters.

“Well make sure ‘fore ya go ya come around again. It ain’t been the same since…”

“It was nice to see ya Ernie and I am real sorry again about Herman.” You smiled at the boys before politely hopping from the desk and escorted yourself to the front door, where you sat your ass on the park bench you and the previous chief used to eat ice cream on when you were a child.

Dean’s POV  

“Agents, it is mighty nice of you both to come down here.” Officer Gebel smiled at us both after the swing door of the office shut behind [Y/N].

“Of course sir, we are sorry to interrupt your visit, was she your daughter?” Sam asked as I looked the man up and down, she never mentioned her parents, so who knew if this old guy could be her dad, he looked like he could be dad age.

“[Y/N] isn’t my daughter, her pa used to be the old chief here, however something went terribly wrong on a case, we were working it together. He, ummmm,” Gebel’s started to tear up a bit, and after a sniffle he continued, “sorry, you see Hank used to be my best friend, the girl might as well be my own, it really hit her hard when her daddy died. Even harder when her mother acted like nothing happened. She left when she was 17, and she never looked back, not even when her sister passed away.”

“I am so sorry to hear about your loss, well if you….”

“You mind telling me how her sister died?” I asked, Sam glaring at me, as though to tell me not to prey, that if my girlfriend wanted to tell me about it she would have. 

“Well ya see, when her dad died the children took it pretty hard, each child processed it differently. For [Y/N] it was dreamin’ of leaving, for her brother Grant it was signing up for the army, and for Kathleen, well she went from a popular cheerleader to an outcast, stopped talking to her friends. The only people she really spoke to were [Y/N] and Grant. Grant was 18 when it happened, the girls were both still in high school, Grant was gone for maybe a year or so when the letter came. Mary was devastated, first her divorce was becoming public, then her husband died in the line of duty, then her son. It was shortly after the funeral for him that [y/N] left town. She left a note saying she was never coming back, said she was tired of living in a cursed family. About three months later, Mary came home to Kathleen died in the parlor. Suicide, hung herself from the ceiling fan, remember having to take the body down myself. We tried to reach out to [Y/N], tell her about the funeral, but she never responded. Her mother became cold after that, and is now the mayor of the town, best mayor we have ever had actually.”

“Oh… Well do you think…”

“Excuse me Agent Anka, but the case.” Sam snapped, stopping me from my futhur investigation into [y/n]’s past.

“Sorry Agent Stevens, So tell me…” And as I asked about the case, my mind still lingered on the lie [Y/N] was living in.

y/n’s POV

You had found yourself wandering from the bench, and standing outside the stone steps of the town hall, your eyes looking at the windows which were all open, and the curtains billowed out of the openings. You soon found yourself walking up the steps and taking a deep breath before you opened the door and was greeted by the silence of the front office.

“Welcome to the Senoia town hall, if you would like to meet with the mayor…. OH MY GOSH [Y/N]!” the tall blonde behind the front desk greeted as she looked at you, her eyes widening at the site, as you sighed.

“Oh hey Heather.” You said unexcited as she stood up and started around the desk, wrapping her arms around you as you lightly tapped her covered arm.

“How have you been bestie? I feel like it has been….”

“12 years… yeah cause it has been.”

“Well I can see you have changed, what happened to the captain of the cheer squad who used to be so cheery?” Heather pouted as you looked at her in annoyane.

“Why did I even stop here, I remember the way up.” You huffed as you started towards the stair, stopping only for a second to snap, “And she died 13 years ago.”

The doors were still the same, and felt the same as you pushed them open revealing the office of an OCD official. Every paper was neatly piled, and sorted into color piles. the cabinets all were labeled alphabetically, and the room looked as though it was fully polished and cleaned several moments earlier, and the neurotic woman who was this insanely organized was standing with her back to the door, chattering away on her phone, as she examined her perfectly manicured nails in the sunlight. The hints of grey now visible in her  hair, and her thin frame covered in a bright yellow pant suit. Her voice flowed in the air as it reached your ears, “Give me a second Sherry I think the airhead just came in with my low fat, soy, latte with two pumps of cream, and a dash of that addicting vanilla flavoring.”

When she turned you could see the fake youth in her face, her skin pulled on her face, exposing her high cheekbones, and the slight crows feet forming at her made up eyes, her lips were thin and cracking, however still were covered in a sicking shade of pink, which matched the overuse of blush on her face. At the sight of you in the door her eyes widened, and her hand went to the small bump in her suit “I have to call you back Sherry, my runaway has finally come begging for money.”

“Begging for your money is the last thing I want.” You snapped as she hung up and looked at you, her shock turning into disgust as she glared you up and down.

“Well I can think of no other reason you would be standing before me, unless to tell me you are finally dying too.”

“Now why would I ever give you the satisfaction of hearing that?” You laughed as you shut the door behind you.

“Well for your information…”

“I know you are married to Eric, the same Eric who was Grant’s best friend. Tell me how are the kids?”

“How did you…”

“Ernie told me, so did Eric, since the first thing out of his mouth was, hey look guys my stepkid is here. So that was it, Daddy died, then your children either die or leave and you decide that instead of grieving like a normal widow, or looking for your daughter, you replace us all, like we were nothing to you. You really are shallow.”

“Is that why you came, after 12 years you finally wanted to see that I made something of my life unlike you, who judging by that outfit is unemployeed and probably living under a bridge somewhere.”

You started to chuckle, “Yeah Mary, whatever helps you sleep at night. I just hope that Eric is happy with that cobwebbed thing. Wonder if he is scared seeing how the first police academy boy you slept with Andrew is dead, along with Officer Nelson, Herman, and Charlies. Tell me if Grant was still alive and knew you were cheating on Dad with all his friends who were going to be police with him you think….”


“Well at least he wasn’t a whore like you!” And with that you swung the door open again and slammed it behind you, and as you marched yourself down the stairs, you came face to face with two agents of the FBI.

“I’ll be in the car.” You growled as you stormed past.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“So when were you planning on telling us that this is the town you grew up in?” Sam asked that night as you all sat in the motel room, Sam on the couch with his eyes glued to the screen of the laptop, Dean sat at the table looking over files of the victims. and you were laying on the bed, staring at the yellowing ceiling as you drew a short breath.

“I knew you two would find out sooner or later, specially after we went in the police station.”

“And you were planning on telling us that your mom ran the whole town, or that your dad….”

“How do you know about my father and mother?” You asked, your body going from the laying down position to sitting up and looking at Dean, whose face was reddening at the sound of the springs. 

“Well your mom and you share…”

“She has a different last name, it is Fanzine, like the deputy down at the station, you know the football looking one. So I will ask you again, how did you know my mother runs the town and my father was the old chief.”

Dean was silent for a few minutes, you could see the lie forming in his brain as he processed the words he should say, however Sam was far quicker at responding, “Dean asked Ernie about it, however Ernie was not one who needed much convincing, seeing how he wasn’t even prompted at first to tell us. After that he…”

“Yeah Ernie is like that, well what do you want to know?”

“About the case or about you?” Dean asked as you looked at him, and saw the loving, protective nature pouring from them.


“Well what do you think about the case, the only theme I can find with the victims are that they were all roughly the same age, and had the same occupation. Did you know them?”

“Andrew Livingstone, Nelson Remington, Herman Grebel, and Charlies Greenbert were best friends, their close friend group also consisted of two other boys, Eric Fanzine, and Grant [Y/L/N]. All of them wanted to join the Senoia police force and work under my dad, and Herman’s uncle. They all were just punks, played minor pranks here or there, went fishing, hunted, were just boys.” 

“Other then the friendship can you think of something else that linked them?” Sam asked as you took another deep breath.

“I am sure Ernie mentioned the failing of the marriage when he was oversharing our family history. Well the marriage was failing because of my mother, whom I am sure you met already and saw her true form.”

“Yeah, I can see why you never mentioned her before.” Dean added as you smiled slightly

“Yes well she hides a whole lot of bitch under those pantsuits. She also however hides a cougar magnet. The marriage failing was no one’s fault but my whore mother’s. She was having an affair with Andrew Livingstone. Twice a week they would hook up in this hotel, in room 55B. It had been happening for almost a year, and while my father didn’t want my mother’s name to be slandered, since she was preparing to run for mayor again, we all knew about the affair. That was the start of what lead Grant to wanting to leave, the thought of this happening scarred him and ruined the very friend group he clung to. Dad dying was the second thing, and the big push. After that the remaining members of the group join the academy and were not doing well enough to join the force here, since the standards were set so high by the previous mayor. So to join the force they each slept with the current mayor of the time, hoping she would grant them entrance. It worked and with a strong referral from my mother, they got in. It was also during this time that Grant got killed in battle and when attending the funeral of her own son she arrived on the arm of his best friend, whom she was sleeping with. However no one knew of the relations between the group and the mayor except for the two girls who were forced to listen to it, seeing how the sex occurred in the bed her and my father shared. That is the main reason I left,I was tired of it, and soon so was Kathleen. She was the only one who had my number when I left. She said Mom was marrying Eric and she couldn’t live with the thought of her and Eric marrying so soon after everything, and the date of the wedding was set for the day my father died. I told her to come meet me, and I would take her away, but my message was too late, and was replied with, “I hope you are happy shank, cause your only sister is dead. NEVER show your face here again.” 

“Woah.” Was all either of the men before you could say, the tears running down your eyes as you wiped them away.

“Yeah. My family was one shitshow.” You giggled as Dean stood up and sat next to you, taking your frame in his arms as he pulled you close.

“I see now why you lied about them, I am so sorry.”

“It is fine. But I don’t know how this link could help. I mean the only thing I could think of was a ghost….”

“Wait, why did you think Ghost, we were thinking….”

“Did you guys not feel how cold the entire building was, it felt like the whole heating system was broken, even though it said it was 75 degrees in the room. Also before I left for the town hall, I did a sweep and the EMF was going nuts around the whole perimeter, and in the doorway.”

“You my love are a saint.” Dean said, kissing your temple as you smiled, and watched Dean go back to the files at the table, where he sat for a while more before the phone went into a frenzy. 

“Agent Stevens speaking.” Sam replied as he looked at you again, as you watched in wonder as his eyes widened.

“We will get there in a second, DON’T touch anything till both I and my partner arrive.” He emphasized before he closed the phone and looked at the two of you, “Eric Fanzine is dead.”

“I wanna go see.” you replied, as both boys leapt into action, both reaching for the FBI suit jackets as you rose as well, pulling your duffle out to collect the pencil skirt and button down you always wore when playing the female FBI role. 

“No, I think…”

“Well if I go with you, then I have an alliby that the police will believe, I can just say I was with you two, helping research the case, since I am an….”

“And when they decide to look up the fact that you aren’t a Feb, and then take you in for this, since I am assuming that is what you think will happen, then we all are screwed. So please princess, stay here.” Dean whispered as he leaned over to kiss you, before leaving out the door with Sam, as you pouted slightly, and laid down on the creaky mattress.

Dean POV

When the boys returned it was early morning, and you were curled up on the bed, the sunrise rays slowly dancing on your face. I slowly walked to the side of bed she was facing and lifted my hand to brush the hair from the front of her face. She smiled slightly as she hummed in her sleep. 

“So tell me Dean, what the fuck was that back there?” Sammy snapped as he threw the jacket onto the couch before flopping down onto the other bed, and looked at me.

“Sammy I am sorry, but I couldn’t just let them talk shit about my girlfriend like that.”

“Oh thank God you two are here. I accidentally left my wife’s Tupperware here, and I was coming back to get it. That is when I walked in and I…. I don’t know what I saw.” Gebel rambled as Sam and I entered the station, which was covered in police tape and investigators. 

“Well can you try to word it as best as you can?” Sam asked as I took my time looking at the desk that Eric had been seated at earlier, which was decorated with a few photographs, one of a little girl with big blue eyes, one of him and [Y/N]’s mother, and another of a group of football players, one who looked as though he could be the male version of [y/n]. 

“Well I thought…. I saw Hank.” He shakily whispered as his face paled, my head turning towards him, “Like with his hand in his torso.”

“Well that sounds….”

“OH MY ERICBOO!” A high pitch scream came from the doorway, the source dressed in silk pajamas, and a pair of sneakers as she raced towards the body. Gebel quickly reached out and stopped her from racing into the scene as my teeth tightened. 

“My Husband!” She wailed as she crumbled in Gebel’s embrace

“I am so sorry Mary. Eric was a good kid, everyone….”

“Where is my daughter, I demand she be brought in for questioning!”

“Excuse me ma’am but why would your’s and Eric’s child be guilty, for one is not even born yet and the other is 4.”

“Not them, my other ungrateful child, who hated my husband and was jealous of my success.”

“And why would she be jealous of you. You just look like a miserable old woman who only got a young husband because you promised him mind blowing sex probably and a young looking hag.” I barked as she looked at me with reddened eyes.

“How DARE YOU! I am GRIEVING!” Mary snapped as she placed a hand upon her stomach, “Oh My darling Eric.”

“You can’t believe the [Y/N] would have done something like this. This is awful, and…”

“I want to know where she is! I want her…”

“She was with me!.” I yelled, the woman and officer glaring at me as I sighed, “I am her husband, and when I told her that I was taking a case here, she wanted to come and visit her hometown, maybe show me the sights. We were keeping it a secret from you all because she didn’t want to boast that she married an agent. At the time the murder occurred we were having sexual intercourse, we are trying for a baby. My partner can confirm this, since we were making him sit in the car at the time of the act.” 

“You and my daughter…. are married.” Mary asked, her face in shock as she looked at him blankly.

“Yes. Now Chief Gebel, if you can please escort Mrs. Fanzine home so we can work.” Sam instructed as he slowly took her out of the room and into an meeting office, as I left the station. 

“Well I suggest that you go to bed, and hope that you didn’t throw the whole case.”

“Yeah but Sammy, it makes sense doesn’t it, I mean all the victims were involved with [Y/N]’s mom, and Gebel said he saw her ex husband, who was a cop. What if…”

“Dean, we will talk about it later, right now, I just want an hour of sleep.” Sam yawned as he turned away, my feet carrying me to the empty side of the bed, where I laid next to [y/n], praying for her sake the killer wasn’t the ghost to her dead father.

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Part 2