in which cbl is an idiot

So I had a dream last night involving Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

It was in the early morning and me and my dad were coming downstairs. We went into the dining room where it was pitch black and all we could hear was this wierd chanting. We turned on the light, and there were Benedict and Martin praying. Apparently they were staying at my house or something.

They said they would had prayed outside by the car, but there were too many giant frogs to do so.

Also, Benedict’s left eye was the most beautiful shade of lilac/violet. I can still remember it quite well.

so, TL;DR

wierd dream, pretty eyes


I was sitting next to a guy on the train today. He looked pretty intense, playing some kind of football game on his phone.

Shortly after the train set off, I noticed he had started watching the Tintin movie on his phone.

In trying to watch it out of the corner of my eye, I watched until the cat-face’d part and looked like a complete wierdo the whole time.

what am i doing with my life