in which blaine takes a stand

Klaine one-shot - “Problem Areas” (Rated PG13)

Kurt comes home from a rare Saturday work day, eager to go out on a date with his husband. But he finds Blaine acting strange, withdrawn, with odd Sharpie marks all over his skin. (2100 words)

Okay, so, I’ve been a little down on myself, and this is something I’ve been toying around with. I just recently got motivated to finish it. This is something that actually happened to me a long time ago when I started modeling, I was just way sassier back then with how I handled it xD I don’t know for sure if they do it now, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised. Warning for angst, body issues, self-esteem issues, and body shaming. Mention of Sam. Kurt and Blaine still attend NYADA, but Kurt works at Vogue.

Read on AO3.

“Hey, honey! I’m home!” Kurt announces while he struggles with full hands to unlock the door to the loft. He’s relieved to finally be home. He hates working on Saturdays. Saturdays and Sundays are the only days he and Blaine get to spend 100% alone with each other. They turn off their phones, stay in bed all day, ignore the occasional knocks on the door from friends who can’t take a hint. Kurt loves his job at Vogue. He loves his boss, Isabelle. But Saturdays are reserved for him and his husband.

Thank God this only happens once in a blue moon.

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Klaine: There’s Only Me, There’s Only You

Title: There’s Only Me, There’s Only You
Author: animeangelriku
Artist: lesorientales​ (now riotatttherite)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11638
Summary: Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel started ice skating since they were little. When they meet again after having spent years apart, their passion for skating brings them closer than they could’ve ever imagined.

(Thank you so much to my wonderful artist, who was ever oh so patient with me. I hope I did your art justice! And I deeply apologize for having put this up after I was supposed to and for not having been able to send it to you complete before posting it. I hope you like the final result nonetheless!)

Link to art here
Read it on AO3

Blaine shivered a little. No matter how many times he stepped inside an ice rink, the cold temperature of the room still caught him off-guard. And he wasn’t even on the ice yet.

“How you feeling?” Cooper asked, bumping his brother’s shoulder with his own.

“Kind of nervous,” Blaine answered.

“Oh, don’t be,” said Cooper, wrapping his arm around Blaine’s shoulders. “You’ll do just fine!”

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“The Kissing Disease” - Kurt/Blaine

Blaine wasn’t sure what to expect when he rang the doorbell at the Hummel-Hudsons’ home. He restlessly tapped his toes inside his shoes, waiting and imagining what might await him on the other side of the door. Would Kurt be even colder than usual, if that were possible? Or would he be flushed and warm for once, with a fever? Would he be sniffly? Did he have a sore throat? How the hell did vampires get sick?

Here’s some supernaturally-tinted sick!fic schmoop, taking place during “Silly Love Songs” in canon and  featuring two boys who don’t know what the hell they’re doing but are slowly figuring it out

Part 17 of the Wax Verse. Kurt’s a vampire, Blaine’s a werewolf, etc. For the rest of the out-of-chronological-order verse thus far: Wax Masterpost

Warnings: a little bit of vom, but it’s “off-camera” if you will, not graphic. Also, the briefest, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it allusion to someone purposefully having their arm cut, but again, it’s off-camera and isn’t actually depicted in the story

3800 words 


Hmm. What does one wear when hanging out with your best friend on Valentine’s Day?

Blaine stood in front of his closet, contemplating. The red polo in his hands might have been perfect, but did he want to wear it with his heart-print bowtie, as annoying and constricting as that might feel right now? Should he leave it loose and casual? Then there was an even more relaxed option, his favorite burgundy cardigan and a white henley—but was that festive enough? He’d seen Kurt’s outfits. He knew what he was dealing with.

His heart jolted a little when his phone buzzed and Kurt’s name popped up.

“Good morning! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Blaine chirped as he answered the phone, holding his cardigan in front of himself in the mirror. Yes, he looked good in burgundy, and the henley would be so much more comfortable on his moon-itchy body than a buttoned-up polo, so—

“Happy…” Kurt trailed off, coughing, until he let out a tired sigh and groaned, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Blaine.” 

Blaine went tense immediately. Kurt sounded exhausted, his voice soft and low and weary—and since when did vampires get coughing fits? “What’s wrong? You sound… sick.”

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Fic: Partners

anon prompted: “kurt and blaine are partnered together for a school project where you have to take care of a fake baby,” and then I added the nerd/badboy trope for good measure. Probably more fluff than actual development, PG-13, ~1700 words. 

“Everyone got a wristband? Good. Once you’ve got those on, listen for your name and come up with your partner to get your baby,” Mr. Hopkins said. “In an effort to be more socially aware-” he rolled his eyes - “we’ve put together some heterosexual pairs and some homosexual pairs. The assignments were random and no, you cannot switch partners, I don’t care what reason you have. Got it?”

Murmurs of displeasured understanding ran through the room.

“Awesome. Great. Whatever. Anderson and Hummel, come get your baby,” he continued.

Kurt nearly fell out of his desk in shock.

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A Spontaneous Adventure

This is my 2016 Fic Exchange contribution, and this one’s for @lilyvandersteen​! The ao3 post is here, where you can take a look at the prompts I used for inspiration. Thanks to my beta, Megan, and @todaydreambelievers​ for helping to make this happen! I hope you like it even though it’s shorter than I originally wanted.

summary: Kurt wakes up the morning after the Tony Awards, but it turns out he had a much more eventful night than he remembers.

Kurt’s head is pounding. The painful rhythm drags him awake against his best efforts to stay asleep and put off the world of reality and sobriety, with blurry vision he slowly blinks away. His first instinct is to reach for his phone, which sits on the nightstand next to him, filled with unread messages and missed calls.

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Wide Awake

Summary: Prompt: Person B being the cuddly kind when asleep and Person A being the kind that unconsciously kicks you off the bed.
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Words: 2108
Read on AO3

When Kurt and Blaine first begin sleeping together, it isn’t long before they realize they still have a lot to learn about each other.

Though they’ve been friends now for over a year, (and lovers for a decently-sized fraction of that time) Blaine finds he’s discovering new things about his boyfriend every day. More specifically, he’s learning new things about him at night: how Kurt likes to be kissed for a long time as a form of foreplay, that he seems to enjoy being the one in control, that he’s most sensitive between his thighs. They’re small, nuanced revelations that probably come with the territory when you start having sex with someone, but Blaine cherishes each one of them dearly as they appear.

The most surprising thing that Blaine learns however, does not come while they’re having sex.

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The babies were officially three months old. It had been two months since he’d seen Sebastian in person and it felt like a lifetime. NYC rehearsals were over and wouldn’t resume until everyone was in San Diego but that wasn’t for another three weeks. The twins had the okay to travel, but Blaine told Sebastian they had to come back again for a different check up before they could in a couple of weeks. And then he’d got to planning. It involved a lot of Charlie, some Cooper, some Candice, Nick&Jeff, and the new Nanny Sierra. The latter three helped with the travel - traveling with two babies and a dog was never an easy task and so Nick and Jeff volunteered to help because it meant an LA trip and Sierra was ready to move with Blaine and Sebastian wherever they needed her, the angel. Charlie was the one who got Blaine the key to the place and was going to, with the help of Candice, make sure that Sebastian went straight home after his half day of filming (which he should have anyway since him and Blaine had a Skype date). They’d taken the Red Eye out of New York and landed early in the morning in LA. It gave Blaine time to get the twins set up in their LA nursery (with the help of his little entourage) and once they were, everyone left to give the family some privacy - though Sierra was on stand-by to take the twins out if Blaine and Sebastian ended up wanting some alone time. He’d been cuddled on the couch with Oliver while the twins slept when he heard a key in the door and he shot up quickly, though Oliver was already giving him away as he ran barking happily at the door. As soon as it opened and Sebastian appeared, Blaine couldn’t help but shoot forward, jumping up as he attached himself to his husband, legs and arms wrapped around him as he kissed him fiercely, tears of happiness already streaming down his cheeks. 

Fic: Some Things Are More Important


It’s not even the worst cold he’s ever had, but it’s still bad enough to make him feel like shit. His head hurts and he can’t breathe through his nose which means his throat is getting sore too and he feels too cold and then too warm and his bones hurt. Especially the ones in his fingers. And the skin on the inside of his elbows. Being sick is weird. Also, his legs feel funny and moving too fast makes him dizzy and after staring at the kitchen cabinets for a good ten minutes, he finally decides to give up on the experiment of making tea and just go back to bed instead.

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Fic: Taste of Defeat

Summary: Klaine AU. Blaine is a third year NYADA student, star of his class. He’s ripped and skilled. The last thing he expects is competition from the fit new freshman, Kurt Hummel, in his stage combat class. The guns show. Equal footing. Blaine definitely doesn’t expect the result.

Words: 1310

Taste of Defeat

Blaine feels something the first time he sees him - the new kid in his first stage combat class of his junior year. First of all, the kid’s a freshman. In a third year stage combat class. Trained in martial arts or something, the teacher explains. How fancy. Though apparently he taught himself. Oooooh. 

But it’s when they start sparring that he feels it. He, the freshman - Kurt Hummel - is paired off with someone. Kurt is skins, and he hears the ever-annoying tries-too-hard Nico say under his breath, it’s the guns show. A slightly intimidated compliment previously reserved only for him. 

Kurt moves like a cross between a Jedi fighter and a ballerina. Kicks high. Punches sharp. He’s breathtaking. Blaine knows what he’s feeling. Threatened.

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The Golden Trio

Mercedes drags Kurt out trick-or-treating to the nicer part of Lima. 

This is my contribution to @todaydreambelieversfic round robin event! I actually really enjoyed writing this, so thanks for giving me the opportunity :) Make sure you read the first and second parts of the round robin first! They’re super cute! 

This is set in 2009! I’d put it anywhere between Preggers and Throwdown.

Kurt feels incredibly stupid. Quite frankly, he doesn’t think he has ever been this nervous about an ensemble before – and he wore a corset to school once.

“Stop fiddling,” Mercedes smacks his hand with her wand. He pulls it back from where he’d been adjusting the red wig on his head with a hiss of pain. “You look fine.”

“I look like a moron,” Kurt says, catching sight of his reflection in the bus window.

When Mercedes had first suggested Ron and Hermione, Kurt thought it was a fantastic idea. Mercedes already had the right hair for Hermione, and Kurt was sure he’d be able to pull off redhead as well as he pulled off everything.

He was wrong.

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Fic: All your secrets

Klaine, future fic, 2100 words, explicit.

Summary: Kurt is tense, Blaine is learning how to fix that

Warnings: performative masturbation and blindfolds, but mostly married feeeeeels

Thanks: this is largely unbetaed, though @chiasmuslovesme was there for the first half and @stultiloquentia made me try not to baseball commentate. still, all confusion and awkwardness is mine.


The restaurant is beautiful, decorated in pale horizontal lines and layered stone. Blaine doesn’t take time to look around. Instead he watches Kurt as his quick hands drift from tabletop to chopsticks to water glass. Light catches on Kurt’s wedding ring and on his taut, lovely face.  

They’re having an unscheduled dinner date. They can barely afford it but it’s been a bad week, especially for Kurt. They have tomorrow off. Blaine wants to make the whole world slow down.

“I don’t know how Carmen Tibideaux offered him a position,” Kurt says. His voice is sharp. It echoes a little in the almost empty room and he lowers it to go on. “Sometimes I doubt her judgement. This guy has the charm of a wet chihuahua. And his technique is seriously flawed. You should have heard his glissando. I suspect he learned it from some hack on YouTube.” He runs a finger tightly around the rim of his glass then down through the condensation on its cooling sides, traces an expanding circle through the moisture on the table.

Blaine watches. He tries not to think about the many things those hands can do. Even tense, his husband is captivating. He heats Blaine’s blood and makes him long to touch. “I’m sorry,” Blaine says.

Kurt sighs into his miso. “I can’t afford to carry dead weight through the Winter assessments. Not with the worry about dad, and the mess at Spotlight, and our lease, and another round of auditions. It’s too much.” He distractedly pours soy sauce into a bowl then pulls his coaster closer and folds the corners over.

Blaine reaches out instinctively to cover Kurt’s hand and settle him. “Maybe he’s having a bad few days,” he says carefully. “He might have found it intimidating, working with The Kurt Hummel, NYADA superstar. I know I would have, if I was your scene partner.“ He lifts his eyelashes and meets Kurt’s gaze. He’s still holding Kurt’s hand. He could be laying it on too thick.

Kurt’s lips twitch slightly and he flushes. He knows exactly what Blaine is doing but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop him. His voice softens. “This would not be a problem if you were my scene partner, Blaine Anderson.”

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anonymous asked:

So many AU ideas omg! Here: "You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you" for Klaine. Pretty please?


“What do you think of that shirt? Never mind …”

It’s been going on for hours, and Kurt is just about to lose his freaking mind.

He cares about Blaine, he really does, hell, he loves his best friend, and let’s be honest, he would have sold his car to be the one to go on a date with him tonight.

But he’s not, and he’s Blaine’s best friend, so it’s his duty to help him get ready.

But if he has to look at Blaine wiggling his butt in tight pants one more time, Kurt is going to burn Blaine’s closet, and that would be a shame.

“why don’t I pick out an outfit,” he proposes, standing from Blaine’s bed and gently but surely pushing him away. “You’re all over the place. Relax, give me a second and it will be alright.”

“What would I do without you,” Blaine says as he sits down, and Kurt takes a moment to let himself be completely overwhelmed by the smell of Blaine’s Cologne that is all over the closet.

“Find dates on your own, for starters,” Kurt mutters to himself before turning to the shelf of shirts. 

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Fic: The Love You Make

The Love You Make
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Word count: 1,700
Rating: General
Notes: Thanks to damnpene​ and wowbright​, beta readers and enablers.

Summary: Blaine still loves a proposal. Future-fic, references 6x08.

Read on AO3


They’d started Lima Bean Films as a way to find interesting new projects, and for tax reasons, but Blaine really thinks it was mostly so they’d have an office to go to in the mornings. When he isn’t in the middle of a movie, he likes hanging out there: working from home means being tempted by distractions and shooing the cat off his laptop. He’s eating lunch and reviewing his notes for the latest script revisions when Lima Bean’s three production assistants all come back from lunch together. They’re excited and laughing; it’s good to see that they’re friends.

“Blaine!” says Mabel. She’s the talkiest one. “Josh is going to propose to Ivy!”

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“Cosplay is for Lovers” - Kurt/Blaine

Anon prompted: “please please please lord of the rings klaine”

mmkay so I received this prompt last millennium or something and didn’t know what to do with it. Nonny, I know for a fact that this is not what you meant in the SLIGHTEST, but while I appreciate LOTR I’m not actually into it enough to do a true crossover any justice, lol

So! Teeny lil’ 730 word drabble of Kurt & Blaine dressing up for Ohio Comic-Con or something? Wizard World Cleveland??? I don’t even know | AO3

“Kurt, I’m almost ready to go! The hobbit ears are so difficult, do you have your – oh. Oh, wow.”

Kurt turns away from Blaine’s bedroom mirror, tall and regal and imperious in a way that is naturally Kurt and only conveniently Thranduil, and hisses, “I am going to lose an eye trying to get this damn thing on my head.” 

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Fic: The Perfect Partner

Based off the post:  “So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets.” AU and prompted by an anon.

~1200 words, unbelievably fluffy, G.

Kurt wasn’t sure why the genius who designed his apartment building had placed the bathrooms of neighboring apartments next to each other, but he knew that if he ever met the person, he’d probably end up in jail before the day’s end.

“Why would you do this?” he muttered to himself as he undressed. “The same pipe feeds both of our apartments, so I’m definitely going to run out of hot water since someone next door is already showering. Did no one think about this while they were designing the building?”

Still grumbling wordlessly, he hopped in the shower and cranked up the handle as warm as it would go, figuring that was the only way he’d get even lukewarm water at this point. In an attempt to cheer himself up, he decided to sing a Disney song as he lathered up his hair.

“All my life has been a series of doors in my face, and then suddenly I bump into you.”

Kurt almost dropped his conditioner bottle directly on his big toe when the person in the other shower jumped in with Hans’ part.

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keep your eyes on me–Three years ago, Blaine dropped out of NYADA and returned to Ohio. Three years ago, Kurt stayed in New York. Three years ago, they had their worst and last fight. What happens when they both turn up in the same place (a gay bar in Manhattan) at the same time (a chilly Friday night in late November)?

a/n: heavily influenced by Walk the Moon’s latest single because I went to a concert and imaginings happened on the way home. thank you to mary for reading it over! on ao3

warnings: a couple of s6 spoilers, shameless lyric dropping, flip-flopping of characters’ POVs

He hasn’t been out like this in months, not since he went out with cast members from his small off-Broadway original production in celebration of a relatively successful opening night. The production didn’t exactly make him an instant big name in musical theatre, but it didn’t hurt, either; Kurt Hummel is a name that’s known now, if only among serious enthusiasts.

He’s out tonight because of that, actually. The director of an upcoming Broadway show that the blogs have been buzzing about called him a few days ago and asked to meet with him for an informal chat about getting Kurt the male lead role. They had talked over dinner - about more than just the show and its stubborn producer - and now, to Kurt’s surprise, they’re at a gay bar. Well, he is. He hasn’t seen the director in about an hour, not since watching him not-so-discreetly slip into the bathroom with a guy whose chest was covered in glitter.

Clearly, the director’s interest in him had been both unprofessional and fleeting.

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5x16 reaction fic: Kurt shows Blaine that he has nothing to be ashamed about

Kurt doesn’t know how long they stay like that, their arms wrapped around each other, a promise that they’re going to be okay. Blaine’s body trembles in Kurt’s arms as he cries quietly and Kurt’s heart breaks for Blaine as he holds him closer to the warmth of his body. He hates seeing Blaine like this, hates that Blaine is feeling so…worthless. 

And Kurt made him feel like that. Okay, maybe it’s not completely Kurt’s fault, but he kind of feels like it is. Kurt has been growing up and changing. He isn’t the same boy he was back in high school, but he doesn’t want to grow away from Blaine. He wants to grow with Blaine.

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