in which ben is a fantastic actor

OK IT 2017. This will be a long ass post FYI!!

So this post will contain spoilers if you don’t want to see any don’t look at this

- so overall I was very satisfied with the movie I thought that the mood was correct they definitely got the themes right it was definitely a coming-of-age film more than a horror film which I really liked

- I thought that every actor did fantastic with their character. Jack and Finn knocked it out of the park. I thought Jack was just absolutely amazing

- the thing that I like the most with this film was the kids. I didn’t so much care about the horror aspect of it I only cared about the kids and their friendship

- I didn’t get scared in all honesty because movies usually don’t scare me. I did jump a few times but the jump-scares were not extensive at all and I thought they were done pretty well

-Pennywise himself was not in it that much which I did like considering he wasn’t in the book that much. he did look a bit fake in some parts and I think that was mostly due to bills prosthetics on his face made his face and mouth move very strange which I did like.

- if you’re worried about Gore or anything like that don’t because there’s really no Gore in it at all except maybe the beginning and bevs scene.

- The Blood Oath made me tear up and made me very emotional and also a scene with stan where he wakes up and he starts crying in the sewers made me tear up as well. The Blood Oath though definitely made me emotional

- I like the idea of Stan’s encounter with the painting but I think it looked a bit strange coming to life and I don’t know if that was intentional or not but to be completely honest I was a bit underwhelmed with the way it looked. I was also a little underwhelmed with Eddie’s encounter. I thought it was done well but there are a few things that I wish they did it a little bit differently

-Some of the music in certain places was a bit over-the-top for my taste but overall I thought the soundtrack was good

-Richie didn’t really have that much of an encounter. His encounter was at Neibolt Street for the first time in the clown room. Now perhaps they did that on purpose considering we don’t find out about Richies true first encounter until he’s an adult so I can move past that

- I’m a bit confused though considering Finn said richie is neglected at home and that’s why he acts the way he does. Now perhaps that was a scene cut from the movie but there’s nothing that suggests at all that Richie was neglected at home. Perhaps that will be a flashback in part 2 I don’t know

- I knew that this was going to happen but I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to hear any of Stan’s Bar Mitzvah speech

- speaking of Stan I did like that they made him deny what was going on and made him a bit reluctant to do anything about it

- I thought the bullies did good but they didn’t show at all the fate of Victor and belch which made me a bit confused perhaps that was a scene cut too. Also Henry’s fate was fuzzy in this considering they made it look like he could have died and we saw nothing of him after that

- I do wish we saw more of Mike. We didn’t really see much of him he had the least amount of screen time

- I also wish we got one more scene of Bill at home with his parents ignoring him. We didn’t see his parents ignore him at all in this actually

- The chemistry between the kids is just fantastic especially between Eddie and Richie and Stan and Bill.

-Okay so concerning Beverly: I was never the biggest fan of Beverly in the book. I thought she wasn’t a well-written character. I liked her a little bit more in this maybe just because I like Sophia. I honestly thought that they were trying too hard to make her seem like a really strong female character (which in the novel as an adult anyway I never really saw her as that) and to make her seem like the kind of girl who is like “i’m not like other girls”

- and who called it? Eddie writing the V on his own cast? I did I knew that was going to happen!!! I also knew that it would be Greta who wrote Loser on his cast instead

-I truly enjoyed every single scene with Eddie in it. Now Eddie’s obviously my favorite character if you couldn’t tell but again I just think Jack did fantastic as Eddie


- I thought that they would do the final confrontation a bit differently and not the Cary fukunaga route. I thought that they would do what they did in the 2016 script and do that altered reality thing but instead they went the fukunaga route which made me kind of eh.

-the ben/bev kiss….could it have been any cheesier.??

-i love Ben so much ekenrkenrejhe

- I thought the scenes with Bev and her dad we’re done very well. You definitely get a bad feeling when Bev’s dad is on screen

- I did think Bill did a fantastic job as Pennywise though a couple scenes I was kind of underwhelmed

- I definitely saw the bill Bev kiss coming. I knew that they would play up the romance a bit in this movie considering if there’s any hint of romance in a novel the movie studio will turn it up a notch at least so I saw that coming but I didn’t think it was bad. Now I like Bev and Ben together but in this movie I did think Bill and Beverly were cute. Only as kids though… I’m not looking forward to any romance between them whatsoever in part two as adults

-Jaeden Lieberher was just fantastic!

- one thing that I wish they did though is that in the 2016 script they referenced the spider by Pennywise doing shadow puppets on the wall to scare Beverly and he does a shadow puppet of a spider and it was just super clever but unfortunately that was not in this

- the part with them playing in the Quarry was great. Though the whole group of them staring at Bev when she was laying in the sun was a bit eh to me. I knew they’d do that tho

-The only reason I could see why they made it rated R was because of the language. Nothing else made me feel like it was rated R

-Finn did absolutely amazing as richie though I do wish we heard his voice is a bit more I was very satisfied with the voices that Finn did. But overall I think he was just absolutely fantastic as Richie


I like the film as a whole. My favorite parts though were just with the kids and nothing to do with Pennywise and the horror. Finn and jack stole the show in my opinion. My favorites were Eddie and Richie and Stan (obvi). I would definitely go see this movie a bunch of times but only to see the kids. I ……i just love the kids so so much


So I’ve noticed a lot more Quality Diego Luna Content here in the internets dot com due to the upcoming Rogue One movie and figured it was time to tell people Not Yet In The Know about Diego Luna and his beautiful face

so Diego Luna is a Mexican actor who became known in his early twenties for Y Tu Mama Tambien, a movie by Alfonso Cuaron

it’s about two teenagers exploring their sexuality with people like this lady:

except they basically end up exploring each other by the end of it

that other actor is Gael Garcia Bernal who Luna has basically been BFFs with from birth. 

Think Mexico’s Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

luna also did some other projects when he was young like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights which I’ve included here because look at his face

anyway he’s a really fantastic actor who’s been in films like The Terminal and Milk and Book of Life and directed a movie about Cesar Chavez.  He also was one of the better parts of Elysium

he has two kids and is a big Star Wars fan and is basically adorable and hilarious in interviews

he’s also been my secret fancast for Sirius Black from Harry Potter for basically ever

now he’s going to be cassian andor aka the newest addition to LATINXS IN SPACE!!! in Rogue One and we’re all very excited

thank you

You could get the two most fantastic actors in the world, but if the chemistry’s not there, it’s not there. There’s a lot of luck. It was immediately apparent to us, when we started reading - they already knew they wanted Ben for it, but I think they’d seen a few Dr. Watsons, of which I was one - it was just apparent that it lifted the whole thing. Great writing got even better. We both keyed into something that the other was doing.
—  Martin Freeman, The Rake, Issue #43, Winter 2015
So a little note on the Danny mays issue.

My heart absolutely broke for Danny tbh. It was about 6 or 7 minutes into the second act and he was trying his hardest to get through his lines :’( Rupert began feeding him his lines a bit and he was leaning on the staircase and you could see from rup that something was up, he was petrified the poor pet! Then you could just about hear Danny mutter ‘fuck’ under his breath and hurry off stage (where the ‘ice’ is kept)

Then the stagehand came out and told us he was too sick to go on and that an understudy would replace him, bringing the house lights up and have an 15 minute or so break.BW lay across the table for the entire break aswell, so funny!
The understudy was really good, but it’s hard to match Danny’s energy. I think all the actors were a bit shook after it, and it was hard to get back into the swing of things- but honestly the understudy was fantastic, if he was in without interruption it would have been flawless. When they came out to bow Ben was pointing at him and clapping toward him, which was adorable, then the second round they all turned to him and applauded him! <3 

So all in all it was quite eventful, poor Danny though my heart aches for the poor fuckin man. (Ay oh, sneaking in quotes)

“David’s just an incredible actor, absolutely brilliant. I had lots of rows with him in the film which was great fun and a lot of the film was improvised, which was fun because he’s got a really wicked sense of humour, he’s really sharp and really quick.

"I loved rowing with David Tennant, it was really good fun because he always had a better comeback than I did - whatever I said, he would top it and that’s the kind of argument you want to have, where the other person won’t back down. He was just fantastic.”

-Ben Miller on working with David on What We Did On Our Holiday