in which andrew checks you out

Valentine’s Gift for @peanut-milk for the @aftgexchange.

The one where Andrew and Neil have their first official date( On Valentine’s Day no less. Blame Allison.)

“So, what did you get your monster for Valentine’s Day?” Allison asks, as she idly types away at her phone.

Anger bubbles up in Neil, “Allison, he’s not—“ he begins, but gets cut off by her.

“Sorry, I meant to say Andrew, your boyfriend. What did you get him for Valentine’s Day?” she gives a quick glance up at Neil, whose face appears slightly flushed at the remark. A smirk forms on her lips, “Don’t try and deny that. I won’t let you.”

Neil sighs and runs a hand through his hair, “Nothing. Why would I?” At those words, Allison stops typing away on her phone and sets it down next to her. She arches a brow at Neil, “What do you mean ‘nothing,’ it’s Valentine’s Day, Neil. That one day of the year specifically designated by capitalism to celebrate your love with your partner. Which is Andrew, in your case.”

Love. He lets the word wash over him. He doesn’t know if that’s the word he’d use. It’s a word too overused all around him but too underused in his own life for it to mean anything to him.  He doesn’t think any word is fit to describe what he and Andrew have and yet—

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Fool Me Once

read on ao3

I’m back from my brief hiatus with a fic that absolutely no one asked for! I hope you enjoy it!

Andrew had lived in Baltimore back when he lived with the Stevensons. Baltimore was an ugly city, full of run-down factories and towns that had bigger gangs than budgets, side by side with stadiums and news stations and hotels.

Gentrification, Andrew’s word of the week, was terribly appropriate here.

Gillian Stevenson was a teacher who thought strongly about everything. She was either with you or against you. Unfortunately for the school board, she wasn’t with them.

Andrew would head to her classroom once the dismissal bell rang, listen to her complain as he helped her clean up after her students, and hopefully be given a slice of whatever cake she was pairing with her wine to dull the agony of the impending parent-teacher conferences.

He liked Gill.

Markus Stevenson was a gym teacher Gill had met at one of her old teaching jobs. Markus had been a football player in college and seeing a borderline malnourished child on his doorstep made him want to encourage Andrew to find a passion in sports.

He supposed Markus could be worse.

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Archie x Reader: Daddy's Little Girl

Warnings: none
Requested: yes
A/N: fluff

*your POV*

I should’ve been sleeping. It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep due to the enormous bump on the front of me. Baby Andrews was 41 weeks and I was sure to pop at any moment and my stomach was so big it made me unable to sleep. I looked to my side to see Archie sleeping peacefully. I groaned and shifted to the left a little bit, wishing the days of sleeping on my stomach were still here. Suddenly, I felt a faint wetness between my legs.

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Reconnecting (Dylan O'Brien x Reader)

A/N: this one is completely inspired by Dylan being in SA because I’m in SA rn

Warnings: angst, smut smuttty smut

Pairings: Dylan O'Brien x Reader, Andrew Garfield x Reader (Platonic)


“You don’t need me anymore.”

The words left your mouth as thought they were a simple fact, without implication or emotion. Dylan wondered how you could do that - how you could keep your voice so calm when your words had shattered his reality from where you stood, the table between the two of you acting as a physical and metaphorical barrier.

“How can you say that?” He asked, his eyes painted an angry red and his hands shaking. You sighed deeply.

“Because it’s true.” You replied simply, and Dylan continued to stare at you in shock. He made a move to reach out and grab your arm, but you side stepped him. “No. Come on. Don’t do that. You know it is. We’ve been over for a long time now Dyl. We’ve just been too scared to do anything about it.”

He let out a laugh that was anything but humorous. A hand flew to his head, where he tugged on his hair in frustration. “Is that what you think happened between us? That’s what you think we’ve been reduced to? Just a pair of morons who were once in love but now too scared to leave each other?”

His words felt like a slap to the face but you didn’t allow it to show. There was a long beat of silence and when he realised you didn’t have a response, smiled bitterly.

Suddenly, he slammed his fists down on the table so hard, it made you jump. “Answer me!”

But you couldn’t. You couldn’t give him a straight answer, not after hearing the way his voice broke. You couldn’t give him an answer, knowing deep down that you weren’t being honest with neither him nor yourself.

“That’s not what we are.” Dylan said quietly, his voice dropping to a sound barely above a whisper. He looked into your eyes with something truly desperate within his own. “You have to know that, baby. This can’t be it. I- I love you too much to let you go.”

Dyaln dropped his head, squeezing his eyes shut. You wanted to run, to get as far away from his little apartment as possible. Because you knew that if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to hold your ground. If you stayed here any longer, your resolve would break and you would *never* be able to truly walk away.

“I refuse to believe that that’s what we’ve come to.” When he looked at you again, Dylan had tears streaming openly down his face. His eyes were bloodshot red and his fists gripped the edge of the table until his knuckles went white. He leaned further on the coffee table, as though he was barely keeping himself upright.

“We’re so much more than that.” He told you with such conviction, you believed it to be true. “We aren’t one of those couples who are gonna grow to resent each other regret it.” Before you could stop him, Dylan had crossed the table and taken your face in his hands, cradling it gently.

You didn’t realise you we’re crying until he wiped away a tear.

“(Y/N) we’re forever. We’re the old couple who sit bickering on the front porch but love each other anyway. We’re the ones people look at and think ‘are they still together’ because fuck yeah we are. We’re the couple that’s gonna dance to out song when we’re seventy and can barely move. Baby, we’re infinite.”

“That’s a nice story.” You said, wrapping your fingers around his wrists and pulling his hands off of you. “But it’s not ours - it can’t be. Our story ends here. I’m so sorry Dylan.”

And with those final words, you grabbed the handle of your bag and walked out of your shared apartment, closing the door behind you.

You knew he wouldn’t follow you out - he respected your choices enough not to.

You knew that he wouldn’t talk shit about you once you were gone - he loved you too much to do so.

And you knew that once you got on that plane to your new acting gig in London, he wouldn’t follow you because he thought that you didn’t love him any more.


“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” The flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras were enough to blind, even through the thick lenses of your sunglasses. It was inevitable. You had recently filmed a new movie with Andrew Garfield and it was set to be a booming success. As a result you had to deal with a ridiculous amount of rumors about your personal life and his.

“Come on (Y/N)! Smile for the camera!” One yelled.

“Congratulations on the engagement!”

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Have you and Andrew picked a venue yet?”

You continued to ignore them as you made your way through the airport. You’d arranged for your luggage to be taken care of to avoid mass hysteria and you knew that a car would be waiting outside for you, in a predetermined location.

When you got there, a huge grin overtook your face.

“I thought you were still in Australia!” You said happily, making your way over to the Ford.

“Wanted to surprise you, as all.” Said Andrew, looking just as glad. You laughed and thanked him as you got in the passenger seat.

You and Andrew Garfield had become good friends over the duration of filming. It wasn’t your first movie together and you knew for a fact that it wouldn’t be your last. Although the two of you had pointedly decided not to take your relationship further than the occasional fuck (Andrew was still hung up over Emma), you shared a close relationship with him.

Andrew understood what it was like to have to leave the love of your life. He knew that sometimes, you just needed someone to cuddle up to, or fuck you senseless until you forgot why you were upset in the first place.

You didn’t know what to call your relationship with Andrew, but you relied upon him a great deal to keep you going and vice versa.

“When was the last time you were in South Africa?” Andrew asked, eyes focused on the road.

“Um, about two years ago.” You said, pointedly deciding to forget how awkward it had been when you returned to see Julia and met Brit for the first time. “Last you were here was to film Hacksaw Ridge, right?”

“Yeah.” He shrugged. “There are some places I wanna check out before I leave. I’m leaving tonight for the Oscars on Sunday, and you’ll have to excuse me for saying I’m pretty exhausted from all the flying every other day with you.”

“Fuck you.” You said playfully. “I’m awesome to travel with.” The press tour for your movie ended in California where you would give your last interview together on Ellen before the premier and then it was over but that was only next week. For now, you were here in Cape Town.

“I beg to differ.” Andrew said. “But I will agree with you on the first part.”

You shrugged, not questioning it. Andrew would sometimes have these days when, out of nowhere, he’d become extremely in need of physical affection or emotional support. You never called him out on it because you were almost always the same.

“My place.” You said. “I wanna check out the new hotel.”

Andrew shrugged and agreed, but your new hotel wasn’t the first stop. He took you out for lunch, insisting that airplane food wasn’t real food because ‘For the love of God, (Y/N), it tastes like dirt!’ Afterwards, you went for a quick walk on the beach, during which your jeans became filled with sand and uncomfortable.

“I didn’t even get a chance to swim.” You pouted, walking in through the door that Andrew held open for you. He laughed as he removed his shoes.

“Well it was your genius idea to go in waist deep while fully clothed.” He said, pulling off his still wet shirt and throwing it in the hamper in one of the rooms.

“Do we have a pool?” You asked, walking further around the room. You reached the glass doors of the patio and smiled. “We have a pool!”

“Really?” Andrew asked, walking up to you. He had taken off his shirt and undershirt as well as his jeans, leaving him bare from the waist up with only a pair of black boxer briefs cladding his modesty. “Guess it’s your lucky day.”

You didn’t feel self conscious at all, having to taken your shirt out in front of him. He’d seen it all a thousand times before. You stripped down until you were standing in your undies and made a dive for the pool.

You went in head first and the water was the perfect tempreture. As you swam to the surface, you heard the unmistakable sound of Andrew screaming obnoxiously before feeling rather than seeing him canon ball in.

When you broke the surface, you were met with his grinning face.

“What?” You asked, a hand instinctively wiping at you face. Andrew laughed, not unkindly.

“You’re beautiful.” He said simply. You grinned, swimming the shirt distance between you two and resting your arms on his shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, because as surprising as Andrew’s bursts of affections were, they were never random.

“She’s met someone.” He said with the utmost care in his voice, which made you grip his shoulders tighter. “I’m happy for her. I am. Truly. I just thought that it would be someone different. Someone who deserves her, you know?”

“Andrew Garfield not liking Emma Stone’s knew boyfriend.” You said teasingly, “Who’d have thought?”

“Oh, shut it.” He said, looking down at you. The words went unspoken, but you knew what he needed. “Are you comfortable with this?” Andrew asked and you nodded, knowing that with being back here your recent dip into loneliness, you needed it too. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I know.” You mumbled, leaning in close towards him. From here, you could see how tall he was. He was standing on his flat feet and the water barely reaached his upper arms. You, meanwhile, were holding on to him to stop from drowning.

“I need this too.” You told him, running a hand over his shoulders before pulling him in close. Without hesitace, you tilted your head up and met Andrew’s lips in a heated kiss.

He let out a sigh, his hands moving to your thighs to lift you up and wrap your legs around his waist. You moaned into his mouth as he walked you backwards through the water until he had you seated on the second step, kneeling down between your legs with the water flowing around you.

You pressed your lips to his heatedly and felt his tongue swipe against your lower lips. Feeling teasing, you kept your lips just the way they were and sucked onthe tip of his tongue when he tried to force his way in.

“Tease.” Andrew said, pulling away to catch his breath. You didn’t get a chance to replied because he had grabbed your ass roughly, causing you to let out a moan of surprise. He seized the opportunity and slid his tongue into your mouth before your lips had even connected.

“You love it.”


Three hours later, you awoke to find yourself cold and alone, lying naked on your bed. Memories of your time with Andrew flooded through your mind and you smiled slightly, hugging the sheets to your body.

You couldn’t, however, help but feel a wave of loneliness wash over you. Here you were, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, waking up alone and with no one to share it with. Sure, you had Andrew but it just wasn’t the same.

The last five years of you life had been lonley, despite your success. Of course, you did have a few boyfriends here and there, but never anyone real, never anyone you’d truly felt a deeper connection with.

Never anyone like Dylan…

You forced the thought out of your head and stood up, making your way to the kitchen. You were staying at the One&Only Cape Town hotel, where you had the most magnificent view of the ocean from your window. Right now, with the sun slowly setting and the reflection of the stars on the water, you felt completely at peace.

A small something of white caught your attention from the corner of your eye. It was a note on the fridge. Walking up and reading it, you realised it was from Andrew.

Sorry, had to run. Talking to J.J. about my contact. Meet me tonight at the Era Night Club (call a fucking Uber you lazy shit) and look pretty. Bringing friends.


Reading the note once more, you shrugged and glanced at the clock. It was almost 8 and while Andrew didn’t specify a time, you knew he probably wouldn’t expect you before 10 or 11. Going on an impulse, you quickly cleaned up a bit and put on some clothes, deciding to go shopping.

The centre wasn’t far from where you were staying but you called an Uber anyway. In the rush of Andrew getting you here, you hadn’t bothered to pick up a rental, so that was your only means of getting around.

It was there, in that tiny little Colette store, that shit hit the fan.

You were going through items on the rack, looking for something to possibly wear tonight. Your hand stopped on a cute black number, and you grinned, humoring yourself and pulling out the leather dress that left very, very, very little to the imagination.

Holding the piece over your body, you looked up at the mirror, which ran along every wall and almost dropped your basket.

Standing there, staring at you with the most shocked look on his face, was Dylan O-fucking-Brien.

For a long moment neither of you spoke. You stared at him, watching a range of emotions flicker across his face (you were almost certain the same thing was happening to you) before he plastered on a smile and approached you.

Immediately you lowered the dress, wondering if you still smelt like sex from earlier. Dylan stood in front of you, smiling gently and you heart rate began to pick up, panic overtaking your body.

“Hey.” He said calmly, hands tucked into the front pocket of his jeans. You smiled back, a bit nervously.

“H-Hi.” You replied, taking a moment to look him over. Obviously he was older, considering the last time you had seen him was almost three years ago, but it wasn’t that. He looked tired, sick even. “Are you okay?”

Dylan’s smile faltered slightly before he stood up a little straighter. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” He said lightly, and you too fixed your posture. “How’s it been going with you? Heard you’re dating that Garfield guy.”

“We’re friends.” You smiled, but it felt absolutely fake. You hated this; hated how this was some kind of battle of wills where neither could show any weakness. “How are you and Brit doing?”

Again, his smile faltered but returned stubbornly. “We’re awesome. I mean why wouldn’t we be? It’s not like I don’t need her anymore.”

You physically winced, both at his words and at the tone with which they were said. Low fucking blow, you thought. Immediately, regret filled you ex’s eyes and he cleared his throat. “Sorry, that was-”

“It’s fine.” You said because you honestly didn’t give a fuck. You couldn’t meet his eye when you spoke again. “I’m happy for you, Dyl. I’m really glad you found someone.”

You put the bag and dress down, spinning on your heels and making a b-line for the door. “(Y/N) wait-” you heard Dylan call out after you, but you very pointedly ignored it.

When you finally stopped walking to wipe your eyes, you were already outside of the mall. You looked ahead at the calm, settled ocean outside and screamed into your hands.


By the time Andrew rolled around, you were back in bed, snuggling up with Mr Pickle, your stuffed Teddy, and cleaning out a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

“I thought I told you to meet me at the club,” he said, walking through the doors. You looked up at him and immediately he was at your side. “What happened?”

“Ran into Dylan today.” You said, voice sounding bitter. “Had a lovely little chat.” Andrew didn’t say anything; he simply wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you in close.

You clutched onto him like a lifeline and began sobbing into his shirt. Andrew stiffened. “Imma kill the bastard.” He promised, tucking you in closer and gently drawing circles on the small of your back.

“I- I’m sorry,” You said, face still buried into his chest. “I’m being stupid. Haven’t seen the guy in three years and the first thing I do is make a sodding fool of myself.”

“Hey, shh,” Andrew cooed gently. “Come on love, don’t say that. You panicked.” He pulled back, wiping the tears under your eyes with his thumbs. “It’s okay now. You’re here, and safe and you never have to see the bloody moron again. Understand?”

You nodded quietly, and Andrew pulled himself completely on the bed. You shifted so that your limbs could entwine and he pressed a kiss to your shoulder.

Suddenly, you remembered why he was here in the first place.

“The club.” You said, sitting up. Andrew laughed.

“We’re not going.” He said and you gave him an odd look. “Not with you so heartbroken.”

You thought about it for a minute, remembering that you only had tonight and tomorrow morning left to spend with Andrew before he left for the Oscar’s. “I wanna.” You said. “I want to go, to get my mind off of things.”

He looked hesitant. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Come on.” You said. “This is your last and only day here, and I know you’ve spent all of it sight seeing. One last stop before tomorrow night.”

He watched you with a careful expression before sighing and nodding. Untangling himself from your cuddle, he stood at full length and helped you up.

“Go on then.” He said. “Get dressed.”

You shot him a scandalized look, pretending that you hadn’t been crying moments ago. “With you standing right there?” He grinned, but you could still see the hesitance in his eyes.

“Ain’t nothing I haven’t seen before.” You gasped loudly and he chuckled. “Okay, I’m going. Hurry up.”

He left and you paused, wondering what to wear for the evening. Quickly, you eyes the Victoria’s Secret shopping bag with the Gucci one next to it. Well, a girl could always use a pick up.

Less than twenty minutes later you were dressed and looking gorgeous. You had on a tight, black dress that showed just the right amount of skin, with a set of sexy red VS underneath (for a bit of a confidence boost, you told yourself)

“Damn.” Andrew said when he saw you. He had straightened out his shirt and, now that you took the time to notice, looked absolutely delectable. “I should fuck you against the wall right now.”

Heat flushed over your face. “Maybe later, gorgeous.” You said, grabbing a clutch and bending down to pick up your wallet, knowing that it gave you friend a full view of your ass. “Let’s go.”

Andrew licked his lips but nodded nevertheless. The two of you set off to The Era and made it there within a few minutes. Immediately, Andrew led you to the front of the queue where you were let in, no questions asked.

The place was booming and full. The loud bass echoed in you ear as Andrew sat you down at the bar and ordered two shots of Tequila. Lights flashed purple and pink and blue, and you saw the way your teal heels glowed in the blue light of the club.

“This place looks awesome.” You told your friend as he handed you a shot. The two of you quickly drowned it.

“It’s supposed to be.” He yelled back over the loud music. “Dance with me.”

“Aren’t we supposed to be meeting your friends here?” You asked, and he smiled cheekily.

“Well, they’re not nearly as gorgeous as you.”

You grinned and stood, making your way to the dance floor and swaying your hips the way you knew he like it. Andrew laughed, but when he came up to you, his eyes were filled with lust.

You danced to the rhythm smoothly, loving the way your hips moved with his. Over the course of the next few hours, you had more and more to drink and soon you were on the dance floor once more, but it wasn’t with Andy.

“Wanna go back to my place?” The guy you were dancing with (James? Alex?) asked in a sultry voice. You grinned at him.

“No.” You giggled, completely pissed “I’m not supposed to go home with strangers.”

“Well I’m sure we can make an exception.” He said and suddenly his hands were roughly grabbing your ass as he made a dive for your lips. You protested against his mouth, but he either didn’t hear you or didn’t care as his tongue tried to pass your lips.

Suddenly, he was being pulled off you and your racing heart plummeted. “Fuck off.” A voice said, and fear filled your heart as a second man stood in front of you. You made a move to step back, to get away as quick as possible, but the man was faster.

He estimated your moves and quickly grabbed a hold of you, almost pushing you away from the crowd of people. You struggled against him, but he was too strong and held on to you too tightly as he pushed out of the back door of a club.

You blinked, doing your best to slow down your heart rate and have a rational thought. Your mind began to swin as you looked around, realizing that you were now in a back alley. You needed to get out, now.

“Are you okay?”

You jumped, both from the unexpected question and the hand that now gently rested on your back. In the light of the alley way, you could now see the face of your attacker and let out a sigh of relief.

“Dylan.” You said, as if to confirm that he was real. With a drop of your head, you took a deep breath. “It- it’s you. You. I’m- it’s you.” The panic began to slowly leave your body as you squeezed your eyes shut, wanting nothing more than for the ground to swallow you up whole.

“(Y/N),” he placed a warm hand on your bare arm and suddenly, you realized just how cold it was. “What were you-” he cut himself off, seemingly thinking better than to ask. “Come on. Let’s get you home, okay?”

You nodded, eyes glued to your feet. You felt completely ashamed of yourself, and as your sobriety returned, so did your disgrace. The reality of the situation hit you hard, and you wished nothing more than to disappear, or maybe get hit by a bus.

“Did you come here yourself?” Dylan asked, his voice gently. Your head began to each and you didn’t meet his eyes when you answered.

“With Andrew.” You said simply. Dylan took a deep breath, and finally you looked up to see a mixture of anger and hesitance and, most dominantly, fear in his brown eyes.

“Where is he now?” You shrugged, but you were pretty sure he’d run away to get his rocks off with some red headed girl. “Forget it. You can text him. I’ll drive.”

You nodded and Dylan lead you back into the club. You couldn’t help yourself; quickly, you reached for his hand and gripped it tight, making your way through the crowd. The only indication that he’d even noticed was a small moment of hesitance before he carried on.

The drive to the hotel was deadly silent. You barely raised your head, too ashamed of what happened to say a word. Dylan had opened his mouth to say something twice, but nothing came out.

“One & Only.” Dylan announced when the car came to a stop. “Someone told me it’s really amazing.”

You looked up, opening your mouth to thank him before realizing something. “Shit.” You said instead and Dylan raised a brow.

“Not that.” A flush covered your face. “I left my bag at the club. I- I’ve got my phone, but my key card was in there. They’re gonna give me hell at the front desk.”

You promptly clamped your mouth shut. “Fuck it. I’m so sorry about all of this. I- I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t been there tonight. So, um thanks.”

Quickly, you made a move for the handle of the door but Dylan’s voice stopped you. “Wait.” He said and you turned to look at him. He looked uncertain, but there was no lie in his voice when he spoke. “You’ve had a shit night and I’m sure you don’t want to deal with more drama. You can stay at my hotel tonight. Deal with all this tomorrow.”

'I don’t want your pity’ you wanted to snap, but honestly the thought of having a warm bed to crawl in to was far more comforting. “Thank you.” You said instead, and Dylan started up the car again.

The drive to his hotel is spent in silence as well, but it felt a lot less tense.

“What were you doing?” Dylan finally asked, five minutes into the drive. You sighed, looking out the window. “I’m serious (Y/N). I thought you were smarter than that.”

“Well, I guess a lot can change in five fucking years.” You snapped, then immediately felt guilty for it and sealed your mouth. “I wasn’t thinking straight.”

After a beat, Dyaln spoke again. “I’m sorry. I’m being a dick.” He said, gripping the steering wheel tighter. “It’s just,- God the way that guy was looking at you. I thought he was gonna strip you down and fuck you raw right then and there.” You grinned in spite of yourself, and pretended to not hear Dylan’s quiet mumble of 'That’s what I would’ve done’.

A laugh left your lips. “First day here and I’m already making stories to tell my grandkids one day.”

“You’re gonna tell your grandkids that?” He asked in a mock horrified voice. You laughed again.

“Yeah.” You grinned. “Gotta tell them how not to fuck up. All the shit they shouldn’t do coz they’re gonna regret it a couple years down the road.”

Dylan smiled, but it was a little sad. “We all do stupid shit that we regret.”

The two of you fell into silence once more, only now you were both lost in deep thought. You’d give anything, you thought, to take a look at what was happening inside that pretty little head of his right now.

A few minutes later, Dylan pulled up into a parking space. You didn’t recognize the hotel, but it had a beautiful view of Table Mountain, which was currently glowing with the city lights. He saw the way your eyes stared and laughed.

“Yeah, pretty much the only reason I picked this place.” He got out of the car and you followed, keeping close by. Once you two had gotten into the lobby, you took off your heels and padded with bare feet to the elevator and into Dylan’s suit.

“You can take the bed.” He told you, taking off his shoes and popping his shoulders.

“No, it’s fine.” You said, switching your phone on to see a couple of messages from Andrew. Ignoring them for the time being, you walked over to the couch. “I’m good here.” You we’re sure that you would pass out the moment your head hit the pillow, but Dylan’s laugh stopped you from doing so.

“You’re gonna have a killer hangover tomorrow.” He said gently and you sat up. “Take the bed.” He motioned with his head to a door on the wall next to the balcony. “I’ll get you some water and aspirin and then you can pass out, then it won’t be as bad in the morning.”

Your mouth opened to argue, but Dylan was already at the small kitchenette and you didn’t have the energy to speak loudly, your throat already burning from the too strong tequila. Instead, you stood and stretched and made you way to the bedroom.

Sitting on the bed, you allowed the events of the last six hours to pour over you. The longer you thought about it, the more embarrassed you felt. Honestly, you stopped speaking to Dylan entirely more than three years ago, when he said that he didn’t feel right talking to his ex while being so serious about another girl. To show up now, completely pissed and sleep in his bed was a testament to how utterly fucked up the last few months of your life had been.

You almost stood to call an Uber, but the door opened before you could. “Here.” Dylan walked up to you with a glass and two pills in his hands. “You’ll feel better in the morning,” he paused. “Or at least better than you would have.”

A grateful smile stitched itself onto your face. “Thank you.” You said, and really really meant it. It had been a long time since you had felt this taken cared of, this much at home. Dylan smiled down at you, staring into the depths of your eyes.

A long moment passed before he looked away.

“Um,” he walked across the room to where a set of bags sat, still packed. You wondered how long he’d been here. He dug into the bag and came back up with a white T-shirt which he tossed at you. “That’s probably more comfortable, than well-” he raked his eyes down your form and you blushed gently.

“Thanks.” Your head was ducked so you missed the way his eyes darkened.

“I’ll just- um,” he made a gesture to the door then pretty much ran out of it. You laughed gently, reaching behind you dress to pull the zipper off and walking to the mirror.

By some will of God your makeup had remained mostly in place. You dropped the black dress and smiled slightly, remembering how sexy you had felt when you first put on the lacey red bra and panties.

“I forgot to get a pillow-”

You spun around at the sound of Dylan’s voice, arms reaching up to cover yourself on instinct. The dark haired boy stood halfway in the door frame, apparently frozen and staring at your body.

There was a moments hesitation, where uncertainty hung in the air and neither of you knew what to do. It was only a moment.

“Ah, fuck it.”

Dylan crossed the room in three quick strides and was in front of you a second later. His hands cupped your jaw and titled your head up, lips meeting in a frantic kiss.

You arms wrapped themselves around us shoulders, pulling him closer as his mouth devoured your own. You moaned softly against him and felt the shudder that hit his body at the sound. You filled with pride, knowing that you could still get that reaction out of him.

“Wait.” You breathed, pulling back. Dylan looked at you with concern. “You have a girlfriend.”

He looked sheepish. “Yeah, I might have lied a bit.” You chuckled slightly at his confession, and Dylan smiled slightly. “Do you wanna stop?” He asked, and despite the lust in his eyes, you knew that he was being serious.

“Don’t you dare.” You warned, reconnecting your lips with a kiss more feverant than the last. Dylan chuckled slightly, but met you kiss for kiss as his hands began to trail down your body.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, eyes still closed. You felt his hands reached behind you as he unclasped your bra, kissing down your neck. The fabric fell down your arms, and you were sure Dyaln did something to it but you didn’t care.

His hands began fondling you. He gently caressed the soft skin of your supple breasts, as you arched into him. He cupped you firmly, a thumb running over you nipple, which had been hard from the cold air as well as the heat.

“Well that’s hardly fair.” You said, tugging at his shirt. Dylan got the message and pulled back, striping down completely before you pulling you back in, pushing a knee between your legs.

You moaned loudly. “Better?” He asked, hands moving to your thighs. You brought his lips back to your and kissed him passionately as he squeezed your ass and pulled you forward. You got the message, jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist while he carried you to the bed.

His tongue battled with yours for dominance which you happily surrendered as he explored your mouth, his body moving against yours. You reach a hand between your bodies and found his cock.

Wrapping your fingers around his member, you began to pump him quickly, running your finger over the slit. Dylan moaned and pulled away. “If you don’t stop, this is gonna be a really shitty night for you.”

You laughed slightly. “Then what are you waiting for?” Dylan grinned, reaching to the bedside drawer and pulling out a condom. He tore the packet with his teeth, *fuck* and rolled the rubber down his length. You watch with a watering mouth.

“I wanna blow you.” You said. “But later.” Dylan moaned at your words and leaned down again to kiss you. He positioned himself at your entrance and nibbled on your jaw as he pushed in.

You moaned, your nails digging into his back. Dylan let out a gruff chuckle. “God, how are you so fucking tight?” He asked, pulling back almost completely before thrusting in again, hard.

“Oh,” You breathed, hands find his jaw and stroking it gently as you pulled him down for another kiss. His hands were on either side of your head as he kissed you passionately, and you moaned desperatly, wanting more.

Dylan didn’t move.

“Please.” You begged, pulling away for air. Dylan smirked down at you.

“Please what?” He asked teasingly. You groaned softly.

“Please fuck me.” He chuckled, pulling out and thrusting in, slowly.

“Like that?” He asked, his voice deep and raspy. You wanted to scream. He sounded so smooth and sexy, and looking at you with that smug little smirk on his face, you knew you wouldn’t last long.

“Harder. Faster.” You begged, digging your nails into his shoulder blades and dragging them down. Dylan moaned, and you loved the feeling of his hard, thick muscles under your hands.

Suddenly, he pulled out and began slamming in to you, his pace quick and brutal. You let out a screaming moan as Dylan’s hips slammed against the inside of your thighs.

“Oh God, Dyl!” You moaned, clutching on to him for dear life. “Yeah, baby, just like that.”

“So beautiful.” He said softly. “Laying there, holding onto to me so tight. So wet for me, baby.” He moaned, thrusting in harder.

He reached a hand between your bodies and pressed a thumb to your clit, not letting up at all on his brutal pace. You lasted two seconds before you came with his name on your tongue and his hands in your hair.

With a rushed warning, he followed you over the edge one, two, three thrusts later, spilling into the condom and laying over you. He supported his weight on him forearms, as not to crush you, as he looked down at you with something akin to love in his eyes.

For a long while the two of you stayed like that, basking in the glory of afterglow. You stared up at him, remembering, wondering how you’d given it up the first time.

“I never thought I’d hear you say my name like that again.” He admitted, leaning down and kissing your parted lips. You smiled into it.

“Never thought I’d say it, either.” He smiled, pulling out of you and getting up. He walked to the bathroom and got rid of the condom, coming back with a wet towel which he placed delicately between your legs.

Your hips moved up at the touch. He chuckled slightly, cleaning you up and putting the towel back. “I was a bit brutal,” he admitted, joining you in bed, and pulling you close.

“I loved it.” You assured him, tucking yourself into his chest. Dylan sighed and you could feel the tension draining out of him.

“Dylan” you said softly. “Promise me this isn’t gonna be it.”

“I promise.” He didn’t even hesitate. “And you, promise me this isn’t gonna be one of those things we all do that we regret.”

“I promise.”

- sing me something

i saw this on a riverdale prompt list and decided to just write {its 12;20am lmao oops} but have some archie andrews fluff because why not 

word count : 730

{archie andrews x oc} 

Originally posted by archic-andrews

It had been a rough couple of weeks for you. With the death of Jason Blossom and the constant pressure set on you from your so called ‘mother’; you were starting to feel it. The slow, painful drain of energy finally starting to take it’s toll on you. You were becoming dangerously care free. Your schoolwork was sloppy and the shade under your eyes was becoming a deep lilac, a side effect of the insomnia, which your friends had started to notice. Betty and Ronnie were constantly asking if you were okay, Kevin trying to make you life with his puns and side comments, and Jughead trying to make you feel better with his sardonic humour. However, it was your closest red-headed friend, Archie Andrews, that had taken the most interest.

You and Archie went way back, as did you and Betty. You’d lived on the same street for as long as you could remember; you’d practically grown up together. You and Archie had always got on best though. Maybe it was your common interest in sports, or maybe it was just how it played out. Either way, you were thankful to constantly have Archie by your side. There was never a time he left you alone; like the time you and your mother had a mammoth argument and she chucked you out for the night. It just so happened that the minute your intoxicated mother slammed the pale green door in your face, Archie had been returning from a run. Whilst you stood lost like a star in the solar system, Archie didn’t hesitate to check you were okay, which also happened to be the first time Archie Andrews witnessed you cry. It scared you both. Your wall that you had spent so long reinforcing, crumbling within a matter of seconds in the arms of your favourite red-head.

“Hey” you heard someone pull you from your thoughts. You took a deep breathe and looked up from your jumble of homework, spewed across Archie’s bedroom floor. You rested your head against his mattress for a second before casting your eyes to him, receiving a questioning gaze. You knew this look. You held eye contact for a few seconds before he put down his biro and walked over to his bed, patting the space next to him. You followed suit, placing your pencil in the margin of your biology text book and crawling onto the bed. You took your spot nearest the wall as you both reclined backwards, your head instinctively falling onto Archie’s chest. He traced his finger gently along your forearm, although strictly platonic, as he knew it relaxed you. Silence had fallen upon you both.

“Are you okay?” he whispered. You let out a slight chuckle; how could anyone be okay after what this town was going through? You closed your eyes for a second, readjusting yourself in an attempt to escape the world by burying your head into his chest, again strictly platonic. You felt his grip tighten on you slightly;feeling physical touch was the best comfort he could offer. You sat up to face him, where you were met with his pleading brown eyes. He pushed himself into sitting position,his fingers reaching out towards your face. His fingertips brushed the bags under your eyes, sadness and pity filling his.

“How much sleep did you get last night?” he murmured. You felt the all to familiar feeling of tears start to build up in your eyes. You didn’t want to disappoint him with such a small number. Your murky green eyes glazed together with you lip trembling slightly. You saw the  sorrow slowly fill Archie’s eyes too. You chuckled slightly again; an attempt to compose yourself. You pushed Archie back down and placed your head back on his chest, playing with his hand and his other arm went back around you. You fiddled your fingers with his, his hand seeming to engulf yours, but he let you.

“Sing me something” you whispered weakly. You felt his stare on you as you closed your eyes once again. You heard him start to sing softly, one of his most recent songs that he’d written. That was the last thing your brain registered as you finally managed to drift off into sleep and it was at that moment you realised that Archie was your safe place.

another au here kids, let’s go

  • after burying his mother, neil throws out the phones
  • BUT he gets himself another one
  • he doesn’t want to go to his uncle
  • but he’s also aware he’s still young and might need help
  • he keeps the phone for months barely charged and never uses it except to check the time
  • but in millport, on one of the few occasions he’s actually spending time with People
  • he discovers that smartphones have a lot of apps that let you get information on things (cough the butcher, exy, kevin)
  • and in particular
  • he discovers
  • twitter

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Never Have I Ever

A/N: This is my first fanfic! (once again lol) Feedback would be greatly appreciated one way or another!

Pairing: Jughead x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Some swearing

Words: 1,377


Originally posted by marorra

      “Never have I ever done something illegal,” Betty said in a way that made it sound more of a question rather than a statement as she put another one of her fingers down. Ronnie, Jughead, and Kevin followed suit. Archie looked like he wanted to put his finger down, but he didn’t do something illegal since “something illegal” was him and Grundy had done that.

       “I love how I’m the only one with five fingers up,” you say.

       “Well you are the epitome of a good kid,” Jughead said, but you knew that he was a good kid too. Everyone there was.

       “Okay, okay, I have one that’ll make you put a finger down Y/N,” Veronica said with a smirk.

       “Alright shoot,” you say before drinking some of your lemonade.

       “Never have I ever wanted to make out with someone in this room,” your eyes grew wide and you started choking on the drink when you heard Veronica’s words. Everyone looked at you in surprise, not thinking you’d start to go into a coughing fit. You started laughing through the coughing, trying to find air to breathe, but the situation was just too darn funny. Betty started laughing, then Kevin, and then Ronnie had joined in too. Archie and Jughead looked confused, but it was only because they had no idea about the conversations you’ve all had discussing this.

       “Veronica I swear you’re gonna be the death of me,” you finally managed to get out. “But yeah, that was a, um, good one,” you cleared your throat once more and put down a finger. Everyone else did too.

       “Woah, woah, woah. I knew about everyone else wanting to make out with someone here, but Jughead?” Ronnie asked with a raised eyebrow.

       “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Juggie asked looking mildly annoyed. You knew he liked Veronica, but sometimes he definitely believed she was the devil incarnate.

       “Just that I didn’t think you thought about any of us in a more than a platonic way,” she said in a questioning tone that never failed to make Betty giggle. “Wait, oh my gosh, WHO?!”

       “That isn’t part of Never Have I Ever Ronnie,” you scolded, mainly for your own benefit because you knew Jughead would say Betty or maybe even Veronica and you weren’t ready for that reality. Jughead and you made eye contact and he gave you a grateful smile, completely unaware of your feelings toward him.

       “Okay then let’s play Truth or Dare instead, we all know Y/N was gonna win Never Have I Ever anyway,” Kevin says with a smirk. Oh boy…

       “It looks like it’s finally your turn Jughead. So tell us, truth or dare?” you had given Veronica a dare she completed with no problem what-so-ever so now it was her turn to ask the last person left. Albeit, you felt a bit bad for Jughead because you knew if you were put on the spot you’d be completely uncomfortable. He either gets asked to tell us or dared to or maybe even to do the deed.

       “Dare,” Jughead sighed, knowing what he’d get asked as the truth and since he wouldn’t want to answer he’d receive a dare anyway.
       “I dare you to make out with the person that made you have to put that finger of yours down,” Veronica said and you stood up simultaneously with Jughead.
       “Lemonade,” you said as you bent down to grab your cup. Walking out of there and down the stairs to the kitchen as fast as you could without drawing any more attention to yourself. You didn’t want to see Jughead make out with anyone.
       Jughead remained unsure as to what to do when you left since he was just dared to kiss you– no, to make out with you. He just looked around in awkward silence seeing if he could play it off
       “Why are you just standing there like a doofus? You have a dare to complete, just go- oh…” Kevin trailed off when he realized that Jughead couldn’t complete the dare without you.
       “Oh my God, I can’t believe you and Y/N both want to make out with each other,” Betty said with a grin on her face until she realized she slipped up. It was too late, Jughead knew you wanted to kiss him.
       “Wait, what?”
       “Y/N likes you, God knows why–”
       “Then why did she leave?”
       “She just doesn’t think you like her in that way, well actually she has her days when she doesn’t think you like her in any way which completely preposterous because you tell her just about everything and no matter how much we attempt to pry and ask she never tells us a thing–”
       “Fuck I’m in deep,” Jughead cutoff Veronica mid-sentence.
       “We won’t check up on you guys anytime soon,” Archie said, smirking at Jughead’s back as he was leaving the room.

       You weren’t able to hear anything from the kitchen since they were all in Archie’s room, but you did here movement. You weren’t sure if you were ready to go back up there so you were just hanging out in the Andrews’ living room. Fred was out with Hermione so you had all decided to meet up at Archie’s place.

       “Y/N?” heard Jughead say from the stairs, but continued to make his way towards you.

       “Whatcha doing down here Juggie, shouldn’t you be up there making out with the crush of your life?” you asked him in a semi-defensive tone even though you were trying for a more playful and light one.

       “I would be, yes, but she decided to refill her cup with lemonade right when I was about to,” Jughead sat down next to you and gave you a small smile. You scooted away from him, leaving a very visible gap between the both of you. Seeing this made Jug feel a tad crestfallen, but he knew that your defense tactic was pushing everyone away. You told him that right after he yelled at you for asking him about Jellybean. You had left the drive-in crying that day.

       “No one’s been down here other than me so I don’t know who you might be referring to,” you mumbled and drank what little was left of your lemonade. Even after refilling twice, the cup seemed to remain empty. Almost like the feeling in your heart.

       “I was referring to you, Y/N,” Jughead said scooting over to you, “And quite honestly, I’d like to complete my dare.”

       You turned to face Jughead to make a remark, but instead, you found your faces a few couple centimeters apart. Jughead’s breath was ragged while you just couldn’t quite find anything to breathe. You were tempted to lean forward, but you were hesitant, no matter how much you wanted to. What if Jughead realized you weren’t worth scarring staying for.

       He kept looking between you and your lips, and you knew that he wanted you. You knew that he wanted to be with you and that terrified you with excitement. “With all this hesitation and build up, I’m not too sure you want to do that dare,” your voice, just barely louder than a whisper, seemed to tremble, but you felt a new type of confidence you were not accustomed to having. The confidence of certainty, the confidence of knowing that even if Jughead one day decided that you weren’t enough for him, that you were more than enough for him tonight and have been more than enough for him many times before. Jughead smiled at your words and cupped your face with one hand while his other hand on your waist, closing whatever space between the both of you was left.

       And just like that, the both of you were kissing. Your hands had found their way to the side of Jug’s face and to his hair. You felt his beanie fall off his head and your back touch the floor. You hadn’t realized either of you were moving, you were too caught up in Jughead’s cherry tasting lips. He stopped kissing you momentarily to catch his breath. You started laughing with giddiness and Juggie smiled.

       “I might just be in love with you,” you heard him mumble right before dipping down to start kissing you once again. 

anonymous asked:

Please please please post us something ??? I miss your writing like an owner missing his beloved pet!! Anything you have or just bits of it. Please!!??????

Hmm, I’m really trying to get Heartlines ch5 done soon - I’m not sure it’ll be up for next Sunday, but maybe the following Wednesday? That said, here’s a little peek at the next part of The First Breath. It’s the start of the story (I’ll probably clean this up a little and expand upon it):

Eh… very brief mention of an abusive mother? Think that’s the only trigger here.


It still amazed Andrew that he not only had his own apartment to call ‘home’, a large loft with a freezer stocked with multiple pints of ice cream and a cabinet with liquor and the entire place warded to keep out almost everyone, but that he shared the place with Neil. That when he returned to a space that wasn’t just a building where he was staying for a certain amount of time but where he felt safe and content and had made it his own, there was a gorgeous idiot waiting for him with a bright smile.

A gorgeous idiot waiting for him with a bright smile while stretched out on their bed with two cats, with more cats curled up all through their home.

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anonymous asked:

part 3 of car fanfic plsssssssssss

The Accident (Part 3)

A couple nights after the accident, Jughead learned he was going to be released the next day. Betty, he found out, was going to be kept longer.

He hadn’t been sleeping well in the hospital - it wasn’t lost on him how twisted that was. A place where he had a bed, blankets, pillows and basically a wait-staff and he couldn’t sleep.

It had, however, let him people-watch. He knew which nurses took extra smoke breaks, which ones stayed at the desk when they were supposed to, when they did their rounds and check-ups.

Jughead closed his eyes and pretended to sleep as the nurse walked past his room. His eyes snapped back open as he heard her steps retreat away from him. He swung his legs out from the bed, putting on the slippers Fred Andrews had brought him, and tiptoed down the hall.

“Betty?” Jughead whispered quietly as he stepped into her room. “Are you up?”

She was turned away from the door, her breathing even. Jughead walked around to the other side of her bed, not wanting to wake her. He sat on the chair, dragging it close to the bed, and took Betty’s hand.

As soon as Jughead’s hand gripped Betty’s, her eyes popped open. “Oh, it’s you. Thank God, Jug, I thought it was my mom again.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Okay,” Betty nodded. “My wrist hurts a bit, but, I’m not too bad.”


Betty nodded again.

“Okay, then let’s go on an adventure.”

Betty’s eyebrows knit together, confused. “What do you mean?”

“I’m breaking you out of here.”

Jughead helped Betty out of bed, checking for nurses before they left the room. Around the corner were two empty wheelchairs. Jughead pulled Betty towards them and Betty cocked an eyebrow.

They each sat in them, wheeling away slowly at first. Betty knew which way they were headed - Jughead had told her about the empty wing of the hospital just off the floor they were on.

They pushed through the double doors and stopped.

“Ready?” Jughead asked.

Betty laughed, stopping Jughead with an outstretched arm. “Are we really going to race?”

“Yes, yes we are.”

“Where’s the finish line?”

“Uh, that water fountain up there? Near the elevator.”

“Alright - count to three.”

“Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time!”

Betty knew, in Jughead speak and movie quotes, that that meant go.

They both starting wheeling their chairs down the hall. Lucky for them, there weren’t any corners in this long stretch of hall.

Jughead let Betty win, of course. She got up and cheered quietly, a smile beaming across her face.

“Okay, Princess, let’s go.” Jughead laughed, leading her further down the dark, abandoned hallway.

Betty followed him, gripping his hand with her good one. He had doodled on her cast, JUG+BETS in his bold, unmistakeable handwriting.

“In here,” He whispered, pulling her into a closet.

Betty felt around for a light switch and when she found one, Jughead was wearing a surgical mask.

She laughted lightly, admiring how much Jughead was trying to make staying in the hospital better.

“Want a balloon animal?” Jughead said suddenly, finding an open box of gloves.

Betty laughed. “What kind of animal can you make me with those?”

Jughead blew into the glove gently, tying the bottom closed. “A turkey, obviously.” He smirked.

Betty laughed, leaning up on her toes to kiss Jughead gently.

Jughead could tell Betty was getting tired. She winced when she leaned too far to one side, her ribs still bothering her.

“Come on,” He prompted gently.

They strolled back down to their wheelchairs. Jughead sat, then pulling Betty lightly onto his lap, wheeling them both to the double doors. Betty leaned back into Jughead’s chest, then remembered his bruise and leaned forward once more.

“Sorry,” She murmured.

“Don’t be, Bets, it doesn’t hurt. You can lean back on me.” He lied. He knew she was getting over tired - it was worth the pain.

“What about the other chair?” She yawned.

“I’ll come back for it.”

He stopped the wheelchair just outside of the double doors, telling her to wait so he could see if the coast was clear. It was, and they padded over to Betty’s room.

Betty yawned as she climbed into her bed, then blinked up at Jughead. “What are you doing?” She questioned.

Jughead looked confused.

“Lay with me.” She demanded sleepily. “Until I fall asleep. Please?”

“Okay,” Jughead smiled, walking around the other side of the bed and climbed in with Betty. She was facing the door, Jughead wrapped his arm gently around Betty’s middle, careful not to squeeze.

He didn’t fall asleep, knowing the nurses would start to freak out if they checked and he wasn’t there - he didn’t plan on staying long, knowing Betty would be asleep any minute. But this was as peaceful as he’d be in days. He wanted to savor it for a few more minutes.

A/N: Special thanks to @tewgrunge for some of the awesome ideas in this! 

mile high club

Neil is frowning at his phone, fussing with buttons and ultimately gives a sigh before shoving it back in his pocket. Andrew turns his head, a silent question in his eyes.

Neil shakes his head.  “The wifi up here sucks.”

“I’m sure Kevin’s team won. Your exy obsession can wait, junkie.”

Neil hums in agreement but doesn’t say anything back for once.


Neil always has something to say about Exy. And Kevin. Which meant this had to do with neither. Andrew turns to look at him again, this time there’s a demand in his eyes.

Neil rolls his eyes, “It’s nothing, just curious about something.”

Andrew begins twirling his pen, patience was never one of his strong points. Especially thousands of feet in the air. He narrows his gaze at Neil.

“Staring,” is all Neil has to say, the corners of his mouth betray a smile, which Neil is quick to fight off. Because Neil is not always as stupid as he seems.

Andrew turns his attention to the pen in his fingers and considers stabbing it through Neil’s throat.

“The air lock is a lot less messy,” Neil says. He hates how as of late his thoughts have become increasingly predictable to Neil. But, sometimes he thinks it’s okay because he can read Neil just as easily.

“No,” he pauses as he looks down at his pen, still twirling it away, “You’d drag me down with you.” At those words Neil doesn’t even try to hide his grin.

Neil tilts his head towards Andrew, “What’s the mile high club?”

At this Andrew stops twirling his pen, his gaze darkens, and a crinkle forms on his forehead, “What?”

Neil straightens in his seat, “I think we should join it.”

Andrew lets out a slow breath, “Neil, what do you think the mile club is?”

Neil shrugs. “I was trying to look it up. Is it like a gym at an airport?”

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18 things you can do right now to protect LGBTQ rights under Donald Trump

1. Learn your rights. Many people don’t realize that their rights are, in fact, protected on a local, state, and federal level — specifically in health care, employment and in school. These laws cannot simply be undone overnight. Understanding your legal protections is very important to fighting discrimination. Lambda Legal has compiled a post-election FAQ and Know Your Rights information guide. Read the materials carefully. If you need help with any legal matter related to LGBTQ issues or HIV discrimination, contact Lambda Legal’s Help Desk. (Rachel Tiven, CEO of Lambda Legal)

2. Donate or volunteer with Trans Lifeline. Trans Lifeline is the only crisis hotline specifically designed for transgender people. They’ve experienced an unprecedented number of calls from trans people in crisis following the election (more than 300 within the first day or so). They’ve continued to experience a high level of demand in the days since. Transgender people are nine times more likely to attempt suicide than the general population. In the wake of the election, trans people fear for their rights and lives even more. Trans people who call suicide hotlines face ignorance and discrimination. They need your support. (Rachel Tiven)

3. Get LGBTQ individuals elected to office. We need more diverse talent in public life. Support the Victory Fund, an organization which works to support LGBTQ candidates running for office nationwide. Victory Fund provides trainings, endorsements, fellowships and resources for LGBTQ candidates. In November, 87 of the Fund’s endorsed candidates won elections across all levels of government, including Kate Brown of Oregon, the nation’s first openly LGBTQ governor. Carlos Guillermo Smith became the first openly LGBTQ Latino elected to the Florida state legislature, representing the Orlando area after the Pulse nightclub tragedy. All six openly LGBTQ members of Congress were reelected. You can find a list of all of the candidates that Victory Fund endorsed here. (Jared Milrad)

4. Gear up for the Supreme Court fight. There’s an upcoming Supreme Court case that is very important for the future of transgender rights: Gavin Grimm vs. Gloucester County School Board. In 2015, the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Virginia filed a lawsuit against the Gloucester County School Board for adopting a discriminatory bathroom policy that segregates transgender students from their peers. The question will be heard at the Supreme Court in February, with a decision expected in summer 2017. Become familiar with the case, and then donate and show your support. (Justin Mikita, co-founder & partner at Hawkins Mikita)

5. Support media that correctly represents the LGBTQ community. Now more than ever, we need correct representation across all media, especially when it comes to the casting of cisgender people in transgender roles (ex. Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl) and the erasure of people of color and trans sex workers in stories of our history (ex. the “bioflick” Stonewall). Here are a few shows and films that do this the right way: Orange is the New Black, with Laverne Cox as trans prisoner Sophia; Tangerine, which casts two trans women, Mya Parks and Kitana “Kiki” Rodriguez, as trans sex workers; Sense8, in which Jamie Clayton plays a lesbian trans woman and cyberactivist; and How to Get Away With Murder, where Alexandra Billings plays a trans woman on trial for her husband’s murder. (Devlin Andrews)

6. Call your members of Congress. Tell your elected officials how important it is to protect LGBTQ people. Tell them you will be watching what they do. You don’t even need to be a citizen to do this! You can find your local representatives at Also check out the Human Rights Campaign’s guide to elected officials. Follow these tweets for guidance on how to effectively contact your member of Congress. And here’s a script you can use when you call, which includes a section about marriage equality. (Rachel Tiven)

7. Support LGBTQ centers around the country. Leading organizations are providing mental health, counseling and support group services to vulnerable LGBTQ people. Now more than ever, they need support. Consider donating or volunteering with CenterLink, a member-based coalition founded in 1994 that supports the development of strong, sustainable LGBTQ community centers in the United States and around the world. The Center Orlando organized vigils and provided counseling following the Pulse nightclub shooting. The Los Angeles LGBT Center serves Southern California, home to some of the most vulnerable LGBTQ populations in the country, and sees more than 42,000 visitors per year. (Jared Milrad)

8. Specifically, support local homeless youth shelters. An estimated 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. Centers geared specifically toward youth are instrumental in providing career placement, school, college and secondary school mentorship and health care. Here’s a database of LGBTQ centers, where you can search for a homelessness-focused group. If you don’t have a center in your community, consider starting one or checking to see if shelters near you properly provide for their LGBTQ clients. Also, consider donating food, clothing or money to LGBTQ shelters in other communities. At this time of year, many hold toy and clothing drives; others accept donations year-round. (Devlin Andrews)

9. Support or create after-school programs for queer youth. Now more than ever, LGBTQ youth need safe spaces to build closer relationships with teachers and friends outside of their potentially hostile home environments. If you’re in a position to do so, start a gay-straight alliance or a chapter of PFLAG in your local school so that queer youth have a place to express their concerns, fears and needs without the threat of ridicule, rejection or outing. Check out GLSEN or PFLAG for more information and tools to start a program in your community. (Devlin Andrews)

10. Support the Human Rights Campaign. HRC is the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization, representing more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide. Here are a few of the issues HRC is focused on: transgender equality and bringing visibility to the discrimination and violence transgender people experience daily; banning discrimination in housing and the workplace for all LGBTQ people; advocating for fair-minded Supreme Court justices. Become familiar with HRC’s work and donate or volunteer to show your support. (Justin Mikita, member, HRC board of directors)

11. Utilize the power of your wallet. You have tremendous power as a consumer to support brands that support LGBTQ rights. Conversely, don’t line the pockets of corporations that support anti-LGBTQ legislation and elected officials. To find out more about which companies to support, consider these resources: OpenSecrets, Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index and Guidestar, which allows you to review the expenditures of corporate foundations. (Brian Wenke, executive director, It Gets Better)

12. Take a stand as a business. Advocacy from businesses is particularly important at this time. If you’re an employer, make sure you have an internal LGBTQ group for your LGBTQ employees. Companies like Salesforce, Facebook, Apple, Google, and the Gap have great internal organizations that can serve as models. Salesforce’s Marc Benioff and Paypal’s Max Levchin have both been proactive in getting businesses to take a stand in the wake of LGBTQ protests in North Carolina and Indiana. For LGBTQ employees, make sure to join your company’s group if one exists. (Emanuel Yekutiel)

13. March, rally, make noise and fight! The modern American queer revolution started with a brick thrown through a window. Today, we can’t afford to take a passive role in this fight. Here are a few different tactics you can use to get involved: On social media, follow groups like @MarchAndRallyLA and monitor popular events in your area on Facebook to find large organized protests. Visit this page from the ACLU for a full list of your rights as a public protester. If you don’t live in a large metropolitan area, or don’t feel safe protesting in your community, take action online. Write protests in the form of blog posts, emails to your government officials, vlogs, or guest op-eds on news sites. (Devlin Andrews)

14. Be visible. One of our most effective and powerful weapons is sharing our own stories publicly. In March, South Dakota’s conservative Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed HB 1008, an anti-trans bill, after meeting with trans students and hearing their stories. It’s important for LGBTQ people to be loud and bold members of the community. If you’re in a position to do so safely, make sure people understand who you are and how you feel about queer issues. Post pro-LGBTQ articles on your Facebook page. Hold your partner’s hand in public. Wear a pride shirt. Talk to your friends and family about who you and other queer people are. As long as you keep yourself safe, do everything to ensure others you meet know you’re living as your authentic self and not going anywhere. (Rachel Tiven)

15. Study LGBTQ history. Contrary to popular belief, the LGBTQ movement as a whole did not begin at Stonewall. The first documented gay rights organization in the United States, the Society for Human Rights, was formed much earlier, in the 1920s, and LGBTQ history dates back hundreds of years. It is important to get educated on this history. One great resource for learning this history is Quist, an app that provides “this day in history” info about LGBTQ issues. Another is The Lavender Effect, which works to document LGBTQ history in creative ways. Finally, consider going to LGBTQ archives across the U.S. (Brian Wenke)

16. Convert your most unlikely friends into LGBTQ allies. Identify the most unlikely high-profile potential allies in your life and create a game plan to get them to become champions of LGBTQ equality. Perhaps you went to college with someone who is now a professional athlete, prominent preacher or politician? Maybe you are family friends with a local business owner who is well known in your community? In every community, there are people who perpetuate anti-LGBTQ stigma and stereotypes. If individuals from within the communities we trust the least become our vocal supporters, it will change hearts and minds. To educate and activate your friends, articulate the why and what. “Why” should they care about LGBTQ equality, and “what” do we want them to do about it? (Hudson Taylor)

17. Have conversations with Trump supporters. Find ways to engage loved ones and others who voted for Trump. Have honest, respectful and ongoing conversations. Here’s a resource with some suggested language, including some areas specifically focused on LGBTQ rights and gender identity. (Robbie Ross, chief of staff at Purpose)

18. Make your advocacy intersectional. Over the next four years, there will be many communities that find themselves isolated, excluded or othered. The only way to meaningfully prevent that is by working together. Pick three social justice issues with which you feel least comfortable and get educated about them by learning about the organizations doing the work in those spaces. Here are a few to start with: BYP100, a member-based activist organization creating justice and freedom for all black people; United We Dream, the largest immigrant-youth-led organization in the nation; and URGE, an organization mobilizing young people to support reproductive and gender equity. (Hudson Taylor)

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I bought Syfy’s Alice last week because it was cheap. Then I watched it 3 times in 3 days… as you do. This resulted in reigniting my crush on Hatter/Andrew Lee Potts, because of course it did.

So on a WHIM I decided to check out Primeval on Amazon Prime simply because he was in it. 

And let me tell you that was a mistake.

It’s like if they went out of their way to design a character I would love.

A giant over enthusiastic nerdy puppy looking for approval from Science Dad and colleagues. Highly intelligent when not hindered by his inherent gooberness, and complete lack of game (which, dumbass, thinks he has lots of). Plus his wardrobe consists of hats (haha!!!), waistcoats, fingerless gloves, and a compass attached to said waistcoats by way of a watch chain.

I came out here for some ridiculous fun to quell my crush and I’m honestly feel so attacked right now.

anonymous asked:

serious question though. do you have any hc's for sir and king? Like what type of cats they are? or anything? =)

fuck yes? i may not know anything about cats but i love sir and king

  • sir fat cat is the first cat they get, in andrew’s last year at palmetto
  • it wasn’t planned in any way whatsoever
  • just one day andrew and neil went out for a date drive to an empty parking lot to make out to smoke and look at the stars
  • and there happened to be an animal shelter near that parking lot which they decided to check out so that they could put off going back to palmetto
  • and one of the cats is this ridiculously fluffy maine coon, recently blind
  • (he got a severe eye infection and his previous owners couldn’t afford to pay for treatments, so they left him at the shelter)

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Kandreil Goes to the Con, Part 1

[This is very self-indulgent continuation of a drabble I wrote back in November 2016 about an exy anime . Basically I really love the idea of Kevin being a closet otaku! I’ve been to 12 anime cons to date so what follows is largely based on my own con experiences.]

It’s all Kevin’s fault. He has been bugging Andrew and Neil about the anime con for months, determined to finally go now that he doesn’t have to worry about the Moriyamas coming after him. The campaign started when Kevin told them that there was an anime about exy that was slotted to premiere during the summer and in preparation for its release Kevin had been introducing them to other sports anime. Neil likes watching and he likes arguing with Kevin about it, but he doesn’t consider himself a part of the fandom. Andrew feigns disinterest but he’s actually more than a little invested in some of the characters.

Now they have an entire weekend to themselves and Neil just wants to unwind at the Columbia house but Kevin pulls a coup and announces that he has already bought weekend passes for the three of them and booked a room at the con hotel. Neil is furious, mostly because Kevin went behind their backs. Andrew isn’t keen on the crowds of hyper teenagers but there’s no way he’s letting Kevin go off on his own. In the end they all go.

The con is madness. There are cosplayers EVERYWHERE. Kevin is losing his shit, asking every other person to pose with him in a photo. Andrew ends up holding all of his bags while Neil takes the pictures. It is so loud, so lively, and they are only in the hotel lobby. Groups of regular hotel guests weave their way through the con attendees, baffled and amused looks on their faces.

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Size Fourteen

Requested by the lovely @almosttt-loverrr: Hey! I was wondering if you were still open for imagines if I could request one? Shawn’s dating a girl who is a size 14 and she gets nervous around cameras and being on red carpets etc. they go to an event and Shawn keeps pulling her for photos and she’s getting upset. They stop for an interview and the interviewer comments on how she’s bigger then the girls Shawn’s rumoured to be dating or something like that. Then she gets upset and then you can end it with some cute fluff or something rather. Thank you ❤️

a/n: i’m trying to get to as many requests i can in the next few days! thank you all for being so patient!! how were all of your days?! i hope they were wonderful :)

Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t mind the way you looked around certain people.  You thought you looked wonderful in front of your mirror.  And when you were with your boyfriend, he always reminded you of how beautiful you were to him.  But like previously stated, it was around certain people you didn’t feel comfortable in front of.

           A size 14 isn’t large to your standards, and across the world, a size 14 is an average size for women.  It was your mantra to say that in your head whenever you felt nervous about your size, and it worked.  

           The only thing that you always refused to do was go in front of the cameras with Shawn.  You absolutely hated whenever you were out with him and paparazzi were around you two, snapping away.  You made a vow to yourself that you would never go and look at those pictures on social media to see what people were saying because you were afraid that it would tear down the self-esteem that took so long for you to build up.

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Sometimes Sorry isn’t Enough. P1

A/N :- SO SORRY I HAVENT POSTED ANYTHING SCHOOL STARTED AND LIKE BOOM.  Also I have a request to write and it involves smut… and smut is hard to write :/

Summary:- So basically Sam x reader, when he’s soulless he tried killing you so Dean wont get his soul back blah blah! You move away scared of Sam and he doesnt know why x enjoy

Also, part two?

“Sorry Y/N, I just don’t need you.” Sam raised his heavy hand with a silver knife occupying it. You were trying to get out of the rops, Soulless Sam had put you in with a horrible rag in your mouth. This is it, this how you were going to die. By the hands of your lover. You didn’t stop the tears streaming down your face since it seemed pointless, why would he stop at the sight of your discomfort? Amidst your tears you prayed for Cas, hoping he could come but they were blocked since Sam angel proofed the whole place.You felt your heart beating against your chest while you shut your burning eyes. You begged Sam but they were muffled by the rag making them inaudible. You let out what seemed to be a shaky breath and waited for fate to occur.

But the blow never came, you heard Sam fall to the ground and your eyes shot wide open. You could hear your pulse pounding in your skull and your whole face was now throbbing. Slowly looking up you see Dean and you were ecstatic. Letting out shaky breaths of air you were now crying, shaking your body violently in the process. Dean’s heart broke at your scared posture,he hated Sam for this. He hated knowing that you were definitely afraid of him now and that won’t change for a long time.

Dean rushed over to your exhausted frame, he saw how the wash of relief caused your head to limp from side to side. Dean carefully ripped off the ropes and removed the rag so you could finally breathe with ease.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so damn sorry” You heard the struggle in Dean’s voice, the struggle to keep strong. The truth is he was tired, we all were.Sam was taking a toll on everyone, hell this isn’t the first innocent person he’s tied to the chair to kill. He once tried to kill Bobby and that should’ve been a clear sign that you weren’t safe. But you held onto the sheer hope that Sam would return to you, sleeping in your arms once more.

“I did it, Y/N. I finally did it. We’re gonna save Sam.” With your heart still rapidly beating you looked over to your once gentle and sweet boyfriend. Normally, his calmed face could soothe you in a heartbeat but now that face belonged to a robot that made you want to cower.

“H-how?” With a shaky breath you slowly rose from your death chair. The events of the last 5 minutes still played in your head and it was still overwhelming, but you’re stronger than this, you’re a damn Y/L/N. You can get over it. You swallowed your pain and worries, preparing yourself for one thing only, Sam.

“Death. I did what he asked and he’s going to do it, Y/N. We’re saving Sam, our Sam.” With happiness now invading his eyes, you nodded shaking away all the tears that pricked your y/e/c eyes. Walking across the creaky floor of Bobby’s living room, you grabbed a needed glass of water.

“So what do we do now?” The water washed down your throat, hydrating it once more.

“Take him to the panic room… and Death will put his soul back in.” Gulping the last sip of water, you wiped the beads that were dripping on your chin.

“Fine let’s do this.”


“Sorry Y/N, I just don’t need you.” You felt the sweat dripping from your forehead to your neck.The ropes burned into your wrist while you frantically attempted to get out of them. The rag which muffled your pleads was slowly unravelling, choking you in the process. You stared up at your loving boyfriend with one thing in your mind. This isn’t him so don’t be scared, this isn’t your Sam. Your eyes burning from the endless tears and your throat throbbing from the endless screams. Your body was fighting but your mind was telling you to give up, that sleep will get rid of all the pain. Slowly shutting your eyes you waited. Sam grabbed a handful of your hair and forcefully pulled your hair back, straining your now visible neck. He brought down his heavy hand, slicing your neck causing you to bleed out immensely.

You awoke from your restless slumber gasping and struggling for air. Your hand flew to your throat, checking for any traces of blood. When there was nothing you bought your shaky hands to your face in an attempt to breathe normally. Your hair was now sticking to your skin from the sweat evident everywhere. Looking around your dark room, you saw the body of your boyfriend rest next to you. For a second you thought it was Sam which caused you to scramble far away, but it wasn’t him. Andrew stirred, slowly waking up to your frantic state.

“Hey baby, you okay?” His deep sleep ridden voice instantly bought you comfort. Though it was nothing like Sam’s.

“Yeah yeah, just another nightmare.” Andrew grabbed your hand, running his fingers across your knuckles. You stared into his hazel green eyes, comparing them ,as you usually do, to Sam’s. You felt guilty, you didn’t love Andrew and he knew that. After leaving Sam and Dean you went to the one place you knew you’d be accepted. Andrew’s. He was your best friend growing up, you two grew up in this life together. So you told him everything. You left out the fact that the people you were with were the Winchester’s, since they were on everyone’s bad side but you told him about Sam. He deserved to know. He took your broken body in and promised to live the apple pie life with you. That should make you love him but you were cursed, cursed to live life in love with Sam.

“Wanna talk about it?” He sweetly whispered afraid of pushing you on the edge.

“Nah I’m just going to grab a glass of water, go back to sleep hun.” You kissed your boyfriends forehead and grabbed your phone, making your way into the kitchen. The blaring white screen made you squint your eyes as your thumb hovered over the contact D.W. You hadn’t messaged him in weeks and you felt guilty knowing he was probably worried.

When you dragged Sam down to the panic room, Death put his soul back in but you couldn’t stay. Every thing was a reminder of how he tried to kill you, a chair, rope, silver or even cloth. Dean tried to convince you to stay but he ultimately stopped when he realised you had made up your mind the minute Sam tied you up. You promised to stay in contact and message each other once every two days but you stopped when he started telling you about Sam. How much he misses you, or how he found out he was soulless. You were furious when Dean told you Sam knew he wasn’t in hell for a year, but his soul was. If Sam remembers then the wall breaks, so don’t scratch the wall. That was Death’s clear instructions. It frustrated you how those boys don’t understand how dangerous some things could be. Sighing you looked at the time and thought Dean was most probably still awake.

To: D.W

Hey still alive. Had another nightmare, for the 20th time this week, and it’s only Tuesday. :) I’m fine though, hows uhm… you know who?

From: D.W


I’m just so happy to hear from you, you don’t understand. What’s Sam now, freaking Voldemort? (Did I make the correct reference?)

He’s not doing well Y/N. I mean he’s physically fine but everyday he asks me about you and I always say I haven’t seen you since Lawrence. Which was last year, Y/N. He’s going to kill me if he finds out I knew where you are and that I’m lying to him.

You smiled at your best friends antics, you missed him. You missed them. You missed Bobby’s complains whenever Dean would trail grease into the house, or Dean effortlessly throwing you over his shoulders when you’d win a bar game, you missed Cas’s naive questions about human life which made you compare him to an innocent child. But what you missed the most was waking up next to Sam in the morning with him kissing your nose. Or the way his hair looked in the sunlight and how he’d laugh at the simplest things you’d do.

To: D.W

It’s “he who shall not be named” loser.  (You took a selfie of your Harry Potter shirt, making devil horns, sticking your tongue out in the process.)

I’m rocking my PJ’s tonight.

My apple pie life does need some investigation.I’m so damn bored, Dean. I wouldn’t mind a visit from you. You’re not lying, you’re protecting him. What would happen if he found out? Hell would come running in, that’s what. This is best, you and I both know that. Look I gotta go, I have an early shift at the cafe tomorrow, night Dean x GO TO SLEEP DEAN!

From: Dean

Wow sorry dumbledork haha… I wanna make that my wallpaper. You look hideous, what is up with your hair. KIDDING KIDDING You look beautiful, Y/N.

Actually I can drop by tomorrow? I have a hunt three towns over and you’re on the way, I can drop by and have a cup of tea. (that’s what normal people do right?)

Hey it’s either boring apple pie life or 24/7 surveillance in the panic room. This is best :) Night Y/N.

P.s you tell anyone I used that side ways smiley thing, I’ll get Cas to smite you.

Dean put his phone on the side table and looked over to his resting brother. Ever since he got his soul back it felt like everything was normal. Except one thing was missing, you. Sam keeps racking his brain over you, everyday he’d ask the same thing. “Any word from Y/N?” and Dean would reply with the same thing, ‘shut up Sammy’ or ‘I’ll tell you if she does.’ Everyday Dean felt guilty lying to Sam, he normally drowned the guilt in immense amount of alcohol but nothing could fill the hole you left.

When Dean woke up he saw Sam hunched over at the table with the newspaper in his hand, he was dressed in his running clothes which brought back nostalgic memories. Whenever Sam would go out for a run, you and Dean would stay back and cuddle in a brotherly sister way. He would jump into your bed and you’d rest your head on his shoulder waiting for Sam to get back. He missed those things, the pranks, the laughs, the hardships the three of you would go through together. He missed feeling like a family.

“Morning, hey any word from Y/N?” Dean rolled his eyes and grumbled at the question. But when Dean didn’t reply with the usual “Damn Sammy shut up”, Sam got worried and excited.

“You have, haven’t you?”

“Sammy loo-”

“No Dean… tell me what’s going on!” With a deep breathe Dean looked at his slightly frightened brother. Dean shook his head as he slowly got up out of bed. Grabbing his phone, he walked over to where his little brother sat.

“I have, Sammy. For 5 months.” Sam sat there, shocked. He looked at his older brother in betrayal. Sam thought Dean knew how much he loved you. He knew how much sleep Sam lost over you, over the thought of never seeing you again. So how could he hide that from him.

“W-What?” Stuttering, Sam questioned his guilty brother.

“I’ve been keeping tabs on her, Sammy. Okay, I’m sorry. After Lawrence we both moved in with Lisa and when soulless you found us we went with.” Sam kept quiet with his jaw tensing, more than usual.

“What did I do Dean?” Tears threatened to fall from Sam’s eyes as countless scenarios invaded his mind.

“Sam it wasn’t you.” Hearing that made Sam furiously close his eyes. It still was him, it was Sam Winchester. It wasn’t a shifter or it wasn’t possession it was  him. Sam stood up, leaning over Dean menacingly.

“What. Did. I. Do. Dean?” Dean sighed in defeat and he looked up at his wary brother. Cursing, he sat down at the table waiting for Sam to follow.

“You’re not gonna like this Sammy, you’re not.” When Sam didn’t reply Dean continued.

“You should know she’s out of the game. She’s not hunting, she lives with another guy named Andrew. He was her friend growing up and their families hunted together. Don’t worry I did a full check up on him and he cleared. So 5 months ago.” Dean continued with what he tried to forgot. He didn’t want Sam to remember what he did, he actually wanted to bury that memory deep into the Earth but if he wanted things to be normal, then Sam needed to know.

“So she left Sammy. She was too scared man, I couldn’t do anything. I tried, I did but she had a right to leave.” Sam let the tears flow, the thought of him attempting to kill the love of his life sickened him. He felt like throwing up all contents of his breakfast but he managed to keep it together.

“I need to set things right Dean” Dean felt a slight jab at his heart hearing his little brothers broken and vulnerable voice.

“There’s a case. She’s expecting me today. How about you come with?” When the words left Dean’s lips Sam instantly jumped out of his chair and began packing. A smile crept onto Dean’s face at the thought of things possibly returning to normal but will you forgive him? He knew this was crossing the line but the three of you needed it, whether you hated Dean or not.

anonymous asked:

I have a head canon that Andrew is scared of lighting and thunder. So here's my prompt. You can do it as fluffy or as smutty as you want. ( Though I'm sure you know the kind we both secretly want)

(what a fantastic head canon, consider it accepted.)

(sfw. the fluff… it overtook me……. please let these boys be happy.)

The promised storm rolled in during the early morning, which was to say, Neil Josten woke up at three-fifty-four to a foot lodging in the small of his back and kicking him off the bed.

For two years of sharing a bed every time they managed to sneak away to Columbia, that was a first. He’d woken to a fight, Andrew seeing someone else and Neil not actually being someone else, but that usually involved more hands around the throat and knees shoved into his gut and Andrew staring down at him until they both came down from the adrenaline rush. They were rare, but they happened. There was no fighting a nightmare, waking or asleep.

But when Neil tumbled onto the cold floor, his pillow following him like a loyal companion, and even after regaining his senses and calming his heart, no one appeared at the edge to check on the damage (something Andrew always did but never acknowledged the intent behind), something struck him as Off.

Outside the window, lightning cracked across the sky. The downpour had been bad when they’d fallen asleep, but the light show was new.

Neil rubbed at his newly sore back, but it wasn’t that bad. The lack of movement from Andrew concerned him more.

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anonymous asked:

Christy!! You need to talk to us about the storylines you've watched and which ones are your otps

Omg, basically everything I gif is what I’m watching atm.  (Also, I have a list of my Currently watching in my sidebar if you wanna check it out lmao.)

But out of all that, at the moment, I’m really digging Ringo/Valentin from Unter Uns (though the latest spoilers make it sound like they’re not gonna be Canon). Andrew/Kieran obvs from Redwater (though they’re also probably #Doomed)… and the Thai show 2 Moon cleanses my soul, it’s just so cute and lovely and I won’t let anyone say anything bad about it! 

•i just now realized that at the hotel when Andrew goes to Neil he doesn’t care that everyone will be watching them.

•i mean a lot of them know that Andrew and Neil have a ‘thing’ together.

•(a ‘nothing’ in Andrews case xD)

•but Andrews mind is just solely on Neil.

•no matter how much he might later on try and deny he was worried, we all know he strangled Kevin to figure out what/who Neil really is, and where he was taken.

•Andrew who saw Neil and burst past an agent WHILE handcuffed to Wymack.

•Andrew who checked every one of Neil’s injuries.

•Andrew who when asked by Neil “I’ll leave if you want me to…” (something along those lines…) ANDREW told him he isn’t going anywhere.

•Andrew Minyard gave Neil a home. He told Neil to stay and leave Nathaniel.

•after everything he found out about Neil he still told him to stay.

•after everything that was taken from him, he still gave Neil everything, which is amazing.