in which andrew checks you out

So I was tagged by @blurryfaceimagines, (thanks!)

AGE: 19

BIGGEST FEAR: I honestly have no idea. Maybe being alone later in life



EVERY MORNING STARTS WITH: checking my phone

FAVORITE SONG: Well, I just finished The Young Pope, so at the moment I’m listening to Andrew Bird’s Logan’s Loop/I Want to See Pulaski at Night (which is one song btw) which makes me feel like running away to somewhere beautiful. It’s also the inspiration for that team taka post I made yesterday

GHOSTS ARE THEY REAL: I mean, I won’t rule out it’s a possibility

IN LOVE WITH: Naruto, obviously


LAST TIME YOU CRIED: I don’t know? Either like last week or a couple months ago

ONE WISH: To be happy


QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: what’s your major? have you seen Forrest Gump? (Answer: I have not)

REASONS TO SMILE: my cat :’)

TIME YOU WOKE UP: like 11:00

VACATION DESTINATION: So many places. Norway, Rome, Kyoto, Amsterdam, Paris, London…

WORST HABIT: I procrastinate

X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD: on my ankle once I think?

YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: uuh tacos and pizza, but I love literally all food. It is unfailingly the best part of my day


Um, let’s see, maybe @wearecryingdreamers and @rockabelle

imagine it’s a few days after christmas and Neil & Andrew are alone in the lodge that they rented out with the team and the others have gone to their s/os or families which to gives them time alone but neither of them have had holiday celebrations… and at some point Neil put the tv on to check the Exy news earlier in the day. Now it’s showing a christmas film, really soppy, and they didn’t give xmas presents to each other because what can you give the other? yeah they both have money but like??? and Neil is v overwhelmed so the team did secret santa so that they only got one present from a teammate to help with budget/etc… but Andrew has gotten Neil a leather bracelet, snug so it’ll fit under his gloves when he plays Exy. he knew not to get metal as he didn’t want to remind him of handcuffs or anything and it’s really plain and does up with a really slim, flat buckle and it’s black leather and Neil doesn’t know what to say and Andrew just moves the bands that he gave Neil up to put it on, then pulls them back down and they sit there, both pretending that their not watching the movie and Neil slides his hand into Andrew’s and then Andrew tightens his grip and hooks one finger on top of the leather band he gave Neil..

The new news post, at the very least, mentions he is working on some sort of Homestuck-related thing or another. So that’s some level of relief, possibly, unless he just means Hiveswap. Which is probably not all there is to it, given that whole Homestuck 2.0 video earlier. We’ll get more news from him during the following months, hopefully.

Oh, don’t forget to check out the hidden third link in the news post if you haven’t found it already.