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Do you remember there being a gag about Usagi always writing in a certain script? I think I saw a post explaining it a while back, where there was a screenshot of a letter she wrote to Chibiusa, indicating that she still did it after becoming queen. I didn't know anything about Japanese scripts when I saw it so I'm not really sure what the joke was. And obviously it's not something that would be easy to translate.

That’s from S, episode 104, where Chibi-Usa comes back from the future with a letter from her mom (NQS) “explaining” why she’s there (which basically just turns into “hey thanks for looking after my kid”).
[Some of you may be familiar with this scene already, so skip to the bottom for some new info/speculation!]

You’ve mostly got the gist of the scene. What actually happened is that NQS hadn’t used any kanji when writing her letter.
There are three alphabets in written Japanese; hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Hiragana and katakana (grouped together as kana) are phonetic alphabets, i.e. they transcribe sounds, not meaning. They are learned during a child’s first year of school. Kanji have inherent meanings and are made up of radicals (basically, smaller, simpler kanji), and there are so many of them that they’re taught throughout a student’s school years.
It’s a bit hard to explain the functional difference between kana and kanji without an example, so; take the word kaeru, which can have one of many meanings. If you use kanji, you can convey which meaning you intend; if you write 帰る you’re saying “return", if you write 変える you’re saying “change”, and if you write 蛙 you’re saying “frog”. If you write it in just hiragana or katakana, かえる or カエル, it can have any possible meaning of the word “kaeru”, and you need to rely on context to know which one.
There are some kanji that everyone is expected to be able to read/write because they’re common or important. These are known as joyo kanji. There are over 2000, and kids are supposed to have learned just over 1000 of them by the time they finish elementary school (around age 11-12).
Going back to the kaeru example, 帰る (return) and 変える (change) both use joyo kanji, but 蛙 (frog) does not. As a result, if a person wants to write “frog”, they generally only use hiragana or katakana, meaning that if you read the word かえる you assume the writer means frog, and not return or change. But if the writer is a child, for example, you might not know.
That doesn’t mean that every Japanese person knows every single joyo kanji by heart or that they never have problems remembering/reciting them, just like you might not still be able to spell every single word you ever had to learn in English class. But the assumption is that even those who are bad at kanji will remember some of them. And if you don’t, you can check how to write them by using a kanji dictionary, especially if you’re writing something important.

NQS used both katakana and hiragana in her letter, but no kanji. None. At all.

Given that kids are supposed to have memorised a thousand of them by the time they’re 13 years old, and she’s the Queen of the World, this is naturally a huge shock to the other characters, and it’s no wonder that Usagi is this embarrassed when it’s revealed:

It’s not as though NQS didn’t have the opportunity to use kanji, either; there are several words there that utilise joyo kanji. Ami points out that you can see where she tried to write kanji, but got them wrong and erased it; Artemis asks why she didn’t just check a dictionary and Rei says it’s probably because NQS thought it would be too much of a pain in the ass. It’s almost unthinkable that someone in a position like Neo Queen Serenity wouldn’t use kanji that are considered “common use”, which is exactly why it’s so funny (and in-character).

It obviously doesn’t translate 100%, but it’s really not impossible. Here are some similar scenarios using English;

  • The letter has no punctuation or capitalisation and is just one long run-on sentence
  • The letter is full of basic spelling mistakes, and/or only utilises very easy-to-spell words, because she forgot how to spell longer ones so she just swapped them out for simpler alternatives
  • The letter is full of text-speak/abbreviations, like “thx” and “pls” (note that NQS full-on drew a love heart in the letter so you could throw in some emojis too)
  • A little more exaggerated, but only a little; the letter is written in crayon

Interestingly, even though the characters in the 21st century made fun of her for it, just 20 years later it actually doesn’t seem unreasonable that Neo Queen Serenity wouldn’t remember many kanji. Japanese people forgetting how to write kanji is actually a documented problem due to the rise of smart phones, computers and tablets, which automatically suggest any possible kanji for the words you type. [1] [2] [3]
I can only imagine how different the world would be in the 30th century, and how much more prevalent technology would be in writing & reading. Obviously people aren’t quite at NQS’s level yet, but it’s not hard to imagine a future where hand-writing kanji without any digital assistance is so antiquated and referencing a dictionary so laborious that she would find it genuinely more convenient to write it all in kana. This theory seems to be strengthened by Usagi’s reaction; while she isn’t the best student, she probably does remember quite a few joyo kanji at her current age, so she seems mortified at the suggestion that she’s even worse at it as an adult. Just another way Sailor Moon is ahead of the curve, I guess~!

Edit: I just realised that I made a glaring error and said NQS had used both hiragana and romaji in her letter. What I meant to say was hiragana and katakana. Katakana is a Japanese script, but “romaji” is the word used to refer to the English alphabet in Japanese. Technically NQS did use romaji (you can see she wrote the English letter “Q” in her signature in place of the word “queen”) but this was not the point I meant to make. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing!

Hopes for Season 2 of Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom season 2 is coming back this fall and I can’t wait!  While it may not be my favorite cartoon show currently airing, I still find the show to be really enjoyable.  Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Knuckles being a complete idiot I won’t deny that he can be really funny.  Now while season one was good, I hope Sonic Boom steps up it game in season 2 like all cartoon shows should.  So here are the things I would like to see in season 2 of Sonic Boom.

More menacing Eggman robots

Even though Sonic Boom is more comedy centric that doesn’t mean it can’t have menacing looking robots.  After all even in this incarnation of Sonic the hedgehog Dr.Eggman is still a genius who’s capable of making various types of robots and mechs.  So I hope for robots like the one that appeared in issue one of the Sonic Boom comic to appear in the show.

Bigger Action Scenes

Don’t get me wrong, for a comedy version of Sonic the Hedgehog it have some good action, especially with the season finale of the Sonic vs Shadow fight.  However I want the fight scenes to be even more intense or at least more action packed.  I really want some fight scenes on par with Sonic X .

More Continuity

Sonic Boom does have good continuity such as bringing back old robots that Eggman have used, or bringing back characters and their motifs like Dave the Intern working at Belly Burger and trying to be a supervillain.  But there’s still room for improvement on keeping track of what happens.  For example Tails and Zooey are apparently dating now but since that episode they haven’t even mention that Tails and Zooey are seeing each other.  Heck in the next couple of episodes after Tails Crush the writers hint that Perci may be attracted to Tails.

More solo episodes and group interactions

Looking through the episodes list, there are a bunch of episodes focusing on Sonic, Eggman, and Knuckles, but not a lot featuring Tails, Amy, and Sticks.  I would like for Tails, Amy and Sticks to have more of their own episodes while also having episodes that focus on their relationships with each other.  Like Sonic and Knuckles are best friends, and Tails is like a brother to Sonic, but I’d like to see other interactions.  Let there be a episode in which Tails tries teach Sticks to use technology, and Sticks show Tails how to live without technology,  have a episode about Tails and Amy hanging out with Tails helping her with research since he’s super smart, or something else.

Better comedy

Don’t get me wrong the show can definitely be funny, but I think that the show could really step up their humour.

Improved animation

Like the humour, the animation is good, but I think it could really improve, especially when it comes to the fight scenes.          

Day 4 - Protecting Each Other

Tfw Ash protects you over his favourite fruit

When the correlation between Alola and Hawaii was first introduced, my best friend Amy and I tried to think of things Ash would find an interest in and we came up with his love for watermelon. Again, I wanted to do something a bit more lighthearted and funny instead of seriously protecting each other from danger (which I love too) and thought Misty would be honoured Ash saved her over his favourite food ever (proving juuuust how he feels about her to prioritise like that) :P

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Do you think you could a prompt wherein Amy gets the Bellas to do the most elaborate prank on beca and she comes home from class, walks into the house her stuffs gone, lily now rooms with Amy and everyone's acting as though she's not there at all?

“Chloe, what the hell?” 

None of the Bellas question Beca’s choice of counsel, immediately assuming that once she noticed her stuff removed from her room she’d run to Chloe’s spot on the couch. Still, it was humorous, the way she took five seconds to jump from the stairs to the living room, seeming only to breathe outside her bedroom door before knowing that something was wrong. 

That was Beca, though. A lover of routine, surviving only on the promise that she could be back in the safety of her room again soon. When that was put into jeopardy, you better bet that there would be hell to pay. 

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Dance It Out

I still don’t know what this is about, I have the flu plus a disgusting ear infection that is making me deaf in my right ear, so I’m not thinking clearly. So sorry for this nonsense. Hope you like it anyway.

“Okay, so Ellis’s antibiotics are in the bag.” Meredith explained while handing her the big baby bag. “She has just fallen asleep in the car so I don’t think she’s waking up anytime soon.”

“Hi Aunty Amy!” Both Bailey and Zola exclaimed in unison, making their way inside her house.

Amelia smiled at them while listening to her sister’s ramblings about the medicines for the youngest child: one in case she had a fever, one in case she couldn’t control her coughs, and the antibiotic that needed to be administrated in three hours.

“Any questions?”  Her sister-in-law asked her.

She just shook her head ‘no’, picked up Ellis from her stroller and waved Meredith goodbye while pushing the door closed with her foot. She had babysat her nieces and nephew many times in the past, but never with one of them being that sick. And she loved them, of course she did, but it was her first day off in almost two weeks, and she rather spent it watching a thousand romantic comedies than checking a baby’s temperature every minute for the six hour surgery Meredith had scheduled. She was in for a long afternoon.

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Amy Poehler Gets Her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

I went and stood for a couple of hours. It wasn’t too bad, I was pretty close and people weren’t that pushy, at least up until she came over to the fans. I think they were autograph hounds that pushed their way to the front which pissed me off. But I got to see Amy, Rashida Jones, Mike Schur, Maya Rudolph, Paula Pell, Greg Poehler, Archie, Abel, and Amy’s parents in person, so whatever.

AND this happened:

Amy said “Hi, thanks for coming.” to me! I had my camera over my head because people were getting in the way. I was trying to get a selfie, but I’m short and people were pushing. It was still amazing for her to be in front of me and talk to me. She tried to get to as many people as possible and was amazingly sweet and funny. I love her!
ALSO, look how cute Greg, Archie, and Abel are in background! haha
Very deserved recognition for an incredible person! 😻