in which a scifi character says he's not into scifi

Book Review 18/52

I’m now 4 books behind but I hated this one a lot so fite me

The Warlock In Spite of Himself by Christopher Stasheff

So this book started with an epileptic robot horse and went downhill from there. It’s one of those “let’s do a scifi set on a fantasy planet!” books only not so well handled as Pern.

By which I mean, the author is having fun with acronyms and referencing every scifi AND every fantasy trope that had been invented in 1969, which would be fine (I too can have fun, I say pedantically) except

The POV character is really really REALLY sexist. Really. And not a subtle author avatar either. He is there to Convert This Planet To Democracy (via monarchy, I could not make this up) and also to get laid, which happens several times.

There’s quite a lot of sexism to choose from, but possibly the low point is the POV character suggesting to Young Lad Who Has A Crush On The Queen that he give her a good spanking so she can’t ride a horse the next day and go to war.


And you know the author thinks this was a good idea, because Young Lad does this and it WORKS

There’s…not actually any redeeming value here, I might burn my copy, it’s really that bad