in which No draws crap

so I heard it’s kakpol week

please accept this offering of the two of them being idiots FOR A CHANGE


I finished my last task earlier than expected, so I decided to draw some quick chibis of my fully designed OCs+RP Muses+FE Avatar bc I like my sis’s plegian-royalty inspired design she made for me :’DD

List of characters under the cut so this post won’t be a long one!

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I was trying to decide if I should draw Undertale or HxH and I suddenly got the grand idea to incorporate both. I kinda just sat at my desk for hours thinking about which characters would be which and just doodling this crap XD 

I will probably be drawing this more in the future so please give me suggestions on who other characters should be

Already decided characters: Gon-Frisk, Killua-Chara, Alluka-Asriel, Nanika-Flowey, Hisoka-Mettaton, Zushi-Monster Kid, Aunt Mito-Toriel

Help meh-

“Thanks for taking a chance on a naive young girl from California with stars in her eyes and a pneumatic gauntlet on her hand.”

edit: i should point out i did her with the “hispanic” face preset because i don’t know why i just. feel like the “caucasian” preset doesn’t suit her v well???? IDK ITS NOT LIKE I CAN DRAW EITHER ONE

“We found the purple cloud. Let’s go get the purple cloud. Purple cloud, purple cloud! Whooaa! Oh, my goodness. I guess so. Uhhhh… Okay.”


i apologize to everyone who followed me expecting quality content

Hey @snovyda. It appears you haven’t been in the best spirits lately so I drew this incredibly crappy MS Paint of Gary King with an irrelevant background for you. I hope you enjoy it and laugh at its pathetic-ness. I’ve found out that I have terrible artistic abilities.I figured out that I have to exploit my terrible artistic abilities for all its worth (Which isn’t very much). Enjoy the crap drawing. I tried traditional, but trust me, you don’t want to see those failed attempts. I hope I’ve accomplished in making you smile.

who’s ready for more self-indulgent crap? BOY I SURE AM READY FOR MORE SELF-INDULGENT CRAP

@joseph-joestop and I were wondering what a potential stand for Sherry Polnareff could be like in an AU where she was kidnapped instead of horribly killed and well… this happened. I know family members don’t have to have similar-looking stands but what can I say: self-indulgent.

Stand name: Iron Maiden

Abilities: not very strong or durable, but it has the ability to find and retrieve anything that was lost. The obvious use would be finding a missing item or person, but it turns out it can get more… metaphysical, though Sherry doesn’t realize it straight away. Lost your motivation? Sure, it can find that. Lost your time? Haha oh boy. It sadly can’t find what its user lost though, so it’s mostly a benefit for other people. It also needs to be physically present to find something, so no crazy range.

it’s roughly half chariot half joan of arc and i have no idea what i’m doing

drags hands down face

this isn’t what i expected to ship when i got on this ride