in which 'you wanna get a beer

Nursey is so wrapped up in saying goodbye to the graduating seniors that he doesn’t notice Dex and Bitty disappear until Chowder pokes him in his ribs with a grin. “You’re gonna pretend to be surprised, right?”

Nursey is already surprised, and confused, but doesn’t say so.

When they get back to the Haus half an hour later, taking the long route at Chowder’s insistence, everything looks the same as it always does. That is until Nursey makes his way up to Lardo’s old room, determined to figure out what he’s apparently supposed to already suspect.

“Shit,” Dex curses when he spots him. “Uh, hey? Fuck. I mean. What’s up, Nurse?”

Nursey blinks several times in quick succession, but the image of Dex in the middle of hanging custom bookshelves on the back wall of their soon-to-be-shared-bedroom while surrounded by at least five of Nursey’s favorite baked goods doesn’t go away. “…I literally don’t even know where to start, bro.”

Dex’s head drops down with a beleaguered groan. There’s a number two pencil stuck behind one ear and a hammer hanging from one of his belt loops. It’s a good look on him.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Nursey adds.

“You weren’t supposed to know I installed this,” Dex mutters, eyes trained on the floor.

“And the pies?”

“That was mostly Bitty. I only made one of them.“ Dex shrugs a shoulder stiffly. "Well. One and a half.”

“And did you make me shelves too?”

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Anything For You

((A/N: So I had to edit some of the request a bit to make it work and not be a two-parter, I hope Anon doesn’t mind too much. But mutant reader is always a fun one, so I don’t mind. It’s also my first go as writing for Logan, so be gentle!


Can I get a Logan x (mutant)Reader, where the reader thinks that Logan hates her since he’s always so rude and gruff and yells at her during missions, so she keeps her distance from him, eventually deciding to leave the X-men. And then when Logan realizes that she left, and why she left, he goes to get her and bring her back home? Lots of angst, then ending in fluff? Fighting and love confessions? Could you make it work? Or is it too much?? Sorry to be a bother!

Pairing: Logan x mutant!Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: Language, clearly. ))

“Really? You thought just shootin’ shit with electricity was the solution here?” Wolverine’s voice had risen to an unreasonable decibel level as he got closer, claws withdrawn but still clearly defensive.

Your eyes narrowed, fists clenched, “It was the only option! Iceman was out of the way and Shadowcat was already intangible, no one would get hurt!” Your own voice had risen to match his, stepping closer and closing the little gap that was left.

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anonymous asked:

Alex & Maggie having a party, everyone is there including Lena. At some point Lena walks over to Maggie, asking her hypothetically how to surprise romantically to a girl (Kara). (I hope you understand what I mean and write a beautiful story then smut kind of thing). Thanks!

It’s been a wild ride, and they’ve both almost died more than once.

Hell, everyone in the room had almost died more than once.

So they’re celebrating.

Celebrating being alive and celebrating the new rings on Alex and Maggie’s fingers.

Well, more to the point, celebrating the fact that these two were forged in their own hellfires, but somehow fought to keep themselves soft enough to be open for each other; to admit they wanted each other; to admit they loved each other.

They invite Lena because none of them would be alive if it weren’t for her, and they invite Lena because they both know what it means to live your life in fear of becoming – or not becoming, or some strange combination of the two – what your parents demand from you.

They invite her because they know what she means to Kara, because their relationship is new but it’s powerful and because it’s fresh but it’s so damn important.

She’s good in a crowd when she’s at work, but this? This isn’t a work party, and this isn’t public.

So she hugs the wall most of the time that she’s not staunchly by Kara’s side.

But when Kara runs – or, flies – downstairs to get the pizza from Jessy because the elevator isn’t working and she didn’t want him to have to make the hike upstairs, Lena takes a deep breath, takes a shot, and sidles up to Maggie.

“Congratulations, Detective,” she smiles, her heart slamming, and Maggie grins easily at her.

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Crowd Pleaser (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Re Post

A/N: I’m sure some of you remember that i posted this story a while back, but for some reason it got taken down and I have no idea why. I’m not sure what happened to it, other than each time i tried to search for it, it never popped up on my master list or tumblr. :( Well I did some digging in my computer and I found it! I hope you guys don’t mind but I revised it a bit for the better haha! Enjoy! - Delilah

Crowd Pleaser: At one of Tony’s fabulous parties, you get drunk as a skunk and decide to twerk on Bucky Barnes after being persuaded by the team.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol. Dirty dancing. 

Tony’s parties were always not your forte. 

You preferred getting drunk with Wanda and Nat in the safety of the common room, far away from any of the super uppity rich people Tony Stark invited. Most of the men spent their time ogling at Natasha, often causing the woman to resort to giving death threats. Even Wanda had her fair share of entitled perverts stalking her every now and then.

You, however, rarely got hit on when it came down to it. There are a couple men here and there, but none ever tried anything drastic. You figured it was because you weren’t as attractive as the other two women. We’re you too tall? Were you too shy? You had no idea. Maybe it was because during every party, you tended to stick with the guys.

You were always with either Sam or Clint. The two always made your night better with their humor. There was never a dull moment with those those guys.

Sometimes, you’d find yourself with Steve and Bucky. That was, until they became bombarded with women. The last time it happened, you had to practically drag the two away from the swarm of crazed women. What was it about those damn super soldiers? The chicks went practically crazy over them.

Nevertheless, you were going to at least try and have a good time tonight. Sam had given you shot after shot of all types of alcohol, which had no effect on you because of your healing powers.

But when Thor arrived at the party with his mischievous brother, Loki, you knew something was bound to happen.

You’ve only met the guy once and that was in 2012, when he nearly killed all of New York. So of course, you and everyone else was going to be a bit wary of the man.

Thor was dressed in usual Asgardian attire, whereas Loki was in a simple, sleek black suit. At least one of them had taste. After making their way through the guests and introducing themselves, they made their way to the three of you.

“Ah, lady Y/N!” Thor exclaimed, nodding at the shot glass in your hand. “I see you have finally decided to discover the wonders of midgardian mead!”

“Actually,” Sam interrupted. “Y/N here can’t get drunk off of this stuff. Her liver heals too fast.” You scoff and elbow him in the ribs.

“If I may,” Loki says, his dark eyes burning into yours as he smoothly reached into his suit pocket. “I believe this should suffice your needs, Lady Y/N.” The flask in his hand is barely the size of a coin purse, but you already knew what it was.

You narrowed your eyes at the man suspiciously. You didn’t trust him at all. What if it was poison? There’s no telling what this guy was capable of. After all, he tried to kill you once before, why wouldn’t he finish the job, right?

Peering between the brothers, you heard Thor clear his throat awkwardly and snatch the flask.

“Forgive my brother,” he says, pouring some of the liquid into his own drink. “He can be a bit…intimidating.”

“Intimidating?” You scoff, glancing between the two men. The last thing you were was intimidated by Loki and you intended to show him that.

A look of horror spread onto both the God’s faces as you snatched the flask from Thor’s hand and downed the entire flask in a long gulp.

You were positive this wasn’t going to do anything to you. You’ve consumed bottles and bottles of alcohol before and not once did you even get a slight buzz. This wasn’t going to scare you.

This was a piece of cake.

You were drunk as hell.

Everyone who came near you instantly knew it, too. Vision sensed your slowed heartbeat and (not understanding what being intoxicated was) immediately called Bruce for help. He was convinced you were dying, to which Bruce calmly explained what the effects of alcohol were.

Natasha was currently preoccupied by fending off the perverted men from Wanda, having no clue what was going to happen in a few minutes. Had she been in your presence, you were a hundred percent positive that things would not have turned out the way they did.

You were in the corner of the party with the four men. The small stool you were seated in made small squeaks as you rapidly spun in circles, belting out the lyrics to the Beyoncé song playing.

“How in the seven kingdoms is she still alive?” Loki questioned, staring at you with wide eyes as you spun faster.

“Man, I don’t even know. But it got the job done, am I right?” Sam cackled, giving Clint a high five. They finally accomplished their mission, to get you completely shitfaced. And they would never let you live this down.

“Relax, your highness,” Clint chimed in, taking a swig of his own beer. “She needs to let loose every once in awhile anyways.”


You belted out lyric after lyric at the top of your lungs, causing a few people to turn around and stare at you. Some even sang along with you, which made all four of the men erupt in laughter.

“I wanna dance!” You slurred, reaching out and grabbing ahold of Clint’s arm.

“Sorry, hun, but I don’t dance.” He replied, patting your head gently. You frowned and turned to Sam, who gave you a similar speech.

“Perhaps the Captain would favor a dance?” Thor asked, smiling encouragingly. Your eyes found themselves on Steve and Bucky across the room. They were both laughing, completely lost in their own world.

“You know what,” Sam chimed in, placing a hand on your shoulder. His eyes were set afar, his mouth in a mischievous smile. “I bet Bucky would really like to dance. Steve said he used to love it back in the day.”

“Yeah, Y/N!” Tony wrapped an arm around your shoulder, a devilish smirk on his lips.

When the hell did he even get there?

“I think you should show Barnes the modern version of dancing. What do ya say, kiddo?”

“Modern version?” You giggle. “Like what? Salsa?”

This earns a couple of giggles from the other two men. It even managed to get a laugh from Thor.

“Nah, something along the lines of…I don’t know…krumping?”

You grimace. There’s no way in hell you were doing that in front of everyone. You didn’t want to die of humiliation.

“You know,” Clint chimes in. “I heard Barnes was an ass man.” You can’t fight the drunken snicker that comes from you. You knew what it mean of course, but the image of Bucky staring at someone’s butt made the entire thing hilarious to you.

“I bet he would absolutely love the art of twerking!” Tony exclaims, helping you off the stool and onto your feet.

“You think so?” You ask before letting out a drunken hiccup. The three men nodded their heads furiously, whereas Thor and Loki glanced at the four of you questioningly.

“Forgive me,” Loki chimed in, a confused frown on his face. “But what is this so called…twerking?” Thor nodded as well, eager to learn as well.

“Y/N is about to give you two a magnificicent demonstration,” Tony called over his shoulder as he lead you towards the two super soldiers.

You both walked until you were standing behind Bucky.

“Alright,” he whispered into your ear. “Go get em, tiger!” 

With that, he patted your head and jogged back to the group of men.

Without thinking, you stood beside the two men, smiling innocently. They didn’t notice you at first, but when they did, they both turned to you.

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve greeted, flashing you a welcoming smile.

You gave him a small wave. You didn’t want to speak, he’d instantly know you were drunk if you did. So instead of speaking, you just turned to the brown haired man. Bucky smiled politely and gave you a small nod.

Turning your head, you could see the guys giving you encouraging smiles. This was way harder than you thought it would be.

“Bucky, come dance with me?” You ask, sounding surprisingly sober. His eyebrows raised at your question. He hadn’t danced since over seventy years ago.

“Uh, I’m not very good, Y/N.” He replied, looking back at the crowd of people dancing. Steve let out a loud snort, one that made the two of you turn to him.

“Buck, you were the dancing king back in the day. Get out there and have some fun!” Before the man could protest, Steve grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him out onto the dance floor.

It was all a great idea until you realized that you had absolutely no idea how to slow dance. Wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck, you glanced up at him sheepishly.

“I have no idea how to do this,” you admitted, a small hiccup escaped your mouth. Bucky’s eyebrows raised once again.

“Well you’re not alone, sweetie,” he chuckles. “I haven’t done this in seventy years. We can just wing it.”

The two of you danced in silence, enjoying the music. Looking back at the guys, you spotted them watching you intently. All of them were there, except for Tony. You frowned as you tried to locate him in the crowd of people. Did he abandon you?

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“Alright party people!” Tony’s voice blared through the speakers. “Let’s kick this party up a notch!”

The sound of Ginuwine’s Pony blared through the speakers, causing you to laugh hysterically. Leave it to Tony Stark to pick the raunchiest song. Boy, you were going to regret this in the morning.

Without another word, you unwrapped your hands from Bucky’s neck and gave the guys a small thumbs up. You turned around and began bouncing your ass on Bucky’s crotch.

You could hear Sam and Clint practically howling from laughter over the music. Steve was still at the bar, his glass of beer had fallen out of his hand and shattered onto the floor. Thor looked like he was generally amused, clapping along to the song with a smile. However, Loki covering his mouth with his hand, stifling his laughter.

“Go Y/N! Go Y/N! Go Y/N!” Tony began chanting into the microphone, causing the rest of the party goers to glance at you. They formed a small crowd around the two of you and began chanting along with Tony.

You’ve never seen Bucky so shocked. He didn’t know whether to run or stay, leaving him standing there behind you, your ass grinding on his crotch repeatedly. You knew he was secretly enjoying it, despite all the people shouting at him to dance. This was absolutely not what he thought you had in mind when you said you wanted to dance. It did amaze him how good you were at uh…dancing.

Bucky felt himself blushing as the people cheered you on. Was this something that happened at parties nowadays? If someone did this in the 40’s, everyone would have heart attacks. He could just imagine his mother’s disappointed face.

As much as he didn’t like being the center of attention, he figured he might as well go along with it. What did have to lose, right? The small crowd of people began cheering wildly and chanting his name when he placed his hands on your hips and began moving his hips in time with yours. A grin spread on his face as you peered over your shoulder and winked at him.

Yeah, he could get used to modern dancing.

-Fin ❤

Professor Winchester.

Request: Hi, idk if you’re taking requests but I was wondering if you could write a professor Dean x student reader one shot? maybe some smut too?

Pairing: Professor Dean Winchester x Student Reader.
Other Characters: Charlie Bradbury, Cas Novak, random douche bag being a douche bag.
Warnings: Language, Smut (oral - female receiving, vaginal sex, unprotected sex), Implied cheating, Angst?, Comparing penis size to meats.
Word Count: 4.3k (what the actual fuck?)
“What can happen in 4 weeks?”

Apparently a lot can happen in 4 weeks, now here you are at your college graduation doing something you only said 5 days ago that you wouldn’t do.

You’re in the back seat of Dean’s impala, both of you naked and you’re straddling him.
He pulls you flush against him, your bare chests pressed together as Dean thrusts up into you, over and over, your mixed moans filling the small space in the car, anyone could walk past and catch you but neither of you care.

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Sassy!Stark Part 5

Pairing: dad!Tony x daughter!reader, Nat, Steve

Warnings: Some angst and swear words (it me people)

Word count: 2,724

A/N: Thanks to @fandommaniacx for helping me out with this - it took me a good while to write, but it’s here now! I hope you all enjoy it! 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 6 - Part 7

Originally posted by bridgetjonesbaby

No text, no apology, nothing. Jim had stood you up without any explanation. You felt like an utter fool, as the waitress walked over to your table with yet another free drink, a sympathetic smile playing on her lips.

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2 + 1 = 3: C.G**

So I forgot to put this one on the list, but this one is a basic smut that turns bad a couple months later. But hope ya enjoy. Requests are still open click here so now onto the warnings and shit.

Warning: Sexual content, swearing, and more Gallagher stuff I can’t think of.

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(Best Behaviour) Jeff Atkins X Reader

A/n:so this is my first ever fic on tumblr! I only ever write on Wattpad but I thought why not. Been meaning to post this for so long but it’s finally here! Enjoy 😉

Warnings: swearing

Spring break. Boy was you happy for it arrive. You and your best friend Jeff had made a pact to be on your best behaviour this semester, not skipping classes, slacking in tests and actually attempting the homework set in bio. You didn’t want to admit it, but you was a slacker, way too laid back in school for your own good, having friends like Zach to help you with bio and Sheri to help with history, you didn’t really put in effort. It wasn’t until Jeff found your test scores screwed up in the corner of your room he knew he needed to help. If it wasn’t for his annoyingly charming smile and bright eyes staring into your soul as he swore you to promise him you would “try a little harder” you would have said no. But this was Atkins, you couldn’t say no. So you did, you actually took notes in bio, listened in English, attended history and your grades did start to improve.

“I told you things would get better if you actually behaved in school” Jeff said handing you your B+ you got on your history essay, smirking at you .

“Ok ok so maybe Mr motivator over here had a point!” You said pushing him playfully. “My grades improved so now it’s time to celebrate. Still picking me up for the spring break party at Bryces?”

“Of course your majesty, I’ll be there at 8” he replied sending you his signature wink which for some reason always made you turn jelloid . You stood there for a second until you noticed jess and Justin staring at you with shit eating grins plastered on their face as they saw you looking a little too flustered by Jeffs exit. You just laughed it off jumping into the back of the car.

“You’re definitely coming back to mine to get ready if you wanna impress Atkins y/n” Jess smirked as she looked at you through the wing mirror. You began to blush as you did have a crush on Jeff Atkins, who coincidentally was your best friend, who was best friends with Justin like you was best friends with jess. It basically made things very tricky to handle when you had feelings for the guy.

“I’ll have to wear your clothes then Jess I haven’t brought anything with me” you said hoping you could borrow a hot dress for the party. Jess nodded in agreement which meant you was going to look perfect.This wasn’t just one of Bryces usual drink ups. This was something you knew was going to be epic. A party to remember. As Justin pulled up to Jessica’s house you jumped out just to be called back by him.

“Hey y/n nows your chance to get Atkins. He’s been waiting so long for a girl like you to come his way” Justin said in a slight whisper. You looked at him with suspicious eyes not knowing whether he was being genuine about Jeff or if jess had blurted out how you felt or if Justin was just fucking with you as per. His smirk soon snapped you back to reality that he was just playing, which made you turn on your heels flipping him off walking inside with Jess.

“He’s gonna be waiting for you l/n, you gotta look hot!” Justin shouted back before starting his engine

“Fuck you Foley fuck you.” You replied letting out a small chuckle before plonking your bags on the floor. Jess had already made her way upstairs to get ready calling you to come up and look for something to wear. If you was honest with yourself you wanted anything which would get the guys attention. You knew that once monty and Zach saw you looking good Jeff would be soon to follow suit. As you looked through Jess’s wardrobe you pulled out a little black lace dress. It was the one. You stripped quickly, pulling the dress with fit your figure perfectly. You let your hair down leaving it in its natural state. You was admiring yourself in the mirror when Jess walked in looking at you with a smirk.

“Well don’t you look hot” she chirped “Jeff is definitely gonna fall for you looking like that” she smirked raising her brows. You turned to her giving her a fake laugh with only made her smirk more at the fact she could see straight through your facade

“Come on I know you like him” she admitted

“I know you do. And maybe tonight might be the night everything happens, maybe not, so shall we just get ready and see” you replied with a bite.

“Ok” Jess sighed rolling her eyes at your delusion of the situation between you and Jeff “ you best text him that you’re coming with me to the party to surprise him how good you’ll look”


Jess finally made it to Bryce’s parking up outside where there were dozens of cars surrounding the house. You stepped out with Jess making your way to the front door when you felt all eyes on you as you walked in. The house was packed. The alcohol was flowing like crazy, people were dancing drinking partying making out everywhere and you was loving it. Jess grabbed your hand making your way to the kitchen to grab a drink when you saw Justin Zach Monty and Bryce all stud with beer. Jess ran into Justin’s arms, kissing his neck as she clearly had missed his touch. You saw the guys turn to you, there eyes all widening as they saw you.

“Well someone’s planning on getting laid tonight ” Zach joked pulling you in for a hug. Monty handed you a beer as you rested on the counter surrounded by everyone
“So…” monty dragged out “who you looking hot for y/n?Gotta have someone in mind” asked raising his brow

You shrugged your shoulders lying blatantly knocking back the beer. “I’m just planning on getting wasted” you smiled

“If you wanna get wasted with me, you know where to find me sweet cheeks” Bryce pipped up sending you a smirked which instantly made your eyes roll.

“In your dreams Bryce ” you laughed flipping him off going off with Jess to find Sheri.

As the night went on more people began to dance with their cups high in the air, swaying and dancing to whatever was blasting through the speakers. You hadn’t seen Jeff yet and you had a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that he had bailed. You and Sheri was sat by the pool, drinks in hand listening to what was another of Jess and Justin’s fall outs when you began to day dream and wonder where the hell Jeff was. You couldn’t wait to see him, dance with him and take it back to his place where you could finally f-

“So what the fuck should I do y/n? You and Justin are close what would he want” Jess asked completely throwing you off guard. You squinted your eyes at her trying to figure out what she was talking about but you honestly had no clue. You wanted to open your mouth to say something but you was stopped thankfully by a pair of hands grabbing your shoulders, making you jump out of your skin. You turned around to see the one and only Jeff crouching next to you with a beaming smile. You gave him a tight hug silently thanking him for saving your ass.

“I’ve literally been looking for you everywhere man!” He chuckled, finally content that he’d found you “you look great by the way, really hot” he winked making your cheeks burn

“Oh Atkins you are a cute one” you responded trying to keep your cool

“So anyway you know because you’re such a great person I was wondering if you would play beer pong and be on my team” Jeff went of to say, making you frown a little “Justin said I should ask you as he said your really good”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the pathetic attempt of Justin getting you and Jeff together. You was shit at beer pong and you definitely didn’t want Jeff to see how bad.

“I would say yes but that would just result in Justin rubbing it in my face he’s better then me” you pouted “sorry Atkins”

“It’s ok babe, I’ll ask monty.” He winked “ I’ll come find you later” and with that he was off into back into the house,your eyes finally loosing him in the crowd.Both girls turned to you, mouths hung open.

“What the fuck was that about then huh?” Jess asked, eyes wife pushing your shoulder. “Thought you and Atkins were just ‘friends’”

“Didn’t look like it to me” Sheri sang making Jess laugh uncontrollably

“Oh my God come on guys it’s what we do we are always like this”
You shrugged like what happened wasn’t a big deal

“Bullshit!” Jess blurted making you frown

“She’s right!” Sheri added “we all can see you both want each other. He’s looking hot, you’re looking like a snack, you’re both destined for each other” she went on

“You find his ass now!” Jess demanded making you laugh but she was serious. She pulled a “why the fuck are you still here” face at you making you get up from the pool side.

“Fine I’m going to get a drink and I will find him” you huffed pulling a fake smile waving goodbye with your empty cup.

“Go get him” you heard the two of them shouted making you smile.

You made your way to the kitchen where you grabbed yourself your 4th vodka and tequila concoction as you began to sway along to the music sipping your drink. You didn’t dare to find Jeff yet. If you was going to make a move you would need a whole lot more drinks down you. You carried on drinking, taking shots to quicken the process. You was finally feeling a buzz so you took your drink and followed the beat of the music. As you got into the song, dancing with the crowd of school kids you felt to hands grip your hips instantly guiding you as your hips glided along with the music grinding next to an unknown waist. The grip soon tightened and you was span round to see the face of Jeff, sending you his contagious grin. His blue eyes hit you and you looked away biting your lip, trying not to show your drunken state was totally falling for his sweet charming looks.

“I gotta admit” Jeff began speaking in your ear as so you could hear him “you were looking extremely hot dancing over here alone I had to come join you”

Your cheeks burned from his words as jeffs compliment meant more then all the boys stares at the party.
“ you just look really really stunning tonight y/n, like wow” he began to slur as his body grew closer to yours, his ands roaming your back.

“Are you drunk Atkins” you looked at him trying not to laugh at how waved he really was

“I am not drunk” Jeff protested “ I’m just here wondering whether my little miss perfect here is finally ready to let her hair down and have a little fun.” His voice deeper and eyes full of lust “ I mean you’ve been on your best behaviour baby let’s have some fun.”
And with that, the mix of alcohol and stream of dopamine flowing through your body you smiled linking your hands round jeffs neck passionately connecting lips. The warm sensation from his lips made you want him more as your kisses became hungrier, kissing his soft lips over and over. Realisation then hit you that you finally was kissing the boy who had been your crush, your best friend, the guy you wanted to be with. You couldn’t help but smile through the kiss which suddenly made you giggle uncontrollably making your lips part.

“What’s so funny” Jeff asked, pressing his forehead to yours, dying for the taste of your lips again.

“It’s nothing” you said, smiling with embarrassment, but Jeff soon cupped your face, kissing you passionately again.

“Tell me what’s so funny” he said between kisses.

You looked him dead in the eye, chewing corner of your bottom lip as you were about to confess how you felt to Jeff.

“It’s just funny because I’ve wanted this for so long Jeff. Because” you paused as his smile slowly started to grow as though he knew what you was about to say “ fuck because I fucking like you Jeff” you finally admitted, literally face palming as Jeff’s eyes widened and he pulled his annoying cute grins. Fuck you had no idea whether he was feeling the same way or it was just him laughing that you confessed you liked him and looked like a damn idiot. He slowly took hold of your hand, pulling it away from your face, looking at you will his grin still plastered on his face.

“I’m glad you find it funny. Because I like you too” he said pulling your body closer together feeling his breath on your skin “how about we get out of here and see what the night brings us”

You smiled as Jeff bit his bottom lip as you both were on the same wave length with ditching the party for the rest of the night. You knew you both were about to have a lot more fun. You pecked his lips and took his hand ready to leave.


Brooklyn Nine Nine High School | 2

Overview: Brooklyn Nine Nine High School has an odd assortment of staff. Jake Peralta’s students get the highest grades in any English class, despite his carefree attitude, much to the annoyance of his by-the-book colleague, Amy Santiago, who can’t seem to find a way to make math class fun. Finals are coming up, and all the students are stressed. Gina can’t take any more kids coming to her, crying over their report cards, drowning away their sorrows through substance abuse. Rosa’s getting tired of chasing after students that are smuggling cans of beer. Principal Holt expects the teachers to make sure Brooklyn Nine Nine doesn’t lose its place as the #11 best high school in New York by the end of the year.

Author’s Notes: AU where the characters of Brooklyn Nine Nine work in a high school. Jake is the English teacher, Amy teaches math, Charles teaches Home Ec, Gina is the guidance counselor, Terry is the gym teacher, Scully teaches art class, Hitchcock teaches chemistry, Rosa is the security guard, and Holt is the principal.

Tags: @iwantyoutochooseme @jasonblossomsghost @dorkperalta @notsarasblog @diamantecioccolato @peraltiagoisland @umbreellaa @kukkiduchess @captainswan618 @queennhowell @notnormalalert  @countessklair @catnolannn @victorieschild @wheneverinrome  @stardust-on-the-tardis @magnxtize @stardust-speckles @liessbest

Ratings: T

Warnings: Food Mention, censored swearing, also skip to the end if you want to get straight to the Dianetti

Previous Chapters: 1


Chapter Two: Unicorn Frappuccino

Jake strolled into the classroom. He sat at his desk and surveyed the room. A good quarter of the class was missing. “Where is everyone?” he asked.

One student, Hector Lopez spoke up. “Jake, didn’t you hear, Starbucks released a Unicorn Frappucchino. It’s really cool, it’s colorful and the flavor changes as you drink it! Some people wanted to try it before school and went to the Starbucks across the street.”

“Okay, I know what a Unicorn Frappuccino is.” Jake told him. “Besides, I’m hip and young like you guys. I know what all the trends are. Any of y’all got fidget spinners?”

A voice from the back of the class chimed in. It was Edward Zheng. “Aren’t you like, forty?” The class giggled. “How would you know about the Unicorn fraps and fidget spinners?”

“They’re all Gina posts about on Instagram. I’m pretty sure she’s being paid to advertise. She insists that she’s the one that started the Ice Bucket Challenge,” Jake informed.

Several students spoke up.

“Ms. Linetti still hasn’t followed me back on Instagram!”

“I sent her thirty DMs, she still hasn’t responded!”

“She once DM’ed me that gif of Kermit falling off a building.”

“She commented that my selfie was rad. I’ve been obsessing over that for weeks!”

“Guys! Please raise your hands! Not all at once!” Jake started to wonder if his students were always this disrespectful or if he was just beginning to notice. “Alright, what are we learning today?” Jake said to himself as he scrolled through the syllabus. “Ah, Romeo and Juliet. ‘To be or not to be, that is the question.’”

“Isn’t that from Hamlet?” Edward chimed in.

“Alright, who’s the teacher here, you or me? You wanna get up and teach the class?” Edward nodded. Jake backtracked. “Wait, you do? Nevermind, you can’t. I’m the teacher.”

Another student, Fatima Islam, walked into his class, holding a Unicorn Frappucchino, her vibrant hijab gleaming under the fluorescent light. She scurried to her seat.

“Fatima, you’re late,” Jake informed.

“I know, I’m sorry, but took what I got!” she beamed as she pointed to her drink.

“Your drink matches your hijab. That impresses me, so I’m gonna let it slide.” Jake addressed the rest of the class. “Prinicpal Holt’s been on my case lately about marking you guys late. From now on, if you guys are late, I won’t be able to mark you present in the attendance.”

The class nodded. Jake went on with putting the lesson together. “Okay, Romeo and Juliet. Little did Juliet know that he was Romeo, throwing pebbles. And her daddy said ‘stay away from Juliet.’ She was crying on the staircase, begging him please don’t go. And she said, Romeo take her somewhere they can be alone-“

“-Are you just repeating the lyrics to Love Story by Taylor Swift?” Edward spoke up.

“Edward, your homework tonight is to listen to Taylor Swift’s Fearless album. I expect you to be ready to discuss your thoughts with the rest of the class tomorrow,” Jake instructed.

The rest of the class, Jake did the best he could with what he got. He had students read out passages from the book and interpret what it means. His work was decent, but part of him wished he were better prepared. He remembered Amy’s three binders full of lesson plans for her geometry class. He wasn’t dedicated enough to make three whole binders, but one little binder wouldn’t hurt.

Fifteen minutes until class was over, and five students walked in, all holding unicorn fraps in their hands. The group was led by Addison Jennings. They were all talking and laughing amongst themselves. They casually made their way to their desks.

Jake felt anger growing in the pit of his stomach. He never felt this annoyed about his students before. Have they always been this disrespectful, or has he been too laid back to notice?

“Just what do you think you’re doing? You come to my class when the period’s almost over, and you disrupt our discussion?”

“Chill out, Jake, we went out to Starbucks, and time just got away from us,” Addison coaxed.

“You’re all being marked late. From now on, if you’re late to class, whether it’s by thirty minutes or thirty seconds, you’re gonna be marked late,” Jake reprimanded.

“This is so unfair!” Addison’s friend muttered under her breath.

Jake overheard that. “You know what’s unfair? I go out of my way to get here on time and teach you guys the material you need to pass this class. And you guys repay me by showing up late and disrespecting my authority.

Addison fired back. “You show up ten minutes late every other day! And you never have a lesson plan figured out! We’re forced to sit around and wait for you to get your lesson together!”

Jake sat back. She was right. He was a crappy teacher. He didn’t respect his students, why should they respect him. Jake took a deep breath. “You’re right. I slack off, too. It’s my fault for being too easy on your guys. That only encourages you guys to slack off more. I’ll make you guys a deal. If you come to class on time and behave, I’ll pull myself together and come up with an actual lesson plan.”

The class nodded in agreement. The rest of the period went smoothly. Addison gathered her things in her tote bag, and walked to her next class. As she walked down the hall, she heard a woman’s voice yell out, “Hey!” She turned around. It was Rosa Diaz, head of security and Brooklyn Nine Nine High School.

“I know that walk. You’re hiding something. Give me your bag.” Addison gulped and handed her bag to Rosa. Rosa rummaged through it and pulled out a can of Red Bull. “You realize you can’t drink this stuff until you’re sixteen, right? Do you have any idea how much caffeine is in this?” Addison whimpered.

“I better not see you carrying this stuff again. Now get to class.” Addison nodded and skirted away. Rosa put the Red Bull in the pocket on the inside of her leather jacket, where her flask used to be, before Jake got Principal Holt to confiscate it. She went to Gina’s office to share it with her. She peeked through the door and recognized Randy Jackson, a student, talking to Gina in the guidance counselor’s office. Rosa caught Randy every day with alcohol on school property. She decided to listen through the door.

“Listen, I’m woke, not a moron. I know how you teenage boys think,” Gina told him. “You see an attractive woman in power, you get turned on. The fact that her power doesn’t threaten you makes you a feminist. And Rosa’s a catch, I get it. But you can’t keep on smuggling beer bottles to school every day. It won’t make her notice you. She’ll never notice you. Now I better not see you here again.”

Randy nodded and sprung out of his chair. He dashed out of Gina’s office and saw Rosa. He ran in the opposite direction, not wanting to face Gina’s wrath.

Rosa smirked to herself and walked into Gina’s office. Gina’s eyes widened.

“Did you hear any of what just happened?”

“Yeah, dude thought I’d fall for him if he drank beer. What a loser. I’m more of a Red Bull kinda girl,” Rosa said as she pulled the Red Bull out of her pocket. “Wanna split this?”

Gina got out two wineglasses from her desk drawer. “Sure, but which student did you confiscate this from?”

“Don’t worry, it’s from a female student.”

“That doesn’t exactly make me feel better.”

“Come on, Linetti,” Rosa rested her hand on Gina’s knee, “You know you’re the only person I’d wanna get drunk with.”

Gina delicately placed her hand on Rosa’s hand. She traced patterns onto Rosa’s skin. “Remember when we were chaperones at prom last year?”

Rosa laughed. “Some kid spiked the punch and we drunkenly grinded on each other on the dance floor!”

“To be fair, I wasn’t really that drunk when you grabbed me by my arm and dragged me to the middle of the gym,” Gina admitted.

Rosa smiled. She wished she weren’t blackout drunk that night. She wished she could remember the feeling of Gina’s body against hers. All she had from that night were videos of them dancing on Snapchat. Rosa leaned her head against Gina’s. “Good thing Holt’s gay. If he were straight he might’ve fired us for dancing like that in front of all those students.”

Gina sipped from her glass. “He still was pretty mad, tho. Remember when Jake chugged the entire bowl of punch and threw up? Amy had to drive him home and he threw up again, in her car!”

“Don’t get me started on when Amy drove back to the prom and we got to meet Three-Drink-Amy!” Rosa chuckled. Her eyes met with Gina’s. Her tone got serious. “I’m really glad I get to share those memories with you.”

Gina knew she had to go for it. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Rosa’s. It was quick, but it felt like fireworks. Gina pulled back and looked into Rosa’s eyes as if she were the moon and stars. You could literally feel the fire between them.

They both sniffed. No, that was actual smoke. They smelled smoke. “What is that?” Rosa said as she ran out of the room, with Gina close behind. Smoke was pouring through the door of the chemistry lab.

The chemistry lab door burst open. Hitchcock ran out, his face covered in soot. “IT’S ALIVE!!! IT’S ALIVE!!! IT’S ALIVE AND ON FIRE!!!” he yelled as he ran down the hall. The entire room was engulfed in flames.

This was bad. Very, very bad.

“Dammit, Hitchcock!” Rosa groaned as she pulled the fire alarm. A shrill sound rang throughout the school. Students started evacuating. They were in a panic, causing traffic in the hallway.

“MOVE, B*TCH, GET OUT THE WAY!” Gina yelled as she grabbed Rosa’s hand and pushed students out of the way. They ran out to the parking lot and looked for their friends. None of them were there. They could only hope for the best.

Mine (Joji)

Anon Request: Could u do an imagine where reader isn’t dating joji but he gets jealous of her hanging around and laughing at other people’s jokes then just grabs her by the waist and whispers “mine"

I somehow heard a knock on the door over the sound of everyone’s chatter and the soft sound of the music, someone else was waiting to get in. Great. Not that I didn’t like people, I was social and actually enjoyed the company, but the place was getting crowded enough. I opened the door, a smile spread across my face. His black hair was somewhat covering his face as he stared down at his phone, as he looked up, his eyes beamed, a smile spreading across his face. He looked good despite me not seeing him for a few weeks. I expanded my arms out, letting him embrace me as he buried his face into the crook of my neck.

“Hey, Joji.” I said, still smiling.

I considered Joji my closest friend up until a few weeks ago when he randomly stopped coming over and communicating with me altogether. There was an incident that occurred at a friends house party where someone had drunkenly put him on blast, claiming that he had a crush on me, and feeling embarrassed and awkward, he kept his distance thinking that maybe I didn’t feel that way about him but it ‘wouldn’t hurt to take precautionary measures’…and I did feel that way, but I knew that he didn’t, which is obviously why he kept his distance in the first place. He pulled away from the hug rather quickly, which of course left me red-faced and a bit ashamed. I let him in and shut the door behind us.

“You look nice.” he said looking around, seeing nothing but groups of people, “This place looks different, you remodeled?”

“Nah, I just moved the furniture around a little bit. I needed a change.” I answered.

He nodded, uncomfortably standing there. I offered him beer, to which he followed me into the kitchen to receive. I took one out of the fridge for him, handing it over, he spoke, “Do you think we can talk? I have some stuff I wanna get out of the way…”

“Uh, yeah, we can go-“ I said before I was interrupted by Henry, one of my friends, calling me from the living room.

“You gotta see this!” Henry laughed over the music and everyone’s constant rapid talking. I excused myself politely and went over to Henry who showed me a video of some sort of meme. I couldn’t help but laugh and roll my eyes at him. Soon enough, I had forgotten about George who was in the kitchen still rummaging the cabinets for more alcohol. I danced around with several people, feeling great, singing along and laughing all through the night. Deciding to take a break, I went into my room to change out of my top. It was soaked in sweat and beer so I went with something a little more revealing around my cleavage area and my stomach just for fun. Walking out into the hallway, I saw Joji leaning against the wall.

“Hey, George. You okay?” I asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Uh, sure. You’re looking a little…revealing.” he pointed out bluntly.

“It’s hot in here.” I answered shrugging.

He walked off, taking a giant gulp of his drink. Maybe he still felt awkward…and that made me feel like shit. It was probably best to forget about him the way I saw him, so that’s what I focused on doing. I drank more, circling myself with my friends as everyone else danced. I laughed at the weird shit they tried pulling and the jokes they told. Catching my breath, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see a guy that was invited by one of my friends, she was trying to set me up. Since I wanted to forget about Joji as much as I could, I started chatting the guy up. Lightly touching his arm every now and then, giggling at his little antics. I could see George behind the guy, glaring over at us as he clenched his jaw. I paid no mind to him, focusing on the guy again. A few minutes passed by and the guy leaned in to my ear to to tell me something, I couldn’t hear him over the music blaring louder than before. I noticed George throw his cup somewhere and angrily lumbered over to us. He yanked me by my wrist, pulling me into his chest. Smelling his scent I shut my eyes, I missed him more than I thought I did. Although I was confused, I didn’t mind it. Trying to get over Joji would be a challenge. I opened my eyes and processed what was going on.

“What are you doing?” I asked harshly, pushing away from him as I realized what a dick-move that was. He disappears for weeks after denying his feelings for me, treating it as some kind of joke, making me feel like a complete idiot for feeling the way I do about him and now here he was cock blocking. Joji clutched me by the waste, pulling me in close, joining our bodies together.

“Mine.” he whispered into my ear in a gravelly voice, “All mine.”

His hand resting just above my butt as I felt his lips nip at my neck, working their way to my lips. His free hand cupped my face. Joji looked me in the eyes, searching my face with his eyes, as if trying to assure me everything was okay. He tilted his head lower, hesitating. I grabbed his face in my hands and pressed my lips to his hungrily. Everything around us felt like it disappeared, even that stupid guy who was hitting on me. I wanted George, I’ve always wanted George, and now that our feelings for each other were reciprocated, I didn’t have to hide that anymore.

“All yours.” I smiled as he leaned his forehead against mine.

Yoongi’s Cousin [ Min Yoongi ]

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Rating : PG-15  | Pairing : Yoongi (&Yoonji) x Reader 

Summary: Yoongi should’ve known better than to make outrageous bet with Jungkook. But he was really drunk and in his defense, he really thought he could win. (College AU!)

A.N : Let me know what you think! Request are still open too so feel free to request a scenario :) not edited yet so there might be some mistakes.


There were a lot of things you should probably not do when you were friends with Jeon Jungkook, like stealing his food or favorite cookies, stopping him mid-game, challenging him to a Mario Kart race (because you would lose and he would give you that annoying smirk of his), taking his stuffs without permission (unless you wanted to get beaten up), making fun of him and the most important thing of all, making a bet with him, especially when you were not as sober as you thought.

Guess which one Yoongi just did after drinking his sixth shot of tequila?

“Oh yeah? Wanna bet, little kookie?” Yoongi slurred as he sprawled himself on the empty couch.

“OHHH!! A BET!” Hoseok, who had been dozing off, excitedly exclaimed, the beer in his hand sloshed as he moved closer. “What’s the bet?”

“Loser will have to be a girl for a day and go to classes, wigs and skirt and all that shit.” Namjoon suggested from his seat.

“You can’t tell anyone it’s you, either.” Seokjin added with a gleeful laugh.

“Deal.” Yoongi and Jungkook said at the same time, eyes too glassy to properly glare at each other.

Three hours, four rematch, and five shots of alcohol later, Yoongi, despite his drunken state, realized that this was the worst decision he has ever made in his 24 years of living.


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The Picture-Perfect Date

Follow-up to Only In The Movies. A date between Spencer x Reader that’s super cheesy and they both embarrass themselves…like in the movies XD @coveofmemories


The case was finally over. You were on your way home. “So, kid,” Morgan started, turning toward Reid, “You kissed Y/N when she was mad? Rookie move.”

“I know nothing!” he replied, eliciting a laugh from everyone on the jet, including yourself. “I am clueless when it comes to women, what can I tell you.”

Hotch hung his head in his hand, laughing as the plane started to descend back toward the BAU. On your way to the airport, you’d both decided to go on a date as soon as you got back. “For the record, kissing a woman when she’s mad only works in the movies,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” you replied, waving his statement away with a flick of your wrist. “We’ve already been over that. But to continue the cheesy movie theme, we’re going bowling when we get back, specifically because we both suck at it, so it should be funny.”

Spencer remembered the last time he went bowling. He was a teenager and his fingers got stuck in the ball, causing him to fly halfway down the lane. “I am absolutely awful,” he said.

“And on this date, he can give me a proper kiss, instead of an angry one,” you laughed. If he wasn’t so socially awkward when it came to women, that angry kiss would’ve made you angry, but he literally had no clue, which is why you’d let it slide. Plus, he had amazingly soft lips and you wanted to kiss them again.

Morgan claimed he’d never been bowling, so after refusing to tell them what bowling alley you were going to, you told them you’d have to go as a group at some point. You’d pay to watch Morgan bowl. Apparently, he felt the same way.  More specifically, he wanted to watch Reid mess up. “Absolutely not,” Reid exclaimed, waving his finger in front of Morgan’s face. “You are not coming to the bowling alley. This is a date and you are not invited.”

“Next time,” Emily said from the seat behind Spencer. “We have to go bowling at some point. And I’ll bring popcorn so we can watch Spencer fall down.”

Spencer cut his eyes at her as she sat back down, ready for it to just be the two of you. “You all suck.”


After ditching the rest of the team, you and Spencer headed off to the nearest bowling alley. “We have to try different size balls so we can figure out what works the best for our fingers,” you said, getting confused when Spencer started laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“I know nothing about sexual innuendos, but that definitely sounded like one to me,” he said, picking up the 11-pound ball and testing it out. The 7-pound ball was too small, the 11-pound, like Spence had was too heavy, so finally you decided on the 9-pound one. “That looks like a kid’s ball.”

“Shut up,” you laughed. “I’m going to kick your ass.”

“Bring it.”

After bowling two rounds with both of you sucking, Spencer went to grab you both some crappy beer and cheap pizza. “Oh my god, this is deliciously disgusting,” you muttered, as the steaming hot cheese pulled from the slice you were eating and fell onto your shirt. 

“Nice,” he laughed, forgetting that he had tipped the beer glass toward his mouth which caused him to spill beer all over himself. 

The beer you were drinking almost came out of your nose when he spilled his own on himself. “Ha! Amazing, now I look like a pig and you smell like crappy beer. Let’s get back to it, so I can kick your ass.”

As Spencer picked up the ball, throwing it underhand down the lane. He accidentally stepped on the lane itself so his feet flew out from under him. At that point, beer actually did come out of your nose while Spencer just stayed on the floor laughing. “At least that wasn’t as bad as the last time I went bowling,” he said.

“Oh, you have to tell me what happened last time,” you insisted, biting into another molten hot piece of pizza. 

He shook his head as he walked back toward you, pointing towards the stain on your shirt. “Made you look!” he laughed. “And I’ll never tell.”

The rest of the game went off as both of you thought it would. You’d assumed you’d barely break 100, which was about right. Spencer got 114 and you got 123. “So even though we both suck, I still won, which means I’m better than you are!” you singsonged. 

“Rematch,” he insisted, grabbing another beer. He’d spilled more of it on him than he actually drank. Just as the next game started, Spencer picked up his ball and swung it backwards, but instead of throwing it forward, it slipped out of his hand, flying backward into the machine where you’d programmed your names in. Immediately, you both gasped, wondering if he’d broken the machine, but you checked it - it was fine.

“Is that what happened the last time you went bowling?” you asked. You were determined to get that out of him tonight. That and a proper kiss were your goals for the evening. “Come on, tell me!”

The second game was even worse than the first. Almost every turn resulted in the two of you throwing gutter balls and bowling impossible-to-complete splits. 
“You wanna head out after this? We can go to a bar and get better beer if you want.”

“That sounds good. Only two more turns each,” he replied. He was in the lead, which he was getting cocky about, so you playfully smacked him in the back of the head. 

Through some miracle, Spencer bowled a strike and then you bowled a gutter ball. 

Final turn. 

Once again, Spencer bowled a strike; then he hit six pins. It was your final turn. Without looking, you picked up the ball and swung it forward - really far forward. In your haste, you’d picked up the wrong ball. The holes for your fingers were too small so they got stuck and you fell over into the lane. “Oh my god!” Spencer screamed with laughter, doubling over in pain. “That was what happened to me when I went bowling last time!”

As you lay on the floor laughing, Spencer came over to kneel by your side in front of the lane. “You okay?” he asked as he bent down.

“Yea, I’m good.” He leaned his head into yours, his lips brushing lightly over your cheek on the way to your lips. “Is this the proper kiss I’m getting?”

He muttered yes against your lips before colliding them with yours. They were just as soft as you’d remembered from earlier in the week.

“Now that was the perfect kiss,” you whispered.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Request: Hi Kristi! I adore your blog! It’s so amazing! Could you please please please make a one shot with Damon where he says “Baby it’s cold outside” and you end up having sex in front of the fireplace? Thank you!!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: smut

Word Count: 2701

Christmas is around the corner so… oh, and, I kinda changed it so you’re the one saying “Baby, it’s cold outside” since he does’t really get that cold anyway.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“Damon, baby, let’s decorate please it’s December 1st.” You pouted as you rolled around the bed, looking up at him. “Okay, why don’t you ask your lady friends to do that?” He asked. You pouted. “Please don’t give me that look.” He said and knelt down. You hung your head to the edge of the bed and pouted even more. “Pwease.” You murmured and he sighed, nodding. He kissed you and stood up again.

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To the spoiled brat, with love. [the sequel] (katlaska) - Spoky

A/N: Yesterday Primary Care was voted as ‘Best Fluff’ in the AQficAwards and I wanted to thank everyone who voted with more katlaska fluff. Thank you for supporting PC and I hope this fic makes you smile as much as you guys made me smile (dunno if that’s possible). xx

Beta credits to the amazing marble, thanks bae.

This one is a sequel, so please read the first part if you haven’t. And also read Exes For Cash by Mac, which inspired this entire thing.

Also! Words sent in by PC voters that I promised to use in this fic are: fire alarm, rushing, gila-monster, first kiss, sea-shore

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Oh but I did  (Chibs-Sons of Anarchy)

Request: A chibs imagine where the reader has like craazyy curly hair naturally and throughout the day chibs and tig bug her by pulling in the little curls in her hair and she tries to do the same to tig and catches chibs off guard and convinces him to let her curl his hair. Fluffy and cute with chibs please

OMG! yes curly hair posiviti!!! I LOVE this!! 


Sons have just came back from one of their 13 week stays in prison and the bar where Y/N worked at was full again and that made her very happy. Sure that meant that there was more work, but there was also more laughter, more jokes, more people and more friends. 

Somehow trough the years she has been working for Gemma, Y/N became really good friends with all the sons. Some more than others, but still everyone loved her and she loved everyone. They were like a family. 

“Hey there, little big hair.” Chibs smiled sitting down at the bar and tugging on one of Y/N’s curls. 

“Hey there, mr. charming smile.” Y/N smiled before bending down. picking up a beer and giving it to him before he even asked for it.

“You know me so well, lass.’‘ 

’'I know everything, you know, my hair is so big because it’s so full of secrets.” She said giggling to herself, only with the sam crow guys could she say such a well known mean girls quote and no one would realise. 

“What'cha smiling at lil lion?” Tig joined Chibs behind the bar. 

“Nothing, nothing, poodle.” She shook her head giving him a beer as well.

“Is it just me or is your hair less curly today?” Chibs asked, his eyes on her at all times. 

“Oh, my deer Scotty, let me give you a lesson in basic physic. You guys were away for a couple of months, which means my hair grew in those months, if it’s longer it’s heavier, if it’s heavier it straightens out a bit.” She explained quickly before flicking her hair confidently. 

“Yeah, what she said.” Tig said flicking his hair as well, making them all laugh.

“I guess I’ll never know how it feels to have such a blessing that is curly hair.” Chibs said before taking another drink ofhis beer, acting upset. 

“Yes not everyone can be as amazing as us.” Tig said winking at the girl, making her laugh.

“Wait!!” Y/N jumped up and down clapping her hands like a little kid. 

“What?” Both of the men asked.

“I have an old curling iron.” She said like that would explain everything.

“Okay?” Tig urged her to continue as Chibs just stared at her in confusion. 

“I can curl your hair!” She said with a devious smile on her lips.

“No.” Chibs shook his head before laughing. “No way, lassie.”

“C'mon Chibbie.” She said, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. 

“Yeah C'mon Chibbbie.’'Tig mimicked her, doing his best not to laugh.


’'Please.” She grabbed his hands over the bar. “I’ll owe you one.”

“Tempting, but no.” Chibs shook his head finishing his beer, which gave Y/N an idea. 

“Fine.” She said giving him 3 glasses of whiskey and another bottle of beer. “So did any of you get a prison bitch?”

“Not that I know of, but Juicey boy did kinda almost become one.” Chibs said, drinking the first glass of whiskey, unaware of her plan. 

“Ooo, do tell.” She said, quickly refilling the glass as he told the story about how they used Juice as a bait. 


About an hour and a half later, Chibs was pretty drunk and Y/N saw her chanse. “Chibby, wanna come to my room?” She asked, taking his hand in hers.

“Ay, you know it lassie.” He said, following her as she lead him to the dorms.

“Sit.” She told him, pointing to the chair in her dorm. “I’ll just freshen up.” She smiled before walking in to her bathroom where she searched for a curling iron. 

“There we go.” She giggled as she found him asleep in the chair. “Lets get to work.” She plugged in the curling iron and started to curl Chibs hair in to small tight curls. 

It only took her about 15 minutes before she was done.  ’'Wake up scotty.“ She whispered  shaking him a bit. 

’'Mhm..” He didn’t move.

“Okay then.” She rolled the chair towards her bed and pushed him on it. Without waking up he just groaned  before turning and falling right back in to deep sleep.

“Good night Chibby.” She smiled before laying down next to him and falling asleep. 


Next morning Y/N  woke up to the birds singing outside her window. She groaned before stretching and realising there was someone in her bed. 

“Oh.” She remembered what she did last night and let out a giggle. “He’s gonna kill me.” She shook her head before walking in to her bathroom and getting ready for the day. 


About 2 hours have passed and Y/N has been working at the bar for an hour when Chibs made his way out of her dorm. 

He was quickly greeted by laughter and chuckles from the other guys. He had no idea what that was about.  He just shook his head and made his way to the bar. “Hey.” He said, his voice raspy. 

“Hey.” She giggled, not able to keep her face straight as she saw his hair. 

“Did we.. um?”

“Oh we did.” She nodded. “And it was kinky.” She smiled proudly at her pun. 

“Oh.” He tried to remember anything from the night before but soon gave up and smiled proudly. He fucked the hottest waitress in town. 

“Well hello there, poodle.” Tig said wrapping an around around Chibs’ shoulders laughing. 

“What?” Chibs looked at him in confusion. Y/N went to grab her purse and pull out a small mirror. 

“You look especially charming today.” Y/N laughed, handing him the mirror. 

“You didn’t?” He asked, his eyes wide in shock at his new hairstyle. 

“Oh but I did.” Y/N laughed, soon being joined by Tig and the rest of the sons. 


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AN:  Hey i’m not sure how this turned out but i hope you like it :) 

Busted (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Warning: a bit smut going on, but nothing too explicit

Request: Can you do one where you and joe have sex at his dad’s house and his dad finds out 

I changed it a bit, but it’s kinda the same but with a different setting. Hope that’s okay :)


You closed your eyes and smiled as the sun touched your skin and made it warm. It was January in Los Angeles so it almost felt like fall feels back in England. You, your boyfriend Joe and his two best friends Caspar and Oli had travelled to Los Angeles for a little getaway. You stayed in a beautiful mansion in Calabasas with a view over the ocean and a heated pool. It was perfect for a nice little holiday. Right now you were seated outside by the pool in one of the chairs and was just enjoying how quiet and nice there was out here. It was hard finding a quiet place with three hyper boys in the house, so it was nice to get to relax in quiet out by the pool.

“And Y/N is out here getting her tan on. Is it nice out here babe?” someone suddenly said and you opened your eyes and saw Joe walk towards you with his vlogging camera filming you. You nodded with a smile as Joe took place in the chair beside you. Joe always vlogged when he was away on holiday and so did Oli and Caspar, and since you and Joe had been together for 3 years, you were kind of getting used to always having cameras around.

“Oh it is really nice out here, isn’t it?” Joe said and laid back in his chair.

“It’s like fall in England,” you said and Joe nodded before putting his camera down.

“What are the other boys doing?” you asked as Joe took your hand in his and kissed it.

“They drove with Sawyer out to get some more beers, I think,” Joe answered and you shook your head with a laugh.

“You drink way too many beers,” you laughed and Joe smiled proudly.

“ We’re quite cool, aren’t we?” Joe said with a smirk and you nodded.

“Totally,” you answered sarcastically with made Joe chuckle.

“Actually, I have an idea since we’re alone,” Joe said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked at him and you instantly knew he was being dirty minded.

“Where do you wanna have sex this time?” you asked which made Joe burst into laughter.

“You make me sound like a nymphomaniac,” Joe laughed and you couldn’t help but laugh either.

“Actually I would just like to please my lady in the bedroom,” Joe said in a formal voice, which made you look at him with a disgusted face.

“Only if you stop phrasing it like that,” you said and Joe chuckled.

“Let’s go,” Joe said with a smirk as he stood up and pulled you after him. You couldn’t help but smile. You had been here for 3 days and you and Joe had never really gotten a moment alone together, to it would be nice to be together without anyone interrupting.
Joe led you to your shared bedroom and closed the door behind him. He put his lips passionately on yours as you made your way towards the bed. He pulled your top off revealing your bra which also quickly landed on the floor a long with your pants as well. Joe pushed you on the bed which made you smile at him, and he threw his shirt on the floor. His naked body turned you on even more, and you pulled his face to yours so you could kiss him again. You were both quickly naked and Joe began doing his thing which made you moan in pleasure. Since you were alone in the house and up in the mountains no one could hear you anyways, so why not?
Joe started of slowly before thrusting into you in a fast tempo, which made you moan even more. Suddenly you heard something from outside the room and Joe stopped his movements. You looked at each other with a horrified look.

“GUYS IM STILL HERE. JUST SO YOU KNOW!” Caspar suddenly yelled from outside the door and you could feel yourself blush. You covered your mouth in embarrassment before you and Joe bursted into laughter. You had never been busted before and you felt so embarrassed.

“I can never leave this room again,” you said which made both of you laugh even more.

“Well, that was a buzzkill,” Joe said before he fell down beside you.

“Totally not in the mood anymore,” you said, still red in your face. It was so embarrassing. You could not imagine anything worse than someone walking in on you having sex.

“At least it wasn’t any of our parents,” Joe said, whilst you were still just laying in bed looking up at the white ceiling.

“Yes omg. That would be even worse,” you answered and you looked at each other before you started laughing again.

“Let’s get dressed and face Caspar before the others get back and hear about it,” Joe said before he stood up from the bed, still naked. You couldn’t help but laugh again. The whole situation was somehow funny. You could still feel your cheeks being red as you took your clothes back on and prepared yourself to face Caspar. This would not be anything else than embarrassing. That you were sure of.

Winchester Sister- Family

Note: Y/M/N = Your Mum’s Name

You were sat on the train, your backpack securely between your feet filled with a Hunter’s bare necessities. You had your headphones in, loud enough to drown the outside world but not loud enough to drown your own. The train swayed you slightly from side to side as you stared out of the window. Your fingers absentmindedly stroking the spine of your Mothers journal.
She died almost a year ago, a Hell Hound ripped apart her body like it was just another meal before your very eyes. You tried to intervene, of course you did, but it was after your Mum and not you. It left you with a long claw mark down the length of your dominant arm. It was now a scar: a reminder.

Resting underneath the journal was a book you found in your school library. When the orphanage took you in you moved schools also and spent most of your time in the library. One book in particular caught your attention: Supernatural: Volume 1 by Chuck Shurely.
The fact that you were a Hunter intrigued you at first, but when you read the blurb you were confused more than anything.

It described two Hunters by the names of Sam and Dean Winchester.
Before she died, your Mum told you of your father -John Winchester- and his two sons Sam and Dean. She said how John didn’t even know you existed and it was best to keep it that way. You didn’t question her, your Mother was always right.
So now you were on the way to the house of Chuck Shurely- prepared for almost anything.

“Who the hell are you?” A somewhat tall man with curly brown hair and a tired expression mumbled as he opened the door.
“Chuck Shurley?” You asked, ignoring his question.
“Who wants to know?” He frowned.
“I do.” You rolled your eyes.
“Okay…why?” He looked exhausted.
“I want to know why you’ve been writing about Sam and Dean Winchester. These are real people.” You demanded. To be honest, you had no idea of they were real or not, for all you knew it was just a story your Mum told you to keep you quiet.
“Uh…” He mumbled, unsure of what to say next. In one quick motion you slammed him against the wall and held your hand round his neck. “I want answers.” You hissed.

“Okay okay! Come on in, just, don’t hurt me, okay?” He looked genuinely frightened and you couldn’t help but smirk as you brushed past him and into the house.

It was a nice size, not too big and not too small. Everything was mostly tidy except for one small corner. A desk, littered with paper and coffee stains stood proudly and well used, a laptop was opened up and three empty mugs of coffee were surrounding the monitor. “So, you know Sam and Dean?” He asked.
“Yes.” You lied.
“Maybe I should call them…” he mumbled, reaching for his phone.
You watched as he took a sip of his fourth beverage.
“Hey, Sam…yeah…listen, I’ve got some kid at my door who claims to know you and she’s demanded to know why I’ve got a book series about your lives…I don’t know…okay…see you soon.” He put his phone down and glanced over to you, you were scanning his book shelf, all of his books were in order and pristine condition.

“They’re on their way…look, will you at least tell me your name?”

“It’s Y/N.” You mumbled, not looking away from the books.

In less than three hours there was a knock at the door. You looked up from your phone, pausing your music and taking out your headphones.

Two tall and muscular men walked in. One had broad shoulders, slightly longer brown locks, and soft eyes. The other had deep green eyes and shorter more spiked hair of the same hazel brown. They both had very similar dress sense: tartan shirts, jackets, jeans, and combat boots. Much like your outfit you noticed.

They looked you up and down, confusion spreading across their faces.
“Okay,” began the taller one “what’s happening here exactly?”
“I don’t really know.” Chuck admitted angrily, glaring at you.
“Well, we sure as hell don’t know you.” The shorter one declared, frowning suspiciously at you. “Yeah you don’t. And technically I don’t know you.” You agreed.
“So you lied to me!” Chuck cried out in frustration.
“People do that: welcome to the real world.” You huffed.

“So what exactly do you want?” The taller one asked.
“Answers.” You shrugged.
“Oh, do you hear that, Sam? The kid wants answers!” The shorter one -Dean, it had to be Dean- scoffed.
“I’m not a kid!” You spat.
“How old are you?” Sam asked.
“Sixteen.” You say.
“And you hunt?” Chuck interrogated.
“Yeah, problem?” You raise an eyebrow at him.

“You say you want answers, so ask some questions.” Sam dared.

“Okay, do either of you know who Y/M/N is?” You ask.
They share a look before shaking their head “Should we?” Dean asked.
“I guess not,” you sighed “she knew John Winchester though.”
“What’s your point?”
“She’s my Mum and John Winchester is my Dad. I’m your sister.”

You were sat in the hospital waiting for the results. After hours of you sitting in almost silence and watching the brothers argue you piped up with the idea of taking a blood test. You were almost amazed no one had thought of it sooner.

The Doctor walked in and the three of you stood up at exactly the same time. She smiled slightly at the sight. “Well?” Sam encouraged.

The Doctor nodded “She’s definitely family.”

Dean looked unsure of how to feel and Sam looked nothing but smug. You didn’t know how to feel. You’d always known you another family but you guess you’d had never had it scientifically confirmed or anything. Suddenly it felt so much more…real

You drove back to the sound of Dean’s music- you didn’t know whether you liked it or not at this point. 
Sam turned it down and swiveled slightly in his chair to face you. “So, you hunt right?” He asked, you caught Dean’s glance of disapproval in the rear-view mirror.
“Don’t look at me like that, I bet you were hunting at my age.” You huffed.

“That’s not the point, we were brought up differently.” He raised his eyebrows at you.

“Firstly, you don’t know that and secondly, be thankful you don’t have to teach me anything.” You smiled sarcastically.

“You’re not hunting, Y/N.” Dean tutted.

“Watch me.” You dared, leaning in in your seat.

Sam watched you two back and forth with amusement more than anything. Dean did a double take at Sam’s smile and frowned “What’s so funny?”

“You two, you’re already brother and sister.” He giggled and you couldn’t help but do so to.

“I’ve never had any siblings, this is how it’s done, right?” You ask jokingly.

“Oh yeah, you’ve got it.” He chuckled.

Dean was half way between smiling and frowning, still unsure of where to go with the situation.

When you arrived at what they called the Bunker you were more than excited, but you dimmed it a little in front of them. “This place is huge!” You cry, amazed at the sight.

“I thought you’d like it.” Sam grinned.

“Seriously, you could house half a city in here!” 

Dean laughed, maybe he’d let the whole no-hunting thing go for now. “Well,” Dean declared “I’m starving, takeaway?” He suggested.

“Sounds good, you okay with that, Y/N?” Sam turned to you.

“Yeah, i’ll eat anything.” You shrug.

When Dean left you saw your chance to ask Sam a few things “Hey, Sam?” You pipe up after having jogged round the house, exploring it’s hallways and many rooms, you were now hovering in the doorway of his room.

“Yeah?” He answered but his eyes never left his laptop screen.

“You guys are gonna let me hunt, right?” You frown.

He sighed, leaning back against the headboard and closing his laptop. You didn’t move.

“I don’t know…” 

You waited for him to elaborate.

“I don’t wanna see you get hurt, but you claim to know how to hunt so-”

“I can look after myself, my Mum was a good hunter and she trained me well. I know what I’m doing.” You say firmly and proudly.

He smiled, maybe even proud himself “Okay, I’ll think about it and talk to Dean tomorrow. Let’s just have a quiet night for now though, yeah?” He offered.

“Okay…thank you.” You smiled.

After a few seconds of silence you heard the door go and Dean call out “Food’s here!”

You spin round and follow the hallway to the main room. “Do you guys never get lost in here?” You mumble, checking your phone.

He chuckled lightly, unpacking the food “Nah, you get used to it pretty quickly.” He handed you your food and you thanked him before following Sam to the sofa. He flicked through the channels “You wanna watch anything?”

You shook your head “I never really watch TV, just put anything on.” You shrug.

Dean handed Sam a beer before seating himself to the right of you, Sam on the left. After an hour of a programme called Doctor Sexy, which you found a mixture of amusing and odd, you decided to hit the hay.

You cleared your stuff away in the kitchen  before mumbling a “Good night.” To your brothers.

“Night, Y/N.” Sam smiled.

“Don’t get lost!” Dean winked and you laughed.

“I’m not making any promises.” You retorted, heading round the corner to the room Sam had showed you.

It was nice and spacious, a little deprived of items and personalisation but you could soon change that. It had a bed in the right hand corner, a double bed you noticed, the covers were blue and checked-homely. There was a large wardrobe with a mirror to the left and a chest of draws by the door. You emptied your backpack and put away your things, keeping your gun in your bedside draw and clutching your Mum’s Hunting journal as the peacefulness of sleep dragged you away from reality.


Dedication: to the Navia fans I’m mutuals with, and just because I wanted to write them once! THIS DOES NOT MEAN I WILL KEEP POSTING NAVIA THINGS, to my other followers. I just wanted to try something new! :)
Pairing: Navia (Natsu x Juvia)
Fandom: Fairy Tail
College AU, Prompt: My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me.

I don’t really know if it’s Navia week yet or not, but I’m also going to tag this as Navia week because I’m not very likely to contribute anything else, unless I get a request. :)

EDIT: I’ve added a second part, by request!

Part 1  |  Part 2


When Juvia saw him through the crowd, her blood ran cold. It had been two years since he had dumped her, and she had fully expected never to see him again. She thought they had gone to different colleges, but seeing him slipping through the party in a Vermilion University t-shirt told her very differently.

And he was coming this way.

Cursing mentally, the blue-haired girl stumbled sideways as someone bumped her shoulder, and then shot her hand out to grab him by the arm.

“Hey!” he said, almost indignantly, raising a pink eyebrow at her. Dazedly, she stared at the messy pink locks on his head as she felt a slight blush rise to her cheeks. “I said, whaddaya want?!”

“Oh!” she only then realized he’d been speaking, and she turned red. “Juvia is sorry, she just…” out of the corner of her eye, she spotted her ex-boyfriend making a beeline to her. He had definitely seen her by now. “Please help Juvia! Her ex-boyfriend Gray is here and she wants to–”

“–Gray?” he asked in recognition. “Fullbastard?”

Juvia nodded quickly, and suddenly a plan started forming in her head. 

Gray had dumped her for back in high school for a girl that wasn’t interested in him. He had broken it off with Juvia just so that he wouldn’t lead her on anymore, and she really appreciated that, but she had only just started moving on and the slightest attention from him might make her turn back to him. She didn’t want that.

“Wanna get back at him?” the pink-haired man smirked down at her, and her heart fluttered oddly in her chest.

“J-Juvia does,” she said, almost breathlessly. “Would you help?”

“Hell yes!” 

With a strong arm–he must have been on a sports team, although she couldn’t decide which on–he pulled her to him by the waist and captured her lips with his.

Juvia entangled her hands in his hair, pulling herself flush against him as she heard him discard the cup of beer he’d been holding in order to cup the back of her neck. She gasped when he nipped at her lip, and suddenly she didn’t even care about the party, or about revenge, or anything. All Juvia cared about was the warm tongue exploring her mouth and the sudden desire to win the fight for dominance.

Her nails scraped his scalp as she drew herself closer, her tongue sliding against his as she tried, and failed, to gain victory. A warmth was growing in the pit of her stomach now, her skin heating up. 

His skin was like fire, and she didn’t want to stop kissing him.

They separated with a wet pop, breath intermingling as they breathed heavily, and he gave her a smirk as they both saw her ex staring dumbfounded between the two of them from about ten feet away.

“The name’s Natsu,” he whispered, voice husky, as he started to pull her back in.

“Juvia,” she breathed, tilting her chin up.

Overwatch Roommates AU: Coexisting (1/3)

Modern Roommates Au inspired by this post By @madame-lacroix

Featuring Gabriel Reyes and Amelie Lacroix.  

Hints of Reaper76, mainly WidowTracer.

Part 2 ->
Read on Ao3

“Ah…Mama…si….si pero uno momento…ay Ame!”

Amelie barely had time to drop the stack of books in her hands to catch the phone that was hurled at her from across the room, she hissed as some of the said books landed on her foot but she caught it and promptly flipped her new roommate off as he laughed and smooched at her.

Phone in hand, she cleared her throat and put on her thickest accent in her sweetest voice,”Bonjour Madam Reyes~”

Gabriel rolled his eyes into the sun as his mother on the other end of the phone squealed with joy,”Mija! Mi corezon it’s so good to hear your voice again”

Pushing aside the pile of clothes she was supposed to put away from the small couch, she flopped into it, readjusting the cell phone from one side to the other, deeming it now as break time.

“Good to hear you too, I’ve missed you”

“Ame’ I heard what happened. I’m so sorry are you alright?”

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