in whatever pairing u want!!


I wanted something low-stress to do some style exploration on so i did a mock VN with Suga !! ٩̋(ˊ•͈ ꇴ •͈ˋ)و Because I really love flower Suga !! plz imagine whoever you like to be the one talking to him!

The BG is a paint-over of an image marked as reusable on google. 

Been a while since I last stayed up all night working on a fanart ;u;

Kind of gave up on the background but whatever. I just like Mercury and Melanie here :3

Was also playing around with skewing and perspective shit on Photoshop, which… didn’t really help me at all but at least I know those functions exist now?

And yes, I cheated with lace and chain brushes, and neglected to reference Melanie [I sketched this at school I believe].
I do that fdjhguds

Re-sized 67% of original size.



Word count:

Summary: Basically, you work for shield and are on team Cap. Steve asks for your help confronting Bucky and get caught up in the stairwell chase, featuring BLACK PANTHER.

Steve’s shoulders bunched up as he inhaled sharply. He stood in front of you, looking down at a dog-eared notebook, examining the loose and fragile pages. The room you where in was bare and poor. A thin, spring mattress was pressed into a corner, a simple kitchen set was placed by the wall and that seemed to be it.

“Steve,” a raspy voice whispered from behind you. You jumped, turned and saw a raggedy man in a hoody and cap, his face was dirty and hadn’t shaven in a long time. He seemed to stare right through you and straight to Steve, who now stood facing him. Bucky.

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