in what world does that even make sense

the signs' specialties
  • aries: aggressive passive aggression. when they are upset, everything they touch becomes a weapon. slam the door even harder, i don't think the people ten streets down heard you clearly enough. it's best to let them cool down before confronting them about anything, should you need to.
  • taurus: careless words. it's not that they don't think before they speak, it's that they genuinely don't believe their words will affect you. when the damage is done, they often cannot - or will not - understand why what they said was hurtful, because it does not make sense to them in the scope of their world view.
  • gemini: ignoring you unintentionally. gemini are such quick thinkers that they sometimes can get carried away doing things they believe to be most important in that moment, leaving behind people and situations that might require their attention more than they think. a good part of the time, they don't even realize what's happened until someone brings it up, and it might be too late to apologize then.
  • cancer: selective memory. you may have been screaming at each other last night, but now they act like nothing happened. some cancers fail to realize that closure cannot come without talking about what transpired, and that sometimes apologies must be made. sitting on an ever-growing list of conflicts, no matter how quiet, will eventually affect you adversely. do not run.
  • leo: empty exuberance. it's alright to have emotions - unsavory ones, as well. it's part of being human, and feeling jealous or unhappy with something in your life isn't a crime: don't act happy for the sake of others around you, because you are good at it, and people will believe you do not need them. friends should not only see you at your happiest; smiling all the time will only hurt everyone more in the long run. you are allowed to rely on another person, and to cry.
  • virgo: impartiality. a large part of the gross misconception that virgos are usually emotionless or somehow psychologically shallow stems from their talent with balancing the conflicting ideologies people in their life hold, all without seeming ruffled or altered by it at all. their ability to rationalize does not mean they cannot feel, however, and once their trust and good favor is broken, it is near-impossible to regain. choosing to withhold an opinion does not mean it doesn't exist. virgos know this well.
  • libra: second chances. infuriatingly patient as they are, libras sometimes need a helpful nudge in the right direction when it comes to cutting ties with someone no longer healthy for them to be around. their tendency to believe the best of another person and to give the benefit of the doubt can work against them in these situations. though they do have their limits, it may take far too long to exhaust them.
  • scorpio: concealment. this is different from leo's cheerful veil of security. despite being forthright and intense people, scorpios can be difficult to read, and they take great pains to conceal the fact that they can be sensitive and highly empathetic - certainty is a must if they wish to know someone, but this habit of hiding things can hinder connections that would have flourished otherwise.
  • sagittarius: indecision. the downside to being filled with energy, creative or otherwise, is that it can go misdirected. an unfulfilled or unhappy sagittarius can do an immense amount of harm both to themselves and others, especially if they're focused on the wrong things, or a cause that doesn't truly satisfy them. there are times when the correct decision is doing nothing at all. you don't have to be occupied or active to be worth something. reflect on yourself instead.
  • capricorn: disregarding their own advice. even though capricorns have a very good idea of what everyone should be doing and when (and how, and how fast), their crippling sense of self-doubt often stops them from treating themselves like anyone else, and stalls their acquisition of the standards they wish to live up to. though they know what they should do, fear halts them. risk is a part of existing, and we must live with it.
  • aquarius: blatant snubbery. a jilted aquarius, or at least one who perceives they've been insulted or somehow deprioritized, can turn on their built-in acid factor rather easily - doubly so if they're convinced they're in the complete right. good observational skills and an intuitive sense of what makes people tick can turn them into some of the most unpleasant guilt-trippers. it won't work every time. you'll lose someone to this if you aren't careful.
  • pisces: insight. it doesn't do to dismiss pisces out of hand as being an airyheaded dreamer with no grasp of reality. they are often the sharpest people in the room, though their easygoing nature and willingness to wear their heart on their sleeve makes others mistakenly believe it is easy to take advantage of them. their innate sense of emotion can make them very suited to identifying tells: they have the potential to be some of the best manipulators.
The Nuka World Expansion Upsets Me So Much


For years, I have dreamed about a post-apocalyptic theme park. It was literally the #1 thing I wanted in a Fallout game. And Nuka World just sucks so much. 

It forces you to play an evil character if you want any semblance of a reward from it. Quests are standard, and they feel like nothing new. The new settlement sucks. You can’t ride any of the rides (seriously, what is up with that?). The actual layout of the park doesn’t make any god damn sense; if each land has a separate entrance does that entail that you have to pay for each land separate? If so that blows, and is even worse than what Disney World does. And it’s just so lack luster? I wish I could have just killed all the raiders, worked with the traders, and then worked with them to build the park back up. Seriously, you implement a whole new building feature in the game and you use it zero times in the actual park? What it up with that? Why? Why can’t a build anything? Bethesda why?

Kissing you. kissing you changed so much. it made me feel like I had more to live for, to experience. Does that make sense? When I kissed you it was like the world stopped and it was just you and me and I guess I will never truly be able to explain what I felt but it was different. A good kind of different. I felt so connected to a person, in so many different ways. Is that even possible? Like I was flowing through your veins. It made me feel safe, like I finally had something, someone who just wanted me whole, every flaw, every scar, every perfection, just the entire whole. Someone who was willing to hold me in their arms and think they were holding the most precious jewel they could have ever found. Someone they could share everything with and not feel threatened or scared that they wont love that person anymore and kissing you, that’s what kissing you made me feel and I can’t explain how wonderful it is to feel such a thing in life.
—  Lostinthewavesoftheocean

it just doesn’t make sense. why would a gay man, actively against queerbaiting, queerbait on one of the most popular shows in the world? why would he have nearly a whole cast of people basically in on this queerbaiting and hyping up and acting like a big “rug pull” would happen? why does none of this make sense? why did season 4 feel out of place, add stuff that doesn’t even add up, and basically change the whole course of the show? why does it feel so unecessary? what was mary’s real point in the show? why were many things added in this season at all? why aren’t loose ends all tied up? how did two writing styles change so drastically? how did they get so out of touch with bbc sherlock? when did “love conquer all?” 

I honestly can’t see Tina dropping everything to move to England or to travel around the world with Newt. NY is her home and it’s where she’s confident and successful. She may not really be happy, but she knows who she is there. She has a purpose and a place. And she has Queenie.

Newt and his creatures fill her with wonder, but it’s a fantasy world. I can’t see her giving up her real life to step into it. And if she did, I can’t see her really being fulfilled – she thrives on Auror work. She loves it even if she doesn’t always fit in. Being a magizoologist’s assistant won’t give her what being an Auror does. And it wouldn’t make sense for her to ditch a career that’s just starting to blossom.

I can’t see her being happy in England either. She already has a hard time following rules, and English culture is far more concerned with rules (at least that’s what I gathered when I visited) than American culture is. As much as she doesn’t quite fit in at MACUSA, I see her fitting in a lot less at the Ministry. And again, I can’t see her giving up her life in NY to move to a foreign country just for Newt.

We know these two get together eventually, but… how? And how many sacrifices need to be made, and by whom?

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what are youuur thoughts on the houses :)

Ok so there are lots of possibilities but personally these are mine that I feel are most fitting:
Veronica: Gryffindor. She’s extremely brave, going after JD in the boiler room, standing up to Heather and taking control of the school in the end, fighting off the guys who were attacking JD, and taking the bomb and being ready to sacrifice herself to save the school. she’s also really moral and always standing up for what’s right, even at her own expense. She basically always tries to do the right thing and make the world better. This could also be Hufflepuff, but I see it as more Gryffindor.
JD: Gryffindor or Slytherin. He’s really sneaky and cunning (tricking Veronica with the draino and bullets, building the bomb, etc) which would make him Slytherin. However, he’s also his own idea of brave, if that makes sense? He sees himself as courageous for doing what he does, he thinks he’s helping the world and doing the right thing and being selfless.
Heather C: Slyyyytheriiin. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t care who gets hurt to get it. She’s smart and knows how people work and how to manipulate people into doing what she wants.
Heather D: Ravenclaw, but she wishes she was a Slytherin and only hangs out with Slytherins bc she’s a huge wannabee lol.
Heather M: Hufflepuff. Even though she’s not the nicest person, she’s still really weak and naive and doesn’t really have the traits of any other house. She’s not brave or smart or cunning, so she wouldn’t fit in there.
Martha is a Hufflepuff, obviously. She’s like…just a marshmallow. Precious and simple lmao.

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Hope your mom feels better !!!! What are some world building holes you found in TOG or ACOTAR? I keep seeing people state that there are holes, but I've never seen posts that really clarify what ones they're referring to.

Thank you!! Okay, I can’t really speak to ToG much, but generally speaking with ACOTAR, here are some of the main questions I’ve seen come up:

- How does this world have modern amenities like indoor plumbing, but not electricity and gun powder? The gun thing especially seems to get people because - surely the humans have it? Why hasn’t it carried over to Prythian? Not all fae have magic, so guns would make sense for defense and war in certain areas? One I’ve recently noticed is that they have pens, not quills and ink even though I can’t really see a place like this having invented pens? I think for a lot of people, it just seems like SJM writes some modern stuff in and others out purely for the AestheticTM.

- Rhys is too overpowered especially compared to everyone else: he can fly, read minds, change and destroy minds, winnow, create basically anything he wants out of darkness (light, ropes, whatever), and mist people. Problems with this: one - how is that fair? two - why is there a war to begin with? Couldn’t Rhys just theoretically *mist* Hybern’s armies or Hybern himself and call it a day? Or break into their minds and change their orders? This brings up another problem…

- There seems to be no limitation on magic in Prythian. All magic has some kind of limit. Even ToG talks about having a burnout point. But Rhys seems to have magic in limitless quantities. Feyre too once she gets going. And the other High Lords. Spells and curses and magic chains can block power, but there is no natural barrier within magic keeping it in check. So it’s kind of surprising that the whole world hasn’t exploded yet from some kind of freak magic accident.

Those are the problems that come to mind off the top of my head and that I see most frequently. But if you want something more fleshed out and in depth and that likely will hit on other areas, I highly recommend shooting @valamerys an ask about it. She has some really great insights and is sort of the fandom go-to for world building issues in the ACOTAR books. :)

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Where do you see Bellamy and Octavia going from here? Do you still have hope for them?

meta chats with the smol potate

;; hiho my beeb!!! yis i do think there is hope for them. both bellamy & octavia have a lot of learning & growing to do. i think they have to be separated for now because they’re sculpting who they want to be & what beliefs about themselves && others they have. if they were to stay together, i think they’d both revert to their old unhealthy behaviors. it’s just far too ingrained in them to rely on each other. & that will never really go away. octavia cannot exist without her brother. regardless of how she actively acts towards him, she does NOT want him to die. a world without her brother in it does not make sense to her. & we see time && time again that she worries for his safety, even if he doesn’t see her do so.

an important thing to take notice of is that for all intensive purposes, bellamy is octavia’s father. && that learned behavior & power dynamic is shifting the more she grows up & becomes an adult herself. the age of like 15-18 is when adolescence spikes, changing the brain chemistry of the child in general. hormones are flying & to add on top of that the fact that octavia is experiencing life, people, cruelty, etc. for the first time when she’s 16, her reactions to things are going to be even MORE dramatic. 

she never learned that people could be more than one color. it’s a very black & white, childlike way of thinking. because she was never given the opportunity to grow & understand humans as complex dynamic beings. she’s very much this person is all good or this person is all bad kindof like in little kid fairytales. it’s a simplified version of how humanity works to teach kids the stepping stones. but as you get older & have interpersonal communication, an average person develops the understanding that all people are many different colors with many different facets. she’s JUST NOW learning this, though.

&& this translates to her relationship with bellamy. she always saw him as goodness, as this heroic icon that can do anything. because for the majority of her childhood, he was. he could do No Wrong. so when this image of her bellamy is tarnished, the moment that they land on earth, she can’t compute it. 

she doesn’t understand that there are Many Selves. the self around your family, the self around strangers, the self around your friends, & the self when you’re alone. because she’s only really ever had alone & family. & when she’s alone, she’s just waiting for bellamy to come back so she can be the self that she sees as her norm.

now though, they’re finally learning how to be SIBLINGS, with equal standing. where one isn’t in power over the other. people that rely on each other but don’t put their self worth in the opinion of the other. 

but this takes time & mistakes. & it’s going to take octavia to realize that one person is not all good nor is a person all bad. 

&& to solidify those new behaviors, they have to find that within themselves first in their own way. & then come back together. octavia is learning slowly that she cannot put all her blame & hatred on her brother. & that she’s responsible for HERSELF. && bellamy is going through this lesson as well.

bellamy does not give octavia enough credit due to his own anxiety. & octavia reverts back to being needy when he’s around. this is why she ices him out SO VIOLENTLY. because she only understands the world in extremes. either she NEEDS him to live, or she doesn’t want to need him AT ALL.

she needs to learn to find her self-worth within herself. it was difficult on the ark, seeing as when bellamy was gone, she’d get lost in her own mind && go stir crazy. but when he was there, she was happy & excited & full of life because it meant she was able to share her existence with someone. she learned to equate that happiness with him as a person.

at some point, i really do think bellamy is going to give her the credit she needs & see her as the smart, strong, able-minded ADULT that she’s forging herself into. his image of her will change with time. she’s not the small baby that he held in his arms anymore. && he’s not the person that’s going to ‘save her’.

tldr; they’re both traumatized nerds that needs some therapy & hugs. but they gon be aight.

Imagine ... Your Best Friend Paul Imprints On You But Doesn't Tell You Because You already Have A Boyfriend

Danny, how do I even begin to describe him …

he’s independent and willful; he does what he wants when he wants; he doesn’t follow trends, they follow him; he often looks scruffy, but hip; he’s not looking for trouble, but there’s a sense of danger about him.

Then there’s my best friend in the whole entire world, Paul …

He’s the person who makes you smile, laugh and be yourself around the most, he treats me like family and is really proud of me no matter what I do, he texts me in the morning and at night just to check I’m alright . We watch movies together whilst eating loads of junk food, then we talk about everything and anything for hours on end, I could trust him with anything.

There was never anything romantic between me and Paul, that is until a few weeks ago. I felt really bad doing this to Danny but then yesterday I found him making out with Lindy Martin behind the bike shed, Paul didn’t know about this yet but all I wanted to do was tell him. For the past few weeks all I have been thinking about is Paul but then I realised, there’s a risk in falling for your best friend.

He’s always there for me, always reliable. We tell each other everything from our relationships to family problems to stress from school. We are always seen together. I mean that’s what best friends are for right? I’m comfortable with him, trust him, love him. maybe even die for him.

Once you fall for your best friend, there’s no telling what could happen. What if he feels the same? Then, there’s always the danger of breaking up and ruining the friendship. What if he doesn’t feel the same? There’s the danger of having the awkwardness between us. I’d lose my best friend either way … That’s why I’m scared of getting attached to him.

Obviously I hadn’t told Danny about this, in fact I haven’t told anyone about this. I’d usually tell Paul but that was out of the question. Paul had been acting strangely lately, he hadn’t been at school for the past week and whenever I tried to go round and see him he would always be out. I was worried, worried I might be losing my best friend. I needed to talk to someone, find out what was going on. I’d have to go and talk to Jacob he was the only one who knew Paul like I did, I’d go tomorrow.




Today was the day, I was going to talk to Jacob about Paul. Luckily - unlike Paul - Jacob was at home today and he welcomed me in to his homely little house with open arms. Billy was at Charlie’s today, probably watching a game, this made it much easier to talk to Jacob

“Y/N, I haven’t seen you in ages! What’s up? Is everything okay? Talked to Paul lately?” although Jake was always over enthusiastic whenever he talked to anyone, today he seemed different his jolliness had a nervous edge to it, like he was trying to hide something. Also, why did he bring up Paul? It was as if he knew Paul was the reason I’d come and seen him.

“Actually that’s why I’m here. I haven’t talked to or seen Paul lately, it’s really worrying me, you haven’t heard from him have you?”

“Ugh … No … I haven’t seen or talked to him … maybe you should go check his house again,” Jake was lying, I knew that even before he’d started speaking. Whenever Jake lied he rubbed the back of his neck nervously with his right hand, also he’d made a very obvious mistake which I think he just figured out he had made.

“What do you mean ‘check his house again’? I never told you I was going to see if he was home everyday” I was beginning to get angry, why was Jake keeping Paul from me and worst of all why was he lying about where Paul was?

“I never said that, what … what are you talking about?” That was the last straw not only was Jake lying to me but he was trying to make out like I was hearing things as well.

“JAKE! I need to know where Paul is, okay! There is something really important I need to tell him and I swear if you try and get in my way I will personally rip your head off…” Jake was sniggering at me and smiling, why was he smiling? Did he think this was funny? Maybe he thought the idea of me ripping his head off was a joke, but believe me it was no joke. Tears were welling up in my eyes and after about 5 seconds they were rolling carelessly down my cheeks. Jake suddenly stopped laughing and was staring at me, a sorry look in his eyes, he was about to speak but I had something to say to him first.

“You know what … Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won’t judge you. This person is your soul mate, your best friend, that person is Paul and I will never let him go, Never!” I was bumbling like a baby by now and I could imagine how puffy my eyes must look but I didn’t care. Out of nowhere Jake had scooped me up in his arms and was holding me close, then he whispered in my ear something that made my day,

“He loves you too” I couldn’t believe my ears he actually loved me. The rest of that night Jake told me about the pack and about how members of the pack could imprint on someone, he told me that they couldn’t live without each other and that we were destined to be together. Jake also told me that Paul was coming round his in the morning and that I could stay with him until Paul turned up, I was so excited and had so many questions that I stayed up all night talking to Jake about the pack, I couldn’t wait till morning, I’d get to tell Paul I feel the same way and that I love him, I really do love him …

Part Two Coming Soon Guys, Hope You Enjoy This And Don’t Forget To Send In Any Imagines You Have, It Will Be A Privilege To Write Them xx

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Do you think Kenya will ever come to believe Satoru about Revival? Or is Satoru just satisfied with knowing Kenya wants to and how much Kenya respects/cares for him?

I don’t really think Kenya will ever really believe Revival is real. Which is not to say he doesn’t believe Satoru: it’s more like a “I know you think that’s what happened” and believing that Satoru believes it. But it’s kind of insane as a concept, and it’s very easy to imagine that Satoru’s comatose brain needed to cope with the trauma by creating a world where he was never hurt – even if it meant that Kayo/Hiromi/Aya died.

I don’t think Satoru holds it against him, though. It is kind of insane, and Kenya’s reasoning just… makes sense? It’s hard to fault him for not believing something that sounds like science-fiction. That said, clearly Satoru does long for someone to believe him a little, since he looked relieved when Yashiro said he believed. So, while I think Satoru wants Kenya to believe him, he doesn’t fault him for not.

The only way I can see Kenya believing him about Revival is somehow seeing it in action? Like if Satoru stopped mid-sentence and suddenly rushed off without warning, preventing something he couldn’t have known about. But Satoru said in the epilogue that Revival hasn’t come back, so who knows if/when that would happen.

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Hey, I guess you are bored with a questions about Octavia, you've got a lot of them lately, but I just wanted to ask you do you like her more now, when her world have fallen apart, and she finally has to realize who she IS actually without being the girl under the floor, or Bellamy's sister, or Lincoln's girlfriend like you said, or you dislike her even more now and her development, because most of the fandom does.

I neither dislike her nor like her more yet. I’m waiting to see what happens with her character, what kinds of choices she makes, how she treats people, what sense she makes of her own failures, if she takes responsibility, how she makes up with her brother.

Bellamy doesn’t need her forgiveness. Her forgiveness will not change how he has recognized his wrong doing, made amends, changed his ways. But Octavia needs to forgive him, for herself. 

The whole concept of forgiveness they’ve been exploring is really interesting. When Bellamy and Clarke gave each other forgiveness, and it didn’t do a damn thing for either of them? Forgiveness is not for the person who did wrong, it’s for the person who was wronged. 

Redemption is for the person who did wrong. It’s them making up for what they did and learning from it and growing.

So hey. Look at it this way. I find this Octavia story INTERESTING. What is happening here is important, and I feel that both positions, whether stanning her and absolving her of any responsibility or hating her and wanting her to die, are keeping people from actually watching the story that is HAPPENING. I’m waiting to find out what I think about her until I see who she becomes.

WHAT she becomes.

I thought it interesting that Bellamy said, “I don’t know what she is….” Not sure what it means yet but it means something. 

To Len, Barry is sunlight. He is the smell of coffee on a brisk autumn morning; the feeling of cuddling up in front of a fire during a snowy winter evening. He is falling into a soft, warm bed after a hard days work; a beacon of hope when the world is against him. He is the pride when he does something good, meaningful; the heat when lips press against his own.

Barry is all of this and more. Most importantly, Barry is home, safety and love.

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💚- A memory that makes them feel guilty

💚- A memory that makes them feel guilty

He just shakes his head and sighs before shutting the door to his father’s office. Another day and his conversation with him had gone rather well- that is, until he brought up wanting grandkids once again. 

He couldn’t get angry at him, Steven’s father did suffer from loneliness ever since his mother died. Now with his own son distancing himself and cherishing as much freedom as  he could, the old man was just lonely. 

It made Steven feel a sense of guilt and pity for him. He loved his father and cherished each moment with him, but he also couldn’t not please him with the idea of entertaining future young heirs. 

I don’t even know what I want… does that make me selfish? Is it wrong to not know what I truly want in the world? I don’t think it is, but disappointing father would make me feel bad. I care… I really do… but I don’t want to disappoint him. Not now, not ever. 

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I wanted to ask about what dependency on routines means specifically. Which forms does it take? Because I don't have like a lot of routines (I go to school and collapse in my bed afterwards) and can usually even do things spontaneusly. I am also not conciously upset at huge changes in routine but I do notice that it takes it's toll as I become even more exhausted than I usually am and usually get really anxious and depressed. Is that how it shows? How else does it prestent? Am I making sense?

“what does dependency on routines mean specifically?“

Some autistic people depend on routines to give them a sense of consistency and predictability in an otherwise confusing and ever-changing world. The reason why is because it’s already hard for them to cope with most things that every day life throws at them, so if there’s a certain schedule to follow every day or a routine that you can count on, it takes away the stress of having to figure out how to cope with what’s happening.

“Which form does it take?“

Some people may react with aggression, some may react with tears, another person may react with becoming extremely withdrawn and, like you said, exhausted and anxious. it all depends on the person and their ability to cope.

“can it present itself in the form of becoming anxious and depressed?” (not exactly how you worded it but this is the easiest way for me to answer)

yes, it definitely can. from what you describe, you do seem to have some problems with change. even if you don’t seem upset by the change to yourself, you still can be. some autistic people have trouble recognizing their emotions unless they’re extreme. I’m a little distracted, so sorry if it’s jumbled. I hope you have a nice day, anon <3

I read this week’s chapter of bnha. Here are a few of my opinions:

- I think I get what Nighteye’s quirk really is. When his quirk was first introduced, I thought it was more like being able to predict what a person will do. Now I know it’s more like seeing into a person’s future, which even in this world’s universe to me sounds impossible. I mean seeing what someone could or would do makes sense, but seeing what will happen to someone sounds impossible. Trying to figure out what someone does takes a lot of thought and strategy to it, but being able to see someone’s future sounds almost supernatural even by this world’s rules and standards. I mean, a lot of other quirks seen could be explained (portals=portals are possible things in any universe, antigravity=some kind of magnetism? creation=the human body has a lot of elements in it to work with, mind control=some form of telekinesis or enhanced power of suggestion?) but seeing the future just doesn’t have any scientific or logical explanation. I don’t know exactly. What does anyone else think?

- I loved the color spread. I loved seeing the the best buds (Deku, Ochako, and Iida) together in their hero costumes just standing together. They really look like heros. I’m so proud of them.

- I’m so glad Ochako, Tsu, and Kirishima got student internships as well. I feel like they want to advance and be more like Deku. My children are growing up to be so strong. I’m so proud of them.

- What is the girl of the big 3 (Nejire I think her name was? Or at least her hero name? Sorry I’m not good with names) quirk? Some kind of fire/energy based quirk? She mentioned charge output before she subdued those 2 giants fighting.

- I wonder what Suneater’s quirk is? Maybe something like Tokoyami’s?

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Jackson deserves so much more love cuz he's the only member that constantly gets hate for no reason. I'm sick of all these antis coming at him but not other members that's not right. Jackson's the sweetest boy in the world and people treat him like this I'm so done. This fandom is really becoming a Jackson hater fandom. They all love the others but not Jackson and I don't how much I can take. I might just quit being an igot7 and just be a Jacky like a lot of his Chinese fans that only stan him.

Jackson does deserve so much more then he get and the hate that he receives is baseless and ugly and makes no sense and I don’t understand where it comes from or what it is for when he is truly such an amazing person like look at him he is so sick that he passed out and was taken to the hospital but still participated in that fan meeting like he was 100% he gives his fans the world but some can’t even give him basic respect😒And tbh “fans” that sit and hate on Jackson can not be classified as fans like we don’t claim them they are uglies and categorized with the uglies and fakes not ahgase
now im not coming for you my love and I completely understand your frustration with the current state of things with Jackson haters in Im just a little confused though as to where your coming from when you say you wanna start only stanning Jackson I get feeling like dropping the fandom would be a solution to not having to deal with all the hate that has made it way it to it not wanting to deal with the hateful fans but dropping the other members and only stanning him idk how that is helpful to the issue at hand?? It’s that got1 not #7ornever7ornothing mentality that causes this hatefulness in the first place…

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i have no idea if this is right or what this is for but. jamie is jamie he's so ?? good and bright and even if he's not wearing one of his neon jumpers he just lights up wherever he is with warmth and i'm pretty sure just his smile for a single second could heat the entire world forever and his laugh i mean. i'm not sure how everyone who has heard jamie's laugh didn't just burn to death because of how warm and bright it is but it does make sense tho bc after all he is the sun. and even if it’s a

bad pun or something that doesn’t make any sense to anyone else but him every single joke he makes is actual genius he’s just so funny in such an individual way i mean no one makes me laugh as much as he does it’s just so. jamie. and the emotion that he has is so ?? the way this boy feels and the way he expresses it and everything he thinks and every emotion he has is just incredible, i know that everyone is different but no one can compare to him. no one can compare to how thoughtful and loving

and caring and respectful and funny and kind and cute and adorable and i n c r e d i b l e he simply is without even trying. everything about him just makes me so happy and honestly if i could just be with him forever i. don’t think i’d ever get sad at all. he really is like the sun in practically every single way. and don’t even get me started on his face because. it is actual perfection and i will start to cry because i miss him and i just want to see that face right now. but yeah. that him.

jklefh well well wellwelwkelwwle I’m just. wtf you actually make me sound great im. what the fuck

this is so fweoh if i wasn’t basically asleep id reply with something just as Mmph but I’m just. meled ily

iewfe leo pls

This blog immediately unfollows for Dean hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯