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Your sidebar says that you're taking prompts!!! I'm so excited!! Can you write a Tony Stark after Civil War story? He's got no one now (except for Rhodey, god bless him), and he has to face the Rouge Avengers for some reason (maybe a pardon for them?), and they are incredibly mean to him. They snap at him, yell at him, treat him like shit. All of them. Rhodey puts an end to it when Tony can't handle it anymore and REALLY starts crying.

So far, the entire meeting has been a mess of Tony white-knuckling it through to the end and wishing for a drink he won’t have.

It’s the first time he’s had to talk to them personally, face-to-face. They’ve been in contact through intermediaries for six months now, but as the de-facto head of the Avengers, Tony has to be there for kicking off this process of re-instating them. No one asked his opinion on that, which is probably a good thing.

He’s held his tongue and kept the meeting going. Professional, calm. Cool. Concerned about the fate of the world.

Tony can take a few hits where they matter.

But it’s not easy. Maybe it’s being a year out of practice of taking said hits. Going soft, his new team around him. Maybe it’s the stress.

“Alright, but signing is a non-negotiable part of this deal,” Tony points out. “We can talk more amendments if that’s on your mind, but the fact of the matter is that the UN doesn’t trust your team without a signature saying you’ll play by the rules. It’s non-optional.”

“Because Stark always gets his way, right? Even if he has to break up a team, chase people out of their goddamn home, threaten to lock them up, and brow-beat them into it first.”

Tony blinks, takes a deep, shuddering breath, and continues. “You can take that up with the UN, I suppose. As far as your equipment–”

“That you stole–”

That I built, Tony wants to scream, hundreds of hours of sweat and tears and sometimes literal blood going into equipment they misused, didn’t appreciate. Certainly didn’t appreciate the creator.

The next breath is shakier. “They’re prepared to offer you loans of it once your name hits the page, and–”

“That belongs to us.”

“It doesn’t,” Rhodey says, speaking up for the first time in several minutes. He pushes himself to stand, a slow, laborious process. “It belongs to its creator, who lost sleep over it, gave up his own time and money to build it. Who you’ve disrespected again and again, and if it were up to me, I’m letting you know we wouldn’t be having these talks now. Unfortunately I don’t control the universe and have to contend with what’s coming. Now. We’re calling a break. See you tomorrow.”

Rhodey strong-arms Tony out of the room, no small feat considering he insisted on wearing his braces despite the fact that they still need a lot of work. Still, Tony goes willingly enough, more out of shock than anything else. Numbness.

“You okay, Tones?”

“No,” Tony says honestly. His therapist would be proud to hear the honesty, but if there’s anyone who will allow it, it’s Rhodey. Always, Rhodey.

“Yeah, no shit. Dumb question. What can I do?”

“Just…wait it out with me.”

Someone pulls a car around for them and Rhodey puts up the privacy partition right away, then opens his arms. “C'mere.”

Tony’s breath is shallow and broken, shuddering. “Christ,” he mumbles.


Tony wants to laugh but it sounds too wet, too broken. Rhodey squeezes him.

“I can go back and yell at them.”

“The universe doesn’t bow to our whims.”

“That mean no yelling?”

“Unfortunately.” Tony holds for a moment. “At least not until this is done.”

“I’ll save it up then. Make it a good one.”

Tony does manage to laugh a bit that time.

I need to talk about Kid a bit

Yes movie 19 inspired me but like, I’m constantly trying to rationalize why he’s just so damn popular. I mean, what makes me so excited to see him appear, to defy reality and interact with the cast?

I’ve mused on it for a while and came up with a few personal, meta reasons why he’s a recipe for success.

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Pickle Rick review

Stop digging for hidden layers and just be impressed!

Depicting therapy in narrative is a tough line to walk, because it kind of does a writer’s job but from the other end. It spells out conflicts and relationships that narrative tends do more artfully, articulated through action, dialogue or clever juxtaposition rather than outright explaining why Character A is the way Character A is. But if done well, it can be a great way to really get to the inner workings of a character and see how they react to being confronted with how they act from an impartial source who understands them at their level.

One thing I think this episode does really well is really spelling out how maintaining relationships is a form of labour. And that’s a weird thing for some people to grasp, but it’s true. It’s work. Think of it like living in a village where everyone has a turn ploughing a field.  Some people can do it incredibly well, to the point where it becomes effortless and ceases to feel like labour. They cannot wait to wake up in the morning, plough some dirt into rows and sow seeds. Some people find it difficult, but have found ways to do it in a way that suits them. Maybe they find the town plough-mule too temperamental and they use the town ox to draw the plough instead, or they do it at a time of day that suits them. But when you do it right and the work is done, you and everyone around you benefits from a bountiful harvest.

And then you have the people who, when it is their turn, don’t show up, or they insist on doing it in a way that is incredibly painful to them because that’s what they think makes sense in their mind. Or they could just starve. Or turn to other avenues…maybe I’m starting to get why family counsellors make great coprophagia therapists in this universe. Rick and Beth think themselves superior for avoiding that labour, or doing it in a way that feels right to them but from the outside is incredibly unhealthy, but still justifying to themselves that their relationship still functions. Or as Dr Wong puts it, they “use intelligence to justify sickness”.

Rick, ever the scientist, cannot accept the world the way it is and strives to change it to suit him wherever necessary. Failing that, he escapes. He can abandon one daughter, he can do it again, again and again across multiple universes. He has habituated so well to dealing with his problems in absurdist, science fiction ways that he’s forgotten how to use the plough the old fashioned way. He doesn’t know how to do the work because he considers it beneath him, and he tricks himself into thinking that it’s better the way he does it. But what scares him the most is that he is just like everybody else. He can make himself a pickle, or a tiny human, or anything else he can think of, but it’s still his mind in his body, and it runs on the same circuitry as everyone else.

And Beth completely buys into Rick’s myth and in turn what it says about her, that if Rick is brilliant scientist with more important things to care about, then what does that say about her? What does that say about him? As Dan Harmon has explained her in an AMA about the show:

We know that kids blame themselves for their parents breaking up, that’s pretty standard psychology. But from there, we have different mechanisms for coping with the blame. And one of the strategies we see people employ, in the face of an absentee parent, is a deification of the parent that takes LESS responsibility. Beth thinks her dad is better than her mother because her dad had the brain and guts to leave her.

That’s really, really fucked up.

Rick’s daughter is more fucked up than Rick, and fucked up because of Rick.

Beth has built up a number of defensive mechanisms when she’s challenged about this. She is tries to deflect to her children or to justify Rick’s actions as symptomatic of the whole family rather just to her. But the thing is, she’s setting an example for them, and she learned from the best.

This leads to one of the most brilliant semiotic portions of the show. In that office, Beth literally holds the power to turn her father human, to stop seeing him as a brilliant scientist and acknowledge him as the emotionally toxic person he is. And the great tragedy of it all is, when she finally does turn him back human, it’s an afterthought. They’re in the car, literally driving away from that revelation, already trying to deny and misconstrue Dr. Wong’s words to protect themselves from having their relationship dynamic questioned, despite the gentle protestations of Morty and Summer. They can’t maintain and clean their system, so they let the bile build up inside them and call that “working” instead. You can fight the rats all you want, but sooner or later, you have to eat shit.

Episode MVP: Like, Jaguar was cool and all, but I have to stick to my guns and go with Doctor Wong dropping those truth bombs.

Favourite bit character: I want to know what that Concerto guy’s deal is, if only cause I have a thing for musical or sound-gimmick characters in general.

Best joke: “Jaguar is an animal. You’re an intelligent pickle. We can do business”.

Final Rating: 9 out of 9 grapples

How Rare, How Beautiful

A/N: i s2g i could not get to sleep last night because i was thinking about space so hard.  i had to get it out. Also does anyone want to play guess the song?

The sand meets your back as you lie down, a mattress of dust and leftover heat. The stars that spread out above reflects in the still waters below.  

It is you and space. There is nothing else, nothing to disturb this. The moon peers down upon its fragile clone in the water, a set of twins. Venus hovers beside it, though it’s not right there, really.  How strange that it is closer than the sun and bigger than the moon, appears to be a mere speck of light.  You are a speck, too. You can understand.

So much inky blackness, so much darkness. And beams of light.  They burn and dance billions of lightyears away from you. It’s possible, not plausible, that some might be dead. Yet they last. They will last until they don’t.

How sad that so few will notice.

Feet crunch against the mattress and you look up to see a new beam of light silhouetted against the inky black darkness. His hair defies gravity and almost disappears into the dark. Stars reflect in his blue eyes, and it occurs to you that this is what the sky would look like if daytime and stars could find common ground.

“It’s beautiful tonight,” he says, his tone hushed. As if his words could shake the stars out of alignment.

“Hey, Dan.”

He smiles at you, a smile that reminds you of a belt of stars. Aligned almost perfectly, not quite.  He comes to sit down next to you, elbows propped on his knees. “What’re you doing out here?”

“Needed to get away.” You gaze up at the sky. You don’t need to look at him. It is a symphony and masterpiece of sounds and sights to stare at the stars and hear his voice.

They go hand-and-hand, Dan and the sky.

“When we all go back to the city, we won’t get this anymore,” he says, voicing the one thing you’ll miss about the lakeside cabin.

“That’s why I’m here,” you reply.

You feel him smile at you.  “Me too.”

Like this vacation, Earth has an end. A point at which you have seen everything, know everything.

Out there, the word “end” does not exist.

“Think about this,” you start, putting your hands against the sky you will never touch, “You know how they say compared to space, we’re all flecks of dust?”

“Yeah.” This infiniteness seems to have stolen Dan’s words.

You point up at the inky black darkness and the beams of light that possibly but not plausibly might be dead. “That’s the real speck. Those stars are just clusters. That’s it. The moon, the stars, Venus and the other planets, the sun, all of it. One sprawling speck of dust.”

“Compared to everything else out there.”

You nod, taking comfort in the feeling of smallness saying this brings you.

Space gives you a lot of strange comforts, you admit.

“Have you ever heard about nebulas? The dragon and the butterfly and God’s eye?” you ask. Now that you look at him, there is a new constellation, and it’s made out of the freckles across his cheeks. The dimples in his cheeks are the tails of comets, bright and deep.

“I have, yeah,” he answers.

“I see those, how perfect they look, how they resemble dragons and butterflies more than anything, and I think: What if the universe is alive?” You’ve always worried that you would sound stupid when you finally decided to voice this.  But, after all, it’s Dan. A sprawling speck of dust himself.

“Alive?” he repeats, as though it’s something worth considering.

“Yeah. Living. Moving. Like us, but not really.  What if it creates all this because it wants someone to see it—but not just see it, more like, know it’s alive and it’s out there and creating all this artwork of stardust to make itself known?”

Dan pours over this. You can hear it in his silence. “That sounds like an excellent explanation.” Then he sighs. “One day, I’d like to make music that sounds like—like the universe. That sounds like space.”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but science doesn’t sound like space. If anything could sound like space, it would be music.” You don’t know if you’re making sense, but one look at Dan says it makes sense to him.  And somehow, that’s all that matters.

“Does space ever scare you?” he asks. “We’re never going to see everything that’s out there.”

You cock your head as you assess each twinkling speck in the sky. “That makes me sad,” you say, “but it doesn’t scare me.”

He glances sideways at you, poses another question. “And it’s bigger than anything. The word big just doesn’t go along with space.”

You grin at him. “That comforts me, actually.”

His day-and-star-truce eyes widen. “Really? Now you’re weird.”

Laughing, you poke his side. With a sigh, he reclines onto the sand with you, closer than he was before. A planet inching its way out of its orbit. Chaotic, but there is order and reason behind it, somehow. A simultaneous, extreme opposite.

“Maybe I am.” You shrug, staring into his face. His face of no inky black darkness, only light—the kind that won’t die. Not possible. Not plausible.

“Why does it comfort you?” he asks. “I really want to know.”

“Because there is no end. Doesn’t that mean something good? There are countless possibilities. All contained in this universe that has no room for nothing.” You’re positive that makes no sense at all. It’s not a constellation of a sentence. Each word is its own star out of alignment.

Dan’s face softens in a way that resembles a star twinkling up above.  He rolls over on his side, a planet on a collision course with another. Gravity has warped.

He understands you, knows the name of every star in the galaxy of your voiced thoughts.

You touch the sprawling speck of dust, sweeping your thumb across the constellations, feel the comets in your palm when he smiles.  The day-star-truce pins to your inky black darkness. The planet is pulling you into its own version of gravity.

“You know what’s beautiful?” you ask.

He smiles, waits.

“I think it’s truly beautiful that we even exist.” There are so many stars left in you, but this constellation is perfect. You leave it alone.

His hands are nebulas, of stardust and colour, as they curve around your neck, tugging you closer to his gravity.  The day-star-truce flutters closed, and the planets touch.

It’s just a kiss.  But now your living universes meld into one. His lips are what the core of a star must feel like, hot and untouchable and bursting from its shape. This galaxy is small and insignificant but it is there like all the others, and it consists of two people and their universes, a land of sand below, a world of specks of dust above, and this kiss of stars.

The inky black darkness is in your hands, soft and thick between your fingers.

Then he pulls away, a planet wanting to return to his own orbit.  The universe cannot compare to the no-room-for-nothingness you see on his face.

“I hate to ask,” he says, his hand of stardust and colour against your cheek, “but I want to hear you say all that again. I would’ve written it down, but I forgot a pen.” The planet shrugs and you feel yourself spinning on your axis.

“I’ll tell you everything,” you say, “but I’m not sure I could say it again like that.”

“Nothing is as infinite as words,” he says.  “And I think you’re right.”

“About what?”

“Everything,” he admits, then gets to his feet. Extends a hand. Stardust.  Color. He helps you stand. “But mostly—how beautiful it is to exist.”

Your infinities and constellations are beautiful when he holds them.

“And rare,” you add, and turn towards the speck of dust that is the cabin.  “Rare and beautiful.”

“To me,” he says, “even more rare and beautiful that anything in the universe.”

You shrug. “Maybe. Maybe.”

You walk across the sand towards the cabin. Space behind you, above you, and beside you.

“Next time, we’ll talk about aliens,” you say. When he laughs, you take his hand, letting planets collide, universes forge, galaxies combine. “I mean, you can’t convince me that this universe was meant for just one minuscule group of people.”

“No,” Dan agrees, and when he smiles at you, it crosses your mind that maybe space isn’t as cold as they make it out to be.  “But I’d like to believe the universe was created just to be seen by your eyes.“

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How did everyone react to seeing genderbend them?

Interesting question… I personally hate gender bending (unless it’s Adventure Time) but voltron crew may find it intriguing…
I actually don’t know what gender would be gender bendered Pidge. Would anything even change?
But can you imagine gender bendered Zarkon?? Especially considering his original incarnation had own a cat. He would be that cranky old lady with a cat and the whole Universe at her feet (feet in socks like that woman in “Tom and Jerry”). She would knit and demand tea and talk to her cat, telling stories about that other cat she used to have (Black) but it choose to run away. And play Bingo and Domino (only the dominos would be planets and bingo fields galaxies) Lots of jewelry on her fingers, wrists and galra ears. And theater glasses on stick while she has to take a closer look at sth.

Young K - Hunt.

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Request: Hi! Can I please ask for a Songfic with the song Hunt and uh Brian/Young K? :)

Genre: University!AU, fluff and a hint of spice.

Word count: 1366.

The boy sitting behind you is the most perfect person you’ve ever known. He has excellent grades and his music club is famous even outside university. On top of that he’s friendly and attractive. Due to him being so popular, you never considered that you could be anything more than acquaintances.

It all started at the beginning of this term when he had missed the first class but attended the second one, taking a seat behind you. You didn’t pay much attention to him in the beginning but before the class started, you felt someone tapping on your shoulder. You turned around and you were faced by his smile. “Hey, can you tell me what you did last class? I couldn’t attend yesterday.”

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Fringe: Walter Bishop [ENTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Walter literally made a living coming up with new, innovative ideas with Dr. Bell. They worked on endless experiments together, directed at everything from generating telepathic children to crossing into alternate universes. He often leapt headfirst into these experiments, without pausing to consider the emotional, social, or emotional impact beyond the great endless possibilities they present; anything new, ingenious, or inventive excites him – because he constantly seeks bigger, better, more ingenious ideas. Nothing stumps him for long, because he can creatively turn on a dime and try a totally different tactic to achieve a result. He instinctively knows things about people, often seeing what they’re unaware of (he sees Olivia and Peter’s feelings for one another before they do).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He questions how everything works, and is never satisfied with the information right in front of him. Walter wants to know how life itself works, and how to manipulate it for the results he is searching for. He considers and dismisses material based on its principles and possibilities; he is forever seeking to understand the world around him and improve on it. His pure logic allows him to foresee and solve future problems, as well as makes him a brilliant inventor, and mathematician.

Extroverted Feeling  (Fe): Walter struggles to grasp his own emotions and to share them with others. He does, however, care enough to protect those he lives, and tries hard to amend for his past mistakes. Under pressure, he can also adapt to whatever others need him to be – a loving father, a kind friend, and a child-pleasing professor. His ideas about emotions are sometimes eccentric (being insulted that Peter is eating hamburger in front of his pet cow); he can be quite emotional at times, and it’s hard for him to face Olivia’s anger what his experiments did to her in childhood.

Introverted Sensing (Si): His past is frequently referenced when trying to solve problems in the present. Many things he works on remind him of similar conversations and experiments he ran with Bell in the 80’s. He often gravitates toward things from his past that give him comfort (music, former belongings, his old equipment), particularly in times of stress, but his lack of attention to detail, his inability to understand how reality works, and his characteristic “whims” mean a lot of his ideas backfire in world-shattering ways.

Leverage x Harry Potter Crossover

Shout out to @beatrice-babe​ for helping me create this! And for getting me into leverage!

Note: This is more leverage taking place in the Harry Potter universe than anything more with Harry Potter

Words: 900+

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-Hardison is a Gryffindor all the way cause he is always ready to fight someone, super dramatic when he grifts, unashamed about his ideas/creations/nerdiness, calls out people on biases during cons

—-No one is sure what Hardison is because his family died when he was young and he was in foster care

-Sophie is a Hufflepuff, because the house is considered to be friends with everyone and that you can always trust a Hufflepuff. That’s key to Sophie’s grifting is making people underestimate her and to just see her at face value. She also works to make the offices more homey for the team, she takes care of them and teaches them, she’s extremely loyal and answers the phone during her away time.

—-Half-blood with a very elite pureblood line, that’s how she learned to wear various masks so well, and how to be unassuming enough that people will share secrets near you.

-Nate is a Ravenclaw, because he’s always playing games and working to come out on top, to be smarter than his opponent in all the ways. He’s the ravenclaw that answers the riddles with technically correct answers and is always toeing the line and crossing over it in ways where the professors can’t punish him because it technically wasn’t against the rules

—-Has non-magi parents, and half of his puzzles and games could from the muggle world because the wizarding ones are too simple.

-Parker is a slytherin, because she is extremely cunning when it comes to breaking into things she’s not supposed to, ambitious to be the first person to break into a new security system, high self-preservation but will fight to protect family till her dying breathe. 

—-She is a pureblood, but since she didn’t show outward signs of magic, they dumped her off at an orphanage. Archie is her father and he’s trying to win back her “love” as Parker is extremely talented with wards

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Let’s work on a meta about why Yuuri is a sexy beast on ice not only in fandom but also in-universe. While I’m mad that he’s described as average-looking, I’m grateful that his character obviously doesn’t need all of the excessive sexualization to appear sexy coughcough Yurio coughcough Chris coughcough. Chris is right, his Eros program is too innocent – there’s no lewd and overly sexual gesture he had done so far for the sake of seducing others. 1/

But Chris was threatened by Yuuri’s Eros, most likely on how sexy it was rather than the score since Chris commented “Yuuri, your innocent Eros is a brute force.” This is Chris we’re talking about, the one who is said to be the mass sex weapon on ice. There must be something so great to appear for him to feel challenged. There’s Yuuri’s comment about Eros can make a man like him pregnant, but I don’t think it’s because of Victor’s skating – it’s the choreography. 2/ The proof is, there’s a lot of characters of both genders being amazed about Yuuri’s Eros and it even had achieved standing ovation twice in a row (in Cup of China too but the subs is not translating it properly). And in GPF when he was the first to skate he was greeted by a roaring crowd as he entered, implying that the audience were too eager to see his Eros. 3/ Nice, Yuuri is too sexy enough that he doesn’t need to do R-rated stuffs on ice to be regarded as sexy – just flashing a smirk was too dangerous enough. Imagine the super sexy choreography and Yuuri’s musicality… Ohh Yuuri, why can’t you be real? I wonder if actually in official materials Yuuri and Yurio got their ages swapped. Yurio was sexualized for bajillion times but Yuuri looked more innocent than him as if Yuuri’s the younger one. WTF P.S. More sexy Yuuri 2k17 4/4

Oh man ok. I’m sorry this took a while but I had to think a lot about how to go about this.

So the issue with writing about a character’s attractiveness is that it’s always going to come down to personal opinion and preferences. It’s a highly subjective topic. But let’s talk about Yuuri being a sexy beast on ice in-universe when he performs Eros and compare it to Chris and Victor. I know you mentioned Yurio as well, but the sexualization of Yurio is its own issue so I’m not going to go there here.

A few things I need to get out of the way first though:

See, I don’t think his looks have anything to do with it. He is average looking, this is canon and it’s ok. It’s ok that he is average. People can have looks that fall in the average category of what is considered conventionally attractive and still be seen as beautiful, attractive and seductive. This is not even about the trope that oh, if you take off his glasses you suddenly see how he was actually stunning all along~ because yeah, that never happens in canon either. Yuuri has been skating like that his whole life. Yuuri stood before audiences and Victor without his glasses and with his hair slicked back and it caused 0 reaction. He’s average and that’s ok, that’s fine.

I also don’t think Eros!Yuuri is “the true Yuuri who has been repressed all along”. Eros!Yuuri is highly performative on Yuuri’s part. Which I think is partly where Chris’ comment about it being innocent comes from. I’m getting ahead of myself but I think it’s important to get this out of the way before we really delve into why Yuuri’s Eros works as well as it does.

Another important (canon) thing to keep in mind: Yuuri’s artistry and musicality come from emotional understanding. That is to say, Yuuri can’t properly skate a feeling or concept if he doesn’t feel it himself or at least understands it well enough to embody it properly. Which is why katsudon!Eros is even a thing. This does not, by the way, contradict the above statement about Eros!Yuuri being highly performative.

Victor being attractive when he skates Eros isn’t really related to Eros at all. It’s because Victor himself is attractive. It’s canon that his in-universe looks are meant to fall in the conventionally attractive category. He has many fans, both male and female, and Takeshi calls him “the hottest bachelor in the world”. “Pleasure followed by pleasure. One just drowns in it.” so Victor says, as he effortlessly portrays it. Victor doesn’t really have to try that hard to be sexy at this point in his life, he has it down to an art form. Performing a seductive program just adds to it.

(Having said that, consider that Victor is always trying to surprise the audience and Eros was originally for himself, which implies that Victor actually never had a program that focused on sexual love and seduction specifically which is fascinating, considering his playboy (fake) image and such but back to Yuuri!)

Yuuri on the other hand, doesn’t get Eros at all. He makes up a story for the program - which is exclusively his personal interpretation, not Victor’s - but he can’t portray it properly because he never experienced anything close to the role of a dashing playboy (Takeshi even says it doesn’t suit his image and Yuuri agrees). It’s only when he changes his mindset and makes the choreography his own that he skates it to its full potential. When he embraces the role of the beautiful woman, the role “closer to his feelings”, he’s capable of delivering a good performance and becomes, as you said anon, a “sexy beast on ice”.

Yuuri’s Eros works as well as it does because Yuuri is basing his entire performance on the act of seducing Victor. Even during early highly performative times of incarnating the beautiful woman persona. After all, Yuuri is casting Victor as the playboy of the story. As he says, he knows who he’s dancing for. And Victor is aware of this and uses it as a practice tool. 

Eros is about the expression of desire. Part of Yuuri’s character arc is for him to accept that it’s ok to want things. It’s for him to embrace that he desires something, be it gold at the GPF or Victor’s attention, and finding the strength to pursue it. Yuuri performs Eros best when he’s focused on Victor and specifically the idea that Victor is watching him and being seduced by him. When he focuses on the technical aspects of the performance over that feeling is when Eros ends up lacking.

That’s what makes Yuuri attractive. How he radiates absolute confidence in his seduction of this one man and tells the entire world “you can’t have him, I’m the only one good enough”. He wants to come off as being absolutely irresistible and he achieves it. It’s particularly apparent in episode 6 where Yuuri finally skates Eros entirely as himself and skates it perfectly, where he is extremely motivated by wanting to embrace his role as “the man who stole Victor from the entire world”. Yuuri wants, Yuuri gets, Yuuri flaunts it. He changes. Everyone in-universe comments this. Yuuri changes because he’s finally allowing himself to want and to take it. The more comfortable he becomes with himself, the more dangerous and confident he becomes, the more attractive he is.

Which isn’t to say that he can always keep it up. After all, Yuuri thinks this after that whole “pull Victor’s tie” spectacle

Like I said, performative. But Yuuri is the king of fake it till you make it. As long as Victor believes, so does the audience. 

Thing is, the choreography of Eros is seductive and passionate but there’s nothing inherently sexual about it, even though it’s a program about “sexual love”. At most, you get Yuuri licking his lips at the start of the program but that’s not a part of the choreography, it’s something he added the one time because he was especially driven at that point. 

Chris on the other hand…we all know his program is sexual. They made that very clear. 

Here’s where I deviate from in-universe. In-universe we’re told that Chris is considered extremely attractive and something like this god of sex appeal. And I’m not saying there aren’t people in this fandom attracted to Chris, but I remember very vividly the two main reactions to his character when episode 6 aired: people who found it hilarious and people who found it highly uncomfortable. Because it’s such so much and he’s so in your face. Yuuri flirts with the audience through flirting with Victor; he beckons and provokes with a knowing confidence that you can’t resist him. Chris doesn’t seduce so much as he promises the audience he can show them a really good time, and his skating is so self-indulgent he ends up working himself up to completion in public. We’re looking at two very different things (though it’s fine to find whichever one attractive as you will). 

Chris calls his eros “mature" and Yuuri’s “innocent” and I think that comes entirely from Chris’ perception of who Yuuri is as a person. Keeping in mind that Chris pole danced with a very drunk Yuuri and yet even he is surprised by Yuuri’s performance in episode 6 and he feels threatened. Eros!Yuuri =/= drunk!Yuuri. But the point is, Chris sees Yuuri as naive and inexperienced and thinks that’s where Yuuri’s attraction comes from. His innocence. I think this is part of the greater narrative of people underestimating and misunderstanding Yuuri. Because really, while Yuuri may be innocent and inexperienced, there’s nothing innocent about Yuuri’s eros! Beautiful woman seducing the playboy then casting him aside? Actively seducing Victor? Wanting to prove to the world he’s the only one who can satisfy Victor? That’s not innocent.

With all that said, I do find it a bit strange that Eros!Yuuri is not used more in merch and official art, being as iconic as it is. 

This got way longer than I thought it would… I apologize! But yes, yes anon, Yuuri is attractive and his attractiveness comes from a very different place than Victor’s or Chris’ and I’m very glad Yuuri learned to embrace it and use it effectively. 

hidan, i fuckign guess?

I am of the firm opinion that Hidan is fucking ANCIENT and definitely older than Kakuzu, I mean 

1) the dude is LITERALLY immortal 

2) why has no one EVER heard of Jashin??? you’d think it’d be a pretty popular religion if it gives immortality? unless it’s so old that the reason no one’s heard of it is because it’s gone extinct 

3) why doesn’t orochimaru just convert then? (i mean he is a Science Man he probably believes in no deity, but honestly for him it would be a no brainer - but he doesn’t do that - so it’s probably because he can’t because the religion is extinct) 

4) what EXACTLY is the timeline of Yugakure - WHEN did it have time to become a tourist destination when there is Literally Always Some Type of War going on in the Naruto universe????? It  can easily be a place much older than Konoha? Especially since no one else seems to be from there (correct me if I’m wrong)

5) I just like to think of Hidan being old as FUCK because it would explain his atittude of not giving a single SHIT about anything 

6) oh god consider Kakuzu’s reaction to realizing Hidan is so much fucking older than him 

my autistic headcanons: part 2

You can argue about it as much as you want, but autism is a collection of traits. Not all autistics have every single trait, nor are they exclusive to autistic people. They manifest themselves in many different ways across the autistic population. We don’t know what they have in common and what causes them, but when you have enough of them, you are autistic. And these traits can be found in many fictional characters, even when they are aliens. One particular alien to be exact, the Doctor. I talked about it before, and one of the big differences between humans and Time Lords is the amount of control they have over their mind and body. So if the Doctor has what we can describe as autism, he can hide some of the traits, which makes it less obvious. We don’t really know if it’s a common thing among his race because we don’t meet a lot of other Time Lords, and because he changed a lot over his lifetime and incarnations, so did the traits. So this is not a solid case, but merely a headcanon full of wishful thinking. But here are the facts. Sensory processing disorder: One part of sensory disorder is having some of your senses constantly overstimulated and some understimulated. It leads to hate for some stimuli and love for other. This, in turn, creates a lot of traits commonly found in autistic people. The Doctor usually wears only one type of clothes during an incarnation, which could be because this is the only stuff he can wear. He loves some tastes (bananas, tea, fish fingers and custard) and hate others (pears, apples, yogurt). Some of his incarnations really likes physical contact, such as hugging (10th), some hated it (12th). Another part of SPD is being able to notice things other people ignore. The Doctor can identify much more details than his companions and make sense of information they just ignore. Special interests: Autistic people tend to develop passion for things and fixate on them. Anything can be a special interest: a book, some type of animal, a person, a branch of science. Considering how old the Doctor is, he must have had a lot of special interests. I can name some, like the Beatles, physics (or science in general) and Charles Dickens books. But his most profound and long lasting special interest is… the Universe, and exploring it. And maybe Earth. Stimming: It’s hard to say what are his stims, because we don’t see him in his spare time a lot. I think repairing the TARDIS has an element of stimming. First Doctor used to spin a ring on his finger and touch his jacket. Second played on his recored, Tenth ruffled his hair. I can imagine him playing with his sonic screwdriver a lot, turning it in his hands and pressing the buttons. I will probably find more in the future. Echolalia: Echolalia is repeating certain words and sounds, sometimes immediately after hearing them, sometimes much later. I think catch phrases are a really good example of echolalia. One reason I repeat some words and phrases is because they sound fun and it’s nice to say them. The Doctor likes his phrases too, and sometimes tries to come up with new ones, but fails. I probably don’t need to list all the ‘fantastic’, 'oh my giddy aunt’, 'allonsy’ and 'geronimo’. Also I like how in his first episode the Second Doctor confused his companions by repeating the words 'lesterson listens’ over and over. Social interaction issues: It varies from one incarnation to another, but the Doctor definitely has problems with social protocol. Sometimes it makes him seem rude (1th, 3rd, 9th, 12th), sometimes just quirky and weird. It’s hard to say whether he has same problems with gallifreyan social protocol, but he can’t grasp all the nuances of human interaction even after many years of dealing with us (just remember 'Lodger’). It’s all right Doctor, I don’t understand all this stuff either. Autistic burnout: Of all the things I listed I named very few negative traits. It might sound like I’m sugarcoating autism (which shouldn’t be an issue cause autism is not essentially a bad thing), but it would make sense for a person who has a lot of control over his mind to minimize and avoid bad and negative things, such as executive dysfunction and meltdowns/shutdowns (though you can probably find rare moments where he actually has meltdowns and shutdowns, like in The End of Time part 2). But one thing I noticed that he couldn’t avoid is autistic burnout. It is a state of total exhaustion which can happen after a big change or emotional event, like a loss of a loved one. When I have burnout, I lose all interest for life, and don’t have energy to do anything, even get up in the morning. I think we saw the Doctor during a burnout after Ponds have died. He cut all connections with the outside world and pretty much locked himself in the TARDIS. It took him a lot of time to recover and get back to his usual life. Conclusion: I put a lot of energy into developing this headcanon and finding facts to prove it because Doctor Who is my special interest and the Doctor is my hero. I initially liked him and identified with him because I saw some of my characteristic in him. I know a decent amount of autistic people consider Doctor Who a special interest, so I wrote this down for them. Maybe I can’t logically prove this, or make this canon, but no one can take away my headcanons. It helps me a lot in my everyday life, and I hope it will help you too. Because if the Doctor can be autistic and cool, so can I. And so can you.

Death and What Comes Next

A Discworld short story
By Terry Pratchett

When Death met the philosopher, the philosopher said, rather excitedly: “At this point, you realise, I’m both dead and not dead.”

There was a sigh from Death. Oh dear, one of those, he thought. This is going to be about quantum again. He hated dealing with philosophers. They always tried to wriggle out of it.

“You see,” said the philosopher, while Death, motionless, watched the sands of his life drain through the hourglass, “everything is made of tiny particles, which have the strange property of being in many places at one time. But things made of tiny particles tend to stay in one place at one time, which does not seem right according to quantum theory. May I continue?”

YES, BUT NOT INDEFINITELY, said Death, EVERYTHING IS TRANSIENT. He did not take his gaze away from the tumbling sand.

“Well, then, if we agreed that there are an infinite number of universes, then the problem is solved! If there are an unlimited number of universes, this bed can be in millions of them, all at the same time!”



Death nodded at the bed. CAN YOU FEEL IT MOVING? he said.

"No, because there are a million versions of me, too, And…here is the good bit …in some of them I am not about to pass away! Anything is possible!”

Death tapped the handle of his scythe as he considered this.


“Well, I’m not exactly dying, correct? You are no longer such a certainty.”

There was a sigh from Death. Space he thought. That was the trouble. It was never like this on worlds with everlastingly cloudy skies. But once humans saw all that space, their brains expanded to try and fill it up.

“No answer, eh?” said the dying philosopher. “Feel a bit old-fashioned, do we?”

THIS IS A CONUNDRUM CERTAINLY, said Death. Once they prayed, he thought. Mind you, he’d never been sure that prayer worked, either. He thought for a while. AND I SHALL ANSWER IT IN THIS MANNER, he added. YOU LOVE YOUR WIFE?



“Yes. Of course.”


“Certainly not!”


“But of course we can make choices between-”


“Was that sarcasm?”


“Oh, come on! I know what you’re implying, and I’ve never believed in any of that Heaven and Hell nonsense!”

The room was growing darker. The blue gleam along the edge of the reaper’s scythe was becoming more obvious.


Fighting for breath, the philosopher managed to say: “Don’t be silly.”


“We’ve certainly escaped from outmoded superstitions!”


He leaned forward.


“Oh, yes,” said the philosopher.

GOOD, said Death. He got to his feet as the last of the light died, and smiled.


Copyright © Terry Pratchett 2002

you & me, we’ve got our own sense of time

Summary: One lazy Sunday morning, Barry and Caitlin talk about the multiverse over coffee. 

AN: Inspired by “Hannah Hunt” by Vampire Weekend. I’ve read a bit on the multiverse (which I’m not sure I fully understand, tbh) and quite a bit on the various romantic permutations of it, so I wanted to do a Snowbarry take. Ronnie and Iris won’t be mentioned, but it’ll be understood that there’s no romantic interest for them on Caitlin’s and Barry’s part, respectively. In celebration of the end of my summer semester here’s Snowbarry fluff.

“You’re wrong. It’s not possible for the multiverse to exist.” Caitlin crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back on the chair, challenging him to convince her otherwise. Even when her usually carefully curled hair was pulled into a hasty ponytail, even in her faded uni sweater and gray jogging pants, she spoke like she was defending her research before a panel of Dr. Wellsian figures. 

Normally, when she spoke like this, Barry would warm himself up for a debate. Especially when she started their conversations by telling him he was wrong. Did she know how to set up a challenge. The only problem was that it was too early, and coffee no longer had an effect on him, and she really was irresistible in the soft light; she was almost luminescent, and with the sunlight ringing her brown irises, he felt like he was staring at gold.

“…you’re operating on the assumption that space-time eventually repeats, and when it does, it’ll produce exactly the same circumstances surrounding us now,” she was saying. “If there are infinite copies of myself, in these exact circumstances, how would you explain infinite possibilities? Where does divergence begin? How would you explain human consciousness in each of those parallel universes?”

Barry gave himself a minute to understand her questions, but realized he couldn’t remember any of them. He was too groggy to comprehend anything other than the first item on the menu. “Cait, it’s 6 in the morning. Isn’t it too early to pick a fight?”

“I stayed up all night mulling over this after you brought it up yesterday. This is your fault.” A smirk flashed over the rim of the mug she was holding.

“Hey, I can time-travel. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.”

“But you time-travel within the rules of this universe,” she insisted. “I don’t think you can traverse to other universes, even if they do exist.”

“Listen, I don’t normally function before noon, and you know that. You’re totally setting me up so you can win this round,” Barry groused, in an attempt to throw her off. “Before anything, at least tell me you’ve considered the possibility.”

She bit her lip. “The possibility of…?”

The word us hovered between them. 

He was suddenly aware that they were speaking in undertones. It was always like this with her — at one point in their conversation, the mood would shift, and he wasn’t sure if they were bantering or flirting, or if their banter was poorly disguised flirting…

It really was too early. 

“Uh,” he fumbled. “Of, well, other realities. Like, at this moment in another universe, I could be still in bed, and you would be messing up another egg…”

She raised an eyebrow. “I cook mean omelettes.”

“Well, in the other universe, you don’t,” he persisted. “Maybe in that universe the only thing you can cook is instant noodles.”

“Maybe in that universe, you’d be up at five in the morning.”

“Then I probably wouldn’t have taken the job at CCPD,” he laughed. “I’d work a 9-to-5 job, maybe. Dash around Central City in a fancy suit and leather briefcase.”

“But then you might’ve never been the Flash.”

“Yeah. And I wouldn’t have met you. And, uh, you know, the team,” he added quickly, before the silence he feared to followed became too thick to penetrate.

But it was too late. The weight of her silence this time was different, and she was regarding him with a look made even more piercing by the strange gold in her eyes. “This is going to be weird, but you know how everyone has been trying to set us up?”

It was out. They were acknowledging it. Alarms were ringing in Barry’s mind, as if the force of her acknowledgement brought the entire world into sharp focus, but he tried not to show his… unease? Excitement? “You mean Cisco? Yeah,” he gave a weak laugh. “Sure. What about it?” 

“I don’t know,” she said, worrying her bottom lip. “I’m trying to see what they see in this friendship… This is awkward, isn’t it?”

Barry felt the urge to flash around the city to release tension. “Nah. I mean, it kinda is, but you know, we would’ve had this conversation otherwise.”

She laughed. “Yeah, I guess. Yeah. Well, I mean, we really get along. And it’s not like there’s an absence of physical attraction…”

“Did you just call me cute?”

Caitlin’s responding blush was so immediate that there was no way for her to deny it. Barry grinned. “Yeah, I think I can acknowledge that there is no absence of physical attraction on my part, either, Dr. Snow.”

“Anyway,” she grabbed her mug again, no doubt to hide her face — the mug was already empty last he checked. “So why is this relationship platonic? We have all the basic elements of attraction — same interests, same social circles, same contexts, physical attraction…”

“Well, love doesn’t just happen when you throw in all those elements together,” he replied. “Scientists make love sound like a math equation, but people aren’t fixed values you can manipulate like letters and numbers. Which, can I just say, is why I like the idea of the multiverse so much. Even variables we think we know like space and time aren’t so quantifiable, after all.” Something suddenly clicked in Barry’s mind as he replayed her words. “Wait wait wait, are you… Are you asking me out in a weird roundabout way?”

“No! No, I really like our friendship as it is,” Caitlin stammered, turning even redder. “Really.”




“Dammit, Barry Allen.”

“You’re blushing, Dr. Snow.”

“Shut up.”

“It’s really cute.”

“Ugh. I’m leaving.”

“You’ll never outrun me.”

“Can you please just let me do a dramatic walk-out. Please.” Caitlin stubbornly crossed her arms over her chest and shrank into the couch, pouting. She did this whenever she was embarrassed, Barry faintly noted; she would try to make herself physically smaller. It was so adorable, and it felt strangely intimate to be able to see this side of her usually guarded personality.

“Seriously though, Cait.” Barry reached out to unfold her crossed arms, and when she finally gave in, he lightly touched his hand over hers. With that gesture, time stilled: conversations, the clinking of mugs, the whir of the coffee machines, were all engulfed by the moment he created. “What do you think? Of… this?”

Her eyes never left his hand on hers, regarding it as if it were unfamiliar for what Barry felt like a long time. And then took a deep breath, and slowly laced her fingers through his. 

“It’s… within the realm of possibility.”

Barry sighed in relief and grinned, clasping her hand tighter so she wouldn’t have the chance to pull away. “You’re talking about this universe, right?”

She gave him a wry smile. “Remember, this is the only one I believe in.”


Elsewhere, at that very same moment, an infinite number of other moments recur in an endless loop. In one universe, Barry is rushing into an apartment on fire a few blocks away from Jitters, and Caitlin is on the way there in a cab, feeling strangely sick at the possibility that he might get hurt; in another, Caitlin is standing by the altar resplendent in her wedding dress, saying her vows to Ronnie, while Barry struggles to smile; in yet another, Caitlin is standing by a grave marked “Barry Allen”, holding the hand of a child yet too young to understand the impermanence of life and the finality of death; in yet other universes, Caitlin and Barry meet only in passing: he hears mentions of her name when her articles are published, she sees him crossing the street one day while rushing to work and forgets his face, but she will see him once in her dream and feel him familiar, a love lost in pockets of infinity she doesn’t inhabit; and there are universes where they will never meet at all, where they will never hear the other’s name, or walk the same city, or exist at the same time in history. 

And there are those universes that open to other modes of reality: there is a universe where there is only matter, and every person is all organ and instinct; Barry and Caitlin exist only as bodies, yearning for things they cannot name. In another, there is no matter, only spirit; and in this world his soul and her soul find each other and twine around each other, yearning for touch without knowing touch, and all around them the wind whispers, tells them stories from their other lives.

Signs as GoT Villains

Aries - The Mountain: Not because you are overly violent like some misleading information that is floating around tumblr lately, but because you do what you want and you have so much physical energy. Not to mention, you also aren’t needlessly complex, you are straight forward.

Taurus - Tywin Lannister: Tywin ruled the kingdoms through sheer financial power, and everyone knows that he is the one really in charge. But he is so chill about it, and not overly egotistical. Tywin values tradition, wealth, and his family just like any Taurus.  

Gemini - Varys the Spider: You are well learned and have a knack for reaching high places due to your connections with other people. The eunuch is much the same and seems like the smartest mover of the game so far. If anyone were to be the master of whispers in this universe, it would be you, who are clever enough to make moves gracefully without getting fucked.

Cancer - Theon Greyjoy: I know, I know cancer, you are already whining about this, I can hear you now. But consider this: whatever Theon did, he did it for his family, who treated him like shit. He was weak and succumbed to the desire to do what was right for his family. And I know you aren’t a traitor, but if a Cancer were to do anything out of character, it would be for the love of your family. And not to mention everyone ends up feeling super sorry for him because of his punishment. And everyone feels really sorry for you when you cry. And if they don’t, they have no heart. 

Leo - Cersei Lannister: This woman has just as much, if not more stubborn pride than Ned Stark himself. And everyone knows how much she loves her children. Sometimes you really sympathize with her and wonder if she would have been better if things had gone differently for her. But she really knows how to play the game with all the prideful, royal dignity of a Leo. And like her, you would commit evil acts to protect both your pride and children, and Leo just so happens to rule the 5th house of children.

Virgo - Viserys Targaryen: The whole time he is alive and traveling with the Dothrakis, he is so commanding, bossy, over analytic, and impatient. And I think when you ant to describe the traits of a cranky Virgo who is supposed to get something that was promised to them, this is how they react. And I do believe it is especially contributed to your over analysing nature. You over analyse until you drive yourself, and others who are accountable, crazy. 

Libra - Jaime Lannister: Redeeming, regal, beautiful, charming, and whatever evil he does, he does it for love. Jaime seems to display a lot of qualities of a Libra in the way that he seems to always balance perfectly as a noble douche bag. And Libras have a reputation as “false charmers” in the darker side of astrology.

Scorpio - Roose Bolton: This rising star in the Game of Thrones isn’t overly cruel like his bastard son, but he is feared and more of a behind the scenes powerful. He is a no bullshit kind of man and even makes his bastard son cower before him. 

Sagittarius - Jorah Mormont: He offers counsel to Daenerys as wise as that of a Sagittarius, and is just as refined and noble as he is animalistic. And sometimes with Sagittarius, you never know if the poet is coming out or the wild, primal animal side. Not to mention Jorah is pretty flexible and changeable as a Sagittarius. 

Capricorn - Petyr Baelish: One cold and calculating little lord that has risen to be the master of coin and the game player pulling all the strings, all due to his own ambition. As a Capricorn you refuse to have your strings pulled and won’t settle for anything less than the best. 

Aquarius - Melisandre of R’holor: IT is debateable if she could be considered a villain, but I have got to admit, she gives me the creeps. And I think that is the feeling of it when you run into the dark side of an Aquarius: you can’t really call them horrible little shits, but when your darker side arises it is a bit unsettling and even if you show no signs of horribleness people can just feel it in their bones. 

Pisces - Toss up Between Ramsay (Bolton) Snow and Joffery (Lannister) Baratheon: Because these little shits live in such a fantasy world, they probably don’t even realize how fucked up they are. Which when you are angry you aren’t much different. You never seem to think you are in the wrong, because you are creative enough to justify anything from your perspective. But don’t worry, you really are a sweetheart and loving, just not when you are angry, and even when you are angry, you might not even be that cruel, but you do mental gymnastics to justify yourself and you can’t even deny that. 

If you want to see the good guy version to see how awesome you are instead of how much you suck just check it out here

Coming soon: Sims styles of the signs and psychic abilities best suited to each sign.

Tender Loving Coffee || Read on AO3 [One-shot]

Rating: General

Warnings: None

Characters: Hide, Kaneki

Summary: A short dabble into Hide taking care of Kaneki post-Aogiri in an AU where they just go home and Kaneki doesn’t lose his eyes and Hide is most certainly fuckin alive and they’re much fuckin better off now than they were before. OK (very gay and bad gomen)

Kaneki doesn’t remember how he got out of there alive, let alone onto the strikingly uncomfortable set of futon and cushions tossed about the floor of…where is this?

“How do you want your coffee?”

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Mad Max Doesn’t Age Theory

I’ve been thinking a lot about the timeline of Mad Max. He was an adult before the nuclear bombs, being part of the last ditch attempt to maintain order on the roads, the last of the cops.

Then they were disbanded, and some years later the nuclear bombs fell and thus destroyed the world. In Fury Road the civilisation at the citadel implies that they’ve been going for several generations.

Yet Max is still a young adult. He doesn’t seem several generations old. We know from the tattoos the War Boys scar onto Max’s back that he’s the rare blood type O-, therefore a universal donor, as well as that he ‘heals fast’ and has 'hi-octane’. So in other words they consider him to be the perfect human without anything wrong with him.

What if the radiation from the nuclear fallout did had an effect on him? And that he now can no longer age? (Maybe due to his unique powerful body type)

Meaning his empty existence will be forced to remember his mistakes forever. Remember how he failed to protect his only child and wife. (And in the original film, his best/only friend too) He will also be the only human being that remembers society before it was obliterated.
Day after day, being reduced to only one goal. Just survive.

I think this is what makes Max, mad.

(Feel free to add to this theory, or say why you think against it, I’m all ears)

anonymous asked:

it must've been terrifying for Steven when Garnet just couldn't speak, considering it was already an extremely scary situation and Garnet is the only one he knows he can consistently rely on to know exactly what to do

yea, like, when Garnet’s scared that’s really a sign that things are BAD. And, like, she was already disturbed by the Kindergarten in general but the whole fusion thing, clearly terrified her more than anything. I don’t even think we can really properly understand since we’re not Gems or fusions, but just thinking about it is terrifying

Everybody Calm Your Tits…

This is not gonna be a “cheer up gang” kind of post, I am not going to post any CARYL pictures or put up some of our meaningful quotes and I am not gonna tell you that everything is perfectly fine…
I am also not going to express my anger and loathing at AMC and TWD because they have betrayed us, led us on to believe in things that weren’t there and I am certainly not going to “jump ship” and abandon a bond that has inspired so many of us….


Because I don’t have to - there is no need for panic - no need for lashing out and disappointment and most definitely no need for any hasty second-guessing what we all believe in…

We are all rational, intelligent, thoughtful individuals and as such we look at a situation from all angles, we consider the “full-complete meaning” of the words presented, we FACTS into consideration AND we consider the motivation of what could possibly be taking place.

Nothing is black and white, nothing is set in stone and even this little “bump” in our shipping universe isn’t for “certain” either…

Let’s take a look shall we;

“Daryl implies that he has feelings for her, but before Beth can respond, walkers swarm the house.”

There are two things to consider;

1. Implies doesn’t mean he actually has the feelings in question. Just as Nicotero said he “thought” or he “felt” Daryl might be falling in love in “Alone” the person writing this summary is interpreting the situation and in turn interpreting Daryl’s feelings and actions.

Remember this is not Daryl “saying” anything - it’s a third party observing a scene and essentially thinking that what Daryl was doing meant that he’s implying something, which could be true or not!

2. The “has feelings” line also doesn’t identify said “feelings” as romantic or otherwise. Keep in mind that Daryl and Beth didn’t exactly have a real “relationship” of any kind prior to the fall of the prison so the experience they shared in the wilderness would have not just bonded them as survivors but also as “friends” and “family”. From what we saw on screen Daryl had been largely indifferent to Beth up until now and “feelings” aren’t exactly his forte so saying he now “has feelings” for her could very well mean that he now looks at her differently - as a friend, a sister or family.

He didn’t know her or cared about her before but now he does!

An important thing to consider is Norman’s own interpretation of Daryl’s inner workings;

“always saw that as if he did, he didn’t understand those feelings. He might have felt them. But it wasn’t a thing yet.He was sort of uncomfortable with those feelings.”

Norman has described Daryl as awkward and confused when it comes to “feelings” and human connections in general - his demeanour and how he feels and acts on romantic tendencies has still been unexplored which means that trying to “interpret” how he would act them out brings a whole new element of mystery. Daryl is awkward with almost everyone and his awkwardness in “Alone”, especially since we were seeing him alone with Beth, was more localized and amplified because it normally takes him a long time to get comfortable with anything new, not to mention a new dynamic he needs to figure out how to deal with.

Since awkward is certainly present when we talk romantic bonds I can see how the Kitchen Scene could be seen like it might-possibly have that element (if you don’t consider the other things about Daryl)

Since the episodes aired we have heard Norman Reedus himself as well as numerous other show insiders describe the Daryl and Beth dynamic without a romantic aspect AND the theme of Daryl finding hope in Beth has popped up time and time again.

Nicotero himself has said three times that his “romantic” perception was not in the script whatsoever - those episodes were not written as a way to develop a Beth and Daryl love connection.
They were two people who ended up alone and together by sheer luck of the draw after everyone scattered, they needed to stick close in order to survive and the tragedy that surrounded them created a “deeper bond” between them.

Two individuals got familiar with the person that was not just most different from themselves but also the person they had the least to do with - where there were no feelings before now there are feelings!

The AMC summary didn’t say ROMANTIC feelings BUT what they did do is once again muddy the waters with ambiguity, increase tension within the fandom, keep the questioning and anticipation at a maximum AND make sure that Daryl’s love life is once again used as a pawn to generate buzz and hype.

The biggest thing in all of this and perhaps something that is inadvertently on the CARYL side is the very fact that AMC would NEVER-EVER confirm CANON for Daryl with anyone else so casually in a character summary AND not mention it anywhere ELSE!!!

Just as it was so slyly included in the Alone summary before (and then removed) including a line about this only in Beth’s summary is very suspect to begin with but even a casual viewer has been known to find HUGE mistakes in the rest of the character bios as well, which leads me to believe that the reliability of something like this without confirmation from other more “accurate” sources is not something to worry about.

Carylers already have so much more factual-confirmed information to rely on, we have filming spoilers indicating that Carol and Daryl barely leave each other’s side, we have emotionally taxing reunions to watch and we have promotional material once again pairing them up together as a duo!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come