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Only a Dornishman can ever trully know Dorne, it is said. 

The southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms is also the most inhospitable … and the strangest, to the eyes of any man raised in the Reach or the westerlands or King’s Landing. For Dorne is different, in more ways than can be told.

The World of Ice and Fire. Dorne.

Houses of Dorne (5/5)

anonymous asked:

I rly like your 'queen you shall be' gifset, but sansa is the younger and more beautiful queen tho, not khaleesi.

(In case anyone’s wondering, this is the gifset the anon is talking about.)

Look, no offence, but I always roll my eyes a little whenever I see people insist that Sansa is the “younger and more beautiful queen” and present it as irrefutable canon. (You’re the fifth anonymous person who messaged me about the same thing, so excuse me if I’m a little annoyed at this fanon assumption.) The same way I roll my eyes at this fanon idea that Sansa is officially a queen (Queen In the North, to be more specific) and thus is portrayed next to Daenerys, Cersei and Margaery (actual queens with the actual title) in edits and gifsets.

And don’t think I’m saying this because I’m not fond of Sansa Stark. If someone were to claim Arya Stark, or Brienne of Tarth, or Meera Reed, or Asha Greyjoy (all of them are characters that I love) was the “younger and more beautiful queen,” I’d side-eye that, too.

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I wanted to see what the shared borders were between Westerlands houses and the Riverlands (top) and the Reach (bottom), so I combined three of these maps by user creganstark. The top map and the bottom map have different scales.

For example, the Rowans of the Reach share the longest border with the Westerlands. Rowan land borders Houses Brax, Lydden, and Serrett. Maintaining a good relationship with the Rowans is probably a good idea for the Lannisters. From what we know of Lannister history, Tion Lannister was originally betrothed to a Rowan before marrying Ellyn Tarbeck, and Lord Gerold Lannister married Rohanne Webber, one of the Rowan’s bannermen. 

The rest of the Westerlands border with the Reach is with Crane and Oakheart. 

The Westerlands’ main Riverlands neighbors are Tully, Piper, and Blackwood, with the tiniest shared border with the Mallisters along Ironman’s Bay.

These obviously use the World Book maps, and something I found funny while trying to combine them was how much I had to shrink the Westerlands map. The way the maps were presented made it look as if Queen Cersei’s homeland was as large as other regions. I don’t know if map presentation was an intentional part of the book’s propaganda to make Cersei (and therefore Robert) look good, but it amused me either way.

The Westerlands map as it appeared in the World Book can be found here, while a political map showing only the Westerlands can be found here.

dinamitelove  asked:

I'm new to the series so forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question. I noticed that all the former kingdoms in Westeros have some ties with magic or the supernatural except for the Westerlands. Is it true or I'm missing something? Is there a reason?

It’s not a stupid question, but certainly there’s magic and supernatural in the Westerlands?

[The Westerlands] are rich lands, temperate and fruitful, shielded by high hills to the east and south and the endless blue waters of the Sunset Sea to the west. Once the children of the forest made their homes in the woods, whilst giants dwelt amongst the hills, where their bones can still occasionally be found.

The World of Ice and Fire

Legend tells us the first Casterly lord was a huntsman, Corlos son of Caster, who lived in a village near to where Lannisport stands today. When a lion began preying upon the village’s sheep, Corlos tracked it back to its den, a cave in the base of the Rock. Armed only with a spear, he slew the lion and his mate but spared her newborn cubs—an act of mercy that so pleased the old gods (for this was long before the Seven came to Westeros) that they sent a sudden shaft of sunlight deep into the cave, and there in the stony walls, Corlos beheld the gleam of yellow gold, a vein as thick as a man’s waist.

The World of Ice and Fire

The Lannisters were an old family, tracing their descent back to Lann the Clever, a trickster from the Age of Heroes who was no doubt as legendary as Bran the Builder, though far more beloved of singers and taletellers. In the songs, Lann was the fellow who winkled the Casterlys out of Casterly Rock with no weapon but his wits, and stole gold from the sun to brighten his curly hair. 

–AGOT, Eddard IV

…there is scarce a noble house in all the Reach that does not boast of descent from one of Garth Greenhand’s countless children. Even the heroes of other lands and kingdoms are sometimes numbered amongst the offspring of the Greenhand. Brandon the Builder was descended from Garth by way of Brandon of the Bloody Blade, these tales would have us believe, whilst Lann the Clever was a bastard born to Florys the Fox in some tales or Rowan Gold-Tree in others. However, Lann the Clever’s descent from Garth Greenhand is a tale told in the Reach. In the westerlands, it is more oft said that Lann cozened Garth Greenhand himself by posing as one of his sons (Garth had so many that ofttimes he grew confused), thus making off with part of the inheritance that rightly belonged to Garth’s true children.

The World of Ice and Fire

The wealth of the westerlands was matched, in ancient times, with the hunger of the Freehold of Valyria for precious metals, yet there seems no evidence that the dragonlords ever made contact with the lords of the Rock, Casterly or Lannister. Septon Barth speculated on the matter, referring to a Valyrian text that has since been lost, suggesting that the Freehold’s sorcerers foretold that the gold of Casterly Rock would destroy them.

The World of Ice and Fire

And then there’s little untold tales, like House Banefort, descended from the legendary Hooded Man, which sounds a bit like a ghost story… and speaking of which, some say the ghost of Lann the Clever still haunts Casterly Rock… and then there’s the merlings often glimpsed by the fisherfolk of Lannisport…

Well, basically, the Westerlands have as strong a history of myth and legend, magic and supernatural, as any area of Westeros. Hope that helps!


 A Song Of Ice and Fire as a fairytale - what if the great families possessed elemental powers?

The Lannisters

It is said that Lann the Clever stole the gold of the sun and used it to lighten his hair. According to the Lannister history, Lann hid it under the ground, thus making the Westerlands the richest lands in the whole of Westeros. For thousands of years, his descendants controlled the mighty powers of the earth, gold and stone being at their will.

Cersei Lannister’spower would allow Lord Tywin to crush his enemies with one swift move, and not a single drop of Lannister blood shed. That is if his daughter had manged to control it. Cersei has been both blessed and cursed with a power that many men fear: her will can make stone quake and crack, and entire armies could meet their doom should she decide to send them into the pits of the Earth. Unfortunately for the Lannisters, Cersei’s powers could never be controlled, and her strong emotions can generate earthquakes  that could crack Westeros in half. Thus, her father decided to limit her abilities as much as he could, even if shutting them inside of her crushed Cersei. But with her temperament and her desire for a storm to match her rage, chaos is bound to happen sooner or later.