in water ending

Food shopping with Shawn

• arguing over where to park in the car park because you hate walking
•but Shawn being Shawn, he insists on parking as far away as possible because “you could do with the exercise babe”
• walking to the DVD isle, looking for a film to watch once you get home
•but Shawn catches sight of his CD and is like “I heard this guy is really good”
• insisting that he lets you take a photo of him with the album to post later with the caption “you know you’ve made it when your illuminate is displayed in tesco”
• heading over to the drinks because you’ve run out of juice, because Shawn guzzles it down a gallon a minute.

• having to double back past the bottled water after collecting your juice because Shawn is transfixed.

• “we do not need 3 different types of water”

• “no Shawn, water is water.”

•but you still end up buying multiple types, because maybe if he has all this water he won’t drink all your juice.

•walking down the fruit and vegetable isles

•teasing Shawn because he swerves as far away as possible from the tomatoes

•"it’s not a coincidence that they are red like the devil y/n"

• hearing Shawns songs playing through the speakers • at first he’s embarrassed

•but you end up stood on the edge of the trolley screaming “THERES NOTHING HOLDING ME BACK” while Shawn sprints down the isles

• skidding to a stop in front of the bakery section

• arguing over whether to buy cupcakes or muffins

• obviously Shawn wants muffins because “they are so much bigger”

•but you want cupcakes because “they are so much cuter Shawn”

• him waggling his eyebrows at you saying “I’m all the cuteness you need”

• and eventually you both concede to just buy both.

• both of you wanting to pay because you don’t want to live off Shawn, but he wants to look after you

• challenging him to a battle

•whoever scans their half of the items first gets to pay the bill

• Shawn declining at first

• “baby there’s no pressure but, if your down I’m down”

• “did you just quote my own lyrics at me?” His competitive nature plays out and he agrees

• practically throwing items into the bags to beat Shawn

• turning to face him with a triumphant grin when you win

• but before you know it he’s swiped his card through the machine

• sulking because “that’s against the rules”

• but giving in when he promises to push you in the trolley back to the car

• and just to rub in how annoyed you are, you eat one of his muffins in front of him while he’s pushing

• reaching the car and stacking your bags into the boot

• realising there isn’t physically enough space in the boot

•so you tuck a few bags on the back seat and strap them in

• “you don’t need to strap them in, they aren’t children y/n”

• “food is my baby Shawn”

• walking together to take the trolley back

•because he’s not around for long and you want to spend every possible minute together

• racing each other back to the car

•but Shawn letting you win because he wants to memorise every inch of you

• and he knows that the everyday things are more special because it’s not everyday you get to do them together

• smiling because you know shopping would a lot easier and less annoying without Shawn

• but it’s no where near as fun

• and you love playing the domestic life while you have the chance.

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Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once
Fall Out Boy
Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once

Every single song from Folie à Deux playing at once 

Welcome to hell kids 

Merman Mikaela

A collab between @thefifthprogenitor and myself. Ky drew the line art, while I did the coloring. :3

This is a very beautiful piece, and I’m quite proud of how I colored the tail. Ky’’s art is so detailed and beautiful, I’m happy he gave me permission to color it.~

I don’t really know what else to say about this piece; I think it speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy it and make sure to follow @thefifthprogenitor if you haven’t yet. We will mostly likely be doing a lot more collabs in the future. 

And I need you to be cool Uncle Ace! Okay?!

Prompt; Law accidentally gets Fem-Luffy pregnant; everyone’s reaction.

In an AU where nothing hurts and Ace got to live.

Law’s a doctor.

More importantly than that though, Law is a paranoid little bastard.

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Happy birthday, Yoosung!

I will love you till the end of time…

Yoosung X MC

I got this idea from the song Blue Jeans performed by Lana Del Rey. You can enjoy the song here:

Tony Stark survives an explosion created by his own hands a few feet away from him with only shrapnel in his chest, survives chest surgery with no drugs to numb the pain, survives torture and waterboarding while having a car battery attached to his chest, survives the walk through the desert with no water, survives the climatic ending explosion, survives palladium poisoning, survives race car crash with only scrapes and bruises, survives god nearly strangling him, survives flying a nuke into space with no oxygen, survives multiple panic attacks, survives house exploding around him, survives snow and freezing temperatures in a shirt and pants, survives experimented human torches attacking him, survives climatic ending battle, survives battle against multiple buggy iron suits, survives thunder god nearly strangling him, and survives direct hit from the winter soldier.

All without his suit. 

Tell me again are we really sure Tony is just a normal very intelligent citizen and doesn’t secretly carry some form of recreated supersoldier serum that Howard probably experimented on him with. Because otherwise Tony Stark is a helluva tough guy. 

Okay but consider:

Movie night. Kallo sneaks Scott on board the Tempest with 80 water guns and about a thousand water balloons while everyone else is distracted by the vid.

Scott proceeds to ambush Sara and the ship goes insane.

Sara grabbed two pistol-waterguns. She spends most of the fight flipping and jumping around the Cargo Bay, with Liam screaming after her, “Not everyone is a fucking ninja!” Scott, to no one’s surprise, primarily aims for her.

Drack found himself a shotgun. Two, actually, but he’s keeping one in reserve. He doesn’t take cover, no he’s charging everyone with a big-ass grin on his face and so many water balloons his opponent needs a moment to recover. 

Peebee could be consistently found on top of the raised Nomad, with two rifles and no fear of the world. She slipped and fell once; the crew never lets her live it down.

Jaal is initially confused by this. At first he didn’t realize it was a game at all, until Suvi pulled him aside to explain. He takes up a sniper position, to which Sara aims at mercilessly. “I know your tricks, Darav! You can’t hide from me!” His laughter quickly becomes infectious.

Cora ends up getting many of the last laughs by using her biotics. She had fun warping people into the air, dropping them when she starts laughing too hard. Everyone is a little reluctant to aim for her.

Vetra tried to stay away from the water at first, but Drack shoved a gun into her hands and quite literally carried her out into the middle of the cargo hold. She very quickly realized the greatest reward was in the use of water balloons. 

Kallo took up shop by a bucket of balloons, around a corner where the crew honestly could not find him. They discover that day that Kallo Jath has amazing aim and an even better throwing arm.

Lexi remains off limits. She throws a few water balloons anyway; they know when they catch her giggling.

Liam was also more inclined to the Water Balloons, and he and Drack really got into it, with so many balloons flying across the hold the rest had to take a moment to hide from them.

Gil managed to find himself a pretty sweet mini-gun and had himself a good time ambushing the crew. He’s surprisingly stealthy, when he’s not throwing out sarcastic comments about people’s aim.

Suvi filmed the entire event. She was also considered off limits, but the crew noticed a significant amount of balloons hitting people in the back from her general direction. Video proof is later acquired; her laughter was constantly present.

By the end, water is running dry. Sara takes cover, coincidentally right next to Drack, to reload her guns. The two glance at each other, nod, and Suvi swears it was better than an Action Vid. They walk out to the center of the hold, a gun in each hand as if followed by epic music, the two against the world in their final stand.

Sara proceeds to hide behind Drack when everyone’s attention turns to them. And upon noticing, Drack drops to the ground so hard the floor shakes, and the crew drench Sara in an onslaught of water and balloons. She falls dramatically, screaming out with a raised fist “I will not be defeated!” 

The ship is soaked. The crew is soaked. But they all sit in the cargo hold and laugh, excitedly chatting away about their epic showdown and debating the winner (to which Sara claimed was hers; “Guys, I had a dramatic death and everything!”), gaining memories that they talk about for the rest of their lives.


I swear there’s some kind of fucking theme going on when it comes to these animated TV specials/movies involving some sort of apocalypse or takeover

can’t wait for loud house or milo murphy’s law to tackle this theme