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Two Men, One Choice

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Title: Two Men, Once Choice

Characters: Gibbs x Reader, Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,021

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: This was requested by an anon: a fic where pride and Gibbs loves the same girl and she has to choose between the two. I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3

When Pride chose you to go to Washington D.C., you didn’t think anything of it.  When Gibbs brought you in for a hug and offered his chair to you, you didn’t think anything of that either.  The moment you saw both men look at you with the same look of admiration, that’s when you noticed things were different.  These two men liked you and you were in a tough spot.  They were both attractive and great men.

“I’ve only seen that look a few times [Y/N],” Tony mused, leaning his arms on his desk.  You were sitting on the corner of his desk with your back to him.  “I don’t know much about agent Pride, but Gibbs is definitely giving you heart eyes.”

You turned slightly, slapping the agent’s arm.  “Hush,” you grumbled.  “Don’t you think I know that?”  You folded your arms across your chest.  “What the hell am I going to do now?”

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On an overcast late-spring afternoon, a group of bird lovers from the Earth Conservation Corps are in a boat on Washington, D.C.’s Anacostia River, and point out an osprey circling overhead. “This is like their summer vacation spot and where they have their young,” says Bob Nixon, in the boat. “Then they spend most of their lives in the Amazon.”

It wasn’t so long ago that the ospreys – and other large birds of prey known as raptors – avoided this place. The Anacostia, often called Washington’s forgotten river, was too polluted to support wildlife. Nearly nine miles long, the river flows from Maryland into the Potomac, but became infamous in the second half of the 20th century as one of the most neglected, trash-choked waterways in the United States – a blighted river amid blighted neighborhoods.

But in recent years, the Anacostia has seen a rebirth. Thanks to the efforts of the Earth Conservation Corps — which Nixon, a filmmaker and conservationist, started 25 years ago — there are now four osprey nests on the river’s Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. “We’ve turned this into a raptor hotel,” says Nixon.

In 1994, two years into the Earth Conservation Corps’ work, Washington was in the midst of a crack epidemic, with a murder rate topping 400 a year. At that low point in the city’s recent history, Nixon had the idea to bring the bald eagle back to the nation’s capital. It had disappeared decades earlier.

Between 1994 and 1998, members of the corps raised and released 16 bald eagles. Anthony Satterthwaite and Burrell Duncan fed the very first eaglets – hatched in Wisconsin and delivered to Washington to start the reintroduction program – by hiding in the woods and sending fish via a clothesline pulley system into the boxes where the baby birds were kept high up in a poplar tree. They couldn’t let the young birds see them, for fear that they’d imprint on humans.

When the birds were old enough, the boxes were opened.

“To see these birds fly away from this box they were in for three months – just joy, man,” says Satterthwaite. “Just joy.”

They named the eagles in memory of their fallen friends — Monique Johnson and the other corps members they’d lost over the years.

“We wasn’t supposed to live to see the age of 21,” says Satterthwaite. “We was just as endangered as this majestic bird. So it became very powerful and we connected the two, and that’s why we started our raptor education program with Rodney Stotts.”

This year, there are three eagle’s nests in Washington. A naming contest was held for one of the eaglets, which hatched March 15 in southwest Washington. The winning name: Spirit. Its parents are Liberty and Justice.

“We no longer have to name them after dead colleagues,” says Nixon.

In Washington, D.C., A Program In Which Birds And People Lift Each Other Up

Photos: Claire Harbage/NPR

Lincoln Memorial - Washington D.C, USA

Built to honor the 16th president of the United States of America, The Lincoln Memorial is located across from the Washington Monument. The building resembles a Greek Doric temple, and contains a large seated sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, which was designed by Daniel Chester French. 

The walls of the memorial feature inscriptions from two of Lincolns most famous speeches, “The Gettysburg Address”, and his second inaugural speech. The site itself has been the location for many famous speeches, such as Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech. 


In today’s episode of “things that should make you fucking livid” we have the Turkish president’s guards (in the suits in the video.) attacking protesters in WASHINGTON GODDAMNED D FUCKING C while the protesters are the ones who get arrested because protect and serve, amirite? 

Here’s Phillip Defranco talking about it, and his feelings line up well with mine: 

This dictator brought his thugs to American soil (at the invitation of our corrupt as hell manchild in chief.) and let them beat up American citizens and our government is letting them get away with it.  There should be protests over this.  We should be surrounding the Turkish embassy and screaming till they can’t hear anything else.  Fuck them, fuck their president, and their authoritarian bullshit.  How dare they come here and bring this with them and do this to our people in our country? HOW DARE THEY? And that said, HOW IS THIS NOT A BIGGER DEAL???  If you were looking for a watershed moment, a match for the fire, this is it.  Our gov’t, our police force, is LETTING an authoritarian Turkish dictator’s bodyguards beat up our citizens with no punishment at all.  *Everyone* should know about this.  Everyone should be angry.  Everyone should be holding our leaders accountable for this, and I don’t care that diplomatic immunity means they can’t be tried.  They can be kicked out, they officially represent their gov’t, their gov’t can be punished.  


Also, for those who don’t like video or think I’m exaggerating, here’s an NYT article:


Gabriela Mistral (7 April 1889 – 10 January 1957) 

Born Lucila Godoy y Alcayaga, she was a Chilean poet-diplomat, educator and humanist. In 1945 she became the first Latin American author to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature, “for her lyric poetry which, inspired by powerful emotions, has made her name a symbol of the idealistic aspirations of the entire Latin American world”. Some central themes in her poems are nature, betrayal, love, a mother’s love, sorrow and recovery, travel, and Latin American identity as formed from a mixture of Native American and European influences. Her portrait also appears on the 5,000 Chilean peso bank note. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: 1. Frontispiece from Gabriela Mistral (1889 - 1957). Washington, D. C.: Pan American Union, 1958.  2. Cover from Antología. Gabriela Mistral. (3.a Edición) Santiago de Chile: Zig-Zag, 1953.  3.Frontispiece from Selected Poems of Gabriela Mistral. Translated and Edited by Doris Dana. Woodcuts by Antonio Frasconi. Published for the Library of Congress By the Johns Hopkins Press / Baltimore, 1971.  4. Front matter detail from Ternura. Gabriela Mistral. Buenos Aires - México: Espasa Calpe Argentina, S. A., 1945.





I’ve been searching some actors for my Voltron fan cast and here are some choices I couldn’t choose coz they all look perfect in each characters jsfhsjahf.;

Anyone help me? ; 7 ; The names of the actors are in each descriptions and GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND if you want to know their infos or whatnot XD

And yes you noticed that I only have few choices for Hunk because finding young Polynesian/Hawaiian/Samoan actors is SO HARD and I need some suggestions from you guys especially for those who lived or have experienced in Hawaii/Samoa/Polynesia Islands. You can also suggest more actors from other characters AND I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT. <3


TalesFromRetail: Columbia isn't in the U.S.

Posting on behalf of a friend who doesn’t use Reddit.

I work as a bank teller, and I was helping a woman with a transaction that was really difficult to focus on.

To my left, one of my coworkers (We’ll call her Debbie) was attempting to help a man who wanted to do a cash advance on a debit card. The man was tall, African American, and had a foreign accent, so he was definitely not from the area

Upon asking for his ID, Debbie looks at it confused. She says “Sir we only take valid United States IDs.”

“That is a valid ID.”

His ID was from the District of Columbia.

Debbie calls our supervisor over and this is where it got bad. Our supervisor insisted that “Columbia isn’t in the US. This is a Columbian ID.” The man started to raise his voice and it eventually became something that everyone in the bank could hear.

“WASHINGTON D. C. - D. C. - Pull out your ID book. I know you have one, and I guarantee you it’ll be in there.”

Our supervisor pulls out the ID book and TURNS TO THE STATE OF WASHINGTON to look for a valid ID. He grabs the book and flips to the right page where, alas, District of Columbia is right there as a valid US ID card.

“But it says Columbia.”

“DISTRICT. OF.” The dude said over and over.

She eventually, reluctantly, let him do his cash advance and he left angrily.

I asked her afterwards if she finished 6th grade.

By: JoshofTCW

An honor guard stands next to the original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights July 4, 2001 at the National Archives in Washington, D. C.  

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sorry if this is a dumb question but when do playlist live tickets go on sale? my dad has been asking since i asked him to take me

playlist live orlando already passed (it was earlier this month), unless you mean the one in washington D.C then those are already on sale 

Animated stereoview of the President’s Bedroom in the White House during the Hayes administration, Washington, D.C., c. 1878. At this point in time it was used as the First Lady Lucy Webb’s bedroom.

Source: New York Public Library.
The Scientists' March on Washington
Thank you so much for your interest in the Scientists' March on Washington! We would appreciate if you could fill out this form to help us best make use of the incredible outpouring of support. We will update you as soon as we have more information to share!

Attention folks who are into science, or who are scientists themselves! There’s likely to be a March on Washington for scientists and for folks who love science sometime soon. If you’re unable to make your way to DC, there’s going to be sister marches around the country. The above URL is a way for you to communicate your interest in helping to create those sister marches. These marches are representative of everyone regardless of, well, anything as science has no limits, and crosses every single barrier that unfortunately separates us as social creatures. I’ve signed up to help create a group here in Portland, and with my background in GIS, leadership, and in social media, I hope to help make a difference with the main DC organization.

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My father is at risk of being fired for no other reason than he’s an Egyptian muslim man and that’s like… fucked up. My father’s boss specifically asked my dad to quit his job all the way in Washington D.C. just to come to California and work for him and now he’s being a racist asshole all because Trump is now president and he thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants? Lmao he keeps coming to my dad’s work looking for reasons to fire him over.