in vince's bed

Pilot Vince and Howard in their bunk bed.

Okay so  bythepoweroftopshop posted a screencap of the pilot showing Howard & Vince’s bunk bed, there was some discussion on who was on top and bottom (I believe peacockbluey and theparanoidbassoonist?) and I was instantly like- oh yeah, I could bring this to life. 
Vince is about the top bunk, he loves the top bunk, the top bunk life is the only life for Vince Noir. 

Vince lay in bed, listening to the sound of the shower in the other room. Ben had gone to get cleaned up, ostensibly because his hair felt dirty, but probably, Vince thought, because he needed to cool off. Vince had been running a fever since early last night, and for Vince, running a fever meant running hot enough to heat the entire room. Ben hadn’t left his side all night, quite impressively, so Vince figured he deserved a brief reprieve to cool off–even if Vince would have preferred he stay and cuddle with him for every moment he wasn’t feeling well.

The sound of the shower was soothing, so he closed his eyes and relaxed, waiting for Ben, his fingers absentmindedly toying with a loose thread on Ben’s pillow. And then–”Ah! What?” Vince sat up, curling in on himself as white hot pain crackled down his spine. He gasped out, “Ben?” but it was little more than a whisper before he hissed and clutched at his stomach. The pain spread to his thighs, his calves–like a cramp, but a hundred times worse–and his hands followed it until suddenly it was in his arms, too, and he could only whimper, until…

The boy in the bed was six years old. His blond hair was messy and his blue eyes looked almost too big for his head. He looked down and plucked at the white t-shirt he was wearing, which was much too big for his tall, skinny child’s frame. Vince looked around the room curiously and then shoved the blankets off his skinny legs and wiggled out of the big bed, hiking the too-big boxer briefs he was wearing up and running towards the sound of a running shower. Bouncing on his heels, he knocked on the door and said, “Hello?”


Morning After

After a peaceful nights sleep, he believed that whenever his daddy slept with him he always slept better, Vince woke up with a yawn and a stretch. He looked over to the man sleeping next to him and the boy couldn’t help but smirk. Vince slid down the bed and kissed along his hip slowly moving to his prize between his dad’s legs.