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~Delusional Yandere Starter Prompts~

1. “I did this out of love, I’m doing this out of love.”

2. “Go on. I want to hear you say it.”

3. “It’ll be the family we always wanted! The one we’ve been trying for!”

4. “C’mon, let me see the test!”

5. “See? It’s not as uncomfortable as it could be, right?”

6. “Pretend you never saw that. I can’t stand it when you look so scared.”

7. “This isn’t a punishment, it’s a lesson!”

8. “Look, this is for the best. You don’t understand now, but you will.”

9. “Just give it a little time! You’ll get used to this, I know you will!”

10. “I made us a scrapbook! It’s mostly pictures of you, but we’ll take more!”

11. “Let me see that pretty smile.”

12. “Did you miss me? Because I really missed you.”

13. “No one else makes me feel this way! I can’t lose that!”

14. “Stop yelling! You don’t know what you’re saying!”

15. “Just forget about them, alright? I know it’s going to be hard, but you can’t think about them anymore.”

16. “This is your mess. It’s only right that you thank me for cleaning it up.”

17. “I’m the only thing keeping you safe from a filthy, disgusting world.”

18. “This’ll make us closer, I promise. Just hold still.”

19. “You’re so cute, begging like anything could get you out of this.”

20. “You could rip my heart from my chest, and I’d still adore you.”

21. “All I want is you. All I’ve ever wanted was you.”

22. “Our love comes first. Everything else is secondary.”

23. “I don’t like violence, angel. Please don’t make me do this.”

24. “I soundproofed the walls and everything, isn’t that romantic?”

25. “You’re trying to make me jealous, stop it.”

some recent art journal scans!

bewitched | myg (m)

☆ summary ; after you fall sick because of yoongi he offers to help you get better, forgetting the fact that you’re quite picky when it comes to drinking potions. 

genre ; humor, smut, f2l, fluff (?), warlock au (???)

word count ; 4.6k

warnings ; mentions of vomit/nausea, intoxication (u drink a sex potion courtesy of park jimin), brief grinding, the smut starts rlly suddenly ? idk man y'all go feral after drinking the potion, unprotected sex, yoongi’s pull out game is: Strong™, as most of my fics go; unedited. also slight disclaimer ; don’t come for me i know; Nothing about astrology. 

a/n ; the fact that i envisioned muster jimin before muster jimin happened ,,, my mind. also if u liked this (for sum rsn) go check out reni(@/strawbxxymilk)’s yoongi fic (witches’ brew). i think that’s all oh my god this is like the 4th time i edit this a/n.

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also like if we’re gonna talk about people not being transparent with their identities on tumblr, then how about we talk about the fact that the same person wrongly accusing a 14 year old of catfishing literally runs several other “editing” blogs and purposefully doesn’t reveal their identity, as a project to see if people are not reblogging their edits because of who they are. like. yikes??? ironic much????? 

yall episode one of bb21 hasn’t even aired yet, and we have gone from thinking this season was all stars to thinking it was 4 veteran couples returning to realizing christie and tommy know each other to thinking it was secret pairs to speculating kathryn sabotaged jenna jenkins to thinking kemi was first boot to realizing david is actually first boot. production is CRACKEDT as HELL this season, and here i am just in awe by it all.

nixetras  asked:

what is the weirdest ask you've ever received?

i’m sure i’ve gotten weirder but I usually don’t save them.

remember when lin manuel miranda performed the pilot version of the first song in hamilton at the white house poetry jam and everybody laffed but u were like ‘ok this is Good’ so you checked every couplea months to see where that was goin and eventually he did a Whole Ass Musical and u were like I Want Tickets To This @ ur closest relatives and they were like :/ ok :/ and they got them for u as a Gift for graduating high school and then the Musical became a cultural phenomenon

Not to sound mean but sometimes men will sidle up to me like “wow nice scalp tats lol ;) so who did your ink ;)” and when I tell them they’re like “cool cool yeah tattoos are rad I’ve got one myself actually, right here” and they roll up their sleeve and it’s, like, a REAL ugly boat

Great. Cool. I hope you and your very ugly boat are happy together