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How about some changing room secs I live for changing room secs 👌👌👌👌

///h8 sex m8 (is this making you happy?HUH?1/1/

Warning!! Smut: Face fucking, public sex, praise! Kink (if u squint a lot), lingerie, pastel! Dan, hate blow jobs, etc.

~Phil hated Dan. He was mean, pretentious, loud, and admittedly, beautiful.

~Dan hated Phil. He was obnoxious, arrogant, snotty, but fucking hot.

~Dan decided it was a good idea to go lingerie shopping. He had just turned 18, and he figured he’d treat himself to some new pretty undies and some cute thighs highs, and maybe some toys later if he stayed within budget.

~Dan noticed Phil was working at the place, his favorite shop. No doubt there to check out girls, Dan thought. His eyes rolled as he walked past him, going to the racks and looking through some thing.

~He pulled out a pair of cute thigh highs with matching undies, they were light light lavender, almost white, with lace at the top and pretty beading down the side, the rest of it a sheer purple color. And they were within his price range.

~Phil was not there to check out girls. But usually girls were all that shopped there, but that didn’t matter to him. It was a nice job, paid well and his co workers were very friendly.

~He noticed Dan picking out things, smirking to himself. What a great day. Seeing Dan Howell looking at panties.

~Dan went to the changing room, carefully stripping out of his jeans and underwear. He sat down and tugged the thin fabric up his legs, pulling on the thigh highs after the panties. He stood up, turning around in different angles, trying to see how they suited him. He bent over and grinned at how his ass looked. He had been doing a fuck ton of squats trying to get his bum to grow a little, and lately he had been noticing the results.

~He got an idea that made him giggle, deciding to use the button in the dressing room to call an associate to ask their opinion on it, knowing Phil would be the one to come most likely.

~He pressed the button, giggling and snickering to himself. While he waited he looked at himself more. He kept his shirt on, which was a slightly too large All Time Low sweater he’d had since he was 16, the colors on it actually kind of matching the aesthetic of his bottom attire.

~Phil rolled his eyes when he saw the notification that someone in the dressing room needed him, putting his phone in his back pocket as he walked to the back of the store to see who needed help.

~He knocked, seeing the door open and Dan in front of him. His eyes flew open and he looked up at him. “U-uh. Yes?” He asked.

~Dan giggled wickedly. “Do these look okay?” He asked, doing a slow twirl and bending over, his knee still out to accentuate how his ass looked.

~Phil nodded, his words stuttering. “O-oh god yes.” He stammered out, wishing he could reach out and grab a handful of that ass. “Is that all you needed Dan? I have work?” He said rudely, snapping out of his daze.

~Dan stood up straight and shook his head. “No no. I need help.” He said. “Do these look like they fit over my hips?” He asked, striding over close to him.

~Phil nodded. “They do yeah. Maybe they’re a little loose but I think it’s good.” He said, trying to actually give advice as that was his job.

~Dan grinned, coming closer and looking at him. “You’re hard aren’t you?” He accused suddenly after a moments silence.

~Phil shook his head quickly, gasping at the accusation. “God Dan what the hells wrong with you?” He asked incredulously. “Like you of all people could get me hard.”

~Dan smirked and shrugged. “I dunno. I think you’d be lucky to get someone as hot as me.” He quipped back, standing away and bending down to get his jeans, purposely brushing his backside against Phil’s crotch and hearing a moan from the other male. He dropped his jeans and snapped back up. “Knew it!!” He sang.

~Phil rolled his eyes again at him. “What ever Dan don’t feel honored or whatever.” He said, annoyance clear in his tone. “You just look really got half naked.”

~Dan shrugged, still feeling pleased at that answer. “Hmm. Whatever. You want my ass.”

~Phil scoffed, still frustrated and annoyed with the pastel clad twink. “You’re so annoying why the hell would I want your ass? I could do a thousand times better.” He said.

~Dan scoffed this time, feigning offense at the comment. “Yeah right. You could only ever dream of getting an ass as good as mine. Ask Chris.” He smirked, deciding to bring up Phil’s ex. That’s the reason they broke up after all.

~Phil looked at him, narrowing his eyes. “You knew he was dating me.” He said. “And you slept with him.”

~Dan shrugged. “You made out with me at a party and told everyone I slept with you. I guess we’re even.” He said and punctuated the word even, drawing out the end.

~Phil groaned loudly. “You’re a real piece of shit you know that Howell? Why don’t you buy your fucking panties and just get the hell out of my store!” He said, his voice raising.

~Dan winked. “Oh please. Like you could make me.” He said, rolling his eyes when he felt Phils lips on his.

~Before he knew it, his hand Phil’s hands traveling up his shirt, firmly wrapped around his waist and gripping his hip tightly, kissing him.

~Dan kissed back, closing his eyes and moaning quietly against his lips. His back touched the wall, the cold plaster making him shiver as Phil jammed his leg between his thigh.

~Dan made a weak noise, feeling Phil’s lips hungrily latch onto his neck and start sucking, biting down rough and bruising his tan skin. He moaned loudly, already coming undone under Phil’s touch.

~He felt a hand over his panties, palming him firmly and another on his ass, gripping possessively.

~Phil gripped his bum, squeezing roughly and mumbling “mine” against Dan’s neck, moving his hand under his thigh and latching his leg up around him.

~Dan whined out. “Please Phil fuck me.” He whimpered, his leg tightly wrapped around his hip and a hand sliding under his panties.

~Phil growled, gripping the bare skin in his hands and shaking his head. “Not yet.” He mumbled and looked at him. “On your knees. /Now/.”

~Dan nodded obediently, excitedly sinking to his knees in front of Phil. He unbuckled his jeans quickly, tugging them down with his boxers. His eyes widened as he did, not expecting that size.

~Phil quickly gave our instruction, not even giving Dan time to snap out of his daze from the size. “Open your mouth, relax your throat.” He said.

~Dan nodded, opening wide and looking up at him.

~Phil tangled his hand in his hair, thrusting into his mouth. He started slow, pushing in and out of the teens mouth.

~He started to fuck his throat, moaning quietly and letting out small grunts as he did. He felt Dan swallow around him, tightening the grip in his hair and starting to go harder.

~He moaned softly, trying to keep down the noise. He looked down, chewing his lip and seeing Dan stroke himself. “God..your mouth his so good Dan. Such a good boy.” He praised, despite hating him he loved how he felt.

~He gripped his hair, pulling Dan lower on him and fucking his face more. He saw tears prick in the corner of Dans eyes, hearing him gag audibly and weirdly getting him further aroused.

~Phil halted his actions, making one final hard thrust into his mouth before he came, the feeling of Dan swallowing what he had around him making him get chills down his spine.

~He pulled out, seeing the mess Dan made in his own hand and smirking. “Get changed. Now. My house. Round two.” He said, pulling Dan up for an aggressive and tough kiss.

A/N: Sorry if this isn’t rlly hate sex, I didn’t wanna write like sex sex? I guess? I hope you two don’t mind it’s still oral sex does that count? I’m sorry. But I hope you like this!! I spent a good amount of time on it!!✨

•skinny people are allowed to be body positive
•fat people are allowed to be body positive
•women are allowed to be body positive
•men are allowed to be body positive
•everyone under the sun, no matter what gender or sexuality or race
•((even if you dont quite have a gender or sexuality!!!))
•is allowed to practice body positivity!!!!!!
•shapes and sizes dont matter!!
•age doesnt matter!!
•body positivity is gr8!!!!
•moral of the story is be body positive!!

I like Ikari not because there’s a ton of canonical basis for it, but because from the few interactions they do have, we could reasonably say a relationship between them would be (a) hilarious; (b) angsty; © unique; (d) all of the above.

I say hilarious because half of Dawn and Paul’s interactions are, surprisingly, really funny. They’re very different people, and as a result, they don’t really know what to make of each other, and that can lead to some interesting situations.

Example A:

“U don;t reMEMBER WHO I AM?? (despite only meeting me ONC3!!)”

“C'mere punk, i’m gonna kicK UR FACE IN.”

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