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“I #BTS si sonos postati ad Universal Music! Il loro settimo singolo giapponese ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ sarà rilasciato Mercoledì 10 Maggio!
#BLoodSweatAndTears #BTS”

Traduzione video:

“2,3 Bangtan! Ciao a tutti siamo i BTS. Il nostro prossimo singolo ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ sarà rilasciato questo Maggio! Per favore aspettatelo con ansia!”

Traduzione a cura del Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Mira) | Trans ©bangtanitl
Colours - inK_AddicTion - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 15/?, ivory
Fandom: Steven Universe (Cartoon)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Pink Diamond/White Diamond (Steven Universe), Blue Diamond/Yellow Diamond (Steven Universe), Pink Diamond/Yellow Diamond (Steven Universe), Polydiamonds
Characters: Pink Diamond (Steven Universe), White Diamond (Steven Universe), Pearl (Steven Universe), Rose Quartz (Steven Universe), Yellow Diamond (Steven Universe), Blue Diamond (Steven Universe)
Additional Tags: adding tags as I go, Implied Sexual Content, Classism

Gem colonies destroyed planets. Like parasites, they came to them and hollowed them out from within, and when they were done, all that was left was dead, crumbling earth and shattered rock.
Pink Diamond knew yellow and blue, she knew white and pink. But Earth was so much more.

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I’ll write some explanation for English practice…

[Osomatsu kun → Osomatsu san]

The words “さん (san)” or “くん ,君 (kun)” are Japanese honorific suffixes.
The word which is used to both of a man and a woman.
And “san” is the word used for a superior person and an older person more.

“兄,にい,あに,あにぃ (Ni, Ani)” or “兄貴,あにき (Aniki)” = Big brother, Elder man.
The word use to a man.

“兄さん,にいさん (Nisan)” is “兄” + “さん”
Those words can be added to a person’s name.
おそ松 +  兄 + さん = Osomatsu-nisan.
Shortened to “おそ兄 (Oso ni)” .

Only Karamatsu sometime calls Osomatsu “兄貴 (Aniki)” in the animation.
(EP7 War of Imagawa-yaki scene. He said “Zurui na, aniki wa” in last chat. This means “You are not fair, bro.”)
I think this is a more manly way of saying.
He doesn’t miss acting cool.

Japanese Mafia sometime calls their superior “兄” or “兄貴” .
It seems to occur at Kyushu(九州) in particular as far as I know…

Osomatsu  (阿松 , 오소마츠, おそ松) also called “おそ兄(Oso ni)” or “長男(Chonan)”(means an eldest son) in Japanese girls.

flower shop AUs

based on things that have actually happened to me working at a flower shop:

  • “someone just died in your family and you came in to order some flowers for their funeral and you’re just crying all alone at the counter and I feel so bad I want to hug you” AU
  • “you keep coming in here and asking for a single red rose and you’re such a regular you just call me on the phone and I have it ready for you when you come in but I’m also very interested who you’re buying all these roses for?" AU (bonus: person B keeps wanting to give the roses to person A but gets too flustered so they just have vases full of roses in their house)
  • "I work here to make some extra money while I go to school and you come in every day, walk around the store, steal a cookie and then leave and I’m starting wonder if you have any food to eat at home so now I’m concerned for your health” AU
  • “the store is dead and I go in the back to water some of the dish gardens and I bust out singing so I don’t hear the door open but when I turn around I see you standing there watching me and you look so good and I’m such a dweeb how could this happen to me?” AU