in tyler's appartment

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here's an ask about the wildkitten au so can have a reason to share really bad snippets (luvv your art btw!)

heck yeaa (keep in mind that i am not good at writing; these are for scenery purposes– storyboard/script if you may)(also these don’t necessarily connect to each other immediately)

Bryce’s house - BRYCE’S OFFICE - 3:25PM

(looking at mirror, playing with his own hair)
Hey, Ohm? What you think of black hair?

“The Clubhouse” - BAR - NOON
The room is lonely and dimly lit, leaving Marcel alone with his thoughts.

(Tapping an empty shot glass, he hasn’t drank any)

Evan’s appartment - DAY

(adjusting jacket)
Ya’ know.. I’m starting to double think this idea..

Well, there’s no turning back now..

Sorry for getting you into this

I’m sorry for getting you turn out like this

there’s more but i wanna keep this short (thank you so much for liking my art!)