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What are your favorite things about Vansnavi? (I just feel like getting some positivity right now)

I think that what I love most about them is the potential for compatibility. They are hugely different people with different life experiences and I think that it creates a space where they have a lot to learn from the other person’s perspective and influence the other into being better, more open minded people.

  • I’ll get the MBTI out of the way first. He’s ISFJ, she’s INTJ. Only two letters apart (sensing/intuitive, feeling/thinking) but if you know some things about MBTI you know that these two types are nothing alike at all. They function differently on every aspect. Most of their differences in character can be explained through the lens of MBTI.
  • Usnavi is very past oriented. Vanessa is future oriented. He finds comfort in the way he remembers his past and even the history of his family, and even when he decides to stay in New York it’s based on his beautiful memories of his life in New York. Vanessa finds comfort in the plans she has for herself, in a future where her life is much better than it is. I think that each of them would help the other either taking comfort in good memories or planning farther ahead and both could meet in the middle and really enjoy the present better.
  • Usnavi is a people person. Vanessa is individualistic. He likes to be surrounded by people, feel normal and appreciated, she likes to feel special. She has her own plans completely separate from anyone else, Usnavi’s plans are always linked to his community, even when he wanted to go back to DR (his island, his parents’ island). Usnavi would probably feel more centered with Vanessa’s influence, learn to trust himself, and Vanessa would learn to be more aware of others and include them in her plans.
  • Usnavi feels, Vanessa thinks. That’s painting with a very broad brush but overall, he’s more emotional than her, she’s more logical and hates to be confronted with feelings. He’s much more attuned to his. She could handle the serious, he could handle the feels, but both are serious and both have feelings, they would just learn to communicate in a way that fits the other person.
  • Usnavi is anxious, Vanessa is assertive. He’s so much softer than her and freaks out easily, she’s way stronger and internalizes. They could really complete each other nicely.

Yeah basically, I just really love how different they are and how that opens possibility for growing together and as individuals. I think they would really both pull the other person up and be a great influence in each other’s life.


i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now


When the starting lineup is announced, Isco and Morata joke about their place on the “menu” {} | February 26, 2017

the more I think about it, the less and less sense it makes for Terra to be one of the Darknesses in KH3 because like

in literally every moment after Xehanort possesses him we see Terra fighting back. in the Graveyard, in Radiant Garden, and now in darkness limbo as 0.2 showed us, ten years later, we always see Xehanort struggling to control him. why?

because he can’t.

at no point can he fully, 100% smother Terra’s influence.

the only time Xehanort and Terra seem to coexist “peacefully” is during the Apprentice-Xehanort arc – during which time their hearts were sealed and memories presumably lost.

and considering this series is constantly stressing how intelligent and farsighted Xehanort is I just can’t imagine he’s actually stupid enough to count Terra among his 13 when he knows full well by now that Terra is a force to be reckoned with. Terra would require far too much focus and effort to maintain a hold of, because a) IT DIDN’T WORK TWELVE YEARS AGO AND IT DIDN’T WORK TWO YEARS AGO SO WHY WOULD ANYTHING HAVE CHANGED, especially when b) we’ve seen that Terra’s only gotten stronger and more confident since BBS?? and c) I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: Terra was impossible to control with Xehanort’s whole heart inside him. attempting to control him with only 1/13th of his heart is just? asking for failure? I mean really?? why don’t you just carry around a ticking time bomb while you’re at it man

The lovely @janearts strikes with another beautiful commission, whom I honestly can’t praise enough. [Her commission information HERE.] 

The poor Arishok may he rest in pieces, Theodora may have a nasty scar and a reputation but she’s alive and that’s always her main goal anyway.The blood mage with to much will to live and the power to do it. I mean, look at her expression in the last panel doesn’t it just scream you fucked up?


→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 2,517
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: alcohol, language
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: This is an old thing and actually the first thing I wrote after the accident, and I decided to post it again because I kind of hold it close to my heart ? It’s not all going to be texts between the characters, but quite a lot of backstory and stuff the more we get into it. It’ll be told from both Y/N’s POV and Jungkook’s. Please enjoy! :)

Parts: 01 : interim : 02 : coming soon


The first time you receive one it’s in the middle of the night.

At first you simply stir in your sleep, turning around as if that will somehow stop the annoying buzzing resounding from under your pillow. When it doesn’t, you grab the cursed device and flip it over in your hands, wondering whom of your stupid friends decided to be an excruciating pain in the ass this late.

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Hello everyone! 👋🏻
Recently, I made a new friend who happens to speak Japanese and so he has been translating things for me. This karmagisa doujin happened to be one of them. I did the cleaning and typesetting, so that more people can enjoy it like we did! However, I don’t know the original source, and can’t imbed links on mobile anyway, so if you know it, please feel free to add it if you reblog.


nicest badass (a list for my soft but powerful faves): Lorelai Gilmore

“I’m lucky, I know. I just…I feel like I’m never gonna have it…the whole package, you know? That person, that couple life, and I swear, I hate admitting it because I fancy myself Wonder Woman, but…I really want it – the whole package.“

nothing to lose, pt 2

[PART ONE HERE; collab with @pipedream]

summary: andrew minyard and nathaniel wesninski meet on the titanic in 1912. neil’s a rich runaway who’s finally being made to atone for his crimes against the family, and he feels like there’s nothing left to live for- until andrew promises to show him that there’s more to life than just survival.

word count: 5444 / 11836

trigger warnings: major character death, homophobia, suicide, guns, knives, violence, murder, death

  • there are voices approaching the cabin, so with a quiet question, neil takes andrew’s hand and leads him to the elevators, running to evade the valet
  • he chases them, no doubt on orders by riko, through the halls and down elevators
  • neil feels lighter in a way he’s recognizing only proximity to andrew makes him feel
  • he tightens his grip on andrew’s hand as they make their way through the ship’s incinerators and when andrew glances back he looks years younger than usual
  • somehow, they make their way to the cargo, and neil is done with running. all of his life, he’s been running, and even though it’s different with andrew by his side, it’s time to stop, just for a while
  • he sees andrew’s eyes catch on a car, one more expensive than andrew would probably ever be able to afford, so neil slides into the back of it with as much pomp and circumstance as he can muster. it’s the closest thing he can do to granting andrew permission to get into the car
  • andrew looks around, as if checking they haven’t been followed, then seems to concede that the back of a car isn’t a bad place to hide for a short while, and he climbs in next to neil
  • the silence isn’t tense, but it’s heavy, and neil doesn’t want to waste a second with andrew if they’re numbered
  • “tell me about your family,” he says, because they’re the only thing he really knows about andrew, and he doesn’t know enough
  • andrew doesn’t seem offended by the question, but he gives neil a considering look nonetheless. “what will you give me for it?”
  • “are we doing a truth for a truth again?” neil says, the hint of a smile on his lips. “anything you ask.”

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okay so here’s every single moment they make physical contact in chronological order

ford touches his shoulder for around half a second

then fiddleford grabs hold of his shoulders for about 4.8 seconds

ford is shown cradling fidddleford for 3.5 seconds

then they hug for another 4.8 seconds

which is a total of 13.6 seconds of contact throughout the entire series

here’s every moment they were onscreen together

The final episode of Naruto was the most forced, unrealistic, and shitty episode of this anime I’ve ever seen.